Nov 18, 2019
Command Decisions
Posted by Terry Mixon

Between a rock and a hard place After winning a hard fought victory, Commander Jared Mertz and Princess Kelsey discover another insidious foe blocking their way home A remnant of the Old Empire still exists and seems allied with the savage, AI dominated Pale Ones With the existence of the Terran Empire at stake, another enemy, this one from Jared s past, threatens everyBetween a rock and a hard place After winning a hard fought victory, Commander Jared Mertz and Princess Kelsey discover another insidious foe blocking their way home A remnant of the Old Empire still exists and seems allied with the savage, AI dominated Pale Ones With the existence of the Terran Empire at stake, another enemy, this one from Jared s past, threatens everything they ve worked so hard to achieve Jared and Kelsey must fight for survival while the fate of humanity hangs in the balance.

  • Title: Command Decisions
  • Author: Terry Mixon
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Command Decisions Between a rock and a hard place After winning a hard fought victory Commander Jared Mertz and Princess Kelsey discover another insidious foe blocking their way home A remnant of the Old Empire still

    Melissa Hayden

    Oh man! I know there's more to this history of the Rebel Empire and AI's. And I want to know it! What was the intent of the ship Invincible that they found? There are connections to the planet. Dang! I want more! This book ends with the big battle in space, but leaves me wanting more with the curiosity of what will happen on the planet they found. Thank heavens I have the next audio book!****FULL REVIEW*****I was voluntarily provided this review copy audiobook at no charge by the author, publish [...]

    Per Gunnar

    It seems like I cannot let go of this series until I have read all the books published. Command Decisions is book three of The Empire of Bones Saga and continues the adventures of Jared, Kelsey & Co. It is, naturally, in the same style as the other books which means it is a simple, fast paced and enjoyable space opera adventure.Commander Jared and Princess Kelsey continue their effort towards getting back home at the same time as they try to disrupt the enemies efforts. As with the other boo [...]

    T.H. Leatherman

    JAFOJared and Kelsey have worked hard to build a coalition. They have a strong alliance in the unknown territories. The time has come to take a freighter filled with desperately needed technology. Just before it is time for the attack, Captain Breckenridge comes through the one way wormhole. Jared is no longer the senior fleet officer in this sector of space, and the new commander has his own way of doing things.As the disasters pile up, Kelsey and Jared fight desperately to get on the same page [...]

    John Piper

    Commander Jared and Princess Kelsey have won a hard fought battle over Erosi, and discovered that a remnant of the Old Empire still exists. Not to mention a force of people survived the Pale Ones on Erosi, and have lived underground for 500 years! Jared has pledged to help them against the Old Empire fleet remanant coming to Erosi soon. However the arrival of a small fleet from Jared and Kelsey's home planet throw a wrench in all their plans. The captain in charge of the fleet hates Jared with a [...]


    The story continues with our cast of heroes coming into a more complex situation then they had envisioned. Some characters unfortunately do not make it to the end of the story, as things do not always go as hopped. These books are meant to be story telling of the best type and intent. The characters show their flaws as well as their strengths as they move from one situation to the next. These first three books were paperback, easy reading and hard to put down. Unfortunately it appears that hard [...]

    A.F. Grappin

    The brilliant saga of Jared and Kelsey continues with one of the most infuriating antagonists I've ever seen. The human obstacle introduced early on in this novel made me want to throw the book across the room. I couldn't wait for his comeuppance.That said, about halfway through this book, my interest waned. It wasn't bad, but the second half or so of this book just didn't grip me like previous ones in the series. It was still a great read. Don't get me wrong. But the crux of the main conflict j [...]


    Wow I could hardly put it down.Audio version, Of volume 1 of empire of the bones, includes books 1-3 + a short story.Well the title says it all. I listened to the three books in 2 days.The narration is superb.These Audiobooks was given to me for free at my request from the publisher or author or narrator and I provided this voluntary review.Reasons I enjoyed this book:Action-packed, Easy-to-read, Entertaining, Great world building, Original, Page-turner, Unpredictable Whimsical, Wonderful charac [...]

    Tami (synchro from BL)

    The trend continues more space battles, more intrigue, more back story about the old Empire. It gets better and better. The main characters are still not very interesting. They do not drive the story and I am not really invested in any one of them.  But I am interested in how this all plays out

    Harvey Dick

    I really enjoyed reading Terry Mixon's bookI am enjoying reading this series. The series is good and easy to read. The story has so far held my interest and the pages are zipping by. The story line changes and expands the plot. Not complicating, but really drawing you into thick of things. Good science fiction.

    Patrick Barnes

    Confusion reignsThere's a continuation of "girl talk" from the first two novels which of course isn't much as talk and wouldn't work for most twelve year olds. It does women a disservice to portray women as girls when they get acquainted or daddy 's girl ever. An heir to the throne puts herself in danger which almost gets herself killed. Then pouts and has childish tantrums with no consequence. She doesn't even consider that her marine bodyguards are put in more danger trying to protect her when [...]

    Chris Bauer

    This is the third book in Terry Mixon's excellent "Empire of Bones" series. Mixon has created an intriguing and complex setting for the story to unfold in. Characters are intriguing and the dialogue is laugh out loud hilarious at times. The book is a study of how to create tension, crank up the stakes, introduce setbacks and force character change. The latter half of the book seemed to have a much more desperate tone than the prior works - which given the plot twists, makes a great deal of sense [...]

    David P. Duffy

    Bad Writing, Fanciful Plot, and Generally A Juvenile EffortThe mediocre (at best) storyline that started with a Book 1, has continued to devolve with "Command Decisions,", hamstrung by the immature writing, fanciful plot devices, and inept story structure. Editing is absence, while proofreading is adequate.The author, Mr. Mixon, has constructed a mishmash of hackneyed SciFi concepts, most "explored" by others, and thrown against the wall, hoping some will stick. The Old Terran Empire, defeated b [...]

    Tony Hisgett

    I was really worried after the beginning of this book, I find the ‘Stupid, Bigoted commanding officer plot line such a worn out cliche that no matter how good the rest of the story the whole book is already slightly ruined.Breckenridge is such a caricature of the arrogant, idiotic, incompetent captain that it is impossible to believe he would have been given command of ‘rubbish bin’ let alone a fleet of starships.The only saving grace was the way Kelsey initially dealt with him, although s [...]

    John Kilgallon

    Thanks for another great entry in the Empire of Bones series! Fast paced with some plot and faction revelations that simply add to the Empire saga. Kelsey and Jared continue to move forward as characters and forces to be reckoned with. Reader be warned though, this is not the third book in a trilogy. It is the third book in what is panning out to be an epic space opera saga! Looking forward to more.

    Jan Savage

    Fog of war versus command idiocyThis book and author handles both problems extremely well. Murphy's law combined with political advancement makes a subordinates life hell. The author handles these challenges in an entertaining and insightful way, while including excellent characters with the axiom, it is easier at times to ask for forgiveness than for permission. I have enjoyed the first three books, and look forward to the next.

    dennis miles

    3rd book and still great Many series lose steam after a book or two, or the plot grows so large you lose interest. This does neither. If Webers Heirs of Empire appealed to you, so will this. In fact, the writing reminds me of earlier works such as Path of the Fury. The only negative is that I have read all three this weekend, and now have to wait for the next book!

    Robert C

    Awesome readNon stop action almost through out the book. Terry knows how to keep the story moving at fast pace. I downloaded the book later afternoon and basically finished it in 24 hours. What sucks is waiting for the next one. I also plan on ordering all the books in this series in hard form so i can touch the series.

    John Walker

    The End of the BeginningI've enjoyed the Empire of Bones saga very much since I read the first volume. Terry Mixon has shown an excellent mix of civilian and military life, and the reconstruction and recovery of a history thought long-dead. I'm definitely looking forward to further works in this series, and hope they come out very soon.

    Ryan Burt

    True to most space opera (or Star Trek) stories things seem to get worse and worse. How are they going to get home? We will have to keep reading. The Terran's may have made some more friends but they also have made more enemies. Guess we will have to keep reading to find out.

    Mick Bird

    Fully recommend this series to you. A great read, looking forward to book four of the series now.

    Chris Berko

    Really good series. I'm enjoying the evolution of the characters and the expansion of the worlds. Each book has had its own intriguing story while staying true to the overall plot. Very fun!


    I thought this book was a great part of Empire of Bones Saga. I just did not like the way Terry ended it. He left the book end in a strange place.

    Douglas Cook

    Fast read. Space Opera. Completely plot driven.

    Kathryn Joy

    Great story - well written.

    Burt Md

    Great Space Opera continuesAs good as books one and two! I have really enjoyed the three books which are very exciting and very well written. Please keep them coming.

    Jesse Deleon

    Edge of your seat reading.Terry Mixon has written another edge of your seat reading adventure story. Also the cover art is definitely fantastic, t.

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