Feb 27, 2020
How Groundhog's Garden Grew
Posted by Lynne Cherry

Little Groundhog learns how to plant and tend to his own food garden through every season in this beautifully illustrated, thoroughly researched picture book by naturalist Lynne Cherry.Little Groundhog, in trouble for stealing from his friends gardens, is taught by Squirrel to grow his very own From seed gathering to planting, harvesting, and eating home grown fruits andLittle Groundhog learns how to plant and tend to his own food garden through every season in this beautifully illustrated, thoroughly researched picture book by naturalist Lynne Cherry.Little Groundhog, in trouble for stealing from his friends gardens, is taught by Squirrel to grow his very own From seed gathering to planting, harvesting, and eating home grown fruits and vegetables, children join Little Groundhog in learning about the gardening process At the end, Little Groundhog invites his animal friends to a Thanksgiving harvest feast Beautiful illustrations and thorough research on plants and insects make this sweet story an engrossing read, as well as a great picture book introduction to how plants grow Children and schools can follow Groundhog s lessons.

  • Title: How Groundhog's Garden Grew
  • Author: Lynne Cherry
  • ISBN: 9780439323710
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Hardcover
  • How Groundhog s Garden Grew Little Groundhog learns how to plant and tend to his own food garden through every season in this beautifully illustrated thoroughly researched picture book by naturalist Lynne Cherry Little Groundho


    This is a wonderful book to get little ones interested in gardening. Groundhog has been eating vegetables from the gardens of other animals and Squirrel scolds him and tells him to grow his OWN garden. When Groundhog says that he doesn't know how to grow a garden, Squirrel decides to teach him everything he'll need to know about how to grow fresh vegetables all year round.One thing I loved, are the little pictures that go around the border on some of the pages. There are pictures of different se [...]


    Thought about reading this during a storytime but felt it was too long. But still wanted to comment that I really enjoyed this book and thought it was cute. Follows the story of a hungry groundhog and a helpful squirrel who grow and tend to their own garden over a year's time. It is easy to follow and the illustrations are beautiful and detailed and really help with the story. This would be a good book to read with a child who wants to learn more about gardening, starting a garden, and the diffe [...]


    My 4-year-old really likes this book. It's a moderately long book, so suitable for a precocious 2-3 year old, but probably better suited to ages 4+. Squirrel seems to be a bit of a busy body in my opinion, but I suppose since young children are used to being bossed around this didn't register with my son. In spite of that, it was well written and educational. The illustrations are really beautiful and the message is great. I'm not sure what my son found appealing, but he requested it for bedtime [...]

    Billy Noecker

    This story is about the little groundhog and how he learns about how plants and vegetables grow. He is also introduced to the seasons and the lifecycle of the plants him the and other animals in the woods. The illustrations help support this great story that would go very well with a science unit on growing plants and food. Great read for young students as they get an introduction as to where food comes from. I would certainly utilize this story in a science unit to help my students learn about [...]

    Kenson Dickey

    I like to garden. we had a garden this year we only grew tomatoes. i told my mom that next year i want to grow carrots. there were a lot of words in this book. i got kindof bored in the middle -- (age 5)


    Great in-depth pictures of different garden plants! But it was pretty factual & I think next time it'd be read as a learning book instead of a fun read-aloud 😉

    MaryMargaret Kelly

    This book was so cute. i really enjoyed the colors and the feeling of being inside the garden that they planted. It gave me some great ideas if i had this book in my classroom and how i could read it for spring and have the kids plant their own seeds and we could have a garden for the grade I'm teaching. It could be for grade pre-1st. The purposes for this book are read aloud. It has great language that the kids will understand, maybe a couple words that can be explained for the preschoolers lik [...]


    This is a wonderful story about growing fruits, vegetables and legumes in a garden. It discusses how to harvest seeds and tubers to grow, how plants germinate and are pollinated and how the little plants, if given lots of sun, water, good soil and TLC. The story even has a Thanksgiving feast at the end, so it's a great book to read at this time of year. It's a little long, so would be most appropriate for young grade school-age children who can sit still for more than five minutes! The illustrat [...]

    Daniel Riles

    A friend recently commented on my makeshift garden fence that its floppiness was a good groundhog deterrent. So far it seems to have kept out the rabbit that was eating my pea plants, and I suppose it has kept out groundhogs as well. In this lushly illustrated book, all of the regular garden assaulting animals instead grown their own gardens that are overflowing with produce. Squirrel teaches Groundhog how to save seeds, sow them in the spring, care for the plants, and harvest the results. Of co [...]


    I appreciate this book much more than my preschooler. It is a very detailed account of how a garden grows and I could definitely see it in a storytime along with One Watermelon Seed, How Does Your Garden Grow? and others we've read at one time or another. The illustrations are dense and remind me more of the Grey's Anatomy textbook than a picture book because of their very scientific and realistic look. The story of Little Groundhog learning to grow for himself and share his bounty with his neig [...]


    It's a pretty book with cute animals, but anyone who has tried to have a garden it just doesn't work that easy. Almost every animal in the book, especially groundhogs and squirrels have destroyed my garden! Nice thought in a perfect world. I have given up on gardening because of these very animals! Now don't get me wrong, I love animals and all. I would never hurt one. I just enjoy them and get my vegetables elsewhere. Oh by the way I live in the city and have even seen deer under my appletree.


    I love this book! it is so great. it walks you through a year of gardening, as squirrel teaches groundhog how to do it. each page shows lots of pictures of different types of seeds growing and what they look like. you get to see the roots, understand the seasons changing, learn about perennials, see some bugs it gets you excited to grow your own garden and share it. A good preface for Thanksgiving too.


    This was a great book on gardening. Of course, it took the angle of the groundhog pilfering food from other animals' gardens until he learned self-sufficiency with the help of his animal friends, but all the same the gardening in this book was spectacular. I love anything that Lynne Cherry does already, but this is the sort of book that would offer that fantastic opening to a unit on agriculture or plants. Good book with great illustrations.


    I originally thought I wouldn't like this book (what with the realistic looking yet talking animals) but I ended up liking it quite a lot. Groundhog originally takes food from other animals' gardens until squirrel teaches him to plant his own. This book could be used for a groundhog's day program or something related to gardening or the earth--or maybe even seasons. It could be used for grades k-3.

    Julie Suzanne

    A must read-aloud if you have an elementary class doing a community garden project--so cute! Explains how to grow your own food (and share, rather than taking others') in the simplest possible way (and in the most idealistic way). Try to ignore the fact that these very critters who represent humans are actually the ones who will ruin your garden That's a lesson the kids can learn from experience. :) Themes: cooperation, interdependence, sharing, gardening

    Meg McGregor

    Sure to encourage your little ones to start a garden, or maybe even you.This wonderfully illustrated book, filled with lots of important info, will help make even the brownest thumb, turn the color green


    This is a beautiful introduction to gardening. Gorgeous illustrations, and the detail of some of the pages' borders is incredible. In fact there may be a bit too much detail for some preschoolers. It may be more appropriate to share with children in the 5-8 year age range.


    A beautifully illustrated combination story/science book with enough plot to keep readers engaged but plenty of well explained concepts and well drawn pictures to teach about seeds, plants, gardens, and the like.

    The Brothers

    A really good book about gardening. The squirrel explains to little groundhog how he can have his own garden so he doesn't have to steal from everyone else's. Goes through everything from drying seeds to how and where to plant.Absolutely gorgeous illustrations.


    This is a great book for children who enjoy working in the garden.

    Dylan & Belle at LearnPlayFun

    Rated and reviewed by Dylan, age 7My favorite parts were where they show the plants and how they grow. I like the feast part because all the animals came and I love all those animals. I want to plant one of my own gardens in the spring. I want to plant tomatoes and also eggplants.


    A really nice book and a great introduction to gardening. It's a good storyline with cute animals, but it's also detailed and correct in the actual gardening. I'm planning to check this one out of the library each spring, or just adding it to my collection of spring/easter books.


    Vibrant illustrations illuminate this plant a garden story. Amazingly detailed portrayal of the process behind growing things. Of course every seed that's planted sprouts, and every sprout thrives, and every vegetable is succulent and harvested, but this IS a children's picturebook after all!


    PICTURE CherryShe seriously researched seedling growth, the various animals she painted, bees, bugs and more to make accurate looking drawings, even if it's not accurate to have a squirrel teach a groundhog how to grow his own garden! Cute and educational.


    Also really well done. Not only fun for Groundhog Day but also great for learning how different plants grow: seeds vs tubers vs perennials. Well done scientific children's picture book. These are pretty rare in my experience.


    Little Groundhog loves to eat the fresh vegetables he finds in his neighbor's garden, until one day he makes a friend who teaches him the joy of planting a garden of his own.


    Beautiful illustrations, but wow does it have A LOT of words.

    Maren Prestegaard

    LOOOOONG. A lot to digest here and actually held Little M's attention but man it was hard to get through.

    Dalton Dettbarn

    This is a book about how a groundhog started out with nothing for his garden, but then got help from some friends then it turned out to be a beautiful garden.


    The illustrations are gorgeously detailed and accurate. We have it from the library but I think we will buy our own copy.

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