May 25, 2020
Where Do I Start?
Posted by Chase Taylor Hackett

The ex best thing .Fletcher Andrews never believed in promises Or monogamy Or love When you re tall and gorgeous, New York City is one big all you can eat buffet of hot young actors, models, and baristas Even when living happily with Roger, his sweet, sexy violinist boyfriend, Fletch can t resist an occasional taste Too bad you don t know what you ve got until it The ex best thing .Fletcher Andrews never believed in promises Or monogamy Or love When you re tall and gorgeous, New York City is one big all you can eat buffet of hot young actors, models, and baristas Even when living happily with Roger, his sweet, sexy violinist boyfriend, Fletch can t resist an occasional taste Too bad you don t know what you ve got until it s thrown you out for cheating with half the cast of Disney on Ice.Two years and a chance meeting later, Fletch desperately wants Roger back Roger s new boyfriend, Jeff, will do anything to stop that from happening But Fletch has a plan to make amends And with a little help from friends, colleagues even Roger s Scottish terrier, Haggis they might find that the love you don t believe in can sweep you right off your feet .

  • Title: Where Do I Start?
  • Author: Chase Taylor Hackett
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 380
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Where Do I Start The ex best thing Fletcher Andrews never believed in promises Or monogamy Or love When you re tall and gorgeous New York City is one big all you can eat buffet of hot young actors models and baris

    ~Mindy Lynn~

    3 Stars! There are quite of few people shying away from this story because the subject of cheating this book has. But I want to make it clear that there is no cheating present in this book. It happened. As in past tense. These men are not together in the beginning nor in the middle of this book. This story is about a guy realizing what he had and accepting the responsibility of hurting someone he cared for more than he was willing to admit. He has this epiphany when he see's his ex after 2 years [...]

    ☆ Todd

    Okay, confession time.After reading the blurb way back when, I had sworn off reading this book. As in, "fuck cheaters, rot in hell, good riddance, poof be gone, Bye, Felicia" sworn off.Then I read book 2 and had to re-evaluate that stance.Mainly because of Tommy, who was hilarious in book 2 and best friends with the MC in this story, soooo Yay, more Tommy time, right? His flirting attempts to get a certain hot, Latin Starbucks barista to notice him in this book were just too cute for words.(Much [...]

    R * A Reader Obsessed *

    3.5 HeartsI admit that the premise of this book might not appeal to everyone, and I’m kinda surprised myself that I chose to read this. For unknown reasons, I was apparently intrigued by how a guy, who has made some unforgivable mistakes, wins back the love of his life.Now to put it out there, Fletch is definitely a piece of work. He knows he’s very good looking and is not shy, nor above using said looks, to skew things in his favor. However, I want to clarify that there’s not really a mal [...]


    5 BIG stars and more. What a great read, it kept me in its spell The way of writing was so uplifting It was warm, endearing, fluffy, emotional and witty.The most lovely MC's in their own wayThe story tells from 'the here and now' and switches smoothly to what had happened and what they wished, written in the most captivating way. Both MC's will give a view from their perspectiveFletch has a 'terrible' attitude butyou will love himhe is just so ture d more Roger has a 'terrible' attitude [...]


    Where do I start??? Well I'll start by saying this book was fucking boring as hell and 3X longer than it needed to be. By the time I was 30% through, I was literally thinking I was close to the end. and then I made the mistake of checking the page number. *facepalm*Aside from the characters talking and thinking like they were living in the 60's, the dialogue was plain, flat and full of orchestra terms that bore me to tears. I hated Fletcher and his immature nature. He seemed more like a jealous [...]


    Estoy dudosa entre 3 y 4, me ha gustado bastante la historia y el autor consigue que desee un final feliz para los chicos y que empatizara mucho con Feltch pero el otro MC es plano y no me acaba de convencer el modo en que está narrado. Sin embargo, espero poder leer el segundo y los que vendrán.

    Heather K (dentist in my spare time)

    Free at Kobo today, 2/11/18


    I'm super late with this review - my apologies to the author and publisher.Where Do I Start, indeed.Fletcher, immature and possibly a sex addict, is a serial cheater. Two years ago or so, he and his then-boyfriend Roger broke up, because Roger found out about Fletcher treating the gay scene in NYC as his personal buffet and Roger wasn't putting up with that.Personality-wise, it was clear from the start that Fletch and Roger are two very different people - Fletch is immature, happy-go-lucky, spon [...]


    A lot of reviewers won't like this one, but THEY ARE WRONG! IT'S GREAT!!!I hate books about cheating because they make me feel sick, but I love books about cheating because they make me feel sick. A lot of romance readers immediately write off any book with even a hint of cheating, so it's a ballsy move to even mention the "c" word in contemporary romance. This book actually made me fall in love with the cheater, a character that I'm genetically predisposed to hate on principle (how many of us c [...]


    Where Do I start,indeed where do I start.I loved this book by Chase Taylor Hackett and that surprised me.Overall I do not really enjoy cheating in romance novels by oneoff the main characters.but this book is written in such a wayat it is the cheater who you rooting for.Fletcher is a loveable manwhore,who is outspoken,ballsy,sweet and simply fun and funny.He cheats on his boyfriend Roger,who is sweet and lovely.Roger dumps him and they meet each other one night at theopera two years laterat meet [...]


    2.5 Stars Rounded up because of Tommy! This would’ve easily been a 5-Star book if Fletcher had been less obnoxious and Roger had been more firm in his dealings with EVERYBODY. Well except for Tommy. Tommy was my spirit animal and I STAN HARD FOR HIM! Being in his head was a delightful ride which I never wanted to stop. He was just that brilliant from his very first words “Well. If it isn’t the whore of Babylon.” LOOOOOL! That was Gold. As my first by this author and having been approved [...]


    I got an ARC in return for an honest review on NetGalley.What could be better than a hurt/comfort story that has a dog as a main character? Exactly. I had to read this book. I was pretty impressed with the characters of this book. Fletch is a total loser. All he has going for him is his body. He has no prospects, only wants sex, and has no real drive. Pretty typical gay man character (and grindr user). His love interest, Roger, is more the type of guy I would go for and much more rare. He is int [...]


    I actually bought this book I can't remember the last time I did that ;-)

    Natosha Wilson

    What a great read, love triangle and all. I truly enjoyed his book. It was amazing.Fletchpoor, poor Fletch. Poor poor misguided Fletch. I really felt sorry for Fletch because I honestly think that he loved Roger from the moment that he met him. The only problem is he did not know how to keep it in his pants so of course that ruined the best thing that ever happened to him.In Fletch fashion he moved on but two years later when he runs into Roger again, he realizes for the first time exactly what [...]

    Bretton Coppedge

    How can a book about cheating and infidelity be so hilariously funny? This book is without a doubt a comedy but the way that it depicts emotions and the character’s relationships is so poignant that I was alternating between laughing and wanting to cry. Fletcher belongs with Roger, but he definitely doesn’t deserve him at first. He knew that the cheating would destroy Roger’s confidence but once he realizes the mistake he made in giving up Roger, one of the only good things in his life, he [...]


    Usually, I hate stories that involve cheating. I don't know what made me give this one a chance anyway but I'm glad I did. Where Do I Start is a quirky and fun little read that I enjoyed a lot. I really liked Roger and Fletch and a lot of the other characters. The writing was witty and fun (if somewhat a bit over the top sometimes. Prit-tee and onna conna got old really fast) and I liked how the story sometimes jumped back and forth a little. I'm happy how the story ended though I do have one co [...]

    Emily Seelye

    I'm not rating this. I quit at 20% because a) it's boring, b) 3 different POVs in 6 chapters and c) one MC doesn't believe in love or relationships.


    You would think I wouldn't love this book, love triangle, second chance, man whore, cheater.Well, I do love it. The writing is top notch-funny and emotionally spot on with great characters. I will let you in a little secret, the next book in the series features Roger's newly ex boyfriend (who is see here a bit of a jerk) and is even better.The story is told in a creative way with the tag line where do I startWith this creative pacing, the angst is drained out of the story a great deal and we are [...]


    I loved this book. The wittiness, writing and story. Two people who got together on a whim, a studious estates and trust lawyer (and violinist), who hates being a lawyer, and a drop dead gorgeous former street urchin who does man-whoring for anyone that gives him a place to sleep. The man-whore picks the lawyer out as his next bedroom source and lo and behold they get into a long-term relationship until the lawyer finds out the man-whore has not really stopped his extracurricular activities. The [...]


    Book Summary: I'm realizing I'm too lazy to write summaries of books, given you can read the blurbs at the start of each book's entries. My reaction: I'm not sure how I found this book, because I don't think I'd have tried it unless someone recommended it. It does deal with a relationship that ended due to cheating, and the attempts of the cheater to rekindle the romance on different terms.Ordinarily I wouldn't be drawn to a charming cheater book- but that's not really what this is. The protagon [...]

    Travis Sherrod

    A really terrific, funny book!

    The Novel Approach Reviews

    ~ 4.5 Stars ~ I didn’t immediately like this book. Which seems completely crazy to me now, after finishing it. But, in chapter one I was thinking, ‘What the hell is wrong with this guy?!?’ Because Fletcher Andrews is a hot mess, you guys. Like, the hottest and the messiest. BUT—by chapter three I was unashamedly head over heels for him. Fletch is gorgeous with a capital G, and ridiculously charming. He can talk his way into or out of any situation, and into literally anyone’s pants, wh [...]


    so much fun with quite solid writing. - 3.75* The two main characters are Fletch and Roger. Roger is a quiet unassuming violin playing lawyer while Fletch is a very outgoing theatre usher. Before the start of the book the two live together for over a year until Roger kicks Fletch out for being unfaithful. The book starts 2 years after that. I know many people avoid books with cheating but missing this book just for that would be a shame. For me there is a big difference between a character who c [...]


    4.25 stars from me for this second chances story, cos that's what it boiled down to in the end. Oh, and let me just re-iterate there is NO cheating in the time period covered by this actual storyis is all about Fletch trying to win Roger back.Absolutely loved the author's writing, really well written and so much snark, so funny [laugh out loud funny at times], the banter and some of the one liners were absolutely delicious a scathing kind of way!! As for the characters, well I fell in love with [...]


    4.5 starsI'm loving this author! Lots and lots of emotion in this second chance love story.

    Jules Lovestoread

    4.5 stars. I Loved this book! I adooooooored Fletch. Like massive hearty eyes loved him. <333 This one was so much fun. See my full review here: thenovelapproachreviews


    This was a huge miss for me. Exs are exs for a reason, especially exs like Fletcher.Fletcher is creepy, jealous, invasive and has an over-inflated sense of self-worth. Roger should run the other was as fast as possible, or call the police. I can’t even describe how much I did not like this.I can get behind the premise of someone feel truly repentant about their behavior and treatment of another human being but Fletcher just seemed to be jealous. His need to win Roger back wasn’t really out o [...]


    What a gifted writer of dialogue and humor. I almost read this right through, (sleep and work interrupting), and started up book #2 right after finishing. Loved the two guys (flaws and all), loved the descriptions of Roger's music, loved the dog, and of course loved to hate Jeff(rey).


    So that was very flirty and funny, until it got a bit sad and serious. So great balance.Laughed a lot.Loved Haggis.Felt compassion for Fletch.Felt pride in Roger.Onto the next one (yay)


    3.5 stars rounded up. "Where do I start?" is a romantic comedy about Fletch, who broke Roger's heart two years ago by screwing around and then, when they accidentally meet again realizes just what he lost back then and tries to make amends. I had a lot of fun reading this, although it may be a bit too over the top for some people, or if you're in the mood for something serious. I'm also not sure I would be okay with some of the things Fletch did if it happened in real life, but it did work in th [...]

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