Nov 18, 2019
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Lion shifter, Gunner, is on the worst date in the history of worst dates when he sees someone who really catches his eye Only problem is, she s breaking into the fire station where he lives Dragon shifter, Aleida, didn t come to Colwood, Montana for love Far from it She came for help in stopping her powerful brothers from carrying out their devious plans But when theLion shifter, Gunner, is on the worst date in the history of worst dates when he sees someone who really catches his eye Only problem is, she s breaking into the fire station where he lives Dragon shifter, Aleida, didn t come to Colwood, Montana for love Far from it She came for help in stopping her powerful brothers from carrying out their devious plans But when the help Aleida is looking for turns up empty, she has no choice but to turn to the grumpy lion shifter who seems to have taken a liking to her And when Aleida s dragon shifter brother comes seeking revenge, she s going to need all the help she can get Luckily, the shifters of the Colwood Firehouse are always up for a good fight This series should be read in order for maximum enjoyment Start with Book One featuring Zane dp B077CZFQG3

  • Title: Gunner
  • Author: Kim Fox
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Gunner Lion shifter Gunner is on the worst date in the history of worst dates when he sees someone who really catches his eye Only problem is she s breaking into the fire station where he lives Dragon shi


    Come Get Your GunnerMan have I been waiting to read Gunner's story, always thought how he would go on with the love of his life Joan having mated to Rhett the Skin shifter.Gunner had to leave the Wilde Crew not being able to see his alpha, the woman he loved with her mate Rhett, so he joined the Colwood Firehouse and Graven became his alpha. He has never quite gotten over his love for Joan and everytime he passes by their land he can't help hoping to catch a glimpse of her. When he catches sight [...]

    Marsha Spohn

    Reviewed at Shifter HavenBeing out on the Worst Date Ever with his ancient, auction winner date with a very dirty mind probably wasn’t when Gunner ever imagined meeting his real mate – but then things rarely go according to plan in Gunner’s life. His crew had already run into one crazy dragon looking for their Alpha Draven but this scent wasn’t the same. Dragons smell like charcoal most of the time but this scent was different and Gunner was determined to find out what was going on. What [...]


    Oh, where to begin?Gunner's story has been a long time coming but it was so worth the impatient wait. He suffered through unrequited love throughout the Wilde Crew books. And now at the beginning of Gunner's story Ms. Fox's talent for hilarity shines through in describing Gunner's date from hell deemed his charity auction date that the firehouse chief and alpha Draven (a dragon no less) forced the whole crew to "volunteer" for. Oh what a cougar he was stuck with. Phyllis is one over the top coug [...]

    Jammie Bebout

    Wow! I have been anxiously awaiting Gunner’s story for quite some time now, and I have to say it was soooo worth the wait! This new series is everything I could have hoped for and more. There’s so much romance and excitement and drama. It’s positively riveting. I can’t wait to see what comes next! Poor Gunner has been so miserable for so long, that it was a true joy to see him finally find a love of his own. I can’t wait to see what Gunner’s and Aleida’s little half lion, half drag [...]

    Yvonne Daniels

    Colwood Firehouse: Gunner The Shifters of Colwood Firehouse Book 2by Kim Fox ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I really enjoy reading Kim Fox series they are very intriguing a real page turner and there is something for everyone's imagination. I can't say how much I was looking forward for Gunner to fine his mate. Of course Kim didn't disappoint us, I couldn't have ever imagine Gunner would get such a perfect mate. Now don't ask why I thought Kim Fox would do that to Gunner because I didn't and I go [...]


    Gunner is fighting the advances of his "date" from the bachelor auction. She's a senior cougar, and I mean senior, with her mind on one thing. Gunner in the sack--with her. Straddling the line between self-preservation and courtesy is a riot. His time with her is interrupted by the scent of another dragon. A female. Draven's sister.Is she as dangerous as the brothers they've seen?We learn what the four stepbrothers have planned. It's not good. While they are trying to determine if Aleida is on t [...]

    Beth Schafer

    You have Gunner and Aleida, a Lion and Dragon, shifters who come together with love at 1st fight, the fire crew are also trying to stop Aleida other brothers from burning the world down and starting anew. These two are a true power couple. You first met Gunner in of Kim Fox’s “The Wilde Crew”. Now Gunner is a fireman and Draven, a Dragon shifter is his alpha. Compliments of Draven, he's having a meltdown at a fundraiser auction, that leads to the worst ancient date ever. On the way back fr [...]


    Thank You Kim Fox for giving Gunner the story he so deserved! When Gunner showed up in the town of Colwood, Montana with his Wilde Crew and fell for his new alpha, Joan, who didn't share his feelings I have been waiting for him to find the mate he deserves and was not disappointed with his story. Gunner ends up with the Firehouse Crew and fits in with them. When his dragon alpha's sister shows up to try and talk her brother into helping take down their half-brothers Gunner will find something th [...]


    Gunner and Aleida's story had me wanting to keep turning pages from the start. I have wanted to know Gunner's HEA for quite some time now. He is a Lion Shifter who fell in love with the wrong woman. A woman who also was a dominant shifter, one who never reciprocated his feelings. He left that clan because he needed to move on, so reluctantly he is trying to move on with the Colwood Firehouse Clan. He catches a female ransaking his fire chiefs room and realizes she is a dragon shifter a beautiful [...]


    GUNNERI loved Gunner’s story, I waited so long for him to find his mate and I definitely was not disappointed. When Gunner was part of the Wilde Crew, he was a bit of an arse and acted like one too throughout the series but when he left his crew is was quiet emotional, and I felt so sorry for him. So for him to find his mate was a relief. Another great storyline which was both intriguing and entertaining. One of my favourite parts of this story is Gunner’s date from the charity auction, OMW [...]


    Happiest Ever AfterGunner was first introduced in the Colwood, Montana paranormal universe as a member of the Wilde Crew. As a lion shifter, he was a force to be reckoned with in that series. He deserved his own story and, now as a Colwood firefighter, this book really does him justice. He meets Aleida while she's looking for her brother, Draven. Both Dragon shifters Aleita and Draven are not to be trifled with, add their dastardly brother, Jarin and all hell breaks loose. Gunner and Aleita are [...]


    Finally!! I am so glad that Gunner found his mate. The tension from his obsession with Joan had me upset with him for causing them so many issues and at the same time had me feeling sorry for him and his unrequited love for Rhett's mate. This brings no peace to this series though, the dragons will rulelol. Well I should say the heat is on!!! Aleida comes at the right time to help these shifters settle a score but this only begins the journey. These dragons are determined to so their fight isn't [...]

    Gwendolyn Thaggard

    Gunner finally gets his book and a fresh start.Because his feelings for Joan were causing strife in the Wilde crew, Gunner had no other choice but to join a new crew. Things are getting better, but the feelings still haunt him from time to time.The book opens on Gunner picking up his date from the bachelor auction. When I tell you Phyllis brought it! Whoo!! She kept Gunner on his toes the whole night and I couldn't stop laughing.After the date from Hell, Gunner catches a scent. The scent leads h [...]


    Our poor lion shifter , Gunner got the worst deal at the charity auction. The woman who won a date with him is terrifying him. (It's hilarious) All the crew from the firehouse have been told to keep on the lookout for any sign that another dragon might be around. Their alpha's brothers might be out to cause trouble. Dragoness Aleida has come to try and persuade her brother to step up and help with the problems the family are causing. This is a wonderful, fun and sexy trip to our favourite shifte [...]

    Jane Elizabeth

    II can't begin to tell you how amazing Jett and Gunner's story is. Captured by the pack when the wolves helped the girls escape from Birch Haven, the chance of Gunner still being alive should have been nil. He was an Alpha wolf though, and tougher than most.Jett and 11 other girls had escaped prior to that time, and had been attempting to find the sister of one of their group, but had not been successful.Their story is definitely action packed, but trust is hard to come by. This third book in [...]

    Mary Getz

    A HOT FIREFIGHTER AN ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTFUL ROMANCE by Kim Fox , she writes a fast-paced thrilling compelling structure storyline and well developed characters in Gunner Reed and Aleida Stone in a provocative captivating sizzling chemistry exquisitely brilliant well written story . The story is drama rom-com adventure provocative captivating sizzling chemistry strength twist turns obstacles hurdles and captivating from start to finish 💋 💖 . I love and highly recommend this book to everyone [...]

    Pam Louis

    Gunner is a lion shifter and he is on the worst date ever see he got sold at a charity auction to an old lady. Phyllis is hoping for far more the just the dinner the auction was for. Poor gunner. On the way home after dinner with his passed out drunk date Gunner smells a dragon in the Firehouse that is not his alpha and he doesn't know so he shops to check it out. That's here he meets the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. Oh yea let the fun begin. I about died laughing as poor gunner has to [...]

    Patricia Baxes

    Hallelujah long last, Gunner finally meets his mate! We’ve waited so long for Gunner to find happiness—and when he does, it’s with a dragon shifter! Oh my!! Things will never be the same in Colwood MontanaKim Fox has gifted us with yet another amazing read, this time from the Colwood Firehouse. The storyline is kickass; the characters are beautifully developed; the machismo of all those super hot 🔥shifters literally burns up your eReader; and the HEA? It’s going to come to fruition ov [...]

    Linda Levy

    What happens when a dragon and a lion meet. Read this book to find out but I do suggest reading book one Zane first.I loved Gunner but having not read the Wilde crew was in the dark re Joan and Rhett.Aleida is one of Draven’s half siblings and the last time he saw her she was trying to kill him. When Aleida tells them what is happening re the dragons, it throws everyone for a loop.Loved the plot and how this is evolving into one great series.At the time of reading this book I had not read the [...]


    This story is short, fast paced and sweet. This book is book two in the shifters of colwood firehouse series. I read this book in one sitting and wasn’t once bored. I really liked Gunner. His date with Phyliss had me in stitches of laughter. I liked Aleida. I liked that she apologised to her brother and wanted his help to save the world. I liked Aleida’s attitude and sass. I also loved that she saved Gunner more than once. I liked that Gunner risked his life to save his woman and his friends [...]


    Man I have being waiting for Gunner's story it was definitely worth the wait. He suffered seeing the love of his life love someone else so I was super happy to see that he was finally going to get the HEA he deserves. Man the book open on a hilarious note. When I tell you that Phyllis gave Gunner a run for his money. I wasn't expecting to laugh so hard in the end I felt bad for Gunner. Overall a enjoyable and entertaining read. I voluntarily read and review this ARC no minority compensation was [...]

    Vivian Chrisman

    Finally!! I have been waiting for Gunner's story since the beginning of the "Wilde Crew" series. After being in"love" with Joan, the "Alphaist" bear in Colwood, you just knew Gunner's mate wouldn't be a wimp. Aleida is a dragon shifter- the top of the food chain- and Draven's sister. Her arrival in Colwood sheds light on the plans Draven's brothers have. Let's just say that unless they can be stopped things are going to get "ugly". *I received an Advance Reader's Copy of this book which I am vol [...]


    Hilarious fun is a signature of this author, so be prepared for the giggles. I've waited a long time for the handsome love lost Gunner to find a worthy mate and Aleida has just the right amount of fire to light him up. I'm stoked by all the great action in this story and can picture each book in this series is building the suspense for an awesome conclusion. Gunner and Aleida smoke up the pages with their heat. Lions, dragons and bears oh my!! I can't wait for the next book Dravenous going to fi [...]


    I have felt bad for Gunner for awhile. He really was in love and was so sad when he lost out to the sheriff. His date for charity is really funny and definitely had me laughing.I was glad to see him attract the attention of a feisty mate of his own. Aleida is a dragon shifter who shows up in town to find her brother. She wasn't looking for romance but it found her.They have great chemistry and make for an interesting couple. I have been enjoying the series and recommend you read them all. I am v [...]

    Treena Beavers

    Loved it! So the fire shifters have been auctioned off for charity, the generous ladies out bid each other for the chance of a romantic evening with one of the hunky Colwood firemen.Gunner has been in a few of the previous series and has not had the best of luck with romance and women. Is his luck about to change ?The opening chapter is hilarious, as Gunner has his date night with the mystery woman from the Auction. He does his best to be a gentleman throughout the evening despite the awful woma [...]


    I laughed out loud with this book. Gunner’s date was hilarious. And the chanting to keep him going, very witty. Gunner and Aleida, what a pair! Horny and explosive. The author had a funny bone that I enjoy a lot. Could not deny that I love these stories. The battle against the evil dragons continues, action, suspense, secrets begin to unveil, lot of amusing scenes, exciting fights, romance and heated passion. Very entertaining story that I enjoyed, left me eagerly for more stories of this kind [...]

    Patricia Kieffer

    Colwood Firehouse: Gunner by Kim FoxBook 2Gunner, a lion shifter thought Joan was made for him until he saw Aleida, a dragon shifter. Gunner was auction off to an elderly woman who wants Gunner for sex and she wants it her way. He is doing everything he can to keep his distance even putting her in the back set of his truck, but she won't listen to him. This story will make you laugh, cry, and very hot with the steamy scenes. It's a page turner story with a lot of action happening throughout. I r [...]


    Liking the way this series is progressingAleida is Dravens sister. She has come to Colwood in search of something to help defeat her brothers. Gunner sees someone ransacking the firehouse and see Aleida. He is awestruck because he thinks she is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.Aleida makes fun of him and teases him all the time while waiting for Draven to return to the firehouse so she can talk to him.Javon has returned in this story to cause more problems.Read to find out what happens [...]


    Delicious shifter romance!Sexy lion meets his match! Dragon shifter Alieda is out to protect the world from her evil dragon shifter half brothers. When she comes to her brother Draven for help she never expects to meet sexy and broody Lion shifter Gunner. Gunner’s Heart still bears the pain of his love choosing another, but when he meets Aleida he realizes that he never really experienced love, until now. But with dangerous shifters hiding around every corner, will they even live long enough t [...]


    It's Finally OverAn ARC was given to me and I agreed to voluntarily review it. It still hurts to think about her choosing someone else. Now he's on the date from hell when he smells the most wonderful smell ever. Who is this tearing up their firehouse. Her brother has got to have it or knows where it's located. It is the only thing she can think of to stop her other brothers. There are angst filled moments when the fire chief's family comes visiting. Enjoy I did.

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