Oct 22, 2019
The Truth Will Set You Free
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More than twenty years ago, a little known Swiss psychoanalyst wrote a book that changed the way many people viewed themselves and their world In simple but powerful prose, the deeply moving The Drama of the Gifted Child showed how parents unconsciously form and deform the emotional lives of their children Alice Miller s stories about the roots of suffering in childhoodMore than twenty years ago, a little known Swiss psychoanalyst wrote a book that changed the way many people viewed themselves and their world In simple but powerful prose, the deeply moving The Drama of the Gifted Child showed how parents unconsciously form and deform the emotional lives of their children Alice Miller s stories about the roots of suffering in childhood resonated with readers everywhere, and her book soon achieved cult status and became a backlist bestseller.In The Truth Will Set You Free Miller returns to the intensely personal tone and themes of her best loved work Only by embracing the truth of our past histories can any of us hope to be free of pain in the present, she argues Miller s vivid true stories reveal the perils of early childhood mistreatment and the dangers of mindless obedience to parental will Drawing on the latest research on brain development, she shows how spanking and humiliation produce dangerous levels of denial This denial, necessary for the child s survival, leads to emotional blindness and finally to mental barriers that cut off awareness and the ability to learn new ways of acting If this cycle repeats itself, the grown child will perpetrate the same abuse on later generations, warns Miller a message vitally important, especially given the increasing popularity of programs like Tough Love and of child disciplinarians like James Dobson and other religion driven psychologists The Truth Will Set You Free will provoke and inform all readers who want to know Alice Miller s latest thinking on this important subject.

  • Title: The Truth Will Set You Free
  • Author: AliceMiller
  • ISBN: 9780465045846
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Truth Will Set You Free More than twenty years ago a little known Swiss psychoanalyst wrote a book that changed the way many people viewed themselves and their world In simple but powerful prose the deeply moving The Drama


    Αυτη πιστευω πως ειναι η πρωτη φορα που διαβαζω ενα βιβλιο ψυχολογιας,απο την αρχη μεχρι το τελος,και το λατρεψα.Μπορω να σου πω με ελαχιστα λογια τι θελει να σου πει το βιβλιο:ΜΗΝ ΧΤΥΠΑΤΕ ΤΑ ΠΑΙΔΙΑ ΣΑΣ.Η Alice Miller ειναι κατα της σωματικης τιμωριας,αλλα και του εξευτελισμου του [...]

    Hallie Rose

    I'd recommend reading The Drama of the Gifted Child first, if you want something like this title suggests (practical ways of thinking to help overcome childhood injuries, becoming fully "adult"). This book is more a very theoretical supplement to that book and I honestly just think the titles should be switched. Miller applies micro psychological theories to macro historical events, and vise versa, which is hard for many to swallow. I see where she's going and must say I'm inclined to agree on m [...]

    Charles Goetz

    This book should be read by everyone.


    Unfocused, rambling and prone to some outrageous generalisations and assumptions about the childhoods of world leaders like Gorbachev and Hitler, and also Jesus. (?!). An example generalisation: "today there are over 100 million women [who have had FGM] and most of them actively endorse this practice" (p.78). No sources cited by Miller, though she does often cite her other works.

    Jonathan Heeb

    It promised much but in actual fact the majority of the book was made up of unsubstantiated claims and sweeping personal statements about the correctness of her view over everybody else. While there might be some grains of truth in her arguments it is mostly emotionally based and little true scientific evidence is provided. This is a shame as if this had been written in a different way it could have been a powerful statement rather than the slightly awkward and self focused book that is it.While [...]


    Intriguing, sometimes disturbing, frequently thought-provoking. A book for the layman about the effects of childhood traumas and neglect, the denial that can result, and the continual cycle of repeated violence. One or two inconsitencies and illogical leaps, but very readable; should be read by anyone who is a parent!


    Although I agree with the principles and ideals set forth in this book, the tone is noxious. It spews forth like the diatribe of a zealot and leaves casual readers like myself feeling like if you are not with her you are against her. I would not recommend as an introductory book into the ramifications of corporal punishment.


    I think the theories presented here have some merit, but it wasn't as applicable as I would have liked. The key to overcoming emotional blindness and finding your true adult self is getting in touch with your infancy through really good therapy? Really?


    excellent and powerful book for all of us, especially good for information for parents

    Joss Stick

    Alice Miller teaches that emotional and physical abuse during childhood leave permanent scars on a person, and it is part of their journey as adults to both understand and forgive what happened to them as a child, and refrain from inflicting the damage onto the next generation. She gets into a lot of theoreticals in this book, maybe too many (Hitler and Stalin became dictators and mass murderers because of bad childhoods), but her experience as an analyst, and research and work into the negative [...]


    Really called out a lot of organizations and people for the way they handle their emotional upbringing. Really encouraged me to get in touch with my young self so that I can become my true adult self- as stated in the title Everyone needs to read this.

    Susan Kosel

    Very interesting ideas. Makes you think about your childhood and how you parented.


    This mainly cuz Tracy might read my babbling when she can't sleepHmmm I was reading my first two Alice Miller books, I was looking forward to perusing others' reviews. I thought I'd find many who blasted her away. Maybe they're all on , or maybe there are more reviews re: Drama of the Gifted Child, her more famous book.In any case, she certainly made me think. I'm not sure I totally buy into all of her theories, but then, I don't subscribe to anything in life 100%. I can't help but wonder, thoug [...]


    In this book, Alice Miller suggests that the Rwandan genocide may have occurred because, she says, Rwandan mothers start disciplining their babies at a young age in order to train them not to poop when they're being carried on their mothers' backs. She argues that Hitler and Stalin became murderous dictators largely because of parental abuse or neglect that they suffered as children. She also relates a number of anecdotes about women with medical problems that mysteriously disappeared as soon as [...]

    Initially NO

    Definitely worth reading if you want to understand how people are affected by past trauma, how people are resistant to change that would help them, how people perpetuate abuses they hate.I'll give you a few quote here, so you can see some of the things I got out of this book and how the book can validate and release things for psychiatry survivors.Adherence to the system, so 'to avoid confronting repressed early suffering'. This is the reason why some children who've suffered psychiatric abuse, [...]


    Very informative about the long term effects of physical abuse in childhood. Also case studies of how our mind effects our physical health. It was a little repetitive at times and I feel she really has a vendetta against the Catholic Church to the point that some of the claims she makes are unfounded or at least I could not verify her information. For instance she says that St. Augustine disowned his son and this was possibly the cause of his sons early death. HmmIn my research on that topic, I [...]

    Pierced Librarian

    "e main purpose of my book is to stimulate reflection-reflection on our own lives and those important stories and histories hidden away in our families."Mission accomplished Dr. Miller."our bodies store information about what we have experienced in our lives, it is frequently at a loss to decipher those experiences.""Of course I needed someone to say they understood me because I couldn't understand myself.""I spent years tormenting my own body, destroying my zest for life, spoiling every pleasur [...]


    I reflected as I read. I thought of the physical and emotional abuse, as well as the humiliation I experienced as a child, how much that hurt me, then compared it with the extensive damage done to children throughout the world in the cultures where these things happen on a larger scale. I thought of the terror children experience as a result of war. This book solicited many thoughts and reactions. Although I found it useful, I am not tempted to read any of the other books Alice Miller wrote.


    Alice Miller has one core thesis, which she revisits and expands upon in each subsequent book. After reading Drama of the Gifted Child and Thou Shalt Not Be Aware, this book seemed a little thin on new content, but is a good reiteration of her basic tenets: treating children badly scars them and to heal, a grown child must face the truth and experience the feelings or be bound to repeat the abuse on others.


    Some parts were a bit round the houses and you could probably condense it down by two thirds but some really good practical insights into transference and how our childhood memories live with us. Not the most scientific, especially the psychosomatic examples but aside from that enjoyed reading.


    A lot more bullshit than I was hoping for. Alice Miller often has a mix of useful things to say, and crackpot psychology pet theories. This one was heavy on the "your childhood trauma gave you cancer", but some of the parent-child dynamics and cycles of screwing each other up were pretty solid.


    Unless you are a survivor of corporal punishment this is not the book for you. Her other books focus on emotional healing from not only physically, but emotionally abusive parents, where this one focuses entirely on physical punishment, and is much to jesus-y for me.

    Katherine Mcknight

    The author begins by judging sex to be evil, and she touts self-will as the desirable guide for life. Nowhere do I find trust in God, and this is common for survivors of childhood abuse. Thus, male and female continue on in mutual harm, never able to comfort one another.


    Autorica je apsolutni genije!

    Beenish Khan

    The text listed more of personal anecdotes and observations, than studies supporting those observations. Still, it does leave you thinking.

    Lindu Pindu

    Very repetitive and you won't find many solutions. But simply recognising a deeply-rooted problem like child abuse is already something.


    The flowing prose of this book is beautiful. Yet, the content eventually becomes repetitively bland.


    Informed, but seems mostly like a long public service anouncement short on insight the title eould suggest.

    Allison Thurman



    Good. Informative. Useful.

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