May 27, 2020
The Gospel of the Redman
Posted by Ernest Thompson Seton

This commemorative edition contains for the first time Seton s drawigns of American Indian motifs, a selection of photographs illustrating his life, information about his role as founder of the Boys Scouts of America.

  • Title: The Gospel of the Redman
  • Author: Ernest Thompson Seton
  • ISBN: 9780941532761
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Gospel of the Redman This commemorative edition contains for the first time Seton s drawigns of American Indian motifs a selection of photographs illustrating his life information about his role as founder of the Boys S

    Roger Burk

    "The civilization of the White man is a failure," says Seton. Maybe in 1936 that seemed true, what with the ongoing Depression and the rise of Fascism. Seton's prescription is to abandon our culture and emulate the Red man, who is honest, clean, brave, reverent, kind, loyal, generous, spiritual, just, respectful, chaste, cheerful (if superstitious--the one acknowledged fault). It's worth noting that Seton writes this at a time when we're told Indians were commonly looked down on, and also that h [...]


    Good book, there is a lot more to the Indians than the old movies. I read Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee in the 70's and realized there was a lot i did not learn in the traditional history books. There may be a bit of over tone in here though. I have read in a number of other readings how the Indian's were actually pretty violent to even the other tribes. It was part of their leadership and manhood to kill another tribes warriors. The fallen nature of man is in all of us, even the noble peoples.


    I loved this book! Like all spiritual reading I've done, it has changed my life and I will refer to it often I am sure.

    Brian Butler

    Pros: 1) Attempts to offer a 'best of the best' kind of window into Native American teachings and lifestyle. 2) Presents an image of well developed purity in character that I found admirable and humbling. 3) Creates awareness of the awful tragedy and injustice of colonial encroachments. Deepens awareness of the importance of valuing other people groups, and of the peculiar worth of native Americans in particular. Cons:1) Reads more like a reference collection than a book. I liked that it is easi [...]

    G L Meisner

    A stilted view of Eastern Native American religons. However I enjoyed the book and read it multiple times. Having read it while a teenager it was my first major introduction to native religions.It also provides a look into how whites were attempting to understand native religions at the period in which Seton wrote. Since attempts to understand were rare in that period it is a very unique idea even if it was only partly successful.

    Clint Flatt

    A very European version of the Native American way of life and how the Spirit is tied to everything. Good for boys to get an interest and feel for the Native American culture but as you learn more of the Native American culture many thing were quite diffeerent.

    Michael Jenkins

    A powerful look at the cultures of Native America, as seen by outsiders. While the language may be dated--"redman" is an offputting term--the tone is reverent. A stark tribute to a world presented as simply too beautiful to last.

    Hannah Pahl

    I am incredibly grateful for this book, as it pushed me to reflect on who I was as a mother. It made me reflect on our American ancestors and how connected we all can be if willing.

    J. Chris

    I love this book. It's hard to find, but a simple summary of Native Spirituality and a taste of what was lost when the tribes were conquered.


    life altering


    Amazing read with lessons that stick with you long after you have turned the last page.


    Dated. Influential to my understanding. An important slice of time

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