May 31, 2020
The Danger Box
Posted by Blue Balliett

An all new mystery from the New York Times bestselling author of Chasing Vermeer and The Calder Game.A boy in a small town who has a different way of seeing.A mischievous girl who doesn t belong.A mysterious notebook.A fire.A stranger.A death.These are some of the things you ll find within The Danger Box, the new mystery from bestselling author Blue Balliett.

  • Title: The Danger Box
  • Author: Blue Balliett
  • ISBN: 9780439852098
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Danger Box An all new mystery from the New York Times bestselling author of Chasing Vermeer and The Calder Game A boy in a small town who has a different way of seeing A mischievous girl who doesn t belong A mys


    I'm a fan of Blue Balliett's Chasing Vermeer, The Wright 3 and The Calder Game, so when I found The Danger Box on the shelf, I picked it up - for my eleven and nine year daughters to read - but also for me. I enjoyed this book, but not nearly as much as Balliett's previous ones.The Danger Box is the story of Zoomy, a young boy who lives with his grandparents in a small Michigan town. Zoomy is legally blind and can only see clearly without glasses the length of one finger and with glasses only an [...]

    LaRae Steen

    Rarely do I write comments on the books I read, but sometimes I feel an importance to share my opinion. Blue Balliett writes children's books. I have read several of them. What I thoroughly enjoy about her books is that I always learn something new. In every book, I have learned about people and things that I never would of explored on my own. In the past, I learned about Johannes Vermeer and Frank Lloyd Wright. I gained an understanding of the plight of homeless families in Chicago. In the Dang [...]


    The Danger Box. Ahhh <3Just kidding.i picked up this book when I saw it at the library for a number of reasons:1) Ooh that's an interesting cover. Rather reminds me of this one, another personal favorite: 2) Ooh Blue Balliett!!!! I read her book Chasing Vermeer and thoroughly enjoyed it in fourth grade and I assumed that that meant that her other books were all equally entertaining. Alas!3) Ahh the blurb is so. intriguing!4) Omg dat TITLE~! It just sounds amazing and interesting and VERY myst [...]

    Bridget Brady

    "The Danger Box" by Blue Balliett is a mystery and coming of age story about Zoomy, a young boy with Pathological Myopia, finding a strange and valuable notebook in a box his absent father drops off. Zoomy needs lists to function, and when he sees a notebook with similar qualities as his own, he quickly gets attached. He starts researching things he sees in this notebook at the library where he soon meets Lorrol, a quirky girl who quickly becomes his friend and a fellow researcher. Accumulating [...]


    Blue Balliett's mysteries always have a lot packed into them and this one is no exception. The primary narrator is Zoomy, a child with pathological myopia which renders him almost blind and with OCD. Apparently left on his grandparents doorstep by his mother, Zoomy has been happily reared in a small town by them. Their son Buckeye, his father, disappeared long ago and is unaware of the child left behind. When he arrives back in town in a stolen truck, he leaves a mysterious box in which Zoomy fi [...]


    I have abandoned this book twice before but was determined to finish it this time around. The Danger Box is initially confusing and simultaneously intriguing due to multiple story lines - a mysterious "game" involving players who do not know each other, periodic appearances of a newspaper written by an unknown author, and a growing relationship between two children who love solving puzzles. Looking back, I believe these seemingly unrelated stories were the reason why I dropped the book in the pa [...]


    If I was writing children's books, I'd want to write like Blue Balliet. I've loved every single book she's written, and her latest one is no exception. Her first foray away from her Petra/Calder characters, this one stars Zoomy, a rather unusual but likeable boy living in a small town in Michigan. When Zoomy's less-than-perfect father returns to his life, he brings with him a mysterious box containing an old notebook, and starts a chain of events that will change Zoomy's world. Being a science f [...]


    The Danger Box is the third middle school/YA book that I've read this year that relates to the life of Charles Darwin. This book introduces two new kid sleuths: Zoomy, who suffers from myopia and probably OCD, and Lorrol, a brainy girl who is proud of the fact that her name is a palindrome. Zoomy and Lorrol end up immersed in a mystery involving a lost notebook of Darwin. I'm not sure that I liked this book as much as Chasing Vermeer or The Wright Three, but it's close. This book felt a bit dark [...]


    I am undeniably biased when reviewing this book/author. Nonetheless, this has to be Blue Balliett's most exciting book yet. If you open the Danger Box you won't be able to put it down! Balliett's combination of mystery and science is a middle-grade treat and her compassionate characters help us understand different perspectives. This book is sure to delight fans new and old. Perfect for family reading or curious young readers in search of a smart adventure story.


    How do I love Blue Balliet's books? Let me count the ways. 1) "Worry crumbs" 2) "ping-ness" 3) quirky lovable protagonists 4) Nail-biting mystery

    Laura Smith

    Blue Balliett always brilliantly writes stories that ignite curiosity in kids. Her books make readers want to learn, discover, explore, THINK! In her previous novels, Balliett has introduced a famous artist into the plot (Calder, Vermeer, Frank Lloyd Wright, etc.), expanding the knowledge of readers while they're engrossed in her mysteries. This time, she introduces a well known scientist, again not to stand behind or against the scientist's findings, but in the interest of making kids hungry to [...]

    Sarah Pitman

    A strong, interesting protagonist with a cast of characters filled with idiosyncrasies enough to bring a grin out of every chapter. The actual story however let me down a bit. While it starts with a fascinating premise (a stolen, valuable notebook falls into the hands of a 12-year-old kid), most of what happens near the end is propelled by chance rather than action, and so the characters lack importance in their own story. Also becomes rather cliche, giving the reader a lot of pleasant life-less [...]


    The Evolution of Calpurnia Tateit was super helpful and thought provoking that zoomy's grandmother taught him to use lists to help him to be more productive. i think sometime we think that we are being unproductive or lazy when we are spinning in circles in the kitchen, not knowing what to do next. but if lists are the ways that we organize all of the tasks that are bouncing in our brains, why don't we go for it? fill a whole page? use a purple pen?

    Mallory Plankinton

    I really like this book because it shows how a disability can't stop someone from doing what they love. I would use this book for an older audience because learning to accept someone for who they are physically and emotionally is very important. This books had a lot of up and downs, but it shows that nothing will be easy in life when you are fully into it.

    John Nondorf

    Intricate and heartfelt. I liked Balliet's Chasing Vermeer series, but I enjoyed this book even more as it eliminated some of the more far-fetched elements and focused on some really great characters and a realistic-feeling small town in Michigan. (Never been to Three Oaks, MI, but I feel like I have now).

    Nathan Clement

    Too many contrived parallels. Wasn't convinced by the characters. The books that wow me are the ones in which I feel like I've been told a story that really happened to real people, even in fantastic circumstances. These seemed like adults in 12-year-old bodies. For those choosing books for your kids, this book has a strong message about origins and falls into the Darwinian Evolution camp.


    Between 2 & 2.5 stars. I wanted to like The Danger Box more because I had really enjoyed Blue Balliett's Chasing Vermeer books. There are enough likable characters in this one, but the story itself just didn't do it for me. I got tired of the schtick after a while.

    Jill Pfuetze Schmidt

    Great. My 10 year old really liked, also. Darwin's diaries quoted and his life story presented well.


    SO SO SO SO SO SO SO GOOD. Blue Balliet has done it again with an amazing story wrapped around real events and sprinkled lavishly with in-depth characters and ideas. Just how?

    Marcos Tavares

    ComentáriosQuando peguei esse livro, resolvi ler algumas sinopses do mesmo antes de começar a leitura. Acabei pegando um spoiler (que não reproduzirei na resenha), mas que me motivou a começá-lo logo, uma vez que trazia um tema que adoro estudar e que nunca vi ser trabalhado em literatura infanto-juvenil.EnredoO Sr. Zip era um homem muito rico e que adorava charadas. Um dia ele resolveu fazer uma grande gincana. Colocou um misterioso objeto dentro de uma caixa e a escondeu em algum lugar do [...]


    Have you ever wondered whats it like being able to notice so many things that other people don't even notice at all? Well if you do this book is for you. The genre of this book is fiction, mystery.This book is really interesting.This book is about a kid named Zoomy that lives in a small town in Michigan where he was left at the front of the steps of his grandparents house by his father when he was a baby. Hes life is great and he is a very happy child besides him being a OCD and having no friend [...]

    Andree Sanborn

    The Danger BoxThis book is a middle school teacher's dream. It can easily be integrated with mathematics, science, Social Studies and, of course, English Language Arts. There is the requisite disability or two, one which is never named and one which is, so we can have a general discussion about disabilities in class. And we’ll talk about bullying, also. The book even has built in discussion questions and projects! The topic that drives the plot (which I won’t mention here so that your readin [...]

    Nicola Mansfield

    Reason for Reading: I really only read this because I had received a review copy in the mail. I don't think it would have normally appealed to me otherwise.I'm sorry it took me so long to read this book as I really enjoyed it. I love mysteries, as an adult, but don't usually read kid mysteries often except as read alouds and then I stick with tried and true authors I already know. Blue Balliett is new to me, so I haven't read her other critically acclaimed books but if this is only a sample of h [...]

    Ali Mark

    Read more reviews at alisbooklife.wix/freeyourreadA boy is left on the doorstep of his (would-be) grandparents by the mother of the baby after the father took off. The father, Buckeye, is an alcoholic who chose to steal a truck, which contained a box -and its contents. He left the box with his parents and his newly discovered son, Zoomy. Zoomy begins his own investigation into a notebook in the box and discovers a history-changing secret.​ readers ranked this book a 3.54 and I'd recommend it i [...]


    The Danger Box follows the adventures of a boy named Zoomy. He is legally blind and was left as a baby on the doorstep of his grandparents, who have raised him for the past twelve years. His real father is an alcoholic and didn’t even realize he had a son. Zoomy has a definite personality, and he understands the world best by making lists—for everything.When his father visits one night in a drunken episode, Zoomy is frightened and forced out of his comfort zone. Lots of things happen as a re [...]


    This is a strange book. A baby named Zoomy ends up at old people's house and they decide to take care of him as a baby. Their real son Buckeye was missing for 8 months when Zoomy turned up. Buckeye was 19 and he "drank and stuff. He liked staying out late with girls." - p. 10. Zoomy was the name of Buckeye's imaginary friend. The old people believe this baby is Buckeye's son. He's a secret from a secret from a secret in a small town. I read 15 pages and quit. This book is weird and I don't want [...]


    I’m a little befuddled, a little amused, and a little satsified coming off this book.It was a cute story that was well structured (for the most part) and had a solid, enthralling plot. Unfortunately, that plot was hard, if not impossible, to see until at least halfway through the book. I was a bit unsure what it was about when I began, and honestly, if I were to summarize what the book is about now, it would be all taken from the last half of the book.It was a solid and cute story; the plot po [...]


    I have read one of Blue Balliett’s books before; my excitement associated with it and the alluring mysterious introduction quickly pulled me into this story. The story turns out to be different from a complete mystery story like “The Calder Game,” but it is still uniquely great. The protagonist has a part of insightfulness and a part of obliviousness, combined with a quirky way of narration. It is easy to see his bond with his grandparents and the nature of each character is clear througho [...]


    From September 2010 SLJ:Gr 5–8—Balliett's latest mystery explores the intricacies of scientific discovery. Wealthy Mr. Zip has arranged for a priceless treasure, stolen years ago, to be delivered to him. He will indulge his dream of savoring this object, and then will return it to society, a magnanimous gesture that will ensure that he is remembered as a hero. Sadly, before the treasure reaches him, Mr. Zip dies of a heart attack. When a mysterious man in possession of the box learns about thi [...]

    Karla S.

    The name of the book I read is The Danger Box by Blue Balliett. The book was about Zoomy, he’s what they call “legally blind”. His hometown is Three Oaks, Michigan. Zoomy feels that he organizes himself even more by keeping a notebook of all the things that he does, since he can only see so far he’s very curious and he pays attention to detail. You should totally read this book because it’s filled with mystery, adventure, and twists that will have you wanting for more. The point of th [...]

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