Apr 08, 2020
Before Tomorrow
Posted by Pintip Dunn

Prequel to the New York Times bestselling novel, Forget Tomorrow In a world where all seventeen year olds receive a memory from their future selves, Logan Russell s vision is exactly as he expects and exactly not He sees himself achieving his greatest wish of becoming a gold star swimmer, but strangely enough, the vision also shows him locking eyes with a girl from his paPrequel to the New York Times bestselling novel, Forget Tomorrow In a world where all seventeen year olds receive a memory from their future selves, Logan Russell s vision is exactly as he expects and exactly not He sees himself achieving his greatest wish of becoming a gold star swimmer, but strangely enough, the vision also shows him locking eyes with a girl from his past, Callie Stone, and experiencing an overwhelming sense of love and belonging Logan s not sure what the memory means, but soon enough, he learns that his old friend Callie is in trouble She s received an atypical memory, one where she commits a crime in the future According to the law, she must be imprisoned, even though she s done nothing wrong Now, Logan must decide if he ll give up his future as a gold star swimmer and rescue the literal girl of his dreams All he ll have to do is defy Fate.

  • Title: Before Tomorrow
  • Author: Pintip Dunn
  • ISBN: 9781633757714
  • Page: 184
  • Format: ebook
  • Before Tomorrow Prequel to the New York Times bestselling novel Forget Tomorrow In a world where all seventeen year olds receive a memory from their future selves Logan Russell s vision is exactly as he expects and

    Julia (ten_thousand_books)

    Whatever you demons, I'll protect you. Because we're meant to be together. I've known that from the beginning, even before I got my further memory. This short book was so cute! I can't wait to read the next one! It was time for this dragonfly to find a place to land 4.5/5 stars!


    This was a really sweet addition to book one in the series. Being able to see in Logan's mind and hear some of his reasonings is enthralling. Do you need to read it to get the story? Not at all, but is it totally worth it? I think so.


    This was a great intro to the series. Despite the length, you quickly are able to fall into the world created and to understand what the characters are going through, which is excellent story telling and writing.This book and talking with the author today at the book signing at our store has whet my appetite for the rest of the books in the series! She said that the others books in the series are even better than this one, so I'm excited to read them.4.5 stars, rounded down in anticipation of th [...]


    I am so happy I got to read this novella in advance! Before Tomorrow is a peek of Forget Tomorrow seen through Logan's eyes. Callie gets all the airtime in FT, but here, we get to see what's going on in the head of our favorite hunky swimmer and love interest, Logan. If I hadn't fallen in love with him in FT, he would have had me in Before Tomorrow. I loved learning his thoughts and feelings for Callie, and getting some revelations of what was happening behind the scenes with other characters, w [...]

    Melissa (YA Book Shelf)

    I loved being plopped into the mind of Logan Russell, both in the scenes I've read in Forget Tomorrow and those that demonstrate a whole new side of him, his insecurities, and nuances in his relationship with his parents, his coach, and the leader of the resistance, Melie. Some other reviews I've read suggested it was just FT in a different POV, but I disagree. I felt like I saw a different side of Logan through his interactions with other characters, and am now even more excited to read the las [...]


    Full Review to FollowAs an avid reader I love novellas they are different glimpses at beloved stories and characters. I hope Mrs. Dunn continues to give us novellas because they are fun and an excellent way of keeping the most starved fan satisfied until we get the last course! And then I hope we get a desert novella! 4.5 This is totally worth the read ESPECIALLY if you haven’t read the first in a while! 


    Copy received through NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewRead my interview with Pintip Dunn here.Before Tomorrow, or as everyone is referring to it, Logan's novella is the prefect addition to this series. Logan is still my most favorite character of them all, and exploring his train of thought was a joy. We get a glimpse of new characters, of things behind the scenes of the first book, and they're extremely entertaining.Fans of the series would love it. Don't skip out on it, you'll regret [...]

    Sarah Swann

    Good little novella. Got me excited to pick up the trilogy again since I just got the last book for review!

    Angel Leya

    Coming into this as a reader who has no knowledge of the world, I found this novella intriguing, but not quite satisfying.We meet Logan on his 17th birthday, the day when everyone receives their future memory. His is decidedly good, showing him winning a swim race, but the inclusion of Callie in that vision - a friend who he's long let slip, but has never quite left his mind - fills him with doubt. They haven't spoken for years, but seeing her fills him with hope. What does it mean? Callie's bir [...]


    Got this as part of the preorder for Remember Yesterday & loved it! Logan is adorable. I could read the entire first book in his perspective & be completely happy. Now to start Remember Yesterday.

    Siobhan Davis

    I'm enjoying Pintip's Forget Tomorrow series and I love the imagination behind the world building and the plot. Pintip also writes beautifully, and I enjoy her writing style. I fell in love with Logan in the first book and I was thrilled when I saw there was a companion novella being released in his perspective.While I wasn't expecting there to be huge differences in the story - it is a retelling from a different character's perspective after all - I was hoping to gain a better insight into Loga [...]


    I thought this was a fantastic prequel. It answered questions I had and we got Logan's perspective which was amazing.

    Gayle Noble

    An interesting novella which gives the other side of the Logan/Callie story and describes Logan's future memory in more detail. Quick read and enjoyable.


    This was a novella that gave us Logan's point of view and I loved seeing things from his perspective. It was fun to learn more about Logan and his family dynamics or lack there of. His dad sounds like a real jerk and his mom is wonderful but should learn to stand up to his dad in Logan's defense. I love he dropped his future to be with the girl of his dreams. Cannot wait to start Remember Yesterday.

    Suze Lavender

    When Logan receives his future memory he's surprised by the impact of the short fragment he's just seen. He will achieve his biggest dream, becoming a gold-star swimmer, but that isn't the part that makes him happy. It's watching the girl in his vision that matters the most. It's Callie, who's always been in his heart. Unfortunately Logan hasn't spoken to her in years. He never stopped noticing her though and maybe his future is showing him it's time to start talking to her again. She was his be [...]

    Sheyla ✎

    The novella is written from Logan's POV. It starts from the moment that he turns seventeen and his future memory is given to him. In the memory, he realizes he will be a gold star swimmer but also he sees Callie in his future, the girl he hasn't spoken to in six years.Logan also has to deal with his feelings about his future memory and his parents learning about it. He believes his father wouldn't have been happy if the memory wasn't a successful one. I was excited to read Logan's POV. It shows [...]

    Cristina Valencia

    As expected, I devoured this novella because Logan’s point of view does not disappoint! I might be somewhat biased because I’m so in love with this series but this little glimpse into Logan was awesome. He is even sweeter and more amazing than I originally thought. Anyone who has read and liked the other 2 books must not miss this one… and even if you are new to the series, this might be a good place to start. Before Tomorrow starts a little before the events of Forget Tomorrow (since we g [...]


    I received an eARC copy from the publisher via Net Galley, in exchange with an honest review.The thing about Novellas is that, if they are well written, they will leave you craving for "at least one more page".Going into Before Tomorrow, I knew that it was a novella. However, I was still really disappointed when I finished the book. I was craving for more.Seeing some of the events from Logan's point of view added a lot to the story. To me, this novella makes the 1st book even better.I really enj [...]

    Kimberly Westrope

    This is a short prequel to a series I have not read, but I will say that it got me curious enough that I will probably end up reading the rest of the Forget Tomorrow series. The story is very fast paced and suspenseful. The characters are well developed, especially for such a short story. I got to know them pretty well, and found myself rooting for them at the end.

    Penny Olson

    Before Tomorrow could be read before or after reading Forget Tomorrow. I thought it was great to learn the Logan's perspective and motivations as a balance to Callie's. We also learn what he sacrifices to help Callie. A good addition to the series.

    Tracy Karol

    Love the series, worth reading more than once.

    alice Tileston

    Received free for review:I loved the story! But it ended too soon!I like long novels and would like this story better if it wasn't chopped off.

    Just Another Bookish Blog

    I just finished the novella Before Tomorrow, by Pintip Dunn! Pintip was kind enough to send me a PDF copy for review! Thank you so much! I have reviews for Forget Tomorrow and Remember Yesterday if you click on those names. They both directly relate to the novella, so it might help a bit if you read those first. Guys, I honestly recommend these books. Not only are the covers gorgeous, but the story is a super creative dystopian novel, with awesome characters and that can really make you feel a b [...]

    Alice Reeds

    Actual rating 4.5 stars.Find my review (also) on my blog.* Thank you to Entangled TEEN for providing me with an eARC in exchange for my honest opinion * I am obsessed with the Forget Tomorrow Trilogy because both books have so far been absolutely amazing and Pintip is an awesome author, so when I heard that there would be a novella from Logan's POV, I was on that! Usually I'm not into novellas or prequels, but this one, I just had to have it and read it. I loved Logan in Forget Tomorrow and so g [...]

    Les Chroniques Aléatoires

    Voici une nouvelle qu’on ne s’attendait pas spécialement à voir.Ici, on n’est ni du point de vue de Callie, ni de Jessa. Là on suit le tome 1 à travers les yeux de Logan.Logan est un personnage assez neutre, distant. On pouvait se demander à quoi il pouvait bien servir dans l’histoire. Eh bien, nous avons la réponse : il sert à quelque chose de bien plus caché et de plus sentimental.On sait comment ça va se finir (lisez le tome 1 et 2) et on se demande comment il va supporter la [...]

    Ann Shannon

    Before Tomorrow is a novella that tells us the story of Forget Tomorrow from Logan’s point of view. It is not a recap, though, it offers us a fresh perspective on Logan’s struggle as he receives and learns to accept his future memory, tries to figure out his place in the world within that context and vows to help Callie when he realizes she is in trouble. Callie lives in a world where your entire future is determined by the memory you receive from your future self on your seventeenth birthda [...]


    I was given the opportunity to read Before Tomorrow via Entangled Publishing and NetGalley. This is my honest opinion of the book.Logan Russell just turned 17, which means that he has no choice but to receive his future memory. He wanted to refuse, but he could not jeopardize his brother's safety and put a target on all of their backs. Being a gold star swimmer has been his future aspiration, but until he received his future memory, Logan had no idea that his future intertwined with Calla Ann St [...]


    Before Tomorrow is an introduction to the fascinating world of Forget Tomorrow and Remember Yesterday by Pintip Dunn. It allows readers a chance to see crucial events from Forget Tomorrow unfold through Logan’s eyes. For readers who have previously not entered the Forget Tomorrow universe, this is a great starting point. For those who have already read one or both previously published titles, it offers an insight into Logan’s thoughts and feelings during a critical period in the timeline. I [...]


    "Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review."Thanks to NetGalley and Entangled Publishing for the opportunity to read and review Before Tomorrow by Pintip Dunn! The Forget Tomorrow series belongs in the dystopian genre, but also contains a touch of romance. Before Tomorrow dives into Logan's life and is told from his point of view, while the other books in this series, so far, are from female points of view. The story is enjoyable and it's definitely nice to see Logan's perspe [...]

    Kei • lovelypagesreviews •

    4 stars!I knew it! Ahh, Logan's novella was everything I hoped for and more. Every since I read Forget Tomorrow all I wanted was a glimpse inside Logan's mind and his memory and it was so beautiful, I just love the idea of this series that you receive a memory for your future self, it's so original and so well executed, amazing!

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