Apr 02, 2020
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Editorial Reviews He left the West at the age of seventeen, leaving behind a rootless past and a bloody trail of violence In the East he became one of the wealthiest financiers in America and one of the most feared and hated.Now, suffering from incurable cancer, he has come back to New Mexico to die alone But when an all out range war erupts, Flint chooses to heEditorial Reviews He left the West at the age of seventeen, leaving behind a rootless past and a bloody trail of violence In the East he became one of the wealthiest financiers in America and one of the most feared and hated.Now, suffering from incurable cancer, he has come back to New Mexico to die alone But when an all out range war erupts, Flint chooses to help Nancy Kerrigan, a local rancher A cold eyed speculator is setting up the land swindle of a lifetime, and Buckdun, a notorious assassin, is there to back his play.Flint alone can help Nancy save her ranch with his cash, his connections and his gun He still has his legendary will to fight All he needs is time, and that s fast running out.

  • Title: Flint
  • Author: Louis L'Amour
  • ISBN: 9780553252316
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Flint Editorial Reviews He left the West at the age of seventeen leaving behind a rootless past and a bloody trail of violence In the East he became one of the wealthiest financiers in America and one of t


    As a child I used to love gathering around the TV with my family watching such classic westerns as Gunsmoke, The Virginian, and Bonanza (so totally smitten was I with Little Joe (aka Michael Landon)). All of these were considered atypical westerns for their time, as the core of the storylines dealt less about the range but more about family, how they cared for one another, their neighbors, and just causes. As much as I loved the TV shows, I'd never actually 'read' a western. Several of my friend [...]

    Jeanette"Astute Crabbist"

    Most of these Louis L'Amour westerns are like Pringles in print. Salty, crunchy, and virtually identical. But they're fun to eat, and once in awhile you get a hankerin'


    My favorite L'Amour book ever. I think I've read it 4 times. When I was a kid it appealed to my sense of adventure, the smart woman, the mysterious man who is wise and silent. Now I enjoy it because it showcases the many different types of people in the world all around us. And yes because of the awesomness of the man called Flint.

    Daren Doucet

    A life threatening illness makes Mr. Kettleman leave his wife and business affairs to head back out west. He is looking for a place to die, but soon finds out that he is soon to be hauled into a new conflict.A conflict in which he is not sure he maybe able to finish. A great book, great writings and musings about what this man called "Flint" all stands for. A true western that is hard to put down.


    This hit the spot. Not the best L'amour I've read, I felt like the whole land-rights storyline was a bit *shrugs shoulders* but I loved the Flint character and the drama of having this dying guy travelling back to his hidey-hole to die with his books and horses.

    Benjamin Thomas

    If you are the type of reader to pay attention to lists, you will often find this book listed among the top 25 all-time best Western novels. James T. Kettleman is a financier of railroads in the late 1800’s with a fortune to rival those of the Vanderbilts. But he started life in the West, learning and growing at the knee of his mentor, a man named Flint. Kettleman left the West at the age of seventeen after the death of his mentor in a shootout in which young Kettleman also made a lasting impr [...]


    Whatever happened to The Western? Superceded by modern crime writing, no doubt. This was a real return to form from the last novel I tried by Louis L'Amour (The Haunted Mesa), which I think he must have written in his dotage. This was a traditional, classic Western, and I enjoyed the portrayal of the scenery, the lava strewn mesas, the endless blue skies, the scent of the sage as your horse keeps you company in the painted desert, combining with the real men, the real Western girls who you admir [...]

    Mandi Ellsworth

    This was a twist on a Louis L'Amour classic. This man actually made a name for himself in the East before heading out West. Turns out, though, that he went went because he was dying and wanted a place to die in peace. The West was not the place for Flint to find peace.As with every L'Amour story, this one pulled me in and kept me there all the way through.


    5 starsVery good Western novel. Excited to read more books from Louis L'Amour.

    Kate Matson

    Summary:James T. Kettleman has been diagnosed with fatal cancer. He has been unhappily married to a terrible, deceiving wife, Lottie. He soon embarks on an adventure with death, adventure and searching. Writing: This is the first Louis L'Amore book I've ever read. L'amores writing is definitely unique-in a good way. His descriptions were vivid and I could imagine anything. Plot: The plot was something that I had never experienced before. It was an entirely new concept. It was very intriguing, th [...]


    I had a roommate in law school who read Louis L'Amour books. Apparently, my uncle Skip read them too. This guy has written HUNDREDS of books, all about cowboys.This was my first. It is about a man with no family who was taken in by a lone gunman when he was a boy and watched that same man gunned down ten years later. He became a great gunman and prizefighter, went east and became as wealthy as Rockefeller, married a woman who tried to have him killed, and was diagnosed with cancer. Now, he retur [...]


    It was alright. My problem with this author is my head screams for more development. I leave his books frustrated because of his lack of finesse. Good stories that could be so much more with a bit more work. It's like only the facts maam, and some are just stated like truths that don't feel true. Just because It's stated doesn't make it so. A flag waves in my head, but there is no convincing evidence why things are the way the author said they are. But I guess to crank them out as many as there [...]

    Sherene Levert

    I was around eleven years old and bored. All my Dad had were history books and westerns so I randomly picked out this one. I have to say that this book started my true love of reading. The scenery was amazing. The writing took my young imagination to places that before reading this book I didn't know was possible. For that alone this book gets 5 stars. This book is a true western but you don't have to be a fan of western novels to enjoy it


    Absolutely a delightful story that provides great escape with just enough intrigue to make the pages turn. The underlying concept in this story is the question of what the character will do with six months to live. I couldn't put this one down until it was finished. I love the western genre because it makes such great use of archetypes and chivalry. This is an excellent example of L'Amour's storytelling ability.


    I'm glad I read a Louis L'Amour. I'm not a Western fan, but L'Amour is the guru of Western writing. I really liked Flint, the main character. He grew, changed, yet remained the same hard western man. I did not like how L'Amour shifts from one character or place to another. He switches without any transition or movement. Suddenly you are somewhere else. I also really liked the gun fights; Flint is one tough dude. He just shoots and he's not afraid of anything, including dying.


    I promised my husband that I would let him choose my next book, and of course, he chose a Louis L'Amour. I'm glad he did. I had a blast reading it. I loved Flint. I think it's my favorite L'Amour book so far. He's amazingly tough and also smart (handsome too!) I liked many of the characters and loved all the sub-plots, flashbacks, etc. It's a very engaging reading from the first page on. In fact, I stayed up late and woke up early so that I could finish it in a day or two.


    Everyone has their favorite Louis Lamour story. The Sacketts and nearly anything with Kilkenny just suck me in. Kerbouchard and the Walking Drum. Jeez. The man could write. In the end, you gotta go with the classics though. How many times as a kid did I wonder what exactly was the power that L.L. had over my father, and then. Flint. Good times.

    Everet Seeley

    Another favorite book by Americas greatest Western writer. A fast paced hard hitting story of a wealthy financier (James T. Kettleman) suffering uncurable cancer who heads West to die alone, but gets tied up in a range war and decides to use his wealth and his gun to help save a local rancher (Nancy Kerrigan).

    Carol Snow

    One of the best westerns ever written. About a wealthy eastern man whose wife and father-in-law (who know nothing of his past as an outlaw)try to kill him. Learning from his doctor that he is dying anyway, he sells off his investments, disapears, and heads to a hideout in the desert where he expects to spend his last few months.

    Tyler Cole

    Many of Louis L'Amour's characters are rugged, intelligent, confident men in their prim that try to avoid trouble but trouble always finds them. I never get tired of reading L'Amour's stories with this kind of scenario. Flint is no exception and could very well be one of the best of its kind.

    Hal Hancock

    My stepfather populated a 3 foot shelf of L'Amour books, and so I read them all. Flint stood out as the best, and that's saying something, as L'Amour was good in all his short novels.

    Tom Phillips

    I thought this was one of the better books I have read from Louis L'Amour. He is one of my favorite authors and has a number of excellent books. The beginning of the book pulls you straight in, grasping at your mind having you trying to figure out the cause of his actions and why he wouldn't stay in New York. James T. Kettleman is an extremely interesting man who has memories of his mysterious past with a man named Flint who helped bring him up and taught him everything he knows. He is drawn to [...]

    Tyler Rosenhan

    Flint has to be one of the most exciting books that I’ve ever read. It is so action packed and it has a great plot. The main character’s name is Flint, and he has just learned that he has a terminal illness. When he gets the news, he leaves his murderous wife back east and moves to the wild west where he grew up as a wild boy. Along the way he realizes that he is being hunted by some men from his past. He tries to escape these men by going to a hideout in the vast lava beds of the west, but [...]


    L'Amour's 18th book and the second of 1960. L'Amour's westerns are like potato chips you just can't eat just one even though they are the same. The names and locations change but the plots are very similar. This is the light reading equivalent of comfort food.A young orphan raised by a roaming gunslinger whose murder he witnessed grows up to be a respectable and wealthy eastern businessman. Married to a gold digger who plots to have him murdered and diagnosed with cancer the man known as Kettlem [...]


    Never read a western before, picked this up at random at the secondhand store, figured I would try a new genre. It was actually pretty fun stuff. RDCV of the plot-city man from back east moves out west, where he was first raised, to die from cancer. He gets winds up in the middle of a land grab deal, and he fights for the good guys. That's a quick enough sum up.Story is short, and quick. I wasn't sure if it would hold my interest, but the plot picked up after the first forty pages. Nice also tha [...]

    Afshin Afshar

    Another entering western tail in classic L’Amour style. The story is entertaining, but there are a few minor loose ends and a few characters are not developed as much as a reader might hope. The ending comes rather quickly and simply. With all of that said, the book is still a great escape from reality for a few hours.


    An old favorite from my teens. I still enjoy it, but it's flaws are more glaring as I get older. Somewhat frustrating as a good editor should have caught a lot of it. Basically this is comfort food in book form.


    Louis L'amour and the book Flint is a excellent read for someone who enjoys western and old cowboy style books. Flint defiantly meets those requirements by far this book had my attention from the being it started off so well just the way Louis had his main character James T. Kettleman go off and hunt down wanted men for a living was exciting. Louis does an excellent job putting the reader in the characters shoes per say as you read his point of view without even trying your already imagining how [...]


    This one annoyed me. Mostly because I can't tell what happened to the horses. I choose to believe they're fine. It also illustrates an annoying habit L'Amour has of using normal contracted speech with everyone except his hero. As if lack of contractions make him more heroic. It doesn't.

    MR Quinn

    Love a good western movie, thought I would try a western novel. I know Louis L'Amour wrote Hondo (fantastic John Wayne movie) and wanted to try something a little different. From reading reviews this one came recommended as a good starting point, and it did not disappoint!

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