Apr 02, 2020
O Último Adeus
Posted by Kate Morton

O melhor romance da autora reconhecida mundialmente pelo p blico e a cr tica.Numa majestosa casa de campo inglesa um mi do desaparece sem deixar rasto Setenta anos depois Sadie Sparrow, de visita a casa de seu av , encontra uma mans o abandonada Espreita atrav s de uma janela e sente que alguma coisa terr vel aconteceu nessa casa.

  • Title: O Último Adeus
  • Author: Kate Morton
  • ISBN: 9789896650148
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Paperback
  • O ltimo Adeus O melhor romance da autora reconhecida mundialmente pelo p blico e a cr tica Numa majestosa casa de campo inglesa um mi do desaparece sem deixar rasto Setenta anos depois Sadie Sparrow de visita a ca


    I loved this book to start with and I hated this book by the end and therefore I found this such a difficult Novel to rate and review. Firstly the setting for the Lake house is amazing and Kate Morton has a wonderful sense of time and place in her novels. Set in two time frames, 1930s Cornwall and 2003 London the plot slowly unfolds and the author introduces two mysteries that need solving. I was totally drawn in by the descriptive and vivid writing and the wonderful images that that the author [...]


    I had really, really wanted to wait a little closer to the publishing date to read this, but based on all of the great feedback, and my love of her previous novels I couldn't resist. So here I sit having just finished let me start off by saying that all expectations I had for this have been exceeded. I have enjoyed all of KM's novels but this one will easily go down as my favorite. As a writer, she has a unique gift of being able to weave past and present stories together in a way that seems eff [...]


    Hmm Good, but not as good as I expected. Feeling a little underwhelmed right now. This one had been sitting on my Audible shelf for a long time. Even though it has been on the bestseller lists forever, the twenty plus hour length was daunting. Finally, I decided to tackle it.The story is told in multiple timeframes -early 1900s, 1930's and 2003- and has multiple stories woven together. The common thread is Sadie Sparrow, a London detective on leave after leaking information to the press about a [...]

    Cathrine ☯️

    I only got through a quarter of it. Just cannot get interested in the story. Jumps back and forth between multiple time periods and characters with long-winded descriptions about everything and everyone. It was like listening to someone trying to tell me a story that cannot stay on track. I liked her other books. Perhaps I'm too impatient and the timing for this one was not right. Reading can be such a subjective endeavor sometimes.


    Either I'm now so old, bitter and cynical that I can no longer enjoy harmless fluff, or this wasn't anywhere near as good as Kate Morton's others. Two things are inevitable when authors recycle the same formula: a) you'll compare every detail of each new book to its predecessors, and b) there will come a point when said formula starts to feel tired and past its best. The Lake House just doesn't have the same magically indulgent appeal as the author's previous books, though the ingredients are th [...]

    Diane S ☔

    Two different story lines decades apart, a young boy missing in the past and a policewoman at odds with her superiors and a woman author, make up this story. As with all Morton novels, very descriptive and atmospheric, maybe too much so. Her novels seem to follow a pattern, but this is a comfort read, one know exactly what one will get. A little suspense, a family tragedy, secrets and at last a dénouement. As for the end, a little to pat, too neatly tied up and ultimately a disappointment.

    B the BookAddict

    I never review Morton's books. They are just a reading treat, kinda like a piece of reading chocolate. As always, enjoyable but this one was a bit too neatly tied up at the end.


    I tried but I can't like this one as much as every one else does. The story is good, some of the characters are interesting but the author just uses far too many words! I was obliged to skim quite a lot of the text just because she rambled so far from the purpose of the book. And then one complete star off for that awfully contrived ending. Sorry everyone who loved it - it obviously just wasn't for me:(


    Welcome to LoeannethYou are in a lush and abundant English garden in Cornwall on a secluded lakeside estate.You know the kind; the ones that seem naturally resplendent with rhododendron, foxglove, bluebells, boxwood, ivy and creeping phlox. So beautiful and fragrant it overwhelms your sense of sight and sound and smell. Perhaps tea will be served by the gateway, just over that knoll, where you can follow the pathway down to the lake.Decades ago, in 1933, back at the house, on a midsummer night [...]


    4.5 stars!" But of course one does not need to have commited murder to write about it. One simply requires an aquaintance with man's dark depths, and the inclination to explore them to their very end. Besides, haven't we all experienced the desire to kill, if only for a moment? "I loved this. This was my first novel by Kate Morton and it definitely won't be my last. On a summer evening in 1933, eleven month old Theo Edevane vanishes from his crib and is nowhere to be found. After months of searc [...]


    4★I always like Kate Morton’s books, and I liked this one too. They are very long, complicated, multi-generational mysteries made up of criminal incidents and unexplained events long past that someone today has become curious about. She doesn’t play favourites. Each generation and character is fleshed out and recognisable. That’s what makes her books so long. And there are boatloads of red herrings. Every time I’d figured it out and thought—Oh, come on, get on with it already—she [...]

    Tegan (The Rowdy Librarian)

    There's a cover and a synopsis!! Oh happy day!!Let's go October 22nd!!!


    Kate Morton is one of those authors that are so high up on my list of favorites that I literally hate that I have to wait so long for a new book of hers to come out. Then when her novel does get published my greedy hands takes one and then I'm sad that I've read it, & I have to wait so long for another! She can't win:)Of course, I loved this novel. Its Kate Morton after all, and she only does supreme excellence in the writing department. She knows how to set the mood, knows her characters, a [...]

    Dale Harcombe

    The novel starts in Cornwall in 1933 with 16 year old Alice Edevane in the family country house of Loeanneth and the Midsummer Eve party that affected several lives. Then the story moves to 2003 and introduces the reader to Sadie Sparrow, who is on enforced leave from the Metropolitan police after her refusal to let go of a case involving a grandmother, mother and abandoned child. Sadie feels the mother has not abandoned her baby at all and there is more to the story. Is she right? This is just [...]


    The Lake House by Kate Morton is a 2015 Atria publication. I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.While Kate Morton has written several highly praised novels, I’m embarrassed to admit this is the first of her books I have read. So, I had no idea what to expect when I started reading this one, but I had a feeling I was going to like it. Alice, a successful mystery writer and Sadie Sparrow, a detective visiting her grandfather while on [...]

    Melissa ♥ Dog Lover ♥ Martin

    MY BLOG: Melissa Martin's Reading List I just.I was so into what I was reading and the way the book went back and forth I forgot to write down page numbers for excerpts accept for one. I can't believe what I just read! --->EXCERPT<---She lowered the bag into the hole and for a split second the moon seemed to peer from behind a cloud. Tears threatened as she scooped the dirt back, but she fought them. To cry, here and now, was an indulgence, she refused to grant herself. She patted the grou [...]


    An abandoned house in enchanting Cornwall coupled with a seventy year old cold case of a missing child. Interest piqued? Mine certainly was. Add to that the author is Kate Morton and I knew I was in for a treat. I wasn’t disappointed.1914. The beloved home of the Edevane family called ‘Loeanneth’ is a magical place of love, laughter and contentment. The mother, Eleanor had been brought up in the house and after marrying her husband, Anthony, he purchased it for her, an astounding gift for [...]


    "She'd realized recently (an awareness that coincided with her new obsession for Agatha Christie) that what her previous story attempts were missing was a puzzle, a complex, knotty twist of events designed to mislead and bewilder readers. Also, a crime. The key to the perfect novel, Alice had decided, was to revolve the story around a crime's solution, all the while tricking the reader by making it seem she was doing one thing when in fact she was merrily doing another'I've had a brilliant idea, [...]

    Susan Johnson

    There are some wonderful books where houses become central characters. I can think of Tara in "Gone With The Wind" and "Manderley in "Rebecca." Kate Morton writes great books where the houses are characters and this one is no different. Loeanneth, The Lake House, is so important to this story. It was once a small house on a larger estate but it's certainly not small by current definition. It's a magic place with a private lake and great grounds for picnics and exploring.In 1933 a couple lived th [...]

    Book of Secrets ☘

    THE LAKE HOUSE is a lovely story told in alternating time periods, and at its heart, the mystery of a boy who went missing in the 1930s. While on leave from her job, a police detective stumbles upon an abandoned estate in Cornwall, and discovers the 70-year old cold case of Theo Edevane's disappearance from the house. The story shifts between the present and past, back to 1933 and Theo's sister Alice's account of what happened leading up to his disappearance. I enjoyed the book - very descriptiv [...]

    Elizabeth of Silver's Reviews

    Alice the author and sister of Theo and Sadie the detective.Would these two women be able to find information about the disappearance 70 years ago of 11-month old Theo ​​if they worked together on this cold case even though the police had not been able to find one clue or to find Theo?Alice had lived the nightmare of her brother's disappearance, and Sadie wanted to investigate the years-old case after she found the sprawling, abandoned estate of the Edevane family.I LOVED exploring the estat [...]


    The novel opens in the summer of 1933 with Alice Edevane 16 years old watching the preparations for the family's annual Midsummer Night party. Alice, second daughter of the wealthy Eleanor and Anthony Edevane lived on the beautiful country estate of Loeanneth in Cornwall, revelling in an idyllic life where she was free to explore the woods and the lake. Alice had recently decided she was going to be a writer and had decided to present her first manuscript to her friend, Ben Munro, a handsome you [...]


    Not my favorite Morton.ew on the way! Stay tuned. I will start by saying I love Kate Morton's writing. She has the ability to paint a setting and a time in history like very few writers. She is also wonderful at her character development. I can picture the story and each character as the book unfolds. Butis was not my favorite. I felt like she crammed a bit too much into one story. There were mysteries, and a family full of secrets which eventually are revealed and a heroine who is coming to ter [...]


    So when is she writing another one?Kate Morton is one of those authors whose settings are so vivid, they make you nostalgic for a similar time or place even when you've never been there. She also draws fully dimensional characters, and along with that comes sadness and failing, and reality of life. Normally I don't enjoy books that drag me into acknowledging harsh realities, but Morton is one author who does it in such a way that I can't help admiring it. This is another wonderfully written book [...]


    I love Kate Morton's books because they're always exactly what you expect them to be: cozy mysteries with a past/present split that are absolutely stacked with family secrets. The Lake House is no exception, and it was perfect to curl up with for a few afternoons and lose myself in. There are a few different mysteries working in tandem here, but the main thread of the plot is the 1933 disappearance of 11-month-old Theo Edevane, who is taken from the Edevane family estate (charmingly named Loeann [...]

    Veronica ⭐️

    What can I say about The Lake House that hasn’t already been said?Kate Morton is a masterful story teller, observing the small nuances of human nature, things that don’t change through time, giving the reader parallels between mother and daughter ( they were so alike although Alice never saw the side of her mother the reader was privy to) and the parallels in characters of the 1930’s and those in 2003.This quote from the book sums up Morton’s writing perfectly.“She certainly knew how t [...]

    Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede

    Kate Morton's The Lake House is an enchanting and well-written book. A real page-turner. I love these kinds of books with a secret in the past that will be revealed in the future.Alice Edevane little brother Theo disappeared at the family's idyllic lakeside estate in Cornwall, England when she was 16 and he was never found again. And, for some reason Alice blames herself for this, but why. In present time is Sadie Sparrow, a police officer on forced leave staying at her grandfather's place in [...]


    Cheio de personagens ricas e intrigantes, cedo nos apaixonamos por personagens como Alice, uma menina sonhadora, que depressa se vê ter talento para as artes, de tal forma que anda sempre com um bloco de notas; o seu pai Anthony, um homem carinhoso e apaixonado; Eleanor, mãe de Alice, cuja educação foi austera e reprimida, mas que viveu apaixonado por Anthony até ao fim dos seus dias; Deborah, irmã de Alice, mais terra a terra; Clementine uma maria rapaz que quis ser piloto na Segunda Guer [...]


    This novel is very descriptive and multifaceted. I applaud the author for her intricately woven plot line. However, I was hoping for a surprise ending like in The Secret Keeper. Instead, I predicted most of the ending correctly. Giving this book 3 stars for being both humdrum and captivating. I would read another book by Kate Morton.


    Really lovely. A thoughtful story, with very human characters. The ending felt quite coincidental, but overall, a great story!Find more reviews and bookish fun at princessandpen

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