Jan 28, 2020
The Locust and the Bird: My Mother's Story
Posted by Hanan Al-Shaykh حنان الشيخ Roger Allen

In a masterly act of literary transformation, celebrated novelist Hanan al Shaykh re creates the dramatic life and times of her mother, Kamila.Married at a young age against her will, Kamila soon fell head over heels in love with another man and was thus forced to choose between her children and her lover As the narrative unfolds through the years from the bazaars, cinemaIn a masterly act of literary transformation, celebrated novelist Hanan al Shaykh re creates the dramatic life and times of her mother, Kamila.Married at a young age against her will, Kamila soon fell head over heels in love with another man and was thus forced to choose between her children and her lover As the narrative unfolds through the years from the bazaars, cinemas and apartments of 1930s Beirut to its war torn streets decades later we follow this passionate woman as she survives the tragedies and celebrates the triumphs of a life lived to the very fullest.

  • Title: The Locust and the Bird: My Mother's Story
  • Author: Hanan Al-Shaykh حنان الشيخ Roger Allen
  • ISBN: 9781408800072
  • Page: 138
  • Format: Paperback
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    The Locust and the Bird My Mother s Story In a masterly act of literary transformation celebrated novelist Hanan al Shaykh re creates the dramatic life and times of her mother Kamila Married at a young age against her will Kamila soon fell


    This is one of the most beautiful love stories I've ever read, and it is not at all a romance novel! In facts it's not even fiction!The Locust and the Bird is non-fiction, the telling of author Hana Al-Shayhk's own mothers life. Nevertheless it reads like a novel. Interestingly enough, a complaint I've often read about Al-Shaykh's novels is that her characters are not likeable, but that is not at all the case here! When her mother Kamila was a little girl growing up in the south of Lebanon, so p [...]

    Ismail Elshareef

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book--so much so that I read it in one sitting, that's how good it was. Kamila, the protagonist, grows up poor in a Southern Lebanese village. Her mother, desperate to make ends meet, picks up and moves to Beirut to stay with her kin--a move that proves pivotal in Kamila's story. Ricocheting from one heartbreaking tragedy to another, Kamila finds solace in a forbidden love and Egyptian films starring Mohammed Abdel Wahab. She is, in effect, Juliet who is separat [...]

    Anood Alsuwaity

    في حكايتي شرح يطول تحكي لنا حنان الشيخ سيرة والدتها "كاملة" بحساسية وصدق رائعين حكاية فتاة من "النبطية" تنتمي لعائلة شيعية فقيرة في الثلاثينات من القرن الماضي مليئة بأحلام الطفولة والبراءة. تنزح الى بيروت ككثيرين نتيجة للفقر الشديد لتلقى العالم بوجهه الآخر ولتبدأ حياة أخرى م [...]


    أحببت هذه السيرة الذاتية بساطة الأسلوب اللهجة العامية أيضاً ، طريقة الوصف كانت تنقلني معها إلى الأحراش والجبل والمصيف استطاعت المؤلفة أن تنقلني من سريري إلى واحة خضراء في أراضي لبنان وعلى الرغم من ذلك لم أستطيع أن أبرر الخيانة الزوجية ، في قاموسي لا يوجد مايبرر الخيانة والك [...]


    Throughout the book, I was amazed at how different the culture and outlook on life was. It was very interesting to read a true account and gain a new perspective on life in the Middle East. What made the book less enjoyable is that, although I had great empathy with Kamila, I found her silly and immature. I think this may be because women were treated like eternal children in that male-dominated society and of course many women would just not grow up. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have under those [...]


    The best of Hanan Al-Shaykh - a true gem. She surprises us, not only with its details, description of places and characters, but with the truth that she shares with us. A friend read the English translation and found it interesting and excellent. The novel also informs us about life in Lebanon in the first half of the twentieth century.


    از لحاظ ادبی کتاب چندان چشم‌گیری نیست. اما زندگی واقعی زنی بی‌سواد را تعریف می‌کند که به شیوه خودش با سنت‌های جامعه لبنان در دهه‌های سی و چهل میلادی مبارزه کرده. زن شجاعی که برای عشق و زندگی‌اش دست و پا زده. زنی که مادر حنان الشیخ نویسنده لبنانی کتاب است


    The writing deserved more than 2 stars, I think, but the book was frustrating in many ways and I did not enjoy it.

    Paulina Sanchez

    This memoir spoke to me in so many ways! Let's explore them:I was never to read and write as I am now, if for no other reason but to write my story. Let me tell you how it hurts when a piece of wood and a piece of lead defeat me. -Kamila, Hanan's motherLiteracy: I have the privilege to be able to write these words, and you have the same privilege in being able to read them and understand them. I can communicate with people who are thousands of miles away just through a piece of paper and pen or [...]

    Tamara Agha-Jaffar

    In The Locust and the Bird: My Mother's Story, the contemporary Arab author Hanan Al-Shaykh writes the biography of Kamila, her mother. Al-Shaykh tells the story of her mother’s childhood in 1930s Lebanon, her forced marriage at the age of 14, her illicit love affair with the man who later became her second husband, her divorce from her first husband, her second marriage, her widowhood and its aftermath. The narrative construction is unusual in that Al-Shaykh tells her mother’s story from he [...]


    New York, 2001 - As Hanan al-Shaykh travels through the streets of Manhattan to her daughter's wedding her mind is elsewhere. Remembering her own secret ceremony some thirty years ago, her thoughts turn to her mother, Kamila, who was sacrificed into marriage: her absent mother who, in recent, reconciled years, has pleaded with Hanan, her daughter the writer, to tell this story.Lebanon, 1934 - Kamila is nine years old when she is taken from the poverty of her childhood village in southern Lebanon [...]

    ♥ Ibrahim ♥

    قصة حياة كاملة، أم حنان الشيخ، هي قصة كل أم، كل أخت، كل حبيبة، كل امرأة تقريبا في واقعنا العربي ولذلك نقرأها والتأثر غالب علينا ونحن نتمنى لو أن نقلب الموازين ونعطي المرأة ما يحق لها من الأساس وسلبها إياه المجتمع الشرقي الظالم والذي يرى المرأة على أنها أشياء متناثرة على هامش [...]

    رولا البلبيسي RulaBilbeisi

    "حكايتي شرح يطول"حنان الشيخبالرغم من تكامل الأحداث والشخصيات والزخم التاريخي الجدير بالكتابة، أضف الى كل ذلك واقعية الحدث، إلا أن أسلوب السرد المباشر والمتواصل الذي استخدمته الكاتبة لم يشعرنا بأننا نقرأ رواية مكتملة العناصر، بل مجرد يوميات بسيطة خالية من العمق الروائي، وب [...]


    مع هذه الرواية تخبطت مشاعري في مسطح شاسع من الرماديات ، حيث يختلط الابيض بالاسود بشكل تتابعي و تراكمي ، فلا أستطيع أن أزدري كاملة بل بالعكس أتعاطف معها ! أقف مدهوشة أمام جرأة الكاتبة في وصف حياة والدتها ، تاركة الحكم للقارئ ! و ان كانت لم تترك لنا خياراً فعلياً في النهاية الا ا [...]


    A super-fascinating concept, but I was a bit disappointed, wanting this book to have more substance. I was looking for a voice I could really "sink my teeth into" and the text seemed so gossipy, almost diary-like. Maybe the style was somewhat weak due to the unique narrative construction- the author writing her mother's biography in first person, from the mother's point of view. Maybe she was just trying to capture the simplicity of her mother's worldview and language. Maybe something was lost i [...]


    شكرا دونابيللا على هذا الكتابجميل جداً وممتعأحببت أجواءه لهجته اللبنانية في بعض الحواراتخفة دم بطلته الممزوجة بألمها الشديدعمق تجربته الإنسانية رغم بساطة أحداثه.كيف يمكن لحياة الإنسان أن تتغير منذ بدايتها وحتى نهايتهاتتغير القيم والأحداث والوجوه والأمكنةوتبقى الذاكرة م [...]

    Hiba Essa

    This book was unputdownable! Read it in a day. Though the writing was easy in terms of vocabularly and flow, its effect is ever lasting. I cant decide what I loved the most about this book - Kamila's honesty, her love for life despite her struggles since a child or her use of humor, music and film to bring light into her life amid pain. This is one book that I would love to see as a movie - in black and white. Will be discussing the book on the 6th of June - cant wait!


    لم أكن متحمسة كثيراً عندما بدأت بقرائتهالكني حين أمسكت بها في 1:30 فجراً لم أستطع تركها حتى انتهيت منها في ال 6 صباحاًأسرتني القصة بشخصيتها (كاملة) وأثرت فيَ بعمق لم أشعر به منذ فترة و أنا أقرأوجدت بها عالماً حقيقياً يختفي عن أنظارنا و ربما كان لاستخدام المؤلفة للغة العامية أثر [...]

    Nojood Alsudairi

    وقعت على هذا الكتاب في عزلتي و بدأت قراءته لأمي. أمضينا أمتع الأوقات في التعليق على هذه السيرة الذاتية اللطيفة لوالدة المؤلفة. أحسست و كأني أدخل إلى ركن من عالمنا العربي لم أتصور وجوده. و كانت أمي بعد كل حين تقول: "ما أصدق!" و معها حق؛ فكيف لأم أن تصدق أن أم تفضل حبها على أطفالها. [...]


    Another time it proves that we appreciate more things when we lose it. The book is based on true story of the author's mother's life story. Time to time it becomes hard to accept the existence and harsh traditions. Overall, it is interesting story.


    حكايتي شرح يطول رواية اجتماعية من خلالها تستطيع الكاتبة حنان الشيخ ان تشرح سيرة حياة امها كاملة وكيف عانت في حياتها خلال مرحلة طفولتها التي حرمت منها لكي تنفذ رغبة الاخرين واجبارها على الزواجفان هذه الرواية تخبأ مغزى وفكرة جميلة وقرائتها ممتعة اسلوب العرض والحوار جميل ومري [...]


    loved the story of a lively couragous woman

    Ruth Forbes

    Interesting how generations follow in the footsteps of previous generations and how the changes that come about are made. Good read.

    Fay Henson

    A wonderful book which I recommend and one which I'll read again.

    Jane Long

    Wasn't sure about this. Started off in the modern day, but then went back to the 1930's. I like modern day books, but I stuck with it. Definitely made me think about different religions and what it means to different people. Quite touching in places, and towards the end I was glad |I stuck at it.

    Arielle Masters

    Pretty well written and very entertaining story of the author's mother's quite unusual life. Focuses on the 1940s-1960s. Forced marriage vs. true love; women's roles vs. men's; religion vs. secular attitudes. It was advertised as a fictionalized version of the mother's story; I would have liked to know how much was fiction, seeing as how it was based on interviews with her mother along with her father's letters, poems, and stories. Mom was a wild child - although she never got to go to school, w [...]


    An author writes her mother's story.What touched me most about this book was the fact that in telling this story to her novelist / journalist daughter, Kamila Al Shaykh managed to explain the reasons why she had felt compelled to abandon her two oldest daughters (one of whom is the author of this book) to their father and leave to marry her long time love, Mohammed. In fact, she stayed 7 years in her loveless marriage to her much older husband, the man who had been married to her deceased elder [...]


    This was a simple and ultimately beautiful book that I almost put aside because it was hard for me to get into at first. I think I had an initially difficult time with the writing style, because it seemed stilted and too linear, which made it hard to get lost in the story- this happened, then this, then this. I kept reminding myself that it was translated from Arabic, and that it might not flow as smoothly in English. Once the story picked up I forgot about my issues with style. I don't know if [...]


    Hanna al-Shaykh relata la història de la seva mare, i explica perquè ho fa. La seva mare, que l'havia abandonat, en divorciar-se del seu primer marit, per poder casar-se amb el seu gran amor, li va demanar que escrigués la seva història.L'autora explica com va accedir a aquesta petició en la introducció, i al final, explica perquè va decidir narrar la història en primera persona, donant la veu i tot el protagonisme a la seva mare, que mai no va aprendre a llegir ni a escriure.És el retr [...]


    Hanan al-Shaykh tells Kamila’s story of life in Lebanon beginning in the 1930’s. Kamila and her brother are raised by their divorced mother in extreme poverty. There is no money to buy food, so they scavenge the harvested wheat fields to find enough wheat to make a loaf of bread. Eventually, they find their way to Beirut and live off the generosity of extended family. Kamila is forced into marriage at an early age, but already is in love with another, Muhammad. She has two children with her [...]

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