Oct 14, 2019
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Terry Pratchett s profoundly irreverent novels are consistent number one bestseller in England, where they have catapulted him into the highest echelons of parody next to Mark Twain, Kurt Vonnegut, Douglas Adams, and Carl Hiaasen.In this Discworld installment, Death comes to Mort with an offer he can t refuse especially since being, well, dead isn t compulsory As DeathTerry Pratchett s profoundly irreverent novels are consistent number one bestseller in England, where they have catapulted him into the highest echelons of parody next to Mark Twain, Kurt Vonnegut, Douglas Adams, and Carl Hiaasen.In this Discworld installment, Death comes to Mort with an offer he can t refuse especially since being, well, dead isn t compulsory As Death s apprentice, he ll have free board and lodging, use of the company horse, and he won t need time off for family funerals The position is everything Mort thought he d ever wanted, until he discovers that this perfect job can be a killer on his love life.

  • Title: Mort
  • Author: Terry Pratchett Nigel Planer
  • ISBN: 9780753117460
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Audiobook
  • Mort Terry Pratchett s profoundly irreverent novels are consistent number one bestseller in England where they have catapulted him into the highest echelons of parody next to Mark Twain Kurt Vonnegut Do


    I have a new best friend. Literarily speaking.It’s as though I met Terry Pratchett at a party and we hit it off immediately. You like Monty Python, I LOVE Monty Python! Seinfeld, WHAT???, I’ve seen them all “Art Vandelay, nice to meet you.” No way! What about The Big Lebowsky? “How’s the smut business, Jackie?” To which he replied, “I wouldn’t know, Dude.”Ha!And so it was with me when I read my first Discworld novel, in this case Mort (#4 on the list). Discworld is Terry Prat [...]


    Being one of the first and the latest of all the Pratchett reads, I'm really surprised just how much I loved this one. I'm upping the star count to a full five just because I think I liked Mort, the character, even better this time aroundATH on DISCWORLD. :) Seriously, there's nothing quite like it. Him. The personification. :) He meddles so much with humanity, tries to get drunk, and hires an apprentice. Not all in that order. Death is the mewling cat at the party of life. :)The story is a bit [...]


    This isn't an easy review to write. This has been my first encounter with the Discworld universe and the many writings of Terry Pratchett, and voicing my opinion on it makes me feel like a blundering fool stumbling into a world that was meant for his younger and perhaps wiser self, a world of which he has only caught a glimpse. Let's start with kicking in an open door. 'Boy', uh, sorry, 'Mort' is a very funny novel. Death, being a wonderfully serious topic, becomes a great source of laughter and [...]


    Introducing: DEATHAw, ain't that smile warming your heart? Or is that the adrenaline rush because you, too, just want to get away from him? Severely misunderstood guy, that fellow.He's a beekeeper, a gardener, cat-lover, admittedly not very good with colours but his shades of black are very original! And he's active too! Never lazy, our protagonist, always riding around on his faithful mount, Binky.In case anyone was wondering: the scythe is for us normal mortals, whereas royalty gets the deluxe [...]


    Bez iznenadjenja: čitati Pračeta po prvi put je nalik na upoznavanje starog, dragog prijatelja. Prijateljstvo je već tu, veliko je i puno obećava, samo eto, igrom slučaja nijedan ni drugi niste o tome bili obavešteni.p.s. izdanje koje imam je toliko divno da je teško gledati ga bez lekova za smirenje.4+

    Eon ♒Windrunner♒

    Death is looking for an apprentice to eventually replace him and decides on a young man called Mort. During the course of his training Mort takes a fancy to a young lady. Unfortunately the young lady’s time is up. So that’s that. Or is it? You see, Mort is not so good at following rules…This is the only Terry Pratchett book I have read so far and it was delightfully whimsical. Sign me up for more please.YOU ARE HERE SEEKING EMPLOYMENT?Light dawned on Mort. “You are looking for an apprent [...]


    "I DON'T KNOW ABOUT YOU, BUT I COULD MURDER A CURRY.”With those simple words Terry Pratchett introduces the complicated fact that on The Disc Death is as much a person as anyone else, only more so.The fourth Discworld novel is right up there with my favourites, the story of how Death came to take an apprentice and how one gangly, awkward young boy became a strong, confident man is filled with humour and tells the kind of coming of age tale other authors only dream of.It may not be the best wri [...]


    I "made a mistake" in my life by reading later works of Discworld (DW) first. By the time I read earliest Discworld stories, the universe feels not fully developed. Mort is the fourth DW novel, and I see the DW universe, the jokes, and the characters are better developed than the 3 earlier novels (but still not as sophisticated as DW later works). But, there are some good moments: the awkwardness of young people in this novel, and the Death's learning of life.People including Mort as the first i [...]


    In a previous review of Pratchett's The Color of Magic, I speculated that I might have become jaded since high school. I noted that I enjoyed that book, but it was not as hilarious as I had remembered it, initially. There will be no such danger with Mort, meaning, I probably won't be re-reading it. Again, this one was funny, but not hilarious, and more cutesy than clever.Still, it has its moments, the best of which, I thought, was the interchange between the Sun Emperor and his Grand Vizier, a g [...]


    Executive Summary: Another great entry in the Discworld series as different from Equal Rites as that book was from the first two.Full ReviewI never expected to marathon the discworld books, but this now makes the third in a row I've read.This book is the first of the Death books. Death plays a much larger role than he has in the previous books, but for the most part it focuses on his apprentice, Mort.I found it started a bit slow, and I was pretty indifferent towards Mort. He grew on me by the e [...]


    Discworld Book 4 “Oh. I see. People don't want to see what can't possibly exist.”Carrying on with my Pratchett education. Although Death appeared in the previous books, this is the one where this rather uncommon character gets more screen time to great effect. I mean it is not every day you see the Grim Reaper hankering for a curry or trying to get drunk and have fun! Once more, we get a crazy tale of adventure, this time following Mort, gangly, awkward boy, who becomes Death's apprentice. Q [...]

    Raeleen Lemay

    *2.5/5*I wanted to like this book so much more than I did and I’m mad! It started out really promising for me, as Mort was a super fun character and I loved the early scenes when he’s just meeting Death for the first time and is getting used to the new apprenticeship. I soon became tired of the whole schtick unfortunately and then the book seemed to drag on endlessly. I’ve heard this book is one of Pratchett’s most popular works, so I’m worried I might just not enjoy his writing style [...]


    I've stopped counting the number of times I might have read this particular bookReading any Pratchett is like meeting old childhood buddies. You might not have been in touch with each other for a long time yet even if you meet them after a decade or more, you feel hardly any time has elapsedd always left with a bit of melancholy, thinking of the goodtimes you had


    So I've decided to dip my toes back into the waters of the utterly bonkers but always hilarious Discworld Series by the late, great Terry Pratchett. I've only read odd books here and there, and certainly have never read the books in order. Honestly I don't have that sort of patience. So instead I prefer to flit in and out focusing more on the books featuring my favourite characters. I tend to find the plots, and even the characters at times, just superfluous to the reading experience! For me it' [...]


    Un joven soñador y bastante despistado Mortimer pero más conocido como Mort, pertenece a una familia de agricultores, pero él no tiene ningún talento para ello. Su padre y hermano deciden buscarle un oficio durante la feria de contratación del Cerro de las Ovejas, donde no será hasta el último momento en que su suerte cambie de lado y la figura cadavérica y encapuchada conocida como la Muerte le ofrezca ser su aprendiz. Tras unas cuantas lecciones y unos cuantos errores más, la Muerte t [...]


    So Terry Pratchett is definitely witty and clever, and I do enjoy his asides when I forget I'm searching for a story in the midst of it. The thing is, each of the three Discworld books I've completed so far took me some effort to get into in spite of appreciating the humor. Because the characters remain caricatures as the humor takes center stage. And I actually find it kind of boring.It's not until late in each book that I started to be interested in what was actually happening. And the charact [...]

    Charlotte May

    "There is no justice. There is only me." Well this was flipping great!My first step into Terry Pratchett's Discworld (I know right?!)This one tells the story of a young man called Mort who becomes Death's apprentice, along with all of the tasks and responsibilities that come with it. This world is so vivid and imaginative, I was completely transported into this weird and wonderful universe with all its characters, including wizards, princesses, Death's daughter and of course Mort and Death himse [...]


    This review contains major spoilers for the movie Pusher 3The central joke in Mort is that Death is basically, you know, just a guy doing a job. The other day, I thought of Terry Pratchett's novel for the first time in ages when we saw I'm The Angel of Death, Nicolas Winding Refn's brilliant conclusion to the Pusher trilogy. In the first two movies, we've had several brief encounters with the terrifying Milo, a Serbian kingpin in Copenhagen's underworld. The first film ends with him and his assi [...]

    Stjepan Cobets

    When death comes it with his scythe brings the end of life but this time, it came to for his apprentices. His apprentice becomes Mortimer whom everyone calls Mort. Although he is a young man thought it was a great job for him will soon realize that this is not such a simple matter. Apprenticeships at Death is not such an easy task that he expected. The writer and this book make us laugh with silly stories and adventures of Discworld. Very fun book for all fans of weird and funny fantasy world.


    I really enjoyed this Discworld novel which is about a boy called Mort who becomes Death's apprentice and things going a little bit cray-cray. I felt like this had more of a story than the other books, though Equal Rites does have a good plot as well, and i just really enjoyed all the crazy characters as usual but in particular Death. I loved how weird and wonderful he was and how undeath like he was I guess - I will never get the picture of Death in a kitchen with an apron and a whole family of [...]


    Of all 4 Discworld novels I've read, this one is my favourite. It's a cute story and Death is definitely a funny and interesting guy. It didn't fully keep my interest though, as the story lags a bit in the middle. The writing style is clever, but the characters feel stilted at times. I've decided to stop reading the Discworld series. I just don't feel the enthusiasm I was hoping I would.


    Excellent and funI just love the characters this author comes up with. Death is a great ANTHROPOMORPHIC PERSONIFICATION and Mort, the human he selects as his apprentice, is the perfect replacement. Sort of.Mort has a hard time filling in for Death when he needs a day off. At least he does once a girl gets involved. There is romance in this as well, sort of. Apparently, not completing the job Death is meant to do has some pretty serious consequences that even a cameo appearance by Rincewind may n [...]

    David Sarkies

    Death takes on an apprentice14 August 2012 Well, while I suggested that Equal Rites must have been Pratchett's make or break book, I did not expect the brilliance of this book. After picking myself off the floor after laughing so much at some of the absolutely off the wall humour, I must say that, to put it bluntly, Terry Pratchett attempted to send the fantasy genre into a completely different direction, and succeeded. Basically Death has become board, and lonely, with his job, and wants to fin [...]


    “He was determined to discover the underlying logic behind the universe. Which was going to be hard, because there wasn't one.”Parts of the story got a little muddled somewhere between the ending and the middle, but as usual the humour and the absurd characters are what brought everything around. Mort and Death are a duo that are quite enjoyable, of course with the addition of Death's noble steed, Binky. Death being the serious, completely terrifying guy who asks questions like "WHY IS THERE [...]


    Ono kad se smeješ i pored dosadne zubobolje. To može samo Pračet.

    Mamen B.

    3/5Sigo avanzando con Mundodisco, y tengo que decir que me alegro mucho de estar haciéndolo por orden de publicación, porque hay dos detalles en este libro que ya se refieren a los anteriores, y aunque no tienen ninguna relevancia para la trama, yo soy de esa gente que quiere sacar todo el jugo a los libros.En cuanto al libro en sí, aquí conocemos a la Muerte y a Mort, que yo en un principio pensaba que eran la misma cosa, pero en realidad no es así. La trama me ha gustado bastante, y ya va [...]

    Laura LVD

    Regalo de un ex luego de la ruptura. Supuestamente para hacerme sentir mal por la misma (era un bastardo manipulador) pero sólo logró hacerme enganchar con la saga de Mundodisco. Muy, pero muy divertido.Prometo que algún día leeré la saga entera, tarea de titanes si las hay.

    Althea Ann

    As always, Pratchett's Discworld novels are unfailingly entertaining. In Mort, Pratchett introduces his personification of Death. However, the familiar hooded, skeletal figure with a sickle is getting kind of bored with rushing about from deathbed to murder scene The solution? To take on an apprentice. Mort is an awkward, clumsy farmer's son, whose inconvenient habit of asking questions has made him more in-the-way than not at home – and he's had no luck finding a position elsewhere. So when D [...]

    Megan Baxter

    I've been reading Mort while I eat for the last week or so - it's just about the perfect level for that amount of attention. To the person I borrowed the book from, I promise I didn't get any food on it. I'm just trying to say something about Terry Pratchett. It's thoroughly enjoyable and light, and not particularly taxing. Perfect reading while eating.Note: The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the changes in policy and enforcement. You can read why I came to this decision here. In [...]


    " Death must be the loneliest creature in the universe. In the great party of Creation, he was always in the kitchen.”“Behind him the Master of Ceremonies cleared his throat. His eyes took on a distant, glazed look."The Stealer of Souls," he said in the faraway voice of one whose ears aren't hearing what his mouth is saying, “Defeater of Empires, Swallower of Oceans, Thief of Years, The Ultimate Reality, Harvester of Mankind, the—"ALL RIGHT, ALL RIGHT. I CAN SEE MYSELF IN.”SO FUNNY, S [...]

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