Jan 29, 2020
Rookie Moves
Posted by Shelly Alexander

Rookie She ll be an expert when I m done teaching her Dex MooreSmart guys make the best lovers We re curious and want to learn as much as possible, especially when it comes to women Women are the most fascinating and complicated species on the planet, right So when we meet a lady who piques our interest, it drives our curiosity to soaring heights We want to stud Rookie She ll be an expert when I m done teaching her Dex MooreSmart guys make the best lovers We re curious and want to learn as much as possible, especially when it comes to women Women are the most fascinating and complicated species on the planet, right So when we meet a lady who piques our interest, it drives our curiosity to soaring heights We want to study her Figure her out.Lucky SOB that I am, I ve built a career on this very thing As a founding partner of Checkmate Inc a company that s grown into a multimillion dollar business, I m a quasi celebrity It s a role I never expected, and out of all three Checkmate partners I ve somehow been labeled the jet setting playboy.I don t mind the smokescreen I can t commit to a serious relationship while I trot around the globe to oversee our expansion, a venture that could bankrupt Checkmate if I don t keep my eye on the prize Besides, the only woman I d like to study, figure out, and unlock her ear splitting cry of ecstasy is the one woman I can t have And since she s one of my closest friends and my business partner s sister, a jet setting playboy image is the perfect facade to hide my true feelings.

  • Title: Rookie Moves
  • Author: Shelly Alexander
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  • Page: 137
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Rookie Moves Rookie She ll be an expert when I m done teaching her Dex MooreSmart guys make the best lovers We re curious and want to learn as much as possible especially when it comes to women Women are the most


    Dex is the geeky nerd turned hot commodity. Together with his best friends, also high school chess playing geeks, they begin a company that has exploded into a mega business that brings wealth and the power to be one of the “celebrities” of the tabloids. Always the ladies’ man, Dex has a secret, he has been in love with his best friend’s little sister forever and that little secret is about to be let out of the bag. The fireworks it causes makes the Fourth of July look like a few kiddie [...]


    This was a fun and easy friends to lovers story with a healthy dose of forbidden romance (best friend's little sister). The story revolves around Dexter (Dex) and Ava as they blur the line between friends to something more. Rookie Moves is book 2 in the Checkmate Inc series, but can be read as a standalone, although characters from the previous book appear. This was a lighthearted and at times hilarious romance. I really enjoyed the story being completely told from Dex's point of view. There was [...]

    Badass Bloggettes

    I read my first ever Shelly Alexander book at the end of last year. I loved it and wanted more so when the opportunity came along to read and review Rookie Moves, I jumped right in. Rookie Moves is a friends-to-lovers romance with the added hurdle of a protective brother in the way of anything serious. Dexter (Dex) Moore and his three best friends, Leo Foxx, and Oz Strong join forces and start Checkmate, Inc. ( I love the name of the company that pays homage to the three young geeks.) Ava Foxx i [...]


    I love Shelly Alexander books so when I got a chance to read Rookie Moves early I was thrilled! . I dived into this book as soon as I could and I loved it !!!! Rookie Moves is another fantastic story by Shelly Alexander .In this book we follow Dex and Ava and from there very first conversation in this book I was rooting for these two . They both have feelings for each other however Ava is Dex's best friends little sister, so this puts him in a tight spot however he has loved Ava for so many year [...]

    DJ Sakata

    Favorite Quotes:A company that started with biologically engineered cologne for men that is specifically designed to produce supercharged pheromone production in women has to be the most brilliant stupid idea on the planet. Sort of like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.Blondie’s smile turns evil. I half expect her to put a curse on us and fly from the room on a broomstick.My Review:Rookie Moves provided an extremely clever premise, an entertaining storyline, and an afternoon of naughty fun. I tota [...]


    Rookie Moves takes friends-to-lovers, mixes it with best friend's sister, then tosses in an extremely healthy dose of naughtiness. Let's also not leave out that said best friend is also super overprotective, which of course leads to the expected blowup once everything is found out. It's a familiar recipe, but is still well done by this author and was a very entertaining read.Ava is sweet and sassy, and strong willed to boot. She's finally going after what she wants, and while Dex tries to "do th [...]

    Sandra Shipman ~ Two Book Pushers

    Rookie Moves is the second book in the Checkmate, Inc. series but it can be read as a standalone. I haven't read the first book since I didn't know it existed but I want to read it now. I have read a few of Shelly's book and I loved them but this one is so far my favorite! Dexter is a smart guy. He really is when it comes to the game of chess, business, and playing the part of a jet-setting playboy. But when it comes to Ava, he is at a loss. She is one of his closet friends and she also happens [...]


    This is book two of the Checkmate Inc. series by Shelly Alexander. Rookie Moves is the story about Dex who is one of the owners of Checkmate Inc. and Ava who is the little sister of Leo who is one of Dex's best Friends and part owner of Checkmate Inc. also. Dex has been in Ava's life since she was a teenager and started developing feelings for her as she matured but because she was his best friend's sister he would never act on it. Ava also has strong feelings for Dex and is sick and tired of wa [...]

    Kristin J

    This relationship was hinted at in Book 1 and I was excited to read about it. It didn’t quite live up to my expectations. The best friend’s little sister romance is such a common theme that I feel like it needs to be really well written and while this book had its moments, it definitely didn’t do all it could.I feel like there was such a long lead up to them getting involved with each other and hyping up Leo’s reaction and it just fell flat for me. The whole relationship and Leo finding [...]

    Suszet Roberts

    YesYes,yes,yesss, Dex and Ava, I was so rooting for them. I was wondering how Leo never got a clue that his best friend was in love with his sister. The chemistry was sizzling, this book just wet my appetite and leave me wanting more. Can't wait for the nest book in the series


    Loved this book! Great follow up to the first Checkmate Inc. book. Loved Ava and Dex's impossible love story and cannot wait for the next book in the series.


    What I liked:The writing style The charactersFriends to loversPart of a series: Checkmate Inc.Standalone HEA I look forward to reading more from Shelly Alexander.

    Michelle Brace (Wicked Babes Blog Reviews)

    This was my first by this author and can I say that I can't wait for the next??? Not only was this book unexpectedly sexy and addictive but it was also very entertaining to read. Never thought that a nerd could be so HOT but Shelly managed to give us some sexy nerds with the Checkmate Inc. men. I was hooked from the very beginning and loving the ride that these two characters take us on.Needless to say that since Shelly is a new to me author I haven't had the privilege to read the first in this [...]

    Linda Morey

    Lots of sexy times but best part for me was sacrifice Deb was willing to make to keep Ava happy


    Rookie Moves is book two of the “Checkmate, Inc.” series – although reading “ForePlay” will help you appreciate the complexity of Dex and Ava's relationship more, this book can totally stand alone. This is the book in this series that I was most looking forward to because I knew that when Dex and Ava finally figured things out, that they would be something else, and I was so right. This book exploded with chemistry from start to finish. ForePlay was great, and I liked Leo and Chloe a l [...]


    FunThis one went by fast, but it was fun. Dex and Ava are fun characters. They both want each other, but Dex tries to stay away since her brother is one of his best friends.This is a nice quick read that I think you will enjoy.


    Rookie Moves by Shelly Alexander is book number two in the Checkmate Inc, series. The book can also be read as a standalone. But, I recommend that if you haven't read the first that you do because it was so good too. This is Dex Moore and Ava Foxx's story.I loved Dex and Ava's story!! This series just gets better and better. This is a fun and steamy romance between two people that have known each other for years. It is also about discovering the importance of friendship and family.Ava and Dex ha [...]

    Kathy Osborn

    Rookie Moves is the second book in the Checkmate Inc but it can be read as a standalone. Hot, sexy and passionate is the words to describe this book. Dexter is one of the partners of Checkmate Inc. and has grown up with one of his partners (Leo) kid sister (Ava). Dexter wanted more than a friendship with Ava, but made a promise to Leo to protect her from any men including him. Ava is fee up with the protection that Leo has put around her as she can't even date because Leo chases anyone on off. S [...]


    Wow, I am so disappointed with this book! I read the first one and gave it a glowing review and was looking forward to reading the next book in the seriesbut this one is just a sex manual. What happened to having a plot along with your sex? You won't find a storyline in this book. I didn't care for Dex. He should have stuck with his "inner nerd" instead of coming off as an arrogant jerk. He was constantly reminding Ava how experienced he wasa more experienced woman would have found that a bit in [...]

    Books Laid Bare

    From the outset this was only ever heading in one direction, so I suppose the crux of the story wasn’t where they ended up it was how they got there and with this pair the journey certainly had enough happening to keep me glued to the page.Dex is faced with the dilemma of feeling a little too much for his best friend’s younger sister, Ava and as much as I can only imagine that, that isn’t exactly the best position to find yourself in I am also an advocate of the fact that, the heart wants [...]


    This is the first book that I have read by Shelly Alexander and I loved it. It was fun, flirty, and a very fast read. The hero, Dex, is a playboy that has always thought of his best friend's sister, Ava, as his little sister. That is until about two year's ago when he realized that he was in love with her. They had met everyday for coffee as friends for years but he has so far resisted the urge to take their relationship to the next level. At Ava's birthday party she asks him to be her date to h [...]


    Swoon! Shelly Alexander you did it again. I love these characters as much as the Red River ones!

    Literary Epic

    Who doesn’t love a book about a hot nerd?! Dexter was a cheeky chappy, who knows how to dominate in business and with women, only the one women he want he can’t have, his business partner/BF’s little sister… Ava. Both Dexter and Ava have had feelings for each other for a while. Neither taking it any further than friendship but when Ava calls Dex out on it, and the roller-coaster ride starts! This was a great read, it had everything in it and brought out a lot of emotion in me. It was hot [...]

    Stacey Broadbent

    Holy mother of hotness! This book! This is only the second book of Shelly Alexander's that I have read but she is fast becoming one of my absolute favourites! This book was smokin' hot!I absolutely loved the characters in this book. Dex is this suave, charming, sexy-as-hell ladies man. Along with his two friends, Leo and Oz, he runs his own business, Checkmate Inc, one of the hottest companies around.Leo's sister, Ava (Rookie) is a strong-willed, fiery, confident woman who has been in his sights [...]

    Sharon Kallenberger Marzola

    Shelly Alexandar is officially on my must read list. I like the way she writes, her characters, her dialog, the whole package. A good, light romance. Full Review on Badass Bloggettes. badassbloggettes

    Nicole Smith

    I liked this one and I'm a sucker for best friend's little sister stories. I liked the characters. The only thing is a had a tough time fitting the dirty talker Dex with the nerd side of him. I guess it was more to do with the terms he used to me they just didn't gel with his character. The only other thing that I wish was that had dual points of view, but that's just a personal reader preference. I still enjoyed the book being told by the hero's point of view. I must say it was a nice change. W [...]


    Such a sweet story! Review to come!

    Shannon Thompson

    I just finished Rookie Moves by Shelly Alexander. If you want to know what happens when you fall in love with your VERY over protective best friend's sister then this is the book for you. Plus throw in a little Chess Geek into the mix. Just remember the smart boys grow up too. I loved this book and now to read the first in the series and wait for the next book. Great job, Shelly. This is the first of your books I have read and can't wait until the next one is out! This is a must read!


    This book is so hot! I've read a couple of this author's other works, but not the first in the Checkmate series, so I was not expecting this. It's told entirely from the man's POV (Dex), and I think that really heightened the heat for me. There were a few times that I wished I knew the other side of the story, but it wasn't really necessary. The series is about a trio of friends who started a company to help transform men into something women want to date. These guys have above average IQs, and [...]

    Crystal Yawn

    I loved this book. It's fun and cheeky. Written from the male point of view gives you a different take from the average female driven genre. Ava is a strong , held back female who finally goes after what she wants. Dex is a loyal friend who fights his attraction for over 2 years. Little drama, lots of fun. Parts of the story are very repetitive; for example, Dex's lack of English skills when talking to Ava is pointed out multiple times and gets a tad annoying.

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