Oct 21, 2019
Sisters of the Yam: Black Women and Self-Recovery
Posted by bell hooks

When Sisters of the Yam Black Women and Self Recovery was originally released in 1994, it won critical praise and solidified bell hooks reputation as one of the leading public intellectuals of her generation Today, the book is considered a classic in African American and feminist circles.In Sisters of the Yam, hooks examines how the emotional health of black women is woWhen Sisters of the Yam Black Women and Self Recovery was originally released in 1994, it won critical praise and solidified bell hooks reputation as one of the leading public intellectuals of her generation Today, the book is considered a classic in African American and feminist circles.In Sisters of the Yam, hooks examines how the emotional health of black women is wounded by daily assaults of racism and sexism Exploring such central life issues as work, beauty, trauma, addiction, eroticism and estrangement from nature, hooks shares numerous strategies for self recovery and healing She also shows how black women can empower themselves and effectively struggle against racism, sexism and consumer capitalism.As hooks first book on psychological concerns, Sisters of the Yam paved the way for her recent and popular writing on love, relationships and community This South End Press Classics Edition will include a new introduction.Praise for Sisters of the Yam Black Women and Self Recovery By confronting topics avoided in polite company including progressive black folks hooks helps us tackle our deepest fears, those we harbor about our self worth as African Americans, and get on with the business of becoming Village Voice Literary Supplement hooks continues to produce some of the most challenging, insightful, and provocative writing on race and gender in the United States today Library Journal bell hooks draws effectively on her own experiences and sense of identity than most other writers Publishers Weekly

  • Title: Sisters of the Yam: Black Women and Self-Recovery
  • Author: bell hooks
  • ISBN: 9780896087330
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Paperback
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    Sisters of the Yam Black Women and Self Recovery When Sisters of the Yam Black Women and Self Recovery was originally released in it won critical praise and solidified bell hooks reputation as one of the leading public intellectuals of her gen


    I am a huge fan of this woman. I find so much healing and understanding in her words. I admire her candidness in acknowledging issues that are often just swept under the rug. She is one of the first academics I came across who considers the black experience in fields that often take the human condition as a homogeneous one. I feel so many black women would appreciate this book so much. Alongside Alice Walker's books, this is a good companion for black women's self-actualization, and the realizat [...]


    I had the honor of having Gloria Watkins ("bell hooks") as a professor at Yale. I was actually one of the Sisters of the Yams, a group on campus. I come back to this book often. The main lesson I got from this book is that if you are not happy in a place, get up and leave. It's the way I live my life. Definitely a great read.

    Stephanie Spines

    Brilliant.As a long-time bell hooks fan, it took me a while to read this one. I was in search of a self-help style book and had tried a few out when I realized that none of them adequately reflected my experiences as a black woman. Why I hadn't turned to hooks sooner is beyond me. While the book doesn't PERFECTLY reflect my experience, since hooks is of African-American heritage and I myself am of Caribbean heritage, and since hooks was raised poor while I experienced a degree of class privilege [...]

    Tumelo wa Bataung

    So, I'm not a fan of self-help literature, and I didn't know this book was that when I started reading it. It came in a lot that was gifted to me not too long ago and because I've seen bell hooks mentioned in a lot of black and feminist pieces I wanted to engage; but boy did this book engage me.Thirteen chapters of healing. She goes deep, deep into the issues that black women face, issues that often coerce us to silence. I've found reading this immensely fulfilling. Went along ticking boxes and [...]


    I first read Sisters of the Yam in my 20's and for years it lived on my nightstand. Nearly 20 years later, it has been eye-opening to re-read the pages I highlighted back then and how large parts of this book are still relevant and helpful. With so many recent headlines about feminist thoughts, anniversaries, leaning in, and leaning out, much of it omitting issues of race and class, I wanted to re-read this book about feminism and about healing from a black women's perspective. I continue to giv [...]


    This is a hard book to rate. I'm not sure why? Maybe because it's not really about enjoyment, it's about life and how to weave through the layers of injustice, abuse, confusion, and fear to live with awareness and confidence and love, in community. In particular, this book is for black women - grand and great-grand children of American slavery and apartheid. Broadly, anyone can take from it hook's wisdom and sisterly care. Also, I appreciated how ms. hooks quotes from and draws on so many works [...]


    A self-help book geared specifically towards black women - it's about time! What a phenomenal book and incredible woman. I'm sure this work has helped a lot of black women in their self-recovery process. What I don't understand is why more books like this don't exist.hooks's caring and insight make reading this book an enlightening experience. Even if you don't agree with everything she has to say, there is at least one thing you can relate to. Recommend it to sistas worldwide!


    My friend Jackie recommended this book so many years ago. Yet, it is a standout and a "must read" for all women of color. Self love is s crucial to our well being. bell hooks continues to uplift and support "the sisterhood."


    A must read for all Black women.


    recovery for alld thoughts for a new path forward


    I'm not sure if I can articulate how important this book is to me, especially at this particular moment. I read Sisters Of The Yam at a time where I have to make a decision that will have a lasting impact- choice to further education, apply for a new position, or attempt both. Reviewing a passage from chapter 3 from a sister who was interviewed " you don't just work to get money, you work to create meaning for yourself and other people" is affirming my personal beliefs that one should never let [...]


    womanist theology at its best. this book has healing power. i refer to it again and again, to remain empowered, focused, strong, and loving the perfect merging of political call to action and self-help book. hooks is amazing.

    Travis Martin

    really thought-provoking. (secretly i used this to bait feminist black girls on the subway. no one bit!)

    Gabrielle Cameron

    A lot of important information. I loved the information in this book and it’s truth. It is not just for black women though I recommend all black women read it. It also gave me a lot of books to add to my reading list. I’m very thankful I read it and I think all women should read it. Or everyone should read. It speaks on depression, over eating, everything that is normally not takes about in our community. A must read.

    B Sarv

    I read this book and found it to be the most enlightening book since I finished Baldwin's "No Name in the Street." This mind-opening book, subtitled "black women and self recovery" really is a book everyone should read. It was written about 20 years after Baldwin's work mentioned above and is even more relevant today so many years later. It is a manual for resistance against the forces of domination. We must all resist. Let this book help you.


    "Internalizing racist thinking or attempting to cavalierly subvert it, many black people tend to see us as having an edge on “silly” white people who have all these mental health problems and need therapy. Our edge, our one claim to superiority, is supposedly that we do not suffer mental illnesses. Myths like this one make it nearly impossible for some black folks to face the fact that psychological dilemmas may be an important source of addictions."

    Pat Jennings

    bell hooks brings an awareness to black women and feminism in the most readable and succinct ways.Her intelligent language but totally relatable material is a pleasure to read even though the truths she openly explores are painful at times. I am in awe of the way the spiritual, nature, and love needs of black women (well, all women) are explored. bell hooks understands the internal and the external work of black women. She is amazing in the way she can communicate the truth.

    Alithia Toussaint

    So many aha! moments. Its hard to believe the level of severity that male supremacist domination plays in our lives as black women. I experience this in society and at home. I'm grateful for this book because it affirms that I am not crazy. This book gives me permission to truly own my experiences so I can heal from them. All of them

    Samiah Anderson

    Very Empowering book I recommend EVERY woman to read. Not just black women.

    Kesi Augustine

    Accessible, rigorous, and honest. I enjoy how hooks writes a political type of self-help that is still wildly romantic and hopeful.


    Reading bell hooks as an undergrad was an enlightening experience. Ten years later, I'm more critical of the rigidity in her thinking (reading this made me less moved that she called Beyoncé a terrorist. I was like oh yeah bell don't fuck with "distorted images" of black women in the media at all). I'm more critical now because I know that we are all creating images of our self in response to media and community. Any purist ideas about beauty/self-image are the opposite of freedom and really do [...]


    Self-recovery/self-help/inward-loving…ever you choose to name it, Bell Hooks- Sisters of the Yam! As a young woman who’s constantly questioning my identity, dealing with self hatred/internalized white supremacy, health, career decisions, etc she has the recipe for healing, particularly for Black women! It amazed me how she mentions certain situations she’s dealt with that I’ve faced as well. After reading this book, I feel refreshed, focused, in tune, and aware that I’m not the only on [...]

    Jenny Yates

    This is a wise and informative book for everyone, although it is especially directed towards African-American women. It discusses the specific psychological patterns that have developed for Black women in the US, as they’ve worked to survive while living under racism. It’s honest, unguarded, gentle and accessible, suggesting strategies and possibilities, reframing the problems. It doesn’t preach or gush, but feels more like a woman sitting across the kitchen table from you, talking about t [...]


    bell hooks has spoken with clear and simple words about black women and them individual and collective need to self-recover--from racism, sexism of course but also from our own (often) self-imposed 'isms carried from childhood and You need this book to clarify and help to alleviate many of the issues Black Women face today You need this book to encourage you to make the necessary changes in your life to heal and become whole You need this book to identify some of the questions and concerns that [...]


    This is my first bell hooks book, but I was caught off guard by her style. It took me an exceptionally long time to read through this book because her language is a mix between flourishy and academic -- so I had a lot of trouble staying focused. Luckily, all I had to do was re-read the name of the chapter and remind myself what she was talking about. I imagine her audience is mature and educated and black and woman. While I am not a black woman, I still felt a strong connection to the words she [...]


    For years I have come to know hooks in passing with earnest intentions to read her work. Having read this text, I am literally fed, in a way that I truly had no idea that I was hungry. I am floored and amazed at how she offers constructive and life-affirming correction to the black woman while simultaneously holding us close as we reflect and absorb the pain that has been actively ignored but has blindly led us all, and the shame of them both. I look forward to reading more of her work, and to c [...]

    Anne Lutomia

    A must read for all women especially black women globally. bell hooks speaks to our struggles and strengths while setting us on a path to recovery. This book spans topics such as parenting, addiction, beauty, work, fears, truthtelling, intergenerational learning, relationships, inner searchings, love and self healing. bell hooks writes directly and in an accessibly manner to individuals and women as a collective by sharing her childhood,student and academic experiences. Insightful, intellectual, [...]


    I enjoy much of bell hooks' work. this book was not entirely what I thought it would be for me, though it did point me to at least 4 other books that have beenazing. I saw this book as hooks' call to arms for mute of us to tell our stories of healing processes. I have this 4 stars because of the author and the books I read because of her recommendations. the content was probably a 3 for me. I'll probably need to pick it up again later this year.

    Alaya Martin

    An absolutely amazing read for Black women who wish to self-actualize and heal from their past. The book is written from a Black feminist perspective (of course!) that highlights the need for holistic and intersectional approaches to health. I love that bell hooks used her personal life experiences to relate back to the main themes/topics in the book. This book is a keeper and has already helped me to become a stronger and healthier Black woman activist.


    This self-help book was written for a specific audience, of which I'm not one. I found some value in it, and thought it was well written. Is was lacking in it's persistent reliance on history for explanation of the challenges faced by African-American women and the strengths of history they had to use as resources, without ever considering that many of those problems of and strengths were in fact roots in West African culture, and not exclusively the generations of slavery in the Americas.

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