Nov 22, 2019
Because I Love You
Posted by Max Lucado Mitchell Heinze

A long time ago a wise man named Shaddai built a wonderful village for children to live in He talked to them and sang for them and told them stories He gave them everything they needed And with his own hands Shaddai built a protective wall around their village, rock by rock.He did all of this for just one reason because he loved them.One day Paladin, the village s mostA long time ago a wise man named Shaddai built a wonderful village for children to live in He talked to them and sang for them and told them stories He gave them everything they needed And with his own hands Shaddai built a protective wall around their village, rock by rock.He did all of this for just one reason because he loved them.One day Paladin, the village s most curious child, discovers something troubling about the wall Something that makes him wonder about Shaddai s love Could there be a mistake Young Paladin is about to discover the answer And when he does, he will come to understand just how deeply he is loved.And so will you.Everything God does for your children, He does because of love He protects them He listens to their prayers He provides for their needs He even gives warnings and sets boundaries for no other reason than love.As an adult you already know this Now your children can know it too through this captivating tale, which was first published in the award winning children s bestseller Tell Me the Story.Let this timeless story of a curious boy s choice and a caring man s sacrificial response help you make the infinite love of their Heavenly Father as real to your kids as your own love Because they need to understand about Him what you have already learned that everything God does throughout our lives, He does for one reason only, and for the best reason of all Because I Love You.

  • Title: Because I Love You
  • Author: Max Lucado Mitchell Heinze
  • ISBN: 9780891079927
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Because I Love You A long time ago a wise man named Shaddai built a wonderful village for children to live in He talked to them and sang for them and told them stories He gave them everything they needed And with his ow


    I take my hat off to Max Lucado for this series of books. It brings the whole concept of God's love home to little ones in such a special way that adults benefit from it too. Leonie (for some reason) cannot stop looking at the page where Palladin gets lost and sits on the ground crying. Heinze's illustration shows that Shaddai is coming in the distance, so Leonie whispers: "He's coming!" after which we have to go to the next page and then she'll stare at the image of Shaddai with Palladin in his [...]


    I like the illustrations and the plot.Indirectly, it teaches children that God loves his creation. God sets boundaries for people to protect them like this man built a wall to protect the children in his village. If God wants to prevent us from wrong doing, He can, but that not what He wantsHe wants us to have a free will. Similarly, this man made holes in the wall to teach the children how to control their inner voicesd when they make mistake God is ready to helpke this man who was ready to hel [...]

    Madi Sharp

    I absolutely loved this book. It has such a wonderful message that everyone can learn from. It taught that we can always come back if we go astray. The man in the story is very similar to Christ and I could relate to the little boy. He wanted to see what is on the other side of the wall even though he was told it wasn't safe. Often times people have to learn the hard way. It also showed that Christ is always looking out for us even before we call out to Him.

    Haydn Bryant

    This is one of my favorite children's books. It is the story of a wise-man named Shaddai and his village of boys. He loves, cares for, and knows all of the children in the city, he protects them and builds a wall as a safeguard for them. One inquisitive boy finds something wrong with the wall and confronts Shaddai about it. To find out what happens, read Because I Love You.I really liked this. The whole story is a metaphor for God's love and protection over his children and that would be how I t [...]


    Sweet allegory of God's love for us. I loved the illustrations.

    Kara Moreland

    This book tells about a "creator" who made the best place for his children. He built a wall to keep them safe and told them not to go through it. One of the boys did go through it and got trapped on the other side. The "creator" already knew though. He knew to open another hole, he knew before the boy cried for help and he was on the way there before he knew he was in danger. He is always watching out for us because he loves us. I love this book. The message that it has about God loving us no ma [...]

    Makayla Anderson

    Picture BookThis book has a great underlying meaning. From the perspective of a curious little boy who gets in trouble because he doesn't follow what the caretaker says.

    Moriah Keen

    I enjoyed this book because it shows that there will always be someone that loves and cares for you. After reading this book I can tell every single one of my students how much I love and care for them. Also I can mention to my students that the reason we have rules and guidelines are because I care for each and everyone of them that I do not want them to get hurt. This would be good for 2nd through 5th graders.

    Captherine ✪

    Really touching book that has beautiful, sunlight-filled paintings. To be honest, though, I always used to get really creeped out at the part when the boy, Paladin, is walking in the forest and then he finds that the wall's closed up and he can't get back home. //shudders// Nightmare fuel. ~(view spoiler)[People are constantly asking "if God exists, and he's so good, then why do bad things happen?" and Christians'll say something like "freewill." That answer's clearly not sufficient, since peopl [...]

    Jessica Rawden

    Ah, Christian fiction. I knew people were often not on board with this book, finding it to not be kosher, if you will (had to), but I didn't know why until I picked it up. It's kind of a shame that this book is a super Christian message about the maker and not just a lesson learning story or a cultural teaching story. It's really a shame because Mitchell Heinze's artwork has a real texture to it that I liked. I wish that people wouldn't bulldoze their faith around and would instead try to just t [...]


    I get what Lucado is trying to do; simplify God's love for us and willingness to let us make our own choices, but I think the boy should have actually encountered a wolf or gotten lost, not returned to a closed wall. The closed wall sends a mixed message. My four-year-old asked why the boy got locked out by the man. And why, oh why???, did he choose those horrible (albeit, Biblically reminiscent) names? I think Moses, Peter or Jonah would have been a lot better choices for the boy, and something [...]


    A wonderful analogy for teaching children & youth why our loving Heavenly Father gives us commandments, why He gave us the gift of free agency, and how He is always readily available to rescue us when we choose the wrong path (He already provided the way for us to return to Him by sending His Son to atone for our sins and be our Redeemer). His gift was given for all, but we each have the choice to accept His gift or not. All we need to do is call to Him with a "broken heart and contrite spir [...]

    Denise Kerns

    GOD:BY= Georgia KernsThis story is talking about how God is always their for you even when you've done something wrong. Sometimes you think that it's God's fault for letting the situation happen to you, but always remember in the bible it says "I will never leave you or forsake you". Always make sure you read your bible everyday. It's funny that I thought of this verse because I don't even read the bible and where I here that verse at is from the word of the Lord I hear at church.

    Maggie Wells

    "Because I Love You" is a book that I have read many times throughout my childhood, and every time I read it again, it warms my heart and gives me a that feel good perspective. What I like most about this book is that it shows kindness all the way throughout and shows children the theme of friendship and how being nice to everyone is a great thing. Now that I have grown up, reading the story makes me realize that the man running the village for the children, is a lot like teachers, as they love [...]


    If I could add an extra star I would. This book is just SO good. I could read it over and over again. It's message is so amazing and it makes me tear up every single time I read it. I use it to teach about rules and why I establish rules in my classroom. It teaches about agency and Heavenly Father's love for all of his children. It talks about how well He knows us. It's just such an amazing book with so many different takes!

    Toryn Coombs

    This is such an inspirational book. The story is sweet and you can find so many connections to the idea of Christ and the role he plays in our life. I think that because one of the main characters is a child we are able to really understand the love that the man has for the child and the pure curiosity and innocence of the child. The art was beautifully done and went perfectly with the beautiful words written!

    Ashlyn Phillips

    I really loved this book and the message that it had. Though it may not be entirely correct with LDS doctrine I really did like it. I thought that it was relatable to us here on earth now and how we get lost when we don't heed God's word, but he is always there to help us and lead us home. I would read this to my children and try to teach them about His love. -On my test I accidentally mixed up this title with "you are mine", in the short answer section.


    Great book to use in the class, at home, or at church. Great lessons that can be learned. We are protected by certain rules or guidelines but we are not forced to obey. We have agency and this book does a great job at teaching how important our choices are. It also shows that love is shown through teaching and letting the children choose for eh themselves. Many lessons that can be applied to many settings.


    Very good. It's simple, and a good story for little children. But being allegorical, it also is a good story for older children and adults as well. I picked it up and read it, and promptly bought it so I could read it to an 11-year-old friend who had recently been asking me questions like "Why does God let people sin?"


    This has beautiful artwork. What I didn't like was the message. The child was saved after he was told he wouldn't be. It blurs the line of authority and doing the right thing. I get that even after the child does the wrong thing that God saves him. But, in real life, that's not the case. So, it creates mixed feelings for me.

    Mary Baker

    This is a book for older readers. The illustrations are beautiful but the text and message is intented for older readers. People who really care about us are always there but let us decide and choose for ourselves. This story is very heartwarming and enlightening and reminds us that someone is always there.


    A warm tale of how much God loves us that he would protect us and keep us safe.This is such a sweet book, I love how Max Lucado expertly shows children just how much God loves them and still makes it so they can understand, without making it a boring read for parents either.*Taken from my books review blog: reviewsatmse/2008


    Childrens parable about God and how he knows each one of us by name. He builds a wall to keep us out of sin, but for some reason we continue to want to get through the wall. Theres a hole in the wall. God wants us to stay with Him because we want to. Once we're entangled in sin it's hard to go back, but it's possible. God comes to rescue us, by sending His son Jesus.


    I read this and don't get it. Is this guy supposed to be God. Is this a cult training manual for kids? What's with the wallwhy does he have to build a wall, oh because he needs a life. it's plain creepy. But by all means enjoy your bearded Zeus god fantasy. Even my daughter says this is kind of strange.


    I got this story partly to help explain the need for rules to my middle child at a younger age. I reread it with my youngest child, 5, today, but we have read it many times in between. It's an excellent story, with beautiful illustrations, and conveys not only the need for rules, but also that God is loving and forgiving.


    I LOVE Max Lucado and this book is a great addition. I love the parable style he uses and the illustrated pictures. Lucado uses such a strong love of God as he writes and it comes through in all his books.


    This is one of my favorite books to give to children/babies for birthdays. I love this book! It teaches children to love themselves for who they are and that it it doesn't matter what other people think of them; that what only matters is that Heavenly Father loves them.


    Another great lesson from Max Lucado! Sometimes we make the wrong choice, but we can be saved all we have to do is ask for help. This would be a wonderful book for jail ministry. Shows us that we can turn our life around, and that it is not too late to change.


    Bella's book She loves for us to read to her. Seriously she LOVES it! She has all sorts of books but my faves to read to her are Christian children's books. Max Lucado's books are some of my favorite. Jason and I read his books so its cool to have Bella books by him as well.

    Brianna Schrag

    One day Paladin, the village's most curious child, discovers something troubling about the wall. Something that makes him wonder about Shaddai's love. Could there be a mistake? Young Paladin is about to discover the answer. And when he does, he will come to understand just how deeply he is loved.

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