Apr 05, 2020
Omega Teacher's Baby
Posted by Anna Wineheart

Divorced and shamed for his infertility, Professor Dale Kinney has spent the past ten years proving his worth by building a solid research lab in his field With his tenure two years away, everything s finally going right except he also has a secret.Dale has a crush on his student Greg Hastings Sweet, straight A alpha, and also the college president s son Greg has beDivorced and shamed for his infertility, Professor Dale Kinney has spent the past ten years proving his worth by building a solid research lab in his field With his tenure two years away, everything s finally going right except he also has a secret.Dale has a crush on his student Greg Hastings Sweet, straight A alpha, and also the college president s son Greg has been asking Dale out for coffee since semester began And it s been taking all of Dale s self control to turn him down.Four years ago, Greg lost his best friend in a fire At eighteen, he d had ambitious plans build a home, drive fast cars, live his life At twenty two, he s lost his courage to believe How can he be there for an omega when he couldn t save his best friend How can he promise anyone a future The only things keeping him afloat college basketball, and the cute, awkward professor in his classes, who sneaks glances at Greg when he thinks Greg isn t looking.When Greg stumbles on Professor Kinney in heat, the spark between them explodes into an inferno And despite countless failed attempts at pregnancy Dale conceives Dale refuses to abort the child Greg refuses to abandon this omega With the pregnancy an increasingly difficult secret to keep, will their slow burning love cauterize their wounds, or burn them down

  • Title: Omega Teacher's Baby
  • Author: Anna Wineheart
  • ISBN: 9781977681744
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Paperback
  • Omega Teacher s Baby Divorced and shamed for his infertility Professor Dale Kinney has spent the past ten years proving his worth by building a solid research lab in his field With his tenure two years away everything s

    Rachel Emily

    I think this may have just bumped Wizard by the Sea out of my favorite book by this author spot! I LOVED this story so, so, so much!Of course, I am reminded of Leta Blake's Slow Heat when first starting to read this - teacher/student relationship, human ABO world, age gap of 20 years, you name it. But this stands as being unique on its own at the same time. I LOVED the scent markers and bonding elements (I wish more ABO 'verse stories had that incorporated actually) and I love how important that [...]


    Omega Teacher's Baby is the second book in the Men of Meadowfall series by Anna Wineheart. I first read about Professor Dale Kinney and Greg Hastings in a short story called Teacher in Heat during a professor/student short story promotion event through instafreebie. I fell in love with both characters and wanted to know what happened to them after their first taboo encounter. And it was like the author heard my cry for more because she took the story I loved and made it into a full-length novel [...]


    I really enjoyed the first book in the series, so of course I had to download the second book in the series as soon as it was available. AndI didn't really like it.I guess part of the problem is that this story has some tropes that I'm just not a fan of generally. The whole mpreg thing is kind of odd to me; I mean, no shame in anyone's game, but that just isn't something that I see in a book's description and think "OMG MUST READ GIMME GIMME GIMME." But, like I said, I did enjoy the first book i [...]


    3.5 lovely starsAn age-gap May/December romance (non shifter) between an Omega and Alpha. Anna Wineheart has weaved a gut wrenching, heartwarming story around two flawed characters that fit together like to lost puzzle pieces.Dale Kinney is a shamed, divorced Omega trying to live his life with the so called knowledge that he is infertile. And Greg Hastings who is a young Alpha who feels unworthy of his Alpha status because of the loss of his best friend.The HEA that Dale and Greg get is well des [...]


    Anna Wineheart grabbed my heart again with her fabulous new book, “Omega Teacher’s Baby”, the second book in the “Men of Meadowfall” series. I love all her books; she’s a great writer. What I like was that Anna starts us out with the thrill of the forbidden romance early.Professor Dale Kinney taught chemistry at Meadowfall College and has a huge crush on Meadowfall Lion’s star basketball player, Greg Hastings. The twenty-two year old Alpha student had his own crush on Dale. He’d [...]

    L. Layale

    I'll start off with the rating 2.5 stars.This was overall a good story. It had a decent story like and the characters were somewhat developed. Dale and Greg are two worlds apart. Greg is an alpha who comes from money, but remains thumbed underneath his father's power. Dale is a shamed omega who was divorced because of his infertility. He is a professor at the university where Greg's father is president. Greg and Dale have been dancing around the attraction for as long as either of them can remem [...]


    **3 stars**I was looking for a fluffy, light-hearted read and I found it in Omega Teacher's BabyI loved the age gap, I loved the fact that the Alpha (Greg) was the younger of the two. If the Alpha was older, then it would have been a bit uncomfortable, as the older man (Dale) is the Alpha's Professor. The story was told so Greg was clearly the aggressor in the relationship. Dale has such poor self-esteem because of a past emotionally/verbally relationship. He repeatedly states he's not worthy of [...]


    This series is set in another universe where there is no discrimination due to sexuality, men/men, women/women, men/ omen whatever configuration is accepted and both men and women can have babies. But there is another level of discrimination going on here only omegas can have babies and only alphas can give them babies. Also alphas are top of the social ladder and omegas are lower. Betas are somewhere in between and can only mate with other betas and must adopt if they want children. Anyone can [...]

    Jess A Jaye

    I first read Omega Teacher's Baby back when it was a short story. At the time I was so annoyed it was only a short because I really wanted to know what happened with Greg and Dale. Was so happy to discover that Anna was turning it into a full novel.This is a really enjoyable non-shifter Alpha/omega mpreg story. It was refreshing to see that the omega was the older of the two MCs and the alpha the younger - you don't see that very often in ABO stories. There's plenty in this book to hit you in th [...]


    I received this book in exchange for an honest review.I loved these two in Anna’s short and was excited to read a more in depth story about them. Dale is such a sweetheart except he tries to keep it hidden underneath his professional exterior. Greg knows he doesn’t want the same thing as the other alpha’s his age but his doubts make it hard for him to fully commit to a future of any kind.I loved both of the characters, they were both broken in different ways and really needed each other to [...]

    Kathleen Nichols

    ***I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Readers Copy of this book*** This is the first book that I've read in this series and I have to say it was different. The storyline is one that I haven't read before where the older man in the relationship is an omega not the alpha. The dynamics of the relationship really do change when the younger man is the alpha and also a college student and the "other" man is his professor. Greg wants his chemistry professor while his professor wants Greg as well which [...]


    This book was alright. I liked that Dale was a bit insecure and that Greg was too. They weren't really a typical alpha/omega pairing and I enjoyed the different dynamics that were brought out in this story. Greg has a lot of growing up to do, that's for sure, but he is only 22 so I'm okay with his immaturity. To a point. Him stepping up to be with Dale is the best part of him and I really love that he's willing despite being scared and unprepared for what life with a baby means.Dale is vulnerabl [...]


    I received an ARC edition of this book from the author.May/December romances can be a bit of a hit or miss for me (most are a miss), but I'm really glad I gave this one a chance. I loved the chemistry between Dale and Greg. Both of them are more than just a little bit broken emotionally due to their past, and those issues don't just magically disappear because they find each other. The pregnancy may have given them an excuse to get together, but I really liked that they don't jump quite instantl [...]

    Cee Brown

    *´¨✫)4.5 stars¸.•´¸.•*´¨)✯ ¸.•*¨)✮ (¸.•´✶He thought love was a lost cause."I don’t just want to be your student."~GregCrushing on your omega professor is the one hazards that Greg should avoid. Especially when said omega's boss is your father. However, no one has a say in the matter when Fate decides to do her thing. He never thought it was in the cards.Professor Dale came to Meadowfall a broken man. When he could not give his alpha an heir, he was made redundant and [...]


    I really liked this, I read the first book last year and I liked the author's writing. I loved it wasn't a first-person perspective, I usually hate those! Dale was charming and Greg was lovely, the age difference played a huge role here. We had Greg who lived under the thumb of his father's need for bonding and being always on top. And we had Dale, divorced and forced to give up his dream of being a parent. Make this a recipe for love! I loved them together, they were charming and lovely. While [...]

    Sarita Chapdelaine

    I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.This is my first time reading a book by Anna Wineheart and I really enjoyed it. It is beautifully written and I love MPREG stories but I wish it had been faster paced in the middle. Being a May/December story with the omega older than the alpha was a nice change up. Dale is a divorced omega and a chemistry professor who has a crush on one of his students. Greg is an alpha who has spent two months trying to get his cute professor to [...]


    I absolutely loved the beginning and the ending of this book; but I thought that the middle dragged a bit. I got really tired of Dale seeming to be soothed about the age difference, only to bring it up again and again as the prevailing reason for he and Greg to break things off. With all of the other pressures around their relationship, that one seemed (to me) to be the least pressing.Having said that, I did think that Dale & Greg fit well together. I like that even though Dale chose not to [...]


    Dale the omega professor needs someone to love, someone who will love and appreciate him. He is heartbreaking in his loneliness and insecurity. There is no way the twenty-two year old alpha son of Dale's difficult boss - who is also Dale's student - could be the answer to his needs, right? Greg has his own doubt-causing past, after all, and an unexpected pregnancy doesn't make things easier for the two men.This is a good story, and the reader's emotions roll with those of both Dale and Greg, who [...]

    Kashunna Fly

    Dale is an omeg college professor working toward his tenure to help forget his failure being an infertile omega. He has been beaten down mentally for not being able to carry a child. He doesn't think he deserves a second chance at love after a horrible divorce but he has been lusting after another for months. Greg has is all money, looks and basketball MVP but something is missing. He's a hard working alpha looking to get out of college and from under his parents thumb. He wasn't looking for an [...]

    R. R. Richmond

    I enjoyed this book, especially cos I'm a fan of older guys although since the older guy was the omega it was a Lil different but I like that the author didn't take a short cut getting him reinstated at his jobI hated the whole 'You're my student' mantra like you're already preggos dude by ur student that ship has sailed!! The inequality reeks of gender inequality which even though it's omega verse I didn't like granted it was omega inequality but it stands! Anyways I liked the two MC's n how th [...]


    I read the story prior in this series and you don't have to read it but I always like when the characters show up to check in. The author tied them in perfectly. The story line had enough depth to hold your attention but as much as I need a good story, it had to have enough heat so it ranked well outside of PG-13 which she provided on both accounts. It's an interesting change to the alpha/omega mpreg dynamic you usually see. The characters where well formed and you could feel attachment for both [...]


    I love me a good age-gap romance, paranormal or not, so this blurb hooked me in. This non-shifter story has likable characters each with their own distinct voice, good UST, nice chemistry throughout and centres on an older omega with fertility issues. It has an interesting take on scent marking I've never come across in Omegaverse books before, but it also include a pet peeve of mine; characters smelling like plants. Hibiscus, aspen, birch, pine, lily and mentioned far too often for my personal [...]


    After his divorce and learning that he could never have the one thing he always wanted, Dale decided that he was best off alone the rest of his life. When Greg lost his bestfriend, he vowed to never make promises towards the future. Attraction cannot be denied, but roadblocks are put in their path. Will Greg be able to let go of the past to look toward the future? Will Dale accept that Greg wants him despite their roadblocks?Definitely a steamy and sweet read. Loved how while Greg was an alpha, [...]


    Loved this book.While it is the second book in the series, it is a stand-alone story and I did not have a problem reading it even though I haven't read book one yetwhich I will be fixing in the near future. This is one of my first foray's into the world of contemporary(non-shifter or alien) mpreg. The author has created a totally believable world for this to be occurring in and doesn't bog us down with a lot of backstory or explanation on how this world came to be the way it is.This is also one [...]


    I voluntarily reviewed an advance readers copy of this book I enjoyed this sweet, yet angsty, romance, which was well written, and highly heartwarming. Greg and Dale (omega) are fascinating characters, and I especially liked June, who was very supportive of both of the main characters. There was one part in the middle where Dale totally annoyed me (I don't want to say and spoil it), although, later, I felt better about it since I had a better understanding of what he worked so hard for. The endi [...]


    Mpreg goldI just finished this book and it is wonderful. It's got angst and heat. A pregnancy that goes throughout a huge portion of the story. It is really mpreg gold. The age difference and uncertainty - that came with both MCs - was really heartwarming and gutwrenching in parts. The characters were wonderful and I was completely caught up in their story.(PS - Keep tissues on hand for this one. I sobbed for a solid 10 pages and it was worth every tear to find the HEA.)

    Susi Hawke

    OMG, this one got a solid 5 *'s from me, just for the feels it gave me! That ending was perfection. But can I just say that I wanted to smack some sense into Dale a few times? Arggh. Quit acting like such an omega, dude! All joking aside, this is a sizzling May/December romance. It's interesting because the older one of the pair is the omega, which gave it a whole other dimension. I adore the alpha in this. I just want to scoop him up and take him home! He's just soearnest! I'm in love with this [...]

    Amor Leer

    LOVED IT!!Non-Shifter, MPreg, May/Dec?? Yes please!! This book has it all.Dale is a 40+ year old divorced omega. Greg is his 18 year old student.In the throes of heat, Greg knots Dale who now finds himself pregnant.There were times when I wanted to reach inside my kindle and throttle both Dale and Greg.As individuals they frustrated me both thinking they're not good enough for the other.I received an ARC of this book for my honest review and I have to admit that I totally enjoyed it.


    This book was good The teacher was quite a bit older than his student (who was 20) He turned him down many times for coffee even though he was very attracted to him. Dale goes into heat and Greg helps him out. They do love each other but Dale tries to convince Greg that he is too old for him and Greg should find someone his own age. Plus he does not think he can have children. Lot's of misunderstandings and growing up for both parties. Greg accepting responsibilities and Dale finally accepting t [...]


    Greg and Dale's HEA was achieved with lots of love and angstAnother incredible book from Anna Wineheart. Although this title had me using a few tissues a few different times throughout the story. This was not an easy story to read for me as I could identify so strongly with Dale in always feeling not good enough. Of course, that's what a lot of us feel so I'm sure others will see themselves also. But the final HEA is achieved both by Dale accepting who he is and appreciating that and accepting G [...]

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