Nov 22, 2019
Monster: Night Riders MC
Posted by Kathryn Thomas

A president s got a reputation to keep Blake I ve got blood on my hands, scars than tats I don t love I f and forget When I see Lauren on that auction block Something inside of me snapped I m the last thing she wants But I m the only hope she s got Because out here, might is right And she can either jump in bed with a monster to live or get tossed to A president s got a reputation to keep.Blake I ve got blood on my hands, scars than tats I don t love I f and forget When I see Lauren on that auction block Something inside of me snapped I m the last thing she wants But I m the only hope she s got Because out here, might is right And she can either jump in bed with a monster to live or get tossed to the devils to die Lauren I wasn t supposed to end up here On an auction block in front of a jeering crowd And then I see him The monster who ll claim me A man whose hard tattooed body is matched only by his ruthlessness A man who terrifies me And when he looks in my eyes I can practically hear him growl Feel his rough hands on my curves His scarred body pressed against mine And the words keep echoing in my ear Don t forget You re MINE Monster is a full length, standalone romance novel with steamy hot sex, strong language, an HEA ending and NO CLIFFHANGERS Contains dark and disturbing themes, and over the top sexiness that may be uncomfortable for some readers.

  • Title: Monster: Night Riders MC
  • Author: Kathryn Thomas
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Monster Night Riders MC A president s got a reputation to keep Blake I ve got blood on my hands scars than tats I don t love I f and forget When I see Lauren on that auction block Something inside of me snapped I m the last


    DNF at 45%. This was such a disappointment.The cover was great and the story sounded right up my street. unfortunately the writing was terrible. It was clunky and awkward to read. I tried with this one, I really did.

    Heather Leigh

    Would have been good if an editor was on this book- so many grammatical errors. I didn't finish this book, but if had potential

    ★¸. • * ° * ༺*Blanka*༺*°°*•.¸. ♥★

    If I could rate this a -1 I would. This was one of the biggest clusterfucks ever!The heroine (whose name I have already forgotten) is trying to take a couple of weeks off to ride. She is spoiled, her parents are assholes, and her boyfriend/fiancee is a square. So, she is trying to ride -and not a bike but get in her car and find herself I assume Not even a couple of hours later on her one man journey her tire goes flat few minutes later a truck pulls up.e flirts and ten minutes later finds herse [...]


    I decided to write this review 50% into my reading. I might finish the book, but kind of doubted. My belief is that you can tell a lot about a book within the first few chapters and I was disappointed by this one. The plot had potential, however, it was disorganized and lacked smooth transitions. Perhaps if it was properly edited, I would've enjoyed it. There were a lot of editing issues, especially, sentence structures and small annoying errors such as he vs. her - my vs. her. It was very easy [...]

    Jennifer Finn

    I started reading this & I immediately experienced déjà vu & then I realized why because the beginning is EXACTLY like Never Love An Outlaw by Nicole Snow ! I was pissed off so I stopped reading it, this is the first time I haven't rated a book & DNF'd it & I will be getting a refund.

    Sarah K. Vetter

    Poorly written, awkward transitions that made no sense in the storyline. Character dialogue often read like they were part of two different conversations. I finished it through pure strength of will alone. I almost DNF’d and that hasn’t happened to me since 5th grade, I’m 37 now. I don’t even know what to suggest to make it better? I think it would have to be completely re-plotted and rewritten to be honest. If you are looking for a well written but still steamy romance check out someone [...]

    Karen Bullock

    Very sad and disappointed in this book; the blog about it sounded good and the enticingly good looking model on the front proved false promises. Almost every single page had typos and there seemed to be a huge conflict as to what the story was really about. At first it seemed that Lauren was the key character in the story but then it changed to Blake and he undoubtedly was thee worst representation of an MC president I have ever read. I think the authors overall concept of the story, human traff [...]


    It was bad and I really gave it try. The beginning was bad but one of the reviews on said it got better at the half-way point (liar-liar) then I was at 70% thinking well I've come this far. What a waste of my time. The idea had promise but that's all I can say about it.The story: a spoiled young woman decides she's going to road-trip it by herself despite her disapproving father and (boring) boyfriend, only her mom seems to secretly support her. Just a couple hours out (I guess, the author neve [...]

    Dyantha Bogerd

    Okay so the blurb attracted me! you know kidnapped, being sold and then 'rescued' and of course bikers! I think this book could have potential but the writing was sloppy and seem to miss a few word here and there and the story was not what I expected the first few pages of the book I actually was like Ohh I like it Lauren the H of the book in the first pages I was okay girl! speak up and go do your thing! but soon after she left her home I just wanted to slap her! okay so here is my little rant [...]

    Chelsea Minson

    What in the ever living fuck did I just read? The book started out okay. A girl just graduated college and wants to take a road trip to find herself. Okay. Her life seems boring anyway. Gets a flat tires a few hours in to her journey. Okay, shit happens. Meets a guy who is going to help her. He ends up kidnaping her and selling her as a sex slave. Up till this point, I was okay with everything. Then enter Blake. He buys her and then basically tells her that he knows she likes it and wants to fuc [...]


    I would Ave rated this book higher but editing was horrific. The basis of the story is rich father wants daughter to marry a respectable man. The Daughter decides she wants to see the world own her own. After much discussion, she leaves town heading anywhere. She starts getting adventurous taking side roads and finding small quaint towns. Her car blows out a tire and she has no spare. A truck stops and offers help. Next thing you know she naked and being sold at a motorcycle club. Blake outbids [...]


    hot storyI early enjoyed this book there were definitely some twists and left you shocked, Lauren didn't want to settle down yet and want to explore and let her wings fly. Or so she thought,,,the trip gets stated and you feel happy that's she's doing what she wants against her dad and drews protest. .but then something unexpected happens Will she make it out alive?Blake is a Night Ryder. Motorcycle group that is having trouble from within and a few are trying to start on their own. Can Blake sav [...]

    Desiree Jamison

    No goodI stopped reading this book before it was finished. Lauren was kidnapped and sold to a hunky guy in a motorcycle gang. That was all fine. The first few chapters were ok you couldn't really tell how awkward the dialogue was but then they made it to the compound and it got really annoying. There was way too much talk during the sex scenes. I'm all for dirty talk but these were full on discussions, it wasn't sexy at all!!! Then Lauren wanted to go home but she still wanted the D so she didn' [...]

    Ashley M.

    NopeJust a bunch of nope. I read 20% of the book before finally giving up. This book needs some major proofreading especially when it comes to words "he", "she", and "the." Also, if you are going to write a sex scene please re-read it a few times to make sure it actually makes sense (which you should do anyways). He flips her onto her back, and she moaned as he took her from behind does that make sense to you? Nope? Didn't think so. I got this book for free and I still would not recommend it. Ma [...]

    Carole Klimesch

    Proof reader neededThe story not bad but the misused pronouns are awful. You have to re-read the sentence to figure out what the author intended. It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't so frequent. Also there are a lot of added words that are out of place and some just out of place. All in all reading this book is work even if the storylines are interesting. The book could have used a good editor. The story gets a little repetitive and the heroine is an idiot. The writer shows promise but lacking p [...]

    Sheila Mamon

    Has potentialThis story was a bit too 'over the top' for my tastes. I loved the story line , but couldn't get into it - the main characters indecisiveness got old about a 1/4 way through the book.And the grammar. this appears to be more of a rough draft : lots of duplicate words and phrases, missing words, the wrong words, using 'hers' instead of 'his', etc this author is very creative but desperately needs a good proofreader and maybe a feedback group to take her book from amateur to a professi [...]

    Jennifer Nigh

    Way too crude for my taste.So instead of going into everything I didn't like I will just do a basic over view. The main thing is this went way pass basic MC romance to very crude. I know the warning, but the warning didn't include the crudeness. Also the spelling and grammar were horrible. Half the time you could not make out or understand what the characters were talking about. I highly recommend skipping this book.

    Cherye Elliott

    MonsterI am giving this a 4 because of the grammar. Yikes. Please proof.The books premise is good but maybe a outline or flow chart would have helped keep this story more focused. The relationship between Drew and Dad was weird. Mom at the end was way off of the charts. The rivalry between the two clubs was sketchy. One night of good sex does not make the prisoner compliant.What was good. The actual kidnapping. The auction happened too quickly. But that was good.

    Bethany Davis

    Editing neededI had to quit reading at 26% through. I'm ok with some editing mistakes but these just made the story disjointed and hard to follow. Also felt like the details didn't match up in a single scene. Example of both in 1 section "her rolled her over to her back and entered her from behind" I'm thinking this should be "HE rolled HER" and how can you enter someone from behind who is on their back? Just one instance but it's happened a few times already.


    I really enjoyed the plot of this book & the ending. But I had to take a star away for the grammar, a lot of mistakes, misuse of the right pronoun (he, she, his, her) which caused a lot of confusion & rereading. Also a lot of the scenes skipped around & were hard to follow. I was confused a lot but it was worth it. I truly enjoyed the plot.

    Kristina Arias

    HorribleI have read a lot of books on my kindle Never wrote a review But this is disorganized, grammar is poor, its frustrating. I actually went to read the other reviews to see if I was the only one. Sure enough, I'm not!!! I give Kathryn kudos for bravery to write, but there's much more that needs help. Please read the reviews.


    This work is in serious need of editing. Ms. Thomas couldn't have read this. Any author that doesn't bother to proof their own work is just lazy and uncaring. If you can't do it yourself, you should hire someone to do it for you. I would never buy another book by this author. The grammatical errors detract from the story and make it impossible to enjoy this.

    Diane Kryszczuk

    OMG where is proof reading gone?This by far is the worst book I've tried to read in years. Stopped trying at 24% on kindle, do to re-reading the same sentence two times and shill not knowing who the hell was doing what. The book is unreadable. Don't waste your money on this.

    melanie rubin

    Negative starsAwful all round. Awful storyline, awful characters and awful writing. Wish I could give it negative stars to illustrate how bad it was. Had to give 1 to be able to leave review

    Leslie Sansom

    I made it to 68% of this book before I had to put it down. The short sentences, the incomplete thoughts and the way they talked like teenagers were such a turn off. The back and forth, back and forth, I'm with you, I hate you, was very tiring. I couldn't finish it.

    Shannon Duvall

    I liked the story line, but there were so many grammatical errors I was editing the book the entire time. That's extremely frustrating and the language used could have been more expressive. I liked how the book ended, but it needs some serious help with the language.

    Carole Palmer

    Is there less than 1I understand fantasy, sometimes even violent, but I read about 100 pages and was repulsed. Seriously, some chick is going to be kidnapped, assaulted, sold on an auction block and then some how aroused by thatallye is that depraved formething.


    EditThe story was different. I enjoyed it. The editing was awful. I can overlook minor errors but this was every page. I don't think I can do another book by this author if the editing is this bad.


    A waste of time I read to relax and this book was a nightmare to read. There are so many typos it's hard to follow. There are also major continuity issues. Although there appears to be a plot it is not developed enough to really follow.


    Not for meDidn't really like this book and I have read several MC books. I stopped reading half way through because my interest was lost. Some of you may like it but I couldn't get into it.

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