Dec 12, 2019
The Scarlet Slipper Mystery
Posted by Carolyn Keene

Nancy meets Helene and Henri Fontaine, refugees from Centrovia who own a dancing school in River Heights Strange circumstances have brought the brother and sister to the United States When they receive an anonymous note threatening their lives, Nancy offers to help Encountering numerous puzzles during her investigation, Nancy wonders if the Fontaines are involved with tNancy meets Helene and Henri Fontaine, refugees from Centrovia who own a dancing school in River Heights Strange circumstances have brought the brother and sister to the United States When they receive an anonymous note threatening their lives, Nancy offers to help Encountering numerous puzzles during her investigation, Nancy wonders if the Fontaines are involved with the Centrovian underground Are they being threatened by their own countrymen Is a series of paintings by Henri Fontaine being used for a sinister purpose What is the significance of the scarlet ballet slippers that had once belonged to their mother The girl detective faces grave danger while looking for answers to these intriguing and intricate questions This book is the revised text The plot of the original story 1954 is similar with minor revisions.

  • Title: The Scarlet Slipper Mystery
  • Author: Carolyn Keene
  • ISBN: 9780448095325
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Scarlet Slipper Mystery Nancy meets Helene and Henri Fontaine refugees from Centrovia who own a dancing school in River Heights Strange circumstances have brought the brother and sister to the United States When they receiv


    This was a very exciting read and I liked it. But I got confused who was who all the time. There were too many characters, but in the end it was still a great book! I would recommend to any mystery and adventure lovers!

    Jordan Ray

    I did actually enjoy this book it was full of many surprises.It was about a picture of a famous dancer wearing a pair of scarlet ballet slippers. The picture was stolen from Paris and Nancy and her friends soon find out why. Four smugglers hid jewels in the picture and snuck it into the United States. Nancy kept running into these people and started to suspect something. Her friend Mr. Fontain she met painted the painting and was a dark person, just like the people she suspected of stealing the [...]


    Sadly this doesn't stand the test of time.


    Bahaha! When we first meet Bess'n'George, they're attired "in gay cotton skirts and blouses." At one point Nancy gets offended when Ned intimates to a stranger that they're husband and wife.The teaser picture shows HANNAH GRUEN bound and gagged, which is the first time in the series that anything has happened to her. Apparently some people from a non-existent country are tied up in a jewel smuggling ring, though the plot is rather nonsensical. We discover that Nancy is a skilled ballerina, thoug [...]


    Another great entry in this series.

    Nicole Bennett

    One of my least favorites so far---boring and confusing.

    John Yelverton

    Nancy Drew must solve a case of extortion in this addition to the book series.


    Predictable story but I totally enjoyed revisiting my childhood hero and her pals.


    The Mystery of the Missing Scarlet SlippersBy: Carolyn KeeneCritique by Margot BuckeyThe Mystery of the Missing Scarlet Slippers is about twins named Henri and Helene Fontaine from Centrovia. They come to America, because they are forced out of their country. They are very scared of what might happen to them, so they take their case to Nancy Drew. Nancy and her friends, Bess and George, help the twins figure out what is going on and why. Nancy and her friends discover there are Centrovian men tr [...]


    "The Scarlet Slipper Mystery " is about a girl detective , Nancy Drew who meets Helene and Henri Fontaine , refugees from Centrovia who run a dancing school in River Heights . Strange circumstanceshave brought the brother and sister to the United States . When they receive an annoymous note threatening their lives , Nancy offers her help . But she encounters nothing but puzzles . Are the Foutaines involved with the Centrovian underground ? Have they been threatened by their own countrymen ? Why [...]


    I read it to my little sister (age 10) before bed each night. She enjoyed it, and the writing is of a fairly good quality for a children's book. Expectedly, the plot was fairly simple, without many unpredictable events.Altogether, a good children's mystery novel.


    I’ve got to say, it’s not often that I actually can’t guess the ending of a Nancy Drew mystery, but this one had me second guessing myself the entire time. I wasn’t sure where everyone’s allegiances lay and I was convinced several times that people were double agents only to suddenly trust them again. A thoroughly enjoyable mystery, even if it was a bit convoluted and required quite a bit of exposition at the end.

    Bonnie Randall

    This was always one of my favorite Nancy Drews - mysterious paintings, hidden gems, and cracked bisque figurines with enigmatic numbers hidden inside. Nancy cracks the case as always and remains the voice of reason no matter the peril (while poor Bess is always the chubby nincompoop. Oh, dear.) Such a great escape into the time capsule of memory lane. 5 Stars


    I rated this book for what it is, a children’s mystery written in the 50’s. It’s not a great work of literature but I thought it was a fun and interesting read. Albeit cheesy in places, and clearly written in a different era, I still found it fun and intriguing. A quick read that any young reader interested in mystery could get into.

    Kaitlin Throgmorton

    My first Nancy Drew (because I was super into ballet at the time), and probably one of my favorites.

    Christine Arvinth

    Nancy does a great job of not only saving a brother and sister from their enemies but also a their homeland centronavia.


    2.5. Nancy finally suspects the people who enlisted her help; characters are slightly less black and white.


    This book was a good mysterious read! It kept me on my toes and wanting to read more to find out what will happen next.

    Dawn Adams

    I wouldn't read this one again. Ballerina paintings, dance classes, and framed ballerina slippers. Mrs. Nickerson makes an appearance.


    It was good but a little confusing. Still liked it though.


    The Scarlet Slipper Mystery is a children's story by Carolyn Keene (pseudonym) and the 32nd book in the Nancy Drew series.At a dancing school run by Helene and Henri Fontaine, refugees from Centrovia, scarlet slippers hang on the wall. Are they a clue in the mystery involving underground activities, missing jewels, and paintings? Strange circumstances brought the brother and sister to the United States. And when they receive an anonymous note threatening their lives, can eighteen-year-old Nancy [...]


    I found this book confusing - there were too many people with too many aliases. I'm not sure if the confusion comes from the update or not. This is the 32nd book in the series and was first published in 1954 and revised in 1974.A few things that I noticed - Burt and Dave haven't been seen in awhile. Bess and George have played smaller roles. Often they are busy. I sort of miss Bess' timidity. Ned apparently is more involved with the relationship than Nancy is. At one point in this book he eludes [...]

    Connie N.

    #32 in the Nancy Drew seriesAnother light and enjoyable book in this young adult mystery series. It brings back fond memories of devouring these books as a young girl. Today I'm amazed at how innocent they were, partly because they were written during a less paranoid time, but also since they were obviously simplified to keep the interest of young readers. For instance, the police are always happy and friendly figures who welcome Nancy's help and actually let her lead the way--driving the cops t [...]


    I read tons of Nancy Drew books as a preteen - I loved that she solved mysteries, drove a convertible, had a boyfriend, two great friends, and could basically do everything. Lately, I picked up this book when I was in a bit of a reading slump, and boy did it crack me up! I did not remember the writing and plots being so cheesy. When Nancy comes across a brother and sister in trouble, she immediately asks them to stay at her house (she believes in their innocence completely!). We find out that Na [...]

    Dharia Scarab

    My love of reading started when i was young, and it gives me immense pleasure to provide books to Spread the Word Nevada, an organization that passes them on to children in the community. They are a terrific organization supporting an important cause. If your local I encourage you to check them out. For those living further a field, look in your own community, their may already be a similar program in place. And if not, you can always help start one.spreadthewordnevada/Myself, I go out on the we [...]

    Alexis Contreras

    The Scarlet Slipper Mystery by Carolyn Keene is about a girl named Nancy Drew who solves mysteries . Nancy is always solving mysteries with her freinds , Bess and Gorge . Nancy meets twins , a boy and a girl , these twins are the Fontaine's . She met them at a new dancing school . The Fontaine's started to receive threat notes from a mysterious person , so they asked Nancy for her help since she is a detective.Nancy decides to help them with this mystery but the Fontaine's go missing one day Na [...]

    Kristin Landry

    In the exciting world of Nancy Drew mysteries this is no exception; with different suspects at every turn how can Nancy not help to be confused in this new startling mystery. It start with a new dance studio in River Heights with a lovely brother and sister for Centrovia, however they soon come to Nancy with a troubling problem. While trying to protect them amongst the crowd of on coming suspects and clues, they vanish. In the end the criminals end up in their rightful place behind bars and Nanc [...]


    Nancy meets a Helene and her brother Henri. Unfortunately, someone has been threatening them, forcing them to move around to keep ahead of this individual. Nancy decides to investigate!The Nancy Drew Mysteries are such great books. My 8 year old recently discovered them and she loves them. The language is not dumbed down and my daughter loves trying to solve the mysteries. She gets so excited with every passing chapter and loves to tell me her new theories on who did it.There is a reason these b [...]


    I have always enjoyed reading the Nancy Drew books. Yes, they may be a bit outdated in some ways, but they are still interesting reads.I liked Scarlet Slipper, but the villains in the book were somewhat confusing. There were more villains than usual and the their intertwined stories were perhaps a bit too complex, especially for the length of the book. Overall, I enjoyed the book even though it got confusing and unbelievable at certain points. (Nancy is like a cat with nine lives). The bottom li [...]

    ♆ BookAddict✒ La Crimson Femme

    I remember the first time I read Nancy Drew. It blew my mind that there were girls presented with a brain. Most of the stuff I'd read up to that time, was that girls were sugar and spice - fluffy. No brains. To also learn about George who is a tomboy was a nice validation. Carolyn Keene wrote just for me! That is how I felt. When I did more research, I was shocked to find out, Ms. Keene was actually a man writing under Franklin Dixon. I also loved the Hardy Boys. No wonder I loved these series. [...]

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