Dec 12, 2019
Beautiful Potential
Posted by J. Saman

I met Dr Finn Banner on the worst day of my life.It was supposed to be one of the best The day you graduate and become a midwife shouldn t end in heart wrenching tragedy One year later, I ran into him again Only this time, he saved my life Turns out my gorgeous savior and I now work together in the same hospital And he can be as sweet and charming as they come WhenI met Dr Finn Banner on the worst day of my life.It was supposed to be one of the best The day you graduate and become a midwife shouldn t end in heart wrenching tragedy One year later, I ran into him again Only this time, he saved my life Turns out my gorgeous savior and I now work together in the same hospital And he can be as sweet and charming as they come When he s not brooding, short tempered and arrogant that is Neither of us can fight our attraction It s strong enough to cause a cardiac arrest in the ER where he rules with an iron fist But he s hiding something A secret that runs deep.I should stay away from him Far away.There s just one problem with that How do you stay away from the man you think you re falling for

  • Title: Beautiful Potential
  • Author: J. Saman
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  • Page: 360
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  • Beautiful Potential I met Dr Finn Banner on the worst day of my life It was supposed to be one of the best The day you graduate and become a midwife shouldn t end in heart wrenching tragedy One year later I ran into him


    What happens when two souls truly want each other, seem to have that special chemistry to make it in the long haul and one of them continually shuts everything down? How many times of backing off is enough to say forget, it isn’t worth the pain? When does it become apparent that things will never change until both parties are willing to take a chance on living, the future and loving again?They met under the worst of circumstances, but Gia Bianchi and Dr. Finnegan Banner made a connection that [...]


    To be honest, I went into this book with pretty low expectations (mainly because of the cover) but it ended up exceeding these expectations!This book was funny, cute and charming. What I liked most about it was the fact that the 2 main characters were working in a hospital and that we got to see them dealing with patients and stuff. It kinda gave me The Good Doctor vibes and I love that XD Plus, Gia being a midwife was the cherry on top because I love anything that has to do with babies! So anyw [...]

    Debbie Hughes

    I just don’t think J. Saman can write a bad book! I love all her stories. They all take you down a road of ups and downs with twists and turns, but always finding love. They are beautifully written and flow from page to page. Gia is a strong independent woman that you just want to be her best friend. Finn is your McDreamy doctor that just needs a push in the right direction. It is so worth the read!

    Kim F

    A fantastic book. Extremely entertaining, captivating, and interesting read. I could not put it down. Wonderfully written with strong characters. I want to read more from this author. I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

    Nada Hosny

    This book is spectacularly amazing, i couldn't stop reading, until my eyes were hurting, i kept reading in uni, in the bus, in my bed, God i was even reading while studying ( FYI DON'T EVER DO THAT, IT WAS STUPID AND I REGRET IT, i guess)I tried to write my own summary, but i keep coming up empty, i don't think i can do this book any justice It's far from a Cliche, the book has so many hidden lessons between the lines, so many deep feelings and intense emotions. I was deeply moved, and  I relat [...]


    Love is not always kind or beautiful. Sometimes it's tragic or heartbreaking. Beautiful Potential was both tragic and heartbreakingly beautiful.I couldn't help but empathize with both Finn and Gia. Finn has suffered through so much, and while he can be a jerk most times, I found my heart breaking for him. Gia is smart and full of sass. My head spun a bit right along with hers with Finn's mind games.This type and quality of book is honestly why I read. I felt everything that these characters were [...]

    Jolie Vines

    Full review to follow on release day. This has a super wounded alpha hole hero who I wanted to alternatively throttle and hug. And the heroine is best friend territory so there's a lot to like in this tale of push and pull.


    It seems that every time Gia encounters Finn he’s either seeing her at her worst or rescuing her from some disaster. Which may not be so bad if they could just part ways and go on with their lives, but not only do they work at the same hospital, there is this insane attraction between them as strong as the gravitational pull of the moon. Now in your everyday, ordinary romance novel, the main characters act on the attraction, fall in love, experience some sort of crisis which resolves, and they [...]

    K.T. Munson

    **Actual Rating 4.5**CharactersGia is like the cutest person ever but also tough. I love how often she wipes out on seemingly nothing. But she is also tough and charming. Plus I respect her for sticking to her guns and not settling - big brownie points! Finn by contrast is the nicest person ever wrapped in bitter and assholery. Basically he is a sour patch gummy. Which makes for a hilariously contradictory character because he is a jerk, but Gia brings out the best in him, who he used to be befo [...]

    Yasso Baraka

    “When my eyes aren’t on his and his aren’t on mine, I still feel him. Like a pulse. Finn is a constant steady rhythm. Something tangible and alive. Something that’s making me dizzy and excited. It’s addictive. This game we’re playing right now.”When they first met it was when Doctor Finn told Gia that her father passed away, but one year later Gia meets with doctor Finn again this time he is saving her life. Their affection for each other is pretty obvious but sometimes is stopping [...]

    Kate McMurry

    Below are some of my random Impressions on reading this novel.If you like a slow-burn romance, you might like this book. The entire romantic conflict arises from the dark, brooding, internal, emotional issues of the hero Finn which keep him from trusting his feelings for the heroine Gia. If you prefer a romance in which from the moment the hero and heroine lay eyes on each other neither looks at another person sexually or romantically, this would not be the book for you. In this particular case, [...]

    Debra Richardson

    This is a really good read – a fast pace, engaging page turner. The characters are beautiful and sweet; however they had to overcome some past issues, especially Finn who experienced the ultimate betrayal. This caused him to have trust issues resulting in the back and forth between him and Gia. The ideas are well-developed and consistent and it is a genuinely well written, sweet story with an even more beautiful ending. This is a must read – you will not be disappointed. I received a free co [...]


    This book was so beautiful and so sad and frustrating but It was so worth it.When I really like a book, I find it hard to explain it in just words so Here's my review in GIFS:Started off with me smiling and then BAMThen me repeatedly hitting Finnigan :)then me begging the characters to hit Fin and knock some sense into him Me screaming at them to make out already GoDDAmmitme crying( but beautifully) : me then dancing to a happy ending

    Brittany Elliser

    You know when you find yourself crying in the epilogue it is going to be a great book. I picked up this book to just read the epilogue and at around midnight I found myself sitting straight up clenching the iPad. That’s how good it was! I literally had to read it in one night no matter how tired I was going to be the next day.I was brought back into the medical field lingo- one that I actually enjoy. My son was in the hospital for awhile so while I have no medical background, degree or trainin [...]

    J.B. Darroch

    This is a fantastic read. Dr. Banner doesn't seem to be the best match for Gia at first but as the story progresses he starts to win your heart. The chemistry between the characters is very obvious and well played out. There are many emotional moments throughout the book making it hard to put the book down. It is well written with believable characters. The story had humor and at times was heartbreaking. This book is definitely worth reading and would recommend it to anyone.

    Patricia Shields

    Emotional. Well written. Thought provoking. Buy it, read it because I know you will love it.

    Kim Wijnja

    I have no words for itwhat a beautiful book. I definitely get these stars from me. everyone should read this reads wonderfully and you feel the chemistry of the pages coming off.I tell myself nothing about the story that really everyone must read for sight because yes this book is definitely worth it.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.


    It was okH was just a jerk till the end, i was starting to DNF this storyHeroine was pretty good and beautiful person, and i understand her frustration with Asshole H!!!It took almost full book for H take his head from his Ass! A bit tooo long for me

    Connie Lafortune

    'Finn steps into me, crowding me until my back hits the wall. He sets his coffee on the floor and then brackets me in with his arms. His face dips down so close to mine that his blazing eyes take up nearly my entire field of vision. His warm sweet coffee-scented breath fans against my lips.'This quote from Beautiful Potential is just a tiny example of what makes J. Saman a master at her craft. All of her characters are painstakingly created so they are identifiable to each and every one of us. I [...]

    Ann Marie

    You should send a copy of this book to Alexis Angel.ybe she would learn how to write a real book.I voluntarily read an arc of this book for a fair and honest review. What happens when you meet a gorgeous doctor who is telling you that your beloved father has just died? makes for one memorable college graduation day. Fast forward one year. Gia is now working as a midwife at the same hospital As Finnegan Banner. Even though Finn is more than interested, he can not let himself go there. Gia is ever [...]


    Gia and Finn: Gia a RN Midwife. Finn a ER Attending Physician. Gia came from a loving family and grew up with a grounded well rounded personality. Finn grew up with his father abusing him and his mother did nothing to intervene. Then he met someone who hurt him to no end causing him to abandon ever falling in love again or trusting anyone. But he meets Gia when her father was rushed to the ER and died. He tried to console her. He was attracted to her immediately but did nothing about it. A year [...]

    Tianna McPherson (Anna Lee)

    Wow its book ass so intense but in a good way. There was just something that got to me about this one. It was the ultimate test to both Finn and Gia. Could they survive so much and come out on top or would life come between them? The answer is all of the above. We see what caused Finn to be so cold-hearted about life but when he finds his TRUE love things turn his life upside down. Gia lost so much in the beginning of the story that I cried so hard. I know what it's like losing a parent and for [...]


    Beautiful Potential is a remarkable read. A well written book that has a complex emotional storyline and well developed characters. A powerful romance that will quickly capture all of your attention and keep it all the way to the end. The characters will form a connection with you and soon you will wish you could have girl's night with Gia and be her shoulder to cry on or give a violent shake to Finn and tell him sometimes the worst that can happen is what we do to ourselves. A deep story that i [...]

    💋Meme Chanell Book Corner💋

    I voluntarily received an arc copy of this story for my honest review through Booksprout.Gia is a midwife she meets handsome doctor Finn whom his job is his life he's not a commitment man but he is attracted to Gia he just knows he is not the man for her but he wants her and Gia wants him. Finn is hot and cold with Gia he pulls her in and then pushes her away a girl can only take so much but every time she says she done Gia finds herself drawn to Finn again.We get glimpses into Finn's past and w [...]


    A beautiful read that will take you on a roller coaster of emotions. Two people that Gia and Finn met in the emergency room where he was the Dr and her father died. As he consoled her, he felt attracted. A year later they met up again when they are working together. This is a tale of two people who are so right for each other but Finn has a lot of emotional scars and it preventing him from fully committing. I read an advance copy and voluntarily chose to write a review. This book was well writte [...]


    I really & truly love this book. It is very well written, with all it’s angst, possibly unattainable happiness for Finn and Gia. Finn is one very broken man. Preferring to perpetuate his deep seated devastating loss, his anger and emptiness. Rather feel all that crushing ache, than risk finding something new, beautiful and accepting there is, happiness out there. Gia is utterly adorable and amazing. Finn puts her through hell constantly, with his hot and cold behaviour. The chemistry, when [...]

    Annabelle Costa

    This was such an incredible book I loved Finn and Gia’s story. Gia was a really lovable protagonist, and I was rooting for her from the beginning. Finn was great too, and wondering about his secret kept the pages turning from the beginning. It was equal parts witty, sexy, and heartbreaking.If you want a romance you can’t put down, this book delivers. Yet another amazing book from J Saman!


    Such an emotional, angst ridden love story. The hunky, broken, beautiful, hardened Dr. Finn. This character was complex and beautifully written. Likewise, the heroine, Gia, a midwife, was wonderfully strong, sensitive and so patient with Finn. This story pulls you in and keeps you there with the ups and downs of their relationship. Takes the entire book to slowly reveal Finn’s tragic past. Satisfying ending. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC.

    Merry Jelks-Emmanuel

    This story evokes so many emotions on many levels. Finn has been at Gia's side to catch her during her time of need the first being the death of her father. Through it all he has held her and kept her steady. Finn himself has had some hard knocks starting with his heartless father up to the betrayal of his wife. They have a deep connection but will Finn's lack of mistrust and insecurities keep them apart? I voluntarily agreed to an ARC of this book for an honest review.


    Beautiful Potential had the right amount of every feel one could have. I was equally smitten, moved, frustrated, sad, lusting and loving just everything. Finn and Gia’s story was just encompassing. The characters are strong and well developed.I received this book for a voluntary, completely honest and non incentivized review.

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