Apr 02, 2020
Wave to Papa
Posted by Erin Lee

Dawn Winchester is sure Dan didn t mean to hurt their toddler son Noah again.With the media swarming her on the courthouse steps, her husband in jail, her teenage daughter already in foster care, and a determined case worker and vigilant court appointed guardian fighting to protect Noah, Dawn doesn t know where to turn Nobody cared last time Noah had an accident while iDawn Winchester is sure Dan didn t mean to hurt their toddler son Noah again.With the media swarming her on the courthouse steps, her husband in jail, her teenage daughter already in foster care, and a determined case worker and vigilant court appointed guardian fighting to protect Noah, Dawn doesn t know where to turn Nobody cared last time Noah had an accident while in his father s care so why is everyone now set on destroying her family Dawn believes in loyalty What kind of wife would she be if she didn t stand by her husband But through the endless cycle of hearings, counseling sessions, and visitations, Dawn begins to fear she s been fooling herself What if she d been wrong and put Noah in danger What if this was all her fault During his mandatory anger management therapy, even Dan starts to wonder if he might not be the man he thought he was.Dawn has already lost one child possibly for good and can t bear the thought of losing Noah too But with the pieces of her life shattered all around her, can she put it all back together Or should she salvage what she can and build a different life, broken heart and all The bonds of marriage and parenthood are strong.But that doesn t mean they can t be broken

  • Title: Wave to Papa
  • Author: Erin Lee
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  • Page: 275
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  • Wave to Papa Dawn Winchester is sure Dan didn t mean to hurt their toddler son Noah again With the media swarming her on the courthouse steps her husband in jail her teenage daughter already in foster care and

    ReadAlong With Sue

    We read so often about women falling in love with the 'wrong kinda guy'. Some women can go to one after the other guy and form a relationship with the same 'type' of guy, now why that is, who knows.But when children are involved, its a whole heap of trouble that you might be responsible for if this guy turns out to be 'not so nice'.This little boy Noah has been hurt by his stepfather. The first time it happened, his mom agreed that it was an accident. Or was it.The second time it happenedAnd her [...]

    April Wood

    What’s It About?“You stole my life. You hurt my kids. You stole my family. No more.”Dawn, a Christian woman, made vows to her husband to never leave his side, no matter what. Those vows are tested when he is hauled off to jail, for a second time, on account of abusing their toddler son.Dawn has to make a decision: To protect her son, or to save her marriage. This decision overwhelms her. Why does she have to choose? Don’t the case-workers, Judge, and the media understand that it was just [...]

    Carissa Lynch

    This is a dark and powerful, yet inspiring story about a woman who must choose between the husband she gave her vows to and the son she is supposed to, by nature, love and protect. First of all, the author gives us a glimpse of every side of the story which I found enthralling and admirable. The writing was beautiful and the plot carefully constructed. There were moments when I wanted to laugh, cry, cringe, and get angry. I was definitely emotionally swept up in this story. At the center of the [...]


    Wave to PapaThis book makes me feel. I can just imagine the pain and suffering of all parties involved. However and I'll be frank Dawn irritates me. She knows Dan has a history and yet she is still giving him the benefit of the doubt when it comes to her son. She's already lost two children due to her past and now she's in danger of losing her son as wel but she seems more bothered about her husband. This book shows the reality of foster care and how much the system doesn't always work for all p [...]

    Aimee McNeil

    This book was an emotional journey that captivated me. The realism approach that the author took in depicting this story made me feel like I stepped into the lives of the characters. Seeing the mother’s journey to find her strength was beautiful. The emotions and struggles pulled me in and even brought me to tears. I loved how this story was delivered with different POVs, allowing you to see the personal struggles of everyone involved. This is a story for the heart and takes you on a journey t [...]

    April Rawlings

    This is a story that is going to make you angry, make you cry, and then make you feel a sense of hope for the world that Lee has created. This is brutal, hard hitting emotion the likes of which could be compared to the tension of the trial of Tom Robinson in ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’. Lee takes off her gloves and attacks your emotional core with an outstanding mix of characters you will adore and abhor. She is an amazing writer and knows how to manipulate your emotions with every turn of the p [...]

    Corrine Jones

    After reading the ARC for Wave to Papa I’m left wondering how many mothers face this kind of decision every day? And, do they struggle with their decisions the way Dawn does? Lee did an awesome job of explaining a system set up to protect kids. I never thought about what it would be like to be the parent of a child in that situation. While I can hope I’d do the right thing, I can’t be sure. This book made me ask myself a lot of questions, which is what I enjoyed about it most! I’ll defin [...]

    Kimberly Hostetler

    This book had me all over the place with my emotions. I felt anger, hurt, sad, protective, hopeful and disbelief throughout the whole book. At first you think this is going to be Noah's story, and in some ways it is, but it is so much more than that. We get to see it from all sides. Noah, His mother Dawn, His dad Dan, His Grandma Rose, His sister Ann and her foster mom Joanne, the case worker Virginia and the Judge Wilford. The way Lee tells it from all sides really gives you insite on what ever [...]


    Every day children as young as infants are found in situations which have been initiated by abuse and neglectfulness , either by a parent/ caregiver or parent's boyfriend. Someone that should instead of hurting them, be loving them and often there is a pattern that evolves where most likely - these people have had other children that have suffered and evidently been taken off them and put into protective care from the CYPS systems. Wave to Papa features a family which contains of Dawn (Mother) , [...]


    This book is absolutely amazing!!! Erin Lee has written a book that not only makes you feelbut connects you to a cast of characters that is rare in this day and age. It has been a while since I have picked up a book as good as this one!Wave To Papa tells an incredibly difficult and hard to read without crying story bout the aftermath of child abuse. We see the struggles of a mother, trying to put her family back together after her husband abuse their toddler son. This story is real!!! It forces [...]


    Choosing between the love of your life and the fruit of that love in the issue for Dawn. It may seem a straight forward choice, but things aren't always what they seem. There are so many sides to consider and so many people and the system pulling at her that she doesn't know what to believe.This novel, though fiction, has a truth to it that can only come from a writer who walks the walk in her job every day. I'm sure she's seen it all as a family therapist and court ordered child advocate. Yet, [...]


    Dawn is a christian woman taught the age old lesson- stand by your man no matter what. So when it comes to protecting her child or standing by her husband she is torn, her faith and vows are put to the test. This is just a story but it is very much based on reality. A very sad reality for many kids. I enjoyed this story, it tugged at my heart and in places made me cry and in others made me so mad I wanted to close my kindle! I would definitely recommend this story it is well worth the read!

    Alice Jones

    Wave to Papa is a sad but hopeful story that made me wonder if the system we have for kids in American foster care works. I also question how much power judges have. If the way the courts work in this book is how it really works, I think we need a lot of changes. I wish the would just lock up people like Dan and throw away the key. I loved Wave to Papa because it gave an important look into a system that really needs looking at.

    Bradon Nave

    This book was refreshing in the way that it offered multiple perspectives but did it in a way that wasn’t hard to keep up with. Well written-it was easy to slide into each perspective. Fiction or nonfiction, child abuse is a difficult topic to address. The author did an excellent job. Her passion for the topic is evident in her writing and it resulted in a beautifully written tear-jerker.


    **SPOILER FREE**This book will touch you on so many levels. The heart break the strength, you will find it all right here. A sad situation that is faced everyday There just aren't enough words to describe the emotions I felt while reading this book! Remarkable!!!!*Received for an honest review*


    Wave to Papa explores the cycle of abuse in which battered women are forced to chose between their husbands and their children. After Dawn's disastrous first marriage, in which her husband was sexually inappropriate with her two daughters, she divorces him but leaves her autistic daughter behind with him, because of the "better schooling for her there". Dawn is committed to making her second marriage, to a man named Dan, work. Her daughter Ann doesn't like Dan and with good reason. Dan is abusiv [...]

    Dusti Comeaux

    This book is phenomenal. I don't usually get emotional but this book did it for me. I absolutely love getting to read them and hear about it from different perspectives. I can't say much without giving it away but I loved it. I loved the beginning, the middle & the end. I can see this as being a book I reread in the future!

    Tabitha Hartman

    Heartbreaker!! This book really has a life of its own I went through so many emotions reading this I don't know how Erin wrote it without crying her eyes out(maybe she did). I truly admire you, Erin, for your selfless dedication to your job and your amazing ways of telling your heart felt stories.


    FascinatingThis was a fascinating look at child protective services from the inside. It's very well written and I can really relate to the characters and what they are going through.


    Wave to Papa is a fictional story based on a social workers years of experiences working to protect children from abusive situations.Dawn Winchester has a strong faith and commitment to her marriage vows until Dan her husband hurts Noah, their young son for the second time and still she has issues with denial and how to do what is right for her child. She is accused of neglect because she went to work and left Dan alone with Noah for the hour until her mother was due to pick him up for preschool [...]


    First i want to say i absolutely loved this book! It is emotional vortex from multiple perspectives. I cried, laughed, cursed , cried more, had outburst of curses, cried even more*Possible spoilers alert*There is few amazing characters, trough book, i really loved from start - like Ann and Rose. Ann is smart teen girl and she keeps pushing no matter what. She made good choice with getting away. Rose, Dawns mother, is strong woman who made right choice and defended her grandson - no matter the pr [...]


    Wave to PapaErin Lee4.5 stars Read story of Dawn, a woman who as a young college girl dealt with being abused. How it affected her life into adulthood, and those around her. When things happen that causes her to have to choose between the man she married or her children. Who does she choose?Take an interesting trip through this book and find out all she went through. It’s a very interesting read, and once you get some of your questions answered the story makes sense and you will see the family [...]

    Sharon Mason

    Love, love, this book! I saw this recommended on a Facebook page and thought I'd give it a try as it sounded like my kind of book. From page one I was gripped. The author writes fiction in a way that you feel the character is real. I do not want to give spoilers so all I can say is that Dawn makes you very angry at first but you grow to understand her and admire her strength. You will her to do the right thing. If you like true life stories, try this. Its an emotional roller coaster and I cannot [...]

    Erin Lee

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