Nov 22, 2019
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  • Title: さびしすぎてレズ風俗に行きましたレポ
  • Author: Kabi Nagata
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 457
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    I love the vulnerability of this graphic novel. It strikes me as a more self-reflective and self-focused version of Alison Bechdel's Fun Home; whereas Bechdel pulls apart the underlying mechanisms of her family, Nagata Kabi shines a light on the inner-workings of her own mind. Kabi addresses a wide range of important topics, including her sexuality, depression, eating disorders, family strife, and her feeling of not belonging anywhere. The combination of words and images draws you into the momen [...]

    Raeleen Lemay

    I really enjoyed the focus on mental health in this manga, and the color scheme was very visually pleasing, even if I didn’t ~love~ the art style. However, story-wise, this was pretty repetitive, especially for such a short book. I enjoyed it, but definitely didn’t love it.


    This was so different from any other non fiction manga I’ve read before, mainly due to the author’s openness about her vulnerability, inability to connect to others, questioning sexuality and intimacy problems. This book isn’t about being lesbian—that happens to be the author’s sexual orientation and of course it affects her life, but not everything in it. Loved the depth and metaphors. Am I the only one thinking it would have been much better with prose however, as opposed to the mang [...]

    sandra [the fucking book fairy]

    "Maybe the reason I'd been so bad at dealing with people in person, had been how hard I was always trying to make them like me."I wasn't expecting to be blown away by this - but I was. Damn. Don't been fooled by the comical artwork. This book delves deep into the psyche of a woman struggling with an inner battle with depression, self-depreciation, and her sexuality.My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness is an autobiographic comic about a woman who was struggling with a lot of things in her life: [...]

    David Schaafsma

    A memoir by Kabi of her writing a story of herself at 28, having no friends, no real direction, living at home, at going to an escort service. The memoir retells that experience of going to the escort service in (her words) embarrassing detail, but this is more about what the publishing of this story on the internet does to catapult her to adulthood. This is not erotica, as the experience at the escort service is mainly about her acknowledgment of her failure to connect to other people. She's ba [...]


    This is more a tale of the author's personal and ongoing experience with mental illness rather than what it's like to be lesbian drawn out in a manga comic book form. It touches on depression, eating disorders, cutting, and more. Erotic it is not. For me, the book has more of a feeling of commiseration and is an intimate confession where epiphanies are had once the author's first sexual experience occursd this is unique in that sex is not glamorized at all. The naked scenes are illustrated in a [...]

    Danika at The Lesbrary

    This was a different reading experience than I was expecting. The cover and blurb makes it seem a little goofy, but it's actually quite introspective and is mostly her processing her mental health issues.


    so many little things in this manga hit way close to home. read if you're up for being in the headspace of confronting uncomfortable, not-commonly-voiced truths about yourself.


    This isn't exactly the kind of thing I'd normally read. I mean, where's the paranormal? What about the fantasy or sci fi? And I'll admit when my friend Toby handed it to me with a glowing recommendation I asked when I'd ever been the kind of person to read a book about self-discovery that touches on mental health (in case you missed the memo, I don't do real, I read to escape reality!) but I'm really glad I took a chance.This was awkward and funny and just so brutally honest that is was wonderfu [...]


    What a great reading/viewing experience. The subject matter is fun, dark, and thought-provoking, wrapped up in a loose, skillful style. Nagata Kabi has a flair for illustrating and explaining debilitating depression and discomfort in ways I've never seen. And the bit about the mother clinginess really got me. I don't think I've ever heard anyone admit to such a thing, yet I found it so relatable by how she portrayed it all. Worth every penny.

    C.J. Stark ☮️

    I enjoy a good non-fiction biographical manga, and this fits that bill. This is the story of a woman struggling with mental health disorders and learning to love herself. It also, as I'm sure you expect from the cover/title, covers her experiences with sex, sexuality and her desire to become and adult and do adult things. This manga is very candid and explicit, but it maintains an intimate and heartwarming feel to it. My aro ace mind struggled to empathise with aspects of this. Throughout Nagata [...]


    I reviewed this book for Bibbliosapphic! It's much more detailed and in-depth over there. This book needs major trigger warnings for: self-harm, eating disorders, binge-eating, trichotillomania, suicidal ideation, depression For some reason I expected this book to be much more lesbian and much less mental health? I was pleasantly surprised, though. This is a very honest portrayal of falling down the well of depression and being at your lowest point, then fighting your way back out. I loved the o [...]


    The cover is a bit misleading. This book is more about depression and learning how to find your place in the world of adulthood than it is about anything else. It's beautiful, honest, and brutal. I really want to own it.

    Jhosy Lephor

    *Forgive me the mistakes of English, this is not my native language*I loved it, I loved every second of it.This manga made me cry and stop to think of some things.This is not an easy read, the subject is heavy and real, since it's like an auto bio but if the reader gives a chance Gosh, this will open your eyes!Some moments in the story made me stop and think about my own life, my own feelings.I found myself rooting for the author (character) all the time. I worried about her and I felt sad and [...]

    Laura D

    Open and honest autobiographical manga about a woman not only exploring her sexuality but understanding her mental illnesses and trying to find love and acceptance by whatever means necessary.

    Café de Tinta

    Ha sido empezarlo y no poder parar. Muy, muy, muy recomendable.

    Fenriz Angelo

    Touching autobiographical story about a broken person learning to mend herself in order to start a fulfilling life.


    This spoke to me on a deep, spiritual level. Full review forthcoming.

    Sian Lile-Pastore

    This is great - a story about sex and mental health and having a bald spot (I have a bald spot!). It's wonderfully frank and open about personal stuff and I really loved that about it but am not sure it will hugely stick with me.

    James DeSantis

    It's hard to rate this because Kabi, the author, is just expressing what she went through. The story really focuses on her from 18 years old to 28 and how she lived her life. You get some past too, when she's a child, and how it created her lifestyle. It's funny sometimes, sad others, but it gives you her life in a open book format. It's sometimes hard to read, but then the next page you laugh, and it keeps mixing things up to keep it entertaining. What I liked: The art style was super cute and [...]


    I love how blunt, honest, and real Nagata Kabi had the bravery to be in this book. It feels wrong to give a Review to someone's real life experiences, so it's hard to put my thoughts into appropriate words. I loved how she spoke about her experiences with depression and other mental illness, and I wish that had been fleshed out more. With regards to the depiction of sex and her own idea of sex, it felt like Kabi set up the character of herself to make some self-discoveries that weren't really se [...]


    Trigger warnings for: sex, self-harm, depression, anxiety, eating disorders.This manga/memoir was so raw and so real to a point that I have never read before. The issues the book explored were messy, deep, and painfully relateable, but in the most amazingly human way possible. This isn't a pretty story, but this is a real woman's experiences, and I think they are all valid thoughts and emotions. I related so hard to so much of this- the loneliness, the wanting my parents' approval, the desire to [...]


    I bought this while I was in Japan, but I suck at reading Japanese, so it took me a while to get through. So good though! This is a great story of an awkward dyke trying to piece together a life in general.

    Vanya Prodanova

    Мангите са четива, за които не пиша, защото съм пристрастна и са си моето кардио, което не товаря с думи, но тази заслужава да я отбележа като различна и специална.Мангата може да изглежда много розова и откровено сексуална, но не се подвеждайте. Историята е основана на истин [...]


    This is… really really good. And very relatable. And autobiographic. It's about a 28 year old who's never had sex and decides to hire an escort. It's also about depression, eating disorders, and other mental health stuff that makes life hard.I didn't like the idea that once you're back to "being able to try", that alone will make life ok again. That… might work like that sometimes, but it certainly doesn't make for a good general rule and/or inspiration. And I didn't like the cissexist descr [...]

    Tilde Clark

    It's not often I find an autobiography where depression and anxiety aren't framed in a short term, "then I got over it" way. The naked honesty of Kabi Nagata's thoughts and experiences are really refreshing (and more than one time made me tear up with recognition) -- it's a story of bravery and healing as well, but it's so encouraging to to read her aknowledgements that no, even when you try to change your life around there are obstacles, and the struggles might always be there. But that doesn't [...]


    this wasally sad. i should have realized that i guess from one of the title words being "loneliness" but i didn't. i saw naked girls and pink and "lesbian" and i was like hmm 😏💕people are so interesting and complicated. nagata kabi has such a hard time talking to people and communicating her thoughts in person but she is not shy to express all of her innermost thoughts, insecurities and experiences for the whole world to see on paper. and some of these thoughts and experiences arerange to [...]




    'Hits close to home' is a good phrase to use for this one.


    If you've ever wondered if you were the only one who felt like a child watching all the adults succeed at life, read this book. Kabi Nagata's ongoing journey as she copes with anxiety, depression, cutting, and being LBGTQ is honest in way that we don't always see, particularly in manga, and that helps her deal with the subject matter in a way that really reaches the reader. Nagata's attempts to understand her sexuality, why she can't live for herself and not her parents (and her work to be able [...]

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