May 31, 2020
When Our Worlds Collide
Posted by Lindsey Iler

Note Edited, updated version uploaded 10 12 15 Kennedy Conrad is everything he needs.Graham Black has two rules in life Play baseball, so he can get the hell out of Tennessee, and leave your shirt on when you drop your panties.He s a typical all American pitcher with the world at his fingertips His devilish good looks and charm help him crawl into the beds and hearts oNote Edited, updated version uploaded 10 12 15Kennedy Conrad is everything he needs.Graham Black has two rules in life Play baseball, so he can get the hell out of Tennessee, and leave your shirt on when you drop your panties.He s a typical all American pitcher with the world at his fingertips His devilish good looks and charm help him crawl into the beds and hearts of the girls at his high school With secrets no one knows, he has every intention of running away from his hometown the minute he graduates Nothing can get in his way Until poor choices collide him into Kennedy Conrad.Graham Black is everything she wants.Kennedy Conrad has her own set of rules Dance with your whole heart, and make it through each day without being noticed She s sweet and reserved, everything Graham s not After one fated night, she can t stop him from noticing her any She knows there s a chance of heartache by letting him in When the unthinkable happens to Kennedy, Graham realizes what he s been fighting is what causes Kennedy to end up hurt Can their love survive one thing that is meant to pull them apart

  • Title: When Our Worlds Collide
  • Author: Lindsey Iler
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 237
  • Format: ebook
  • When Our Worlds Collide Note Edited updated version uploaded Kennedy Conrad is everything he needs Graham Black has two rules in life Play baseball so he can get the hell out of Tennessee and leave your shirt on


    Bloody hell! This book made me cry.And this kind of cliffhangers should be illegal. Forbidden by law!I couldn't put this damned thing down, I just had to know what gonna happen in the end and I didn't see that comingGoing straight to next one!


    Damn it this book total angst but that end fuck This story is so addictive the two main characters were really going on my nerves with their stubbornness but I just could not put this book down Thank God the next one is out no sleep for me tonight


    WHAT????????????????? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I cannot believe this!! I finished this book at 2:34am.I was NOT going to bed until I knew what the hell was going to happen with Graham Black & Kennedy Conrad.I jacked myself up on caffeine just was sure that I would not even not off just to make it to the end.Well.Seven hours later and like two real solid hours of sleep, I am STILL ripped in half. My emotions are so whacked out right now, mixed feelings (but not in a bad way) and I don't even w [...]


    Lots of spoilers so be warned! No, seriously, if you don't want to know every single detail about this book, stop now.I came across this on unlimited, and since it was free I decided to give it a chance. The premise sounded interesting enough, but boy was I wrong. Let's just get straight to all of the reasons why I didn't like this book in no particular order:1.Harassment towards the heroine from a classmate2.Hero is physically abused3.Heroine is almost raped4.Heroine constantly forgives hero f [...]

    Jennifer Shiels

    This was a really great book. This story deals with lots of tragedy, guilt, blame, and heartbreak. People are always hardest on themselves and feel guilt for things that aren't always their fault. Kennedy Conrad moves to town their freshman year of college. Graham Black is only a freshman but he's already a star on the baseball team and people know he's going to make something of himself. He's gorgeous, built, talented, popular, and at times cruel. He's a player that hooks up with girl after gir [...]


    Wow, this book has left me in awe. The tragedies, dysfunctional families, friends, enemies, bullying and just every day life is all in Graham and Kennedy's story. Kennedy is the girl with a plan. Go to school, get the best grades, stay under everyone's radar and get into Columbia. Well all that changes when she is hit by a car. From that point on her she life is flipped around for the better and worse.Graham is the All-American baseball player, king of the school, money bails him out every time [...]

    beth myrick

    Talk about ROUGH.This book was really well written, and even though it held just about EVERYTHING I despise (because it's so repeatedly done and predictable), I read every single word, and I didn't want to stop to take a break.I'm supposing there will be a book 2 to give this couple an HEA, but since there wasn't even a HFN I'm wondering. Was this really a cliffhanger or did I just read a heart wrenching story that's going to leave a serious mark, and I'm not lying about that either. I went back [...]


    I started this book while I was on vacation. I could not put it down. The entire 11 hour drive back home, all I could think about is what is going to happen next with Graham and Kennedy!? How will they survive the last thing that was thrown at them!? This book had me question every way I viewed what True Love is. I have already recommended it to all of my close friends and family to read. Kudos to the author, because I can not wait for the second book!!!

    Tracie M

    ShockedWhen is the next one coming??? I have no words for what I am feeling right now besides shocked. Just read it

    Aruna Mahadeo

    AwesomeI love books like this. It's real for someone in high school. First love's ups and downs. Will be enjoying the rest hopefully since I lost sleep over this first book.

    Mary S

    I just happened to stumble upon this book, and thought it would be a good read. I was wrong, it's a GREAT read! I enjoy reading new authors, and Lindsey Iler is one I will continue to read. The story of When Worlds Collide is a combination of so many emotions both very happy and heart wrenching. Unfortunately many of the things that happen in is this book happen in real life, and the author nailed it with the feelings and emotions of the main characters Kennedy and Graham. It was exciting to rea [...]

    Andrea ♡

    4 starsI am gonna keep this review short because the ending made me furious (seriously?!) and hungry (for more Graham and Kennedy) at the same time. Review for the second book will be longer and I am hoping like hell that it wouldn't end in a cliffhanger too.This book is a SUPER great start for Graham and Kennedy's story. The story is not unique at all but there is something with the way Lindsey Iler writes that will catch your attention and draw you close. Something that will make you feel conn [...]


    Heart breaking but amazing.

    Kathleen frisbie

    omg this is book will break youOh man I couldn't put this one down. It starts a fire inside you and then you can't put it down because you want, no, need to read more. Need to find out what's going to happen next. The end totally threw me off, and am hoping that there's a sequel to this one. I'm in love with this author's passionate writing!!! Will be searching for more of her books. You won't be taking a chance on this book- it's a sure thing.

    Chelsie williams

    Wow!!!This definitely blew me away. I guess this story applies to its better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all. I would like a sequel to be written so we know how Ken and Graham end up and what they did for careers and if they ever end up meeting later in their lives. I'm very curious as to what happens after the book.

    Flirtatiously Fictitious Reads

    Wow! Such an amazingly beautiful story. So incredibly sad in the ending. Incredibly sad. I understand the ultimate sacrifice but holy crap. By far one of my favorite books. i can tell you this is a story you keep with you forever. You will laugh and cry and you will wake up thinking about these characters. I can not wait for book 2.


    2 StarsI tried to look past a lot of the stuff Graham did in this book, but it got to the point where I couldn't. Kennedy just kept forgiving him and didn't care about the stuff he did in his past. I get that your past shouldn't define you, but after reading about the prank he pulled I was done.


    I stumbled upon this book while browsing through the new Kindle Unlimited releases and am so glad I did! The main character, Kennedy, actually acts like a real person (unlike most main characters these days). The storyline sucks you in because it is so relatable to real life. Great job by a new author.


    Yowza! I get the appeal for this book but it had WAY to much drama for this woman! It is a high school setting so there is supposed to be some angst and drama but this girl just kept. Getting. Steamrolled! I would recommend this book to people who love angsty young adult romances. I'm not rating this book because it's a great book just wasn't for me.


    Too many errorsStory was cute - bad boy tamed by nerdy girl with a twist. There were so many errors that parts were difficult to understand. Not just typos but homophones like threw and through being interchanged regularly. Very distracting. The bones of the story were good, it needs the loving hand of a good editor to bring it to four stars.


    I can't believe I read this. This book was terrible. And the people were just a bunch of dumbass. I hated Graham. He was a big annoying douche and Kennedy was a pathetic idiot. I so glad I didn't have to pay for this crap.

    Laramie Harned

    This Book! Oh my I rarely find myself fully engaged in a book but This Book had me feeling the full spectrum of emotions. Happy. Devastated. Sad. Excited. etc. I cannot wait for the next book to come out. Hopefully it comes out soon I have a serious "Book Hangover" right now.

    Jessica Lewis

    Twist and turns Didn't see a lot of turns in this booking coming. It had my attention the whole time. Can't wait until the next book.


    Loved this one!

    Samie Carr

    Horrible ending!


    Just FYI, not a happy ending. I can get over everything Graham did to her, and himself, minus the last few chapters. Im sorry that was not an ending.


    WTF? Not gonna bother w/ the second book.

    Ashlie L

    Shit storm of High School Perfection!


    When Our Worlds Collide by Lindsey Iler “emotional, 4 star, heartache” When Our Worlds Collide is Lindsey Ilers debut novel, with that being said I was quite impressed. Usually I feel like authors hit off the mark when writing about High School kids, but Iler nailed it in my opinion. She took real life scenarios that would be hard for an adult couple and threw them at a few kids. Kennedy is the good girl. All she cares about is dance, getting good grades, and getting into Columbia. Nothing e [...]

    Janell Wheeler

    This is my first book by this author. I can't even tell you where I found this book but I'm glad I did. I have to say I'm really enjoying this book. I didn't know what to expect, and the characters definitely grew on me. It's been a little difficult reading the book only because I knew there was a second book, or should I say I know this is a trilogy and, I know the title of the second book making this book somewhat foreboding. I really, really like Kennedy. Her character is so strong and I love [...]

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