What we expect from candidates

We are looking for individuals with a passion for the hospitality industry and who are keen to progress their careers.

Our Programme is unique and represents one of the top training opportunities in the industry today, therefore we are looking for people with plenty of personality and all-round strong vocational qualities.

Working chefsCandidates who have:

  • the ability to work hard,
  • have good presentation,
  • are team players,
  • have a good sense of humour,
  • are up for a challenge and,
  • who are bright and think quickly on their feet.

Those along with either an industry qualification and/ or at least a years’ experience in the sector.

You will be welcomed into some of the finest country house hotels in the UK, where you will have the chance to be hands on and fully immersed within great industry teams. You will work through five different departments of the hotels. In each one you will have a clear set of objectives and will be expected to achieve these along with becoming a successful member of that department.

You can expect a great deal of support if it is required. We provide you with a Mentor at the beginning of the programme who is usually the General Manager of your first property. You will also have a “Buddy” who will be one of the cohort of candidates from the year above you. Throughout the training your heads of department will be there to help you, as will the Human Resources Managers. You will also however be expected to illustrate initiative by driving the process yourself by asking questions and being inquisitive to know more.

We expect you to stay in the accommodation that we have reserved for you as we feel it is all part of getting embedded in the hotel teams, being independent and learning how to interact with the different teams you will meet.

You should expect hard times and happy times, as in any job, but at all times you will be learning and progressing your industry knowledge. Above all you can expect to have a feeling of great achievement at the end of your programme.

On completion of the programme you will have a sense of pride that you performed well, earned the respect of great industry professionals and made many great friends. All these will add up to a very bright future in hospitality.

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