May 26, 2020
A Picture Book of Anne Frank
Posted by David A. Adler Karen Ritz

The story of a girl who tried to hide from the Nazis.

  • Title: A Picture Book of Anne Frank
  • Author: David A. Adler Karen Ritz
  • ISBN: 9780823410781
  • Page: 491
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Picture Book of Anne Frank The story of a girl who tried to hide from the Nazis


    Gorgeously illustrated and a wonderful introduction to the story of Anne Frank and the atrocities of the Nazi regime. I love the entire Picture Book series and would recommend them for all parents and teachers. My kids are teenagers and we just re-read this.


    This book was a brief, but powerful look into the life of Anne Frank. I listened to the audiobook so I cannot comment on the illustrations throughout, but the cover was beautifully illustrated so I can assume the rest of the book is, too. Adler gave a brief overview of her childhood living under the Nazi Regime, a quick look into life locked in the attic, and a very quick look at life in the concentration camps. The author was honest, but very brief with the details of what Anne went through. Th [...]

    Andrea Sobel

    Title: A Picture Book of Anne FrankAuthor: David A. AdlerIllustrator: Karen RitzGenre: K-2 BiographyTheme(s): Bravery, Hero, Family, War, Anne FrankOpening line/sentence: “Anne Frank was born on June 12, 1929 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany”Brief Book Summary: This picture book is about the life of Anne Frank. It talks about Anne’s childhood, her family and their bravery during World War II, and about the legacy Anne Frank has had on many people. Professional Recommendation/Review #1: Publis [...]

    Margaret McGrath

    Was good book to read with my kids just enough information for my kids to understand

    Jess Bergoine

    1) This book has not won any awards2) Age Range- First Grade- Third Grade3) This book is about Anne Frank, who's life was cut too short. Anne Frank and her family try to stay safe from the horrors of WWII, but sadly some things don't go as planned. Her story is known all over the world, and pictures help bring her life alive to children.4) This biography of Anne Frank was also a favorite of mine in elementary school! The pictures are what really drew me in, and I think that would be the same for [...]

    Morgan Colon

    The book, "A Picturebook of Anne Frank", by David. A Adler is a wonderful biography about Anne Frank. The book tells Anne's life story, and her struggles of growing up through the holocaust. I am sure everyone has heard the story of Anne Frank and her family hiding in a friend's attic to avoid being sent to concentration camps. This story however really breaks it down and goes into details about Anne's journey. The illustrator uses a wide range of different drawings for this book. Some are full [...]

    Samantha Beaujour

    1. None.2. 3rd-5th grade.3. This picture book is about the life of Anne Frank. It talks about Anne’s childhood, her family and their bravery during World War II. Anne Frank struggled through life and hiding during World War 2. It contains great facts and detail about everything she went through, including little quotes here and there from her famous diary.4. This biography of Anne Frank was also a favorite of mine in elementary school. The pictures are what really drew me in, and I think that [...]


    An excellent picture book biography about the life of Anne Frank. The pictures where beautiful and I really enjoyed the drawings of the real life photographs. I also really appreciated that the book didn’t shy away from the horrors of the holocaust and even included drawings that were sad, without being too traumatic.

    Chez Glenn

    A very informative picture book about Anne Frank, that shows children what Anne went through during the war and the hard life she lived.

    Mary Norell Hedenstrom

    Themes: Holocaust, World War II, Nazis, keeping a journal.A pictorial biography of Anne Frank includes a diagram of the hidden apartment.

    Jade Nguyen

    1. Genre : Junior: Historical Fiction2. Summary : Anne Frank was a Jew who loved to write and wished to be a movie star one day. She wrote for two years in a secret apartment hiding from the Nazis. One day, the Nazis found her hiding place and send her to the labor camps. At the young age of 15, Anne stopped writing and died. Her diary was later discovered by the only survivor of her family, her father, Otto Frank. 3a. Area for comment : Illustration, Organization3b. Critique : There [...]

    Yanel Plata

    In this book Anne Frank is introduced as a Jew who is experiencing the Holocaust along with her family on June 12, 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany. During this horrific time period millions of Jews were stripped from there jobs and homes most of them were sent to concentration camps where they worked until they died or were put in gas chambers to die. Adolf Hitler would give speeches that were anti-jewish and filled with hate towards them. When he became chancellor of Germany Anne Frank and her famil [...]

    Sara Lynn

    1. Genre: Junior Book/Biography2. Summary: Anne Frank was just like any other little girl growing up in Germany during the 1930s, until Adolf Hitler turned her world upside down. To record her thoughts and feelings about her life during World War II, Anne wrote in her diary she called “Kitty.” This book offers its reader an overview of Anne’s family’s triumphs and struggles during this time.3. Critique:a. One of the greatest strengths of this title is the use of illustrations to support [...]

    Lisa Vegan

    This is a wonderful biography of Anne Frank that also contains quite a bit of general history about the Holocaust. But: Huh?!The illustrations are good but in my opinion they do not depict the people as they truly looked. Personally, I’d rather have had mostly photographs; there are plenty available.The account, well, I read the inside front cover and thought maybe that information was for the adults. I saw this book on the library’s shelf and borrowed it to see how the contents would be han [...]

    Alan Q

    Anne Frank is a Jewish girl who was born in Frankfurt, Germany in 1929. She has an older sister name Margot, a mother and a father who happened to fought in the first World War. During that time, the economy of Germany has been going down that many Germans were homeless and hungry. In 1933, Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany and has helped the German economy and setting an anti-Semitic against the Jews. This meant bad news for the Jews like they were forbidden to every freedom and right t [...]

    Taylor Boik

    A Picture Book of Anne frank written by David A. Adler illustrated by Karen Ritz is a beautifully illustrated book that goes through Anne frank’s life. The story is told in third person, which gives you a different perspective than if you were to actually read Anne Frank’s diary told by her in first person. The story starts off on June 12, 1929 when Anne Frank was born and tells the story of how Hitler was elected chancellor of Germany, so they moved to Amsterdam in search of refugee from th [...]


    “A Picture Book of Anne Frank,” by David A. Adler is highly recommended for elementary school children. As literature pre-selected for an informational classroom text, I believe this read aloud provides an approachable way to tell Anne Frank’s story, and also includes an informative introduction to the Nazi regime and World Ward II. Through Karen Ritz’s beautiful illustrations based on well-known photography, the reader becomes fully aware of a period in history that displays the highest [...]


    1. Biography2. This biography is a picture book that reveals the life of Anne Frank.3. A- The illustrations are the area for comment. The beautiful images help children visualize Anne, and show just how young and innocent she was.B- The life of Anne Frank is short and tragic, her story must be handled with compassion. I thought this book’s strong points were the illustrations and the style of writing, which was direct and informative. Another strong point were the actual quotes from Anne’s d [...]


    This book is about the life of Anne Frank who grew up during the harsh times of Nazi Germany, during World War II. Her and her family struggled greatly and had to hide in order to try and save themselves from getting sent to concentration camps. They hid in a secret apartment for 2 years before they were found. This is when they were all separated and sent to concentration camps to “work”. They had to shave their head, work in harsh conditions, hardly eat, etc. There are often many diseases [...]

    Taylor Ray

    This book was about the life of Anne Frank and how she struggled through life and hiding during World War 2. It contained great facts and detail about everything she went to, including little quotes here and there from her famous diary. They had his for 2 years before they were found in the hide away and she was taken to a Nazi concentration camp to work. They talked about her diary and all of the things she dealt with. Her diary and her story gives a visual and more vivid picture of what war wa [...]

    Kaitlyn Stanfield

    In A Picture Book of Anne Frank is a short book with illustrations of the hiding of Anne Frank and her family during the Holocaust and the Adolf Hitler era. It has brief descriptions of what was going on and what Anne Frank was thinking during the hiding period and when they were found by the Nazis. The book also talks about how they were all separated; some were instantly killed, some suffered beatings, and some were taken to camps, like Anne and her sister, and died of suffering from illnesses [...]

    Dannita Stanley

    History and historical events are important as we teach and train the children of our future. In A Picture Book of Anne Frank, the short, but powerful read gives a synopsis of Anne Franks life in a way that still impacts the reader. I was most drawn to the illustrations in this story. Although they are somewhat cartoonish, the expressions on their faces are powerful.I was most drawn into this story at the point where Anne goes into hiding at her father's place of work. At this point in the story [...]


    1) No awards received.2) Appropriate grade level: 1st through 4th.3) This book narrates the life of Anne Frank, a young Jewish girl who lived during the Holocaust. Anne Frank kept a diary writing the families struggle of having to hide from the Nazis. Anne writes about her days in the attic and the struggle of being afraid that they would be found. The story ends sadly with their discovery and death. 4) Anne Franks story is inspiring and heartbreaking. This story will give students insight why w [...]


    To many people, Anne Frank is the face of the Holocaust. In this book, the author does a brilliant job of fully depicting the life of Anne Frank, and he does it in a way that skillfully includes the harshness of what happened without pushing the story too far. Beautiful compositions depict the reality of Anne’s life with great emotion. Illustrated black and white photographs are included throughout the book as if the events were documented and placed in a scrapbook. This is an excellent depict [...]

    Shania Jackson

    Appropriate Grade Levels: 1st - 3rd (Ages 6 - 9)Hearing the story of Anne Frank and the Holocaust is never an easy one to get through, let alone explain to children. A Picture Book of Anne Frank at least brings it to a level that children can understand, though they will never be able to truly understand the reasoning behind it.With a heavy heart this review is written - it's a good quality literature book, but the topic will always be a hard one to think about. The use of drawings rather than p [...]

    Sarah Tanko

    Most people know the story of Anne Frank, or have read her diary or at least part of it. This book is a great way for young children to get a feel of what she went through. This book sums up the important parts of Anne Franks journey, it gives specific dates, and also little bits of information from the Holocaust in general. Another great thing about this book is the wonderful illustrations. They really help to depict what Anne was going through, showing her innocence and determination. This boo [...]


    This is a good book for learning the basics about Anne frank. I read it 4 or 5 years ago when I was about 7 or 8, and absolutely adored it. I'm now doing another Anne frank project, and found it entirely useful again. It keeps the facts simple and easy to take in. Especially really good for younger children who aren't old enough for the older aspects of Anne frank's horrific teenage life. Of course, I'm going very deeply into the project so I need a lot of more books and biographies (not forgett [...]


    This is an exceptional book. It brings Anne Frank's story to life again for the younger generations who may not realize the tragic event known as the Holocaust. David Adler wrote it very well written and it is factual. It starts with her life in Germany and then explains what life was like for her in Amsterdam and how she got sent to Westerbork. The illustrations really compliment the text. This book could be used in the classroom for a social studies lesson. Also, it is a great book for a teach [...]

    McKenna Crimmins

    A picture book of Anne Frank was a really interesting book that gave a lot of information on the Holocaust. This story was interesting because there was information that I hadn't even heard and I have learned about this era time and time again. The words were simple and easy to read yet the book was still emotional. There were real pictures of Anne and her family and also drawings that were great representations of where they hid and the camps that they were sent to. It would be a good book to r [...]

    RLL520_ColeenDuPuy Dupuy

    A Picture Book of Anne Frank is well written picture book telling the historical true story of Anne Frank in a much simpler format compared to most books on Anne Frank. It goes through her life as a young child, her family, and living in the hidden attic. This is a great book for students who are just learning about the Holocaust in the younger grades. It would pair up well with Erika's Story, another simple picture book about the Holocaust. This book might also be beneficial for middle school s [...]

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