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In 2010 a group of General Managers were attending a meeting and all agreed there was a lack of top training opportunities in the smaller Luxury Hotel properties. As a result programme founder Sue Williams devised a training matrix with a great deal of input from Anita Bower and HR Managers from all the participating hotels.

The 'Ten out of Ten' team

The ‘Ten out of Ten’ team

It took a great deal of collaboration from all the hoteliers to work out all the practicalities and content, but there was a tremendous will to get this off the ground and we did so quite quickly.

Our first cohort was recruited in September 2011.

We know our programme to be unique in that we offer a fabulous range of ‘hands on’ experiences in some of the finest hotels in the country. Each module has a number of very considered objectives laid down in a personal development file with candidates recording their training along the way.

Where possible we extend a number of other opportunities to the candidates over the 25 months. For example the opportunity to visit the other properties, attend trade shows, participate in management and finance meetings etc.

Many of our partner hotels have won Hotel of the Year and all operate at the highest level. They are either members of Pride of BritainĀ or Relais and Chateaux, and a number are privately owned.

All of the properties are very focused on offering fine cuisine and some have a Michelin Starred Chef in the kitchen. All of the Hotels on the programme were selected for their very high standards and their commitment to training the next generation of hoteliers.

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