Dec 12, 2019
A Manhattanite's Christmas
Posted by Avery Aster

Move over, Vanderpump Rules, there s a new reality TV show about to air this holiday season, and it s hotter and naughtier than ever When it comes to raising his only son, who s on the spectrum, single dad Sheldon Truman will do whatever it takes to secure the best Christmas for his autistic child, even if that means marrying America s leading pop princess and starring onMove over, Vanderpump Rules, there s a new reality TV show about to air this holiday season, and it s hotter and naughtier than ever When it comes to raising his only son, who s on the spectrum, single dad Sheldon Truman will do whatever it takes to secure the best Christmas for his autistic child, even if that means marrying America s leading pop princess and starring on Newlywed Boot Camp to pay for it After all, he doesn t believe in marriage, monogamy, or happily ever after, so what s there to lose With a failing handbag line, a perfume brand that stinks, and a singing career gone flat, actress Neve Adele will do anything that her PR firm, Brill Inc throws her way So when she s cast alongside the hottest bad boy she s ever met, the cameras start rolling, and they re forced to share a bed The psychological games the show puts them through stir up painful emotions from her past, a childhood filled with impoverished abandonment Once the filming is over, the feelings that Neve s been faking toward Sheldon suddenly become a reality Can she stop thinking about him and get her career back on track Or will she give up her hunger for fame and get real with the Manhattanite who not only took her virginity but her heart

  • Title: A Manhattanite's Christmas
  • Author: Avery Aster
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  • Page: 128
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Manhattanite s Christmas Move over Vanderpump Rules there s a new reality TV show about to air this holiday season and it s hotter and naughtier than ever When it comes to raising his only son who s on the spectrum singl

    Sandy S

    3.5 starsABOUT THE BOOK:RELEASE DATE: October 20, 2016 Move over, Vanderpump Rules, there's a new reality TV show about to air this holiday season, and it's hotter and naughtier than ever. When it comes to raising his only son, who's on the spectrum, single dad Sheldon Truman will do whatever it takes to secure the best Christmas for his autistic child, even if that means marrying America's leading pop princess and starring on Newlywed Boot Camp to pay for it. After all, he doesn't believe in ma [...]


    This book had so much potential, but for me it fell incredibly short. First off, be aware this is a novella; the book ends at 67% of the way through and the rest is just exerts from other books. I wanted more of a slow burn attraction between Sheldon and Neve. I would have loved to read about them both being resistant to falling for each other and for feelings to have slowly developed. Instead, within an hour of meeting each other they are making out in a parking lot. The feelings developed way [...]

    DJ Sakata

    Favorite Quotes:I lick my cherry-lacquered lips confidently, objectifying him as if he were steak dinner at Keens restaurant in Herald Square… It’s as if the universe has scientifically blended Tom Hardy, Hugh Jackman, and Chris Hemsworth together, along with a smothering of sexy tattoos. Poof!Do what you do best, Miss Adele… Give ‘em crazy weave pulling-bitchy table flipping-dangerous car chasing-scare face busting-hell…My Review:Avery Aster is a cunning and crafty writer. It takes co [...]


    I would love to say that I’m up-to-date with sleaze-factor/2016

    Nadine Bookaholic

    Avery Aster does it again with this little gem! In this compelling story of two people that need one another in order to find their place in life again, there is so much chemistry between Neve and Sheldon that it threatens to melt your kindle. Neve's career is struggling and her PR people at Brill Inc believe that she can gain the public's respect once again by going on a new reality show "Newlywed Boot Camp" but there is one probleme's not married. In walk father of the year in my books, Sheldo [...]


    A Manhattanite's Christmas (Manhattanite's #5) by Avery Asher • Money/Fame This was not only my introduction to the Manhattanite's but also Avery Asher. Neve and Sheldon's story was unexpected but enjoyablely steamy. From pretend to forever? You'll have to read A Manhattanite's Christmas to find out. I definitely want to read more of this series and others by this author. ~Author Note ~Often while reading Avery Aster’s books, readers have been known to experience hot flashes, orgasms, and la [...]


    Love the fun, sexy, over-the-top romances of the Manhattanite’s and this one doesn’t disappoint. Neve is trying to revive her failing celebrity status and needs to get on a reality show to get her star back on the rise. Taddy, as her PR agent, has a great plan but she needs a husband. Enter sexy Sheldon, Taddy’s soon to be brother-in-law, single dad that needs the cash. With so much on the line for both Neve and Sheldon, can they pretend long enough to fool everyone? Or will they be surpri [...]


    I received an ARC from NetGalley for an honest review. This was a disappointing read. Honestly I could barely finish it. The characters didn't draw me in and I was pretty bored with it.


    A fake becomes real. Taddy n Blake's client is dropping n they made a plan for her renounce. A fake marriage.Dog eats dog, it's ugly when u want to get what u want, truly ugly.

    Bev Ross

    Love it! I love Avery Aster! The Manhattanites are the funniest most entertaining books I've read in year's!! Love them!! Outrageous characters that you just have to love no matter how crazy they are!!


    I received this book via ARC from a book group. I haven’t read any of the books in this series. But I immediately purchased the previous books in the series. I found that author Avery Aster does amazing things with words.She brings to the table a book that is based around the holiday season but most of it takes place prior to the holiday. Sheldon, wants to give his son everything in his power. To help him overcome his challenges and make the world an easier place to navigate. His son’s mothe [...]

    Rebecca Austin

    Sheldon Truman is a single dad to son Liam, who has autism. Sheldon now faces a legal battle as Liam's mom, Ruby Crundwell, is getting out of prison soon and has decided she wants Liam back. Needing money Sheldon is not sure where to turn when an opportunity comes up that may be too good to be true.At 22, Neve Adele is beginning to turn into a has-been. She will do anything to get her career going again and when an opportunity comes up to appear on a Celebrity Newlywed Reality show she jumps on [...]


    This book had a lot of potential, but unfortunately, the very quick pace left me wanting more. That being said, it's still a good short read. Sheldon is a single dad who was recently fired from his job as an airplane mechanic. With a son on the spectrum and an ex who will be released from prison soon, he really needs the money to fight his ex for custody of his son. In walks Neve, a struggling actress/singer who really needs a PR boost to help get her career back on track before she becomes a wa [...]

    bookaholic ge

    Neve Adele is trying to give her career a boost and the only solution her PR company could come up with is her being a part of a high paying celebrity Newlywed Boot Camp reality TV show. There's only one problemShe's not married!Sheldon Truman spent his life being the life of the party until one night of fun turns his life upside down. In one day he finds out not only is he a father but the mother of the child is also locked up in jail for fraud. Although Sheldon has always been able to make end [...]

    P.e. lolo

    Sheldon Truman is a single father after his baby’s mother was sent to jail. After meeting his son for the first time he realizes that he is autistic. He does what any parent would do and that is change their life for their child. Now years later and his son doing great, the mother is looking at getting out of prison and wants the son back. Sheldon thinks this will undo all of the progress that has been made but does not have the money to fight her in court. Enter Neve Adele, singer, actress, a [...]


    *** I voluntarily reviewed this book, via NetGalley I gained no monetary incentives nor was I specifically requested to review the book, these are my honest ramblings and I hope you enjoy reading them - kat***I do like the characters that Avery Aster writes about, they are pure escapism and a great way to zone out from the humdrum reality of real life.We really don't get to see much of the familiar characters in this book, a brief cameo by Taddy and Kiki and Blake at Brill inc, but the main stor [...]


    ***ARC Kindly Provided by Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an Honest Review***As a new author to me, and one I've heard a lot about this book really appealed to me and I'm glad I got the chance to read it. The story itself really drew me in and kept me engaged and completely entertained from start to finish and it was such an easy read. There was little in the way of angst, plenty of hot moments between the two main characters and although no stand out moments of fun. There were certainly [...]

    Ashley S.

    Gah! I absolutely loved each and every moment of this book! I love Avery Aster. This author truly knows how to rope in a reader and hold on until the very last sentence. Or, wait, is that just me? It seems to happen with each Manhattanite series book and A Manhattanite's Christmas was no different.What did I love most about this book? Probably the down-on-his-luck and -love Hero with a heart of gold, a head on his broad shoulders, and let's not forget about his animal instincts. Wow, was this bo [...]

    Amy Barber

    ***3.5 stars *** Avery Aster's Manhattanites are like a soap opera that I just can't get enough of. Reading about rich, privileged, elite people doesn't sound like my idea of fun, but almost all of these characters I can't help but just to love them. In this book we get to spend time with Taddy's finace's brother. He is a single dad to an autistic son and he loses his job. On top of that, the boy's mother is about to get out of prison and she wants the child back after Sheldon has had him for th [...]

    Melissa J (Book Addicts Reviews)

    3.5 stars!! A fast paced sexy love story. I did enjoy this book. I liked both the hero and the heroin. I think Sheldon is a hunk of a man and an extremely good father. Never is exactly as I think most celebrities you see on reality shows are but I like what Sheldon brings out in her. This book was meant to be fast paced and it was. My criticism is in the way that it went. I did not understand how a virgin meets a guy and within an hour he is feeling her up. And then taking her V card without eve [...]


    I loved this book. I felt for Sheldon so much. Here he is an alcoholic playboy and boom he has a child he never knew about, and boom he is autistic. Sheldon did everything he can for his son. Got sober, got him all the help he can and works really hard. But he's losing his job. So he gets offered a chance to go on a reality show a marriage bootcamp. But he isnt married but he'll do anything to give his son a Christmas to remember. Neve Adele is hanging on to being a star byher fingernails. But d [...]


    *A copy of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley for the purpose of an honest review.*I liked the storyline but this story felt a lot like the reality show inside the story, I found it shallow and unrealistic. Sure it was hot and had some good points but surly not my best read. I actually sighed at the beginning of the story because of the description of Neve was of a all fake exterior.Never the less I read the whole story and my conclusion is that I feel like the author tried to [...]


    Once again, Avery Aster succeeds to hook me with her writing. I absolutely loved this book. Neve has been that big of a character in the series but I do have to say, her story was very interesting and quite a bit different when compared to other Manhattanites' stories. The other factor, that makes this book so great, was Sheldon. Warner is one of my favourite book boyfriends and to know that he has this amazingly hot brother, makes me a bit jealous of all the fiction women out there. I loved the [...]

    Alyssa Drake

    The concept of this book is fun and one of the reasons I chose to read it. An actress fakes a marriage to get on a reality tv show about newlyweds - fabulous! The pacing of novel is good; it never lags and seamlessly transitions between scenes. I had two tiny issues with this story. First, I find it highly improbably that a virgin will jump into bed with a man she just met (even though she faked her own sex tape). Second, the book ended much too quickly. I really wanted their love story to conti [...]

    Christina Montminy

    I received this book from Net Galley for an honest review. I enjoyed this book. It was a quick read with a quick love. A reality show is the start of a special romance for a young woman looking for her place in show business again & a man who's not looking for love but finds it in 2 different places. With a surprise near the end we get the feeling that this book is about forgiveness, not only from or for other people, it's also about forgiving oneself. The story gets hot & steamy fast &a [...]


    This is my first book by this author and it didn't disappoint. I can't wait to go back to the beginning of the series and start from book one.Neve and Sheldon are polar opposites, but both need something important to them and go into this faux relationship for there reasons with nothing expected. Then boom the reality show starts and the fun begins, this book was both sweet, funny & sexy, and definitely a book I would recommend I received this book for a honest review


    This was certainly a LOL kind of book. I would find myself laughing more than not, however, some of the shallowness of the characters seemed real monotonous. The ending seemed a bit rushed as well. She really didn't go into detail in how they both were feeling, and then all of a sudden they are madly in love in the endems far fetched to me. This wasn't my favorite read, but it wasn't too bad.


    I enjoyed the crazy ride that Sheldon & Neve took us on. Their story, though a little over the top, was a good read and made me smile a lot.I've read one other book in this series and I can truly say that the Manhattanites are a crazy bunch. Ms. Aster's characters are outrageous in their shenanigans, but lovable in the end.I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this novel.


    This review is based on the ARC received from the author and/or the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest opinion.It read remarkably quickly. It was a little difficult connecting with the characters.

    Kim Vanravenswaay

    I love reality T.V. So this book was right up my alley.Neve wouldn't know about being real if Sheldon bit her on the ass with it. She learns the hard way that the only way to keep Sheldon is by being herself. He loves her no matter what has happened in her past.

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