Dec 12, 2019
Heathen #1
Posted by Natasha Alterici

Though set in the age of Vikings, Heathen tells a myth relevant to our own culture Our hero struggles with finding bravery, purpose, identity, wisdom, and love as all great heroes do But the hero of this epic quest is a woman Her struggle is further complicated by patriarchal ideologies and attempts by men to control her, just as it is for women of today.

  • Title: Heathen #1
  • Author: Natasha Alterici
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 189
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  • Heathen Though set in the age of Vikings Heathen tells a myth relevant to our own culture Our hero struggles with finding bravery purpose identity wisdom and love as all great heroes do But the hero of t

    Ashley Brooks

    Lesbian feminist Viking warrior on a mission to end the oppressive reign of Odin. UM YES. Cannot recommend this enough.


    Feminism and norse mythology come together to tell the story of Aydis, a fierce Viking warrioress who wishes to free banished Valkyrie, Brynhild. The god Odin is the one who banished Brynhild and he takes an interest in Aydis and her quest.A great start to this series, the storyline really hooked me and I loved the use of mythology. The story flowed nicely and set Aydis up well as the main character. The art was amazing, I loved it! The beautiful detailing and colouring of the panels was gorgeou [...]


    I was looking for LGBT comics and found Heathen. The idea of mixing mythology and feminism seemed too good to be true and I tried to contain my excitement for a moment, but Natasha Alterici exceeded my expectations. Her art is absolutely beautiful! The lines and colors are perfect for this story. The fluidity is impressive; I can almost feel the wind against my face. Aydis is tough, but not untouchable, and I value her vulnerability, because flawless MCs are so boring. She seems a little naive, [...]

    Ivana de Bona

    buriedinbookssite.wordpress.cHeathen by Natasha Alterici is a graphic novel dealing with a viking world overlapped with a fantasy plotline surrounding the nordic gods such as Odin and Freya, but also the mighty Valkyries. It deals heavily with LGBT and feminist problems and the whole graphic novel is in my opinion a metaphor for the closeted people who suffer for and because of it.It was a quite enjoyable read, the illustrations were phenomenal and the characters distinctly different from one an [...]

    KayCee K

    Spoiler Free Review4 StarsThis is a mixing of mythology with feminism that's a LGBT comic and that makes for a great story. This was a fast read, that just drops you. But I didn't mind the drop because of the strong message of being a storming woman and being who you are no matter what others think. There are a few times when in the book, the characters are telling stories, I enjoyed the change in pace when that would happen. Aydis is the main character, but I feel that this story has many main [...]


    This was pretty amazing. Can't wait to see where this series goes.


    "With that kiss, she gave me answers to questions I didn't know I had. My eyes were opened. I saw a life I never knew I wanted. But I also realized neither of us would ever be allowed to have it. Nothing ever felt so good or hurt so much at the same time. I felt my heart swell then break." I finished volume 1 (#1-4) in 20 minutes, and that's not because the story does not carry many words or pages, but mainly because it has that captivating factor that keeps you going. I'm not much into fantasy [...]


    This is the start of something that promises to be amazing. My (comic) dealer told me this is his #1 pick for 2017 and I am in complete agreement with him. This is on my pick-list now and I can't wait for issue 2.

    The Lost Dreamer

    I hate myself for not loving this comic, but I found it boring and unnecesary. I'm 120% for LGTB epic viking fantasy, but I need something more than "it's LGTB and it has been developed by women" to enjoy a story. Alterici's art is amazing, that's for sure. That's the only thing I've enjoyed here. Her characters are alive with such simple lines in the drawing. It's gorgeous.But the plot is nowhere to be seen. Almost nothing happens in this book and whatever does feels slow and overexploited. The [...]


    I wrote to Natasha on Instagram saying, "This is the comic that I knew I wanted to read but hadn't yet found. Thank you for bringing Aydis and this story to life! Representation matters. Cannot wait for the next one!" Absolutely loved it. <3


    I really like this. I need more.

    Michelle Hart

    LESBIAN VIKINGS!for real though, this series is great. a feminist sendup of norse mythology! this is literally the perfect comic book: smart, funny, incredible art. MORE PLZ(this review is for the first trade pb, which collects 1-4).


    Good start, different than what I was expecting honestly.


    An intriguing premise, but somebody really ought to tell the author how to spell "medieval".

    David Gallaher

    Can’t get enough of Thor, Loki and Norse mythology? Natasha Alterici’s Heathen tells the story of a viking warrior woman, who conspires to end the tyrannical reign of the god-king Odin.

    Karlie Ybarra

    The art in this is really beautiful. I'm excited to read the next volume!

    Julie Luther

    Valkyrie. Goddesses. The god Ruadan was pretty cool, I liked that he could turn into a bull. Intriguing first issue, looking forward to trying more.

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