Apr 08, 2020
Love's Funny That Way
Posted by Pamela Burford

When four high school friends promise to find husbands for one another if any of them are still single at age thirty, they have no idea how complicated the pact will make their lives twelve years later Book 1 of the Wedding Ring matchmaker series is Love s Funny That Way.The Prospective Bride Raven Muldoon, hypnotherapist by day and aspiring stand up comic by night SheWhen four high school friends promise to find husbands for one another if any of them are still single at age thirty, they have no idea how complicated the pact will make their lives twelve years later Book 1 of the Wedding Ring matchmaker series is Love s Funny That Way.The Prospective Bride Raven Muldoon, hypnotherapist by day and aspiring stand up comic by night She realizes her matchmaking friends have made a grave mistake and that s no joke.The Prospective Groom Brent Radley, a blind date who appears to be perfect husband material until Raven meets his sexy as sin younger brother, Hunter, owner of the local comedy club Did her pals pick the wrong brother The Hitch Hunter is no choirboy, but not even he would steal his brother s girlfriend, no matter how tempted he might be But how committed is Raven to Brent, and he to her

  • Title: Love's Funny That Way
  • Author: Pamela Burford
  • ISBN: 9781939215949
  • Page: 240
  • Format: ebook
  • Love s Funny That Way When four high school friends promise to find husbands for one another if any of them are still single at age thirty they have no idea how complicated the pact will make their lives twelve years late


    This book was free with a semi interesting plot so I figured why not? However, I am thoroughly disappointed in this read. This review is going to be filled with spoilers and my thoughts on the big issues of this book. My first issue is with the whole idea of the Wedding Ring Pact. Am I supposed to believe that women in their mid to late 20s are honestly going to force one of their friends to continue to date someone who is cheating on them? These women are pressuring their friend, Raven, to cont [...]


    Love's Funny That Way by Pamela Burford was a cute quick read. Four women who are childhood friends, make a pact targeting the age of 30, dating a prospective husband for three months, and then possibly marriage. Raven is the first target but is this guy the right one for her? This was a quick, fluffy read which is perfect for December - a crazy time of year around our house between Hanukkah and Christmas! Go Cards! L1C4!!

    Nancy Brady

    Four high school friends make a pact to play matchmaker IF any of them are unmarried when she turns the Big 3-0! Well, hypnotherapist Raven (named after Poe's poem) is the first to turn thirty, and her friends have just the man picked out. Brent is perfect (a stone hunk!), that is until the first date where she meets his younger brother. From the get-go, it is pure chemistry, but neither wants to act on it in this contemporary romance. For her, it is the obligation of trying three months of date [...]


    I received a copy of Love's Funny That Way by Pamela Buford in exchange for an honest review.Note: this review contains spoilers!Four teenagers swear that if they haven't found true love by the time the turn 30, the other 3 will set them up. In this first book of the series, Raven is set up with Brent Radley. The only problem is that Raven is drawn to Brent's brother Hunter and Brent would rather be with Marina. Or was it Kristen? Or? See, Brent just isn't ready to settle down no matter how much [...]

    Melody Cox

    Wow, this story was a mess! For me, it was all over the place inducing whiplash from trying to follow along. I will say up front had I know there would be a cheating, lying boyfriend involved I NEVER would have chosen to read it. I checked the blurb and random reviews, as I don't like to sit and read every one of them since many contain major spoilers without warning. I am still of the belief that when there are OM/OW and cheating there should be some kind of indication or warning label in the b [...]

    Kate McMurry

    This is a reprint of a 2001 Harlequin Romance. It is book one of a series, but each book can stand alone. There is a bit of a romantic triangle, but not a true one. Interestingly, the romantic hero is only 26 and owns a comedy club. The heroine is 30 and is a hypno-therapist. Not quite a New Adult romance (they didn't exist as a genre in 2001), but almost fits the definition given the hero's age.Lots of snappy repartee between heroine and hero, and he encourages her to attempt standup comedy. Th [...]


    Very cuteThis story was supper sweet and very funny. The heroine's friends set her up on a blind date with the caveat that she has to date the guy for 3 months as a prospective husband. Instead, our plucky heroine falls in love with his brother. Misunderstandings ensue. Cute, mostly fluffy read. Very quick.

    Anne Turnley

    Hot romanceAfter agreeing to date one man for 3 months, Raven becomes interested in his brother. Lots of complications ensue but, she falls in love with the wrong brother. Will it come out right in the end?

    Clarissa Boggs

    I loved it. Sometimes I'm in the mood for a good chick lit book and this fit the bill perfectly. Although I think enforcing a marriage pact you made as children is silly it was still an entertaining read for me . Five stars

    Nancy Reynolds

    I enjoyed the book - and could see where it was going. However, I don't know that I would have gone along with the pact so I found that part a bit annoying. That said, I will definitely try to read the others in the series, because I enjoyed the friendship and devotion to one another

    Carol Tietsworth

    A pact between 4 girls, friends since kindergarten, about finding each other a husband if by 30 they weren't married. Raven is first. Raven, a Poe enthusiast, but shy, shy, shy is a hypnotherapist. A wonderful story about boundaries, real or implied and double standards. I loved it.


    A creative love story with your friends being the match makers. It reminded me a little of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. A sweet happy-ever-after with more in the series to come.

    Heather Silvio

    Once you suspend disbelief about the plot, this is actually a quick, fun read; and it was the perfect antidote to the darker books I've been reading for school.

    Katie Durante

    this book didn't work for me. too much back and forth and really drastic moments that I didn't like.


    The first book in this series was an enjoyable read. The premise of the Wedding Ring series is that the women will help each other find husbands if they are still single at 30. Lots of twists before the true love is found.Love's Funny That Way

    Kay Smith

    I LOVE when authors give away the first book in the series. I know that’s totally taking advantage of their hard work and talent, but I’m so thankful this particular let us in first. Not only is this book good enough to read the rest in the series, it’s worth purchasing the rest in the series.Fun premise, even better dialogue and features some incredibly grounded characterization—I recommend this ENTIRE SERIES to anyone who enjoys fun-loving romances. Supah’ cute.

    barbara a vail

    OkayBook was an easy reader. Mildly amusing. Nothing naff about it but nothing to recommend. Nothing special about character development


    Liked the titleI originally liked the title, it was catchy.The story line was enjoyable as well as the characters. Something close girlfriends would say but not likely do.


    Let's see4 starsFrom the beginning I admit that this book just didn't capture my attention it actually started to bore me and as I got into more I was able to put the book down which I am sad to say. Though in the end the book needed a bit more POP for me I did end up with the 4 stars. I am sorry the characters didn't really do anything for me. Well they did they didn't capture me in the way the blurb did but it was a nice read .Happy Sexy Reading

    Pamela Devereux

    Friends foreverI love that 4 friends made a pact that if not married by 30, the pact will begin. First up is Raven. She isn't looking for anything but they feel they found the perfect guy for her. Brent is everything her friends made him out to be. Only there is no spark. The minute she is near his baby brother Hunter, all bets are off. Will she honor the pact? Loved Nonni! The ending was a hoot.

    Erika Hill

    Oh what fun The tangled webs we weave when we try to force love's hand. And yet, this was such a delectable treat to read how it was resolved. I'm not sure I had as much respect for Brent by the end. But at least he redeemed himself by engaging Marina, and helping Raven find Hunter.

    wendy hudson

    Relationship status "it's Complicated"Raven's love life gives a new definition to the relationship status of "it's complicated" as a young teen, 4 friends agree that if not married by 30, the other friends will conspire to find her perfect match, with the agreement that as long as the guy is interested the girl has to give him and the relationship 3 months. Raven, the first of the four to turn 30, is set up with Brent, a promising candidate for marriageuntil she meets his brother, Hunter. Hunter [...]

    Kelly-Jo Sweeney

    I really enjoy a good romance series, so when I was offered the chance to get my hands on the four books in the Wedding Ring series by Pamela Buford as advance reader copies. The wedding ring is an agreement that four friends enter when they leave school. If they reach the age of 30 without being married, then the other three friends in the group will help them find a husband. They will select a man that she has to date for 3 months without breaking it of, for as long as he is keen to date.This [...]


    Love’s Funny That Way is the start of a four book series. Each is a standalone but boy, did I enjoy binge reading all four books! In this first book, it is the first story of four high school friends who make a pact that involves them being single and thirty. Okay, I’ll say it: chaos ensues! I will admit that I had to stick with this first story as it looked like it might have parts that bother me to read (liking a sibling of your significant other) but it really wasn’t about any cheating [...]


    Light, funny, feel-good reading kept me turning the pages of Love's Funny That Way, the first story in Pamela Burford's Wedding Ring series. These stories evolve out of pact four close friends made at the age of eighteen to act as matchmakers for each other if by the age of thirty they are still unwed.Raven is the first in her circle of friends to reach thirty years of age without a husband or children in sight. Hunter is not the brother they've chosen as her perfect match, but Raven feels a zin [...]

    Christine Woinich

    First in the series the Wedding Ring. I love the idea of friends wanting to make sure they all find their HEA. This is the story of Raven, the first to turn 30. She is set up with Brent but falls for his brother, Hunter. I laughed, grumbled, cringed, and smiled as Raven tried to figure out what she should do. I wanted to kick Hunter a couple of times to get him on the right path. I enjoyed this story a lot and look forward to reading the rest. I received a copy of this story, and this is my unso [...]


    Very sticky situation with this well-written plot but you can't help who you love. These two try very hard to resist one another, sometimes she's the strong one and other times he is the stronger one. She definitely handles things a bit more maturely though, lol. I enjoyed reading their love story, and her circle of friends are a hoot with a balance of different personalities to help us clearly see their point of view!


    Rating: 2.5 starsNot a bad read; I enjoyed the author's writing style and the way she fleshed out the main characters. That being said, this isn't a book I will keep and reread. My main objection is (view spoiler)[the way that Raven's "friends" wouldn't allow her to break up with Brent, even though he'd cheated on her multiple times. Though it was good that she did it anyway. (hide spoiler)]

    Karyn schwanen

    Love's Funny in the wedding ring It's the first time reading this authors books. You could totally see teen girls making a pact for such a thing. What I like most is people had real believable lives and storyline is interesting. You really must have a read and I'm picky but I do recommend and can't wait to read the rest of series and whatever comes next.


    This wasn't my favorite book by Ms. Burford but it was a good read. Cute story about a pact made by 4 friends for when they turn 30. This book follows the first one to turn 30 and the choice her friends made for her as to a possible husband. It was a fun read and I liked the friendship between the girls.

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