Nov 22, 2019
The Secret of Skull Mountain
Posted by Franklin W. Dixon

The Hardys team up with a team of engineers to discover how water is disappearing from Bayport s new reservoir near Skull Mountain.

  • Title: The Secret of Skull Mountain
  • Author: Franklin W. Dixon
  • ISBN: 9780448189277
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Secret of Skull Mountain The Hardys team up with a team of engineers to discover how water is disappearing from Bayport s new reservoir near Skull Mountain

    John Yelverton

    Yet another fun adventure from the Hardy Boys mystery book series.

    Giovanni Parla

    Its a new mystery that the Hardy boys are trying to put the puzzle pieces together!This time for Bay ports newest resavior, the water is leaking out at night, and only night. The resavior is located on skull mountain.Along with the water disappearing, there's been a lot of weird things going on on the mountain. Such as sightings of black smoke, but when you reach it, there's nothing there.Skulls randomly appear , either thrown at you, next you when you wake up, or even look away for a couple of [...]


    I came across this old Hardy Boys book, and before I gave it away to a kid I decided to read it again. I'm a middle-aged man, and it was fun to read a Hardy Boys book again, decades later. I was surprised how much I liked it. The suspense was still just as good as it was before, and of course it didn't take long to read. I had to chuckle at the notion of two teenagers foiling the best-laid plans of adults with money, but what the hey, it wasn't hard to set aside my disbelief in exchange for a co [...]

    Daniel Smith

    I really enjoyed this book. It was very scary and suspenseful. Chet always comes in and saves the day. When Joe and Frank get captured in the airport Chet is there to help them get away. I really liked this book and would recommend it to people who like scary and interesting mystery books


    Another engaging story.

    Stargazer R.L.

    At heart I'm a boy from the 1920s-40s. ^_^


    The only Hardy Boys I ever read, but it's the first book I remember becoming engrossed in that wasn't a comic book.

    Leona Ruth

    I was trying to think if there was anything I didn't like about this book, and I don't think there was!


    Read it to see if maybe it’s a series I should recommend to my kid. I always hear so much about the Hardy Boys. I have to say I was underwhelmed. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t wow.


    Action, adventure, danger, our hero's Frank and Joe Hardy pretty much what one reads the Hardy Boys book for.

    Ethan Hulbert

    Really love how Joe cradles that skull on the cover.Good story about a heist of water. Engineering power!


    This was pretty scary the end! Sailor Hawkins almost dynamited the roof of a cavern above Frank, Joe, Dick Ames, and Bob Carpenter. Bayport was losing water from a local reservoir. Frank and Joe found out that crooks were using a tunnel that went underground from the lake to the sea to deposit the water. The tunnel was a prehistoric natural wonder. They had to climb into the hole that led into the tunnel so they could stop the crooks. Sailor Hawkins and Tom Darby decided to try to scare them off [...]

    Catherine Woodman

    The classic boy detectives by Frank Dixon--I read ALL of them in my younger years, one I ran out of Nancy Drew books. The Hardy Boys are brother amateur detectives, aspiring to follow in their famous father's footsteps.The two boys live in the fictional city of Bayport (on Barmet Bay) with their famous father, Fenton Hardy, a private detective formerly with the New York Police Department, their mother Laura Hardy (erroneously called Mildred in The Flying Express), and their Aunt Gertrude, a char [...]

    Michael Fierce

    As seen in the enjoyable award-winning family film, The Legend of Tillamook's Gold.However, it was this edition glimpsed for a moment in the main characters hand.But, I like the artwork used for this particular edition.


    Entry 1-The main characters and protagonists are Joe and Frank Hardy. The antagonists are the people who make lots of Bayports wter disappear at night.Entry 3-There is no real setting. the point of view is third - person.Entry 3-The detectives Frank and Joe Hardy help their famous father on the case. The Hardys have to find out who is draining the water and where Dr. Foster is. It looks hopeless, but the hardy's capture the prisoners.


    The boys go on a camping trip in the mountains. But when stuff starts to happen the Hardys must find the answers. When skulls come rolling down the mountain. Chet ( Hardy Boy's friend) started to get scared.


    Another reread of a childhood favorite.


    This review is of the original 25 chapter book.




    Light fluffy mystery adventure, as well as being a small time capsule of the time period.Little too much running back and forth, but a fun story with an interesting mystery and plenty of action.


    In this one they have to figure out where the water is going. I like the tension and suspense.

    Caleb C

    Genre: MysteryQuarter Two

    ♆ BookAddict✒ La Crimson Femme

    I think the Hardy Boy books helped me with learning deductive and inductive skills. I had to work through logic. Who knew? I enjoyed all these books.

    Bryan Ewert

    Picked this up because Davis is reading it in "Physical Credit.""Oh boy, Frank and Joe are in quite the pickle."


    read when I was 10 through 13

    Valkyrie Oracle

    My book was published in 1966 and has the 1966 cover.


    Excellent series for young readers - highly recommended. I read these books when I was 10 - 15 years of age.


    this book is awesome


    In which sailors, scientists, plumbers and hermits team up to form the League of Evil Bayporters, Chet saves everybody's behind multiple times, and there's a lady named Potato Annie.

    David Wolowsky

    Dad got me this book because he didn't like me reading Nancy Drew mysteries lol. I was a kid and I liked it but I kept reading Carolyn Keene.

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