Nov 18, 2019
Jocul seductiei
Posted by Johanna Lindsey

Georgina Anderson este o americanca cu 5 frati mai mari, toti dedicati calatoriilor pe mare.Intrucat batranul Anderson fusese, la randul lui, un om al marii, copiii lui erau asezati ca varsta dupa cum ajunsese el acasa Clinton avea 40 ani, Warren cu 5 ani mai mic, Thomas se nascuse dupa inca 4 ani, Drew dupa alti 4, iar Boyd, intrucat o furtuna serioasa si stricaciunileGeorgina Anderson este o americanca cu 5 frati mai mari, toti dedicati calatoriilor pe mare.Intrucat batranul Anderson fusese, la randul lui, un om al marii, copiii lui erau asezati ca varsta dupa cum ajunsese el acasa Clinton avea 40 ani, Warren cu 5 ani mai mic, Thomas se nascuse dupa inca 4 ani, Drew dupa alti 4, iar Boyd, intrucat o furtuna serioasa si stricaciunile vasului il tinusera pe batran acasa, dupa 11 luni dupa Drew.

  • Title: Jocul seductiei
  • Author: Johanna Lindsey
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jocul seductiei Georgina Anderson este o americanca cu frati mai mari toti dedicati calatoriilor pe mare Intrucat batranul Anderson fusese la randul lui un om al marii copiii lui erau asezati ca varsta dupa cum


    This cover is Fabiolous, right?! Hyuck, hyuck!I went into this knowing that it was an (almost) 20 year old romance about pirates, so I was prepared to give it some wiggle room for a lot of things. But, at the same time, this one kept popping up as one of the Top Pirate Romances of all times, so I was also seriously excited by the prospect of reading such a guilty pleasure.*whispers*FaaaabioSadly, this did not live up to my (rather pathetic) expectations. And while I was a bit let down by the lac [...]


    Re-read 7/18/10 -- Man I think I even liked this audiobook better the second time around. Pirrrrrrrratical fun. ;)4.5/5 stars. This was my first novel by Johanna Lindsey, though I read a short-story of hers in an anthology before reading this book. As I listened to the audiobook, I was trying to determine why I was enjoying the book so much, despite numerous bodice-ripper type of clichés. I made myself a list to justify both my enjoyment and distaste.Reasons I enjoyed this book? My love of h [...]

    Faye, la Patata

    Meh. Sexist themes. Dominant male. Virgin female who was pretty much manipulated into having sex with the sorry excuse of a love interest, and then thought nothing of it. BLAH.(view spoiler)[Not even good fap material. (hide spoiler)]


    Strong willed Georgina Anderson is determined to find the fiancé she lost four years earlier when he had been impressed into service by the British during the war of 1812. Doing so meant leaving the five older brothers who raised her, as well as her home in America, but she’ll be damned if she’d let a little thing like war, time, and distance get in between her and her plans for the future.And find him she does. However her ‘fiancé’ is married and settled down- to someone else!- and he [...]

    Lover of Romance

    This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance SummaryGeorgina Anderson, has been on the hunt for the fiancee that disappeared during the war with Britain. Its been four years since he was taken by their Navy, and never heard a word from him. After her brother Thomas refuses to go in search for him, Georgina along with a trusted family friend and protector "Mac" go to England on their own to search for her missing fiancee Malcolm. But what she finds is a fiancee that married a English [...]

    Kat Desi

    I don't know how many times I've read this book over the years, but each time I do, I still giggle over it. James is definitely my favorite Malory, along with Anthony.

    Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)

    James Malory, rogue, rake, and pirate. And very sexy guy. This guy is an original. You know he's something special when you meet him in Love Only Once, and I was eager to read his book. Well I definitely enjoyed seeing James meet his HEA with Georgina. This was a fun, sexy book. I tell you, James Malory is a guy who goes after what he wants. Once he figures out that his cabin boy is a girl, she's in his bed a very short time later. Little does he know that she has lots of big, strong, angry brot [...]

    *The Angry Reader*

    5 Old School stars!! (I'm doing the Running Man thanks to all this delicious 90s goodness!) This book had everything fabulous in early romance books without any of the crap (the rapey-rape). James is a pirate, Englishman, rake, lord, and douche. Georgie is a sassy ass who pretends to be a cabin boy on his ship. He half-tortures her (and cocks his eyebrow a lot). She runs her mouth and does goofy things and loses her temper. Man, plot doesn't matter. What matters is that James is the most perfect [...]


    I really enjoyed Gentle Rogue. The image of Georgie disguised as a scrawny twelve year old cabin boy with a temper was so funny. She thought that Captain James Malory didn’t know who she was but James knew all right. She was the ‘wench’ disguised as a boy he’d been looking for since the day she kicked him in the shins and ran off after he carried her out of a Tavern. She’s been on his mind for days and it was just his luck that Georgie happened to step onto his ship. James decides to p [...]

    Kimberly Carrington-Fox

    Realmente son 4/4'5 pero, qué narices, hay que ser generosa cuando, a pesar de los momentos más flojos, te lo pasas tan bien leyendo un libro como me lo he pasado yo con Amable y tirano. James Malory ya me tenía encandilada desde el primer libro de la saga, me enamoró en el segundo y en éste ya doy palmas con las orejas cada vez que aparece, es un personaje que te conquista con cada acción que realiza y cada palabra que dice. Y George es un encanto, de pichotismo ausente, o que se agradece [...]

    NiCoLeTa E.

    Ήταν τόσο αναθεματισμένα ωραίοΧριστέ μου! Αγαπώ όλους τους ΜάλοριΑγαπώ όλους τους ΆντερσονΑγαπώ και τον Νίκολας ΊντενΕίναι όλοι τους τόσο παθιασμένοι, τόσο ξεροκέφαλοι, τόσο θερμοκέφαλοι, αλλά και τόσο σέξιΔε θες να σταματήσεις να διαβάζεις τις περιπέτειες τους (Οι οποίε [...]

    Kristal Kitap

    <3<3<3 James Mallory <3<3<3

    Emma Chase

    A fun, easy read with a "classic historical romance" feel. Loved the banter between Georgie and James. I wanted George to smack him several times throughout the story - that's my kind of romantic hero. Not a fan of the cover art, however.

    Lisa Kay

    My fav from the series.


    For a soon to be Buddy Read with my friend and comrade-in-arms Jennifer.Selected simply because of the cover in hopes that this will reach the same heights of craziness as Just by looking at the cover, I have so many questions!- Will they do it doggy style?- Is that her dress trapped under his belt? Or his own shirt?- What is her right hand doing? With a slit (of the dress) that highuld it be she's taking care of her own business?

    Γιώτα Παπαδημακοπούλου

    Ήρθε η ώρα να γνωρίσουμε τη δυναμική Τζορτζίνα Άντερσον, η οποία μεταμφιέζεται σε αγόρι και στριμώχνεται στο πλοίο Μέιντεν Ανν αναζητώντας τον χαμένο της μνηστήρα. Βέβαια, αντί για εκείνον, θα συναντήσει τον Τζέιμς Μάλορι, έναν γοητευτικό άντρα, πρώην πειρατή και το ρεμάλι [...]


    3.5 stars


    This book was a bit disappointing. The characters were all very interesting. The abundance of characters though, was a bit overwhelming at times. For being a romance, this one lacked just that. The focus was less on James and Georgina and more on their siblings and interactions. I know this is a third of a "series" so there was familiarity between characters and certain story lines. But, I felt that left little room for THIS story. More time was spent on past or future books. I wish we would hav [...]

    Min Li Li

    Serinin en bir sevdiğim kitabı oldu Kaçak Yolcu.Anthony'nin hikayesi beni biraz hayal kırıklığına uğratsa da James'in hikaye tam ona yaraşır şekildeydi. Bu kitapta seriye ismini vere diğer aile Andersonlar ile tanıştık.Onlarda Malory kardeşler kadar harikaydı. <3Gönül isterdi ki hepsini hikayesini okuyabilelim ama sadece 3 kardeşin hikayesi var onlardan da. *-*

    Cassandra Dexter Colby

    James nos deja mareadas. La reseña en nuestro blog :) alacamaconunlibro

    Ioanna Bouna

    To καλυτερο μεχρι στιγμης απο την σειρα της οικογενειας Μαλορυ Ο Τζειμς ειναι ακριβως το ειδος του ηρωα που μου αρεσει η ηρωιδα πιο απτη απο τις προηγουμενες Μεχρι και την τελευταια λεξη το απολαυσα συνεχιζω στο 4ο

    Wendy,Lady Evelyn Quince

    I first read this book eons ago, back when Johanna Lindsey was for me the greatest writer on earth. Yeah, I was a dumb kid, but weren't we all a little bit? I remember anxiously walking to Woolworth's every day in November of 1990, freaking out for her latest book and annoying the clerks by repeatedly asking when were the new ones coming in!The day I saw the shelf stocker opening up a new box, I grabbed the first book out from the top, not even caring that it has a slit in the cover. I was a bit [...]


    Georgina Anderson datang ke inggris tanpa sepengetahuan kakak2nya untuk mencari tunangannya yg dipaksa menjadi tentara inggris sejak 6 tahun yg lalu & menemukan bahwa malcom sudah menikah & mempunyai anakrah & jengkel georgina yg ditemani oleh mac menyamar sebagai laki2 & ikut kapal apapun yg akan bertolak ke amerikaorgina menyamar sebagai cabin boy maiden anne, kapal milik james mallory.james mallory, viscount of ryding, putera ke 3 keluarga mallory, mantan bajak laut yg sekali [...]


    This was the cutest book I have read in a very long while (re-reads not withstanding), and the best Malory book so far, and to tell the truth its way better than the previous two.Georgina was a funny character and immensely amusing to read, one of the reasons that endeared the Malory family to me is that they were a big brood, and an addition to another brood was a big welcome, I loved her relationship with her brother and with Mac, it reminded me of Regina from the first book. She was a bit ove [...]

    Indah Threez Lestari

    Boleh dibilang, James Malory adalah tokoh favorit Johanna Lindsey di seri Malory ini, mengingat James selalu tampil dalam setiap novel. Tapi jelas, di novel ini ia adalah pemeran utamanya.James tipe pemberontak dan pembuat masalah dalam keluarga. Petualang cinta kelas wahid sejak masih belia, ia menjadi buruan favorit para wanita bangsawan London yang bahkan sudah bersuami. Skandalnya dengan para istri tak setia itu membuatnya bertekad takkan pernah menikah seumur hidup. Petualangannya memburu d [...]


    I give Gentle Rogue a solid three stars. I enjoyed the book and found the dialogue humorous and entertaining, but the plot was predicable and at time felt tedious. Just think “old school” romance and that pretty much sums up this book. I highly advise reading this series in order. This was the third book in the "Malory Family" series. Because I did not read the previous two books, I was left feeling frustrated and confused during some of the conversations that were obviously past plot relate [...]


    Incredibly silly, some excellent smut scenes, and like most of the historical romance novels I've read, it goes on for a hundred pages too long.Logically, I shouldn't like this book; Georgie was not believable and she was overconfident for her level of knowledge and experience while James *sigh* there was so much potential but a total let down overall. He was much too arrogant and manipulative. The plot was overdone and some parts just didn't make sense. But it is such an entertaining read, and [...]

    Sabrina Jeffries

    Okay, I'm cheating here, and I don't like them all equally, but I do love the Mallory's. They're all funny. I especially liked Love Only Once (the first book), Gentle Rogue (my favorite), and The Magic of You (where the heroine chases the hero shamelessly).


    Loved it. James got his match with George and her brothers.

    S a n d r a

    James Malory es sencillamente maravilloso, pero el patrón que sigue está saga es demasiado evidente y está presente en todos los libros, lo cual me hace bajarle la nota.

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