Dec 12, 2019
Ex Machina, Vol. 10: Term Limits
Posted by Brian K. Vaughan Tony Harris

The shocking last storyline leading up to the issue 50 series finale Mayor Hundred must navigate the most challenging hot button issue of his career, while a powerful new archenemy reveals a terrifying plan that s been in the works since the very first issue of EX MACHINA Will Mitchell Hundred s new archenemy, a dogged reporter with powers far beyond those of the GreaThe shocking last storyline leading up to the issue 50 series finale Mayor Hundred must navigate the most challenging hot button issue of his career, while a powerful new archenemy reveals a terrifying plan that s been in the works since the very first issue of EX MACHINA Will Mitchell Hundred s new archenemy, a dogged reporter with powers far beyond those of the Great Machine, finally bring down the mayor s administration Will the tragedies that Mayor Hundred warned about in the very first issue finally come to pass

  • Title: Ex Machina, Vol. 10: Term Limits
  • Author: Brian K. Vaughan Tony Harris
  • ISBN: 9781401228361
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ex Machina Vol Term Limits The shocking last storyline leading up to the issue series finale Mayor Hundred must navigate the most challenging hot button issue of his career while a powerful new archenemy reveals a terrifyin


    Spoiler warning. I really enjoyed this entire series. Well written. The story moves along well. Good tension. Good pacing. Characters change and grow. Right up until the final issue. The main character does a bunch of things that seem to go against the way he's behaved for the last 10 books. I'm left with a pointed feeling of WTF? Don't get me wrong, I'm all for some delicious ambiguity at the end of a complex series. I'm fine with an open ending, and a character that undergoes growth and change [...]


    Wow. I didn’t see that coming.Brian K. Vaughan wrote a powerful ending to his comic series Y: The Last Man, and he came up with an ending that was just as devastating in it’s own way for Ex Machina. Vaughan fused superhero comics and politics with a hardcore sci-fi plot for this series. Mitchell Hundred was a New York civil engineer who was injured by the explosion of a mysterious device that left him with the ability to talk to machines. After a brief and mostly unsuccessful attempt to be t [...]


    This volume brought my overall review of the series from four stars down to three. It still had the Ex Machina hallmarks: Whedonesque humor amid the solemnity, intelligent politics, great dialogue, great art. Sadly, it took a turn I objected to and will attempt to hide for spoilers. (view spoiler)[ In what I think was the penultimate issue, Mitch Hundred gave a brief treatise on comic books. He said that there are no happy endings, and that part of the joy of superhero comics is in the fact that [...]

    'kris Pung

    10 trades in 6 days was a bit of a slog but the nuts ending totally made the journey worthwhile. Also call me insensitive but I didn’t think all the 9/11 references aged very well. Lastly he is supposed to be a Civil Engineer but pretty much every one of his references to his past work refers to Structural Engineering projects (come on BKV let’s get our facts straight).


    4.5 starsProbably the same rating for the series as a whole. Very well wrapped up in this volume. There was just enough of a twist to keep it all interesting.

    Aldo Haegemans

    Well he made up his mind 😅😂😂 final issue was probably the best in the series. It was Pretty early in the series i figured the book is about controversial political views and not about resolving or ending stories. In Some ways the "final Villain" felt anticlimatic. It was more about kremlin living in the past and not lettting things go. And not realising Mitchel had actually changed as a person. It is in many ways a controversial book and can only be apreciated by Reading every book till [...]

    Sam Quixote

    Mitchell Hundred, aka the Great Machine, is coming to the end of his final term as Mayor of New York City and a former reporter turned evil supervillain thanks to an accident similar to Hundred's which turned him into the Great Machine, is threatening to turn the city into a death zone with her powers. It's up to Hundred to stop the villain, restore the city to peace, and set things up for his successor so that New York continues to have a mayor and a hero with a eye to civic duty. Brian Vaughan [...]


    Vol. 10 of 10Finally! I am done with this series. In general I liked the series as a whole but I had my issues with it. The series was too political for my taste, but I am not so much judging it on that basis since that is what this novel is basically about. It just did not excite me to read each volume as much.I did not care for the format which was pretty much an "episode of the week" mixed in with some story on Mitch Hundred as The Great Machine superhero. Every volumen was "What hot issue ar [...]

    Steven Withrow

    One day I’m going to write an essay about how and why science fictional concepts in movies and comics (and most novels) only too rarely achieve the status of “ideas.” But first I’ll say that, despite its many flaws (stiff postures and expressions, some wonky dialogue, and an irksome and illogical ending), I enjoyed reading EX MACHINA from start to near-finish.The main trouble I have with this series--and this is true of most “serious” SF comics, even those by Grant Morrison and Alan [...]


    [minor spoilers]'Ex Machina' is one of the few comic book series where I have dutifully collected each and every issue, and I have to say the ending was a major disappointment. It felt jarring, out of tone with the overall story, and frankly, fucking lame. I know the author was going for a rope-a-dope 'bad' ending, and I'm fine with those, but this one was weak. Another disappointing angle is that apparently artist Tony Harris couldn't keep up (suddenly), so there are random panels by another ar [...]

    David Schaafsma

    If you haven't read this last volume, don't read this review. Finished all ten volumes (only one of them reread), in like two weeks, and I think my overall average and maybe my view of the whole series is something like a 4, though these last two volumes were terrific, and the ending, well, I agree with most reviewers whose reviews of this volume I read or skimmed, and think this was a surprising ending, even disturbing, but not implausible. He tells us what he thinks about typical happy comic b [...]


    I was not ready for this to be overI don't feel quite satisfied with the way it ended. Too much left open. But an enjoyable read nonetheless.


    Well, that hurt


    Well, it's over, and I'm not really sure what the point was. Hey, at least I'm done! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Interesting concept, but it really lost my attention toward the end. This final volume felt a little underwhelming.


    In the previous volume (Ex Machina, Vol. 9: Ring Out the Old), Bradbury struck Suzanne with the White Box, which breaks and leaves fragments inside her head. Suzanne thereby acquired the ability of the White Box, which is essentially Mind Control. Mitchell found out his intended purpose and is aware there is a new - albeit unknown to him - player on the field. What will he do? The stage is set for the last story arc of the series, and let me tell you: it's quite a ride!"Pro-Life"With the help of [...]


    Ex Machina is not what you think. It's so much more and so much more distressing. I finished the ending last night and was still pondering what was actually going on. I find the transitions between scenes sometimes distract from whatever conclusion we reached in the previous scene.And the ending. It's grim. It's just not grim if you don't think about it too hard. That is, when finished it last night my thought was "well gee, for all the people that died along the way, that wasn't too bad."No. It [...]


    So far I've only read two Brian K Vaughan series to completion, Y the Last Man and Ex Machina. Both left me disappointed at the conclusion. SEMI-SPOLIERVaughn explains exactly what this ending will be (and what Y the Last Man's ending was) in Hundred's monologue at the beginning of the last chapter: "Happy endings are bullshit. There are only happy pauses. If you follow any story to its conclusion, you always get the same thing. Regret. Pain. Loss. That's why I like superhero books. Month after [...]


    Gah! I cannot believe the ending. ARGH! Clearly, I was hoping for a slightly better (read: happier. Not that I was expecting unicorns and rainbows) end. One GR reviewer says "ending with an image of John McCain like the final shot of any horror movie where the camera pans down to reveal they didn't destroy all the eggs! It's almost exactly that cheesy." I have to agree. Also, the ending is bitter. (view spoiler)[Mitchell Hundred is corrupted. At first, I wanted to say that he pulled a 180 (as ot [...]


    Now that was a wow of an ending. The story arc with the Big Bad gets wrapped up cleanly enough. There's a lot of talk of alternate universes, but no definitive explanations. I don't necessarily mind this, as that always seemed like an awkward plot device anyway.But then the story continues, as Hundred steps down from being mayor and heads to Washington. But what happens to him? Not story-wise, but as a person? All I'll say is that I did not see the resolutions with his two closest friends--Bradb [...]

    Christopher Mcgurr

    This series started off with so much potential and I loved the first few volumes. However it devolved in the last few volumes and comes to a disappointing end. Characters act out of character (change is fine so long as you can point to reasons and examples of their changing, change out of the blue however is not fine) I also wish that there were more explanations for where Hundred's powers come from and what it all means.I should have stopped in the last volume when the writer and artist make an [...]

    Daryl Nash

    The last half of the Ex Machina series feels to me like it lost its way. And unfortunately it doesn't really grow from where it began--if anything, it seems to shrink into deconstructionist cliche the farther along it goes. But it's all wrapped up in an exciting package, the plot stays interesting and the dialogue is snappy, you may not notice that the characters are starting to lose their souls, becoming puppets for a theme. I still rated the entire series highly because the ride was fun and of [...]


    Well, that's 10 volumes of my life I'll never get back.Seriously, between this and the end to Y The Last Man? Which is the same goddam dramallama ending copypasted with rubber cement and the blood of kittens? How about Pride of Baghdad, could you throw in a coda with the charred kitten corpses being eaten by rats?Don't ever make creator-owned comics in my direction again, Vaughan, I don't want to know you. You are disinvited from the special secret magic comic treehouse, you are banned from this [...]

    Stewart Tame

    All ends as well as could be expected. This was a very good series. Politics and superheros, it turns out, mesh better than one would think. Vaughan writes fun dialogue and interesting characters. Harris' art strikes just the right note of realism to make everything concrete and believable. This one's a keeper!


    This gets a slightly lower rating from me as I feel the ending wasn't as good as lets say the one in Y the last man from the same author.Still I have to say this was an impressive comic and the quality stayed fairly constant through the whole run. I would highly recommend this, especially to people that want to read comics with more substance and less super heroes fist fights

    Get X Serious

    If I was harboring any doubts that a nonlinear narrative is the way to go, this series totally and completely eliminated them.


    A brilliant conclusion to this series. Vaughan did an excellent job ramping up the action and the suspense and bringing this series to a fitting end.


    Well, I guess that was a good ending. Not the slam-bang one I was hoping for, but it fits with the rest of the series.


    Ultimately, I think was more into the idea of a graphic novel about a mayor who was a superhero than a superhero who is a mayor, if that makes sense. Hundred's story is concluded, but I felt it was rushed and I really didn't care for Bradbury and Kremlin's fates. The alternate timeline could've been more interesting had it been given room to breathe. The invasion plot is wrapped up in a pretty typical fashion groundbreaking there. Overall I think Ex Machina is a half-great series with moments th [...]

    Eric Leeson

    Great finale! Interesting, good action and drama. Glad I got to read this series it was on my to read list for years.

    Bosco Farr

    My head is swimming. I'm stunned by an end I didn't see coming and I am more and more convinced that Brian K. Vaughn is one the best story tellers alive.

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