Oct 22, 2019
Creatures of a Day: And other tales of psychotherapy
Posted by Irvin D. Yalom

What makes life worth living What can we do to lead meaningful lives And how do we confront our inevitable end In his long career, eminent psychotherapist and author Irvin Yalom has pressed his patients and readers to grapple with life s two greatest challenges that we all must die, and that each of us is responsible for leading a life worth living In Creatures of a DWhat makes life worth living What can we do to lead meaningful lives And how do we confront our inevitable end In his long career, eminent psychotherapist and author Irvin Yalom has pressed his patients and readers to grapple with life s two greatest challenges that we all must die, and that each of us is responsible for leading a life worth living In Creatures of a Day, he and his patients face the difficulty of these challenges Although these people have come to Yalom seeking relief, recognition, or meaning, he and they discover that such things are rarely found in the places where we think to look Like Love s Executioner and Yalom s other writing, Creatures of a Day provides an intelligent, compassionate, yet still unflinching look at the human soul and all the pain, confusion, and hope that go with it The power of these stories is amplified by Yalom s reflections on his own life as he reckons with its inevitable end Suffused with humor, great artistry, and a profound humanity, Creatures of a Day lays bare the necessary task we each face, each day, to make our own lives meaningful.

  • Title: Creatures of a Day: And other tales of psychotherapy
  • Author: Irvin D. Yalom
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Creatures of a Day And other tales of psychotherapy What makes life worth living What can we do to lead meaningful lives And how do we confront our inevitable end In his long career eminent psychotherapist and author Irvin Yalom has pressed his patien

    Petra X

    Not Yalom's best, it seems these are perhaps stories not included in previous volumes about his existential psychotherapy practice. Still, it's a very readable book with some insights, some ah-ha moments:"Man loves himself more than all the rest of men, but yet sets less value on his own opinion of himself than on the opinion of others." Marcus Aurelius.


    I started this collection with the intent of re-familiarizing myself with Yalom's unique wisdom and forthright regard with his patients. And thankfully it started off promising enough by including some much-needed humor to lighten the air between doctor-patient:Almost able to hear his joints creaking, I took his heavy battered briefcase, held his arm, and guided him to his chair.“Thankee, thankee, young man. And how old are you?”“Eighty years old,” I answered.“Ahhh, to be eighty again. [...]

    Sara Kamjou

    یالوم واقعا یه نابغه‌ست و الهام‌بخش منه. تا الان نشده کتابی از یالوم بخونم و لذت وافری ازش نبرم.کتاب انسان موجودی یک روزه مجموعه‌ی ده داستان برگرفته از از مراجعان یالوم است که هم مباحثی فلسفی توش مطرح می‌شه و هم از اون مهم‌‌تر منبعی غنی برای ما روانشناس‌هاست که نکاتی آموزن [...]

    Özlem Güzelharcan

    Elimde Günübirlik Hayatlar, Palo Alto'da, Yalom'un ofisindeyim. Kitabın 15. sayfasını açıp orada yazanı Dr. Yalom'a okuyorum: "Bir şeyleri açıklama dürtüsü, modern düşüncenin salgın hastalığıdır." Modern bir hasta/danışan/okur olarak Irvin Yalom'a son kitabını sevdiğimi fakat kitabın bende buruk bir tat bıraktığını söylüyorum. Kendisinin 15 yıllık okuru olarak ona önce hislerimden bahsetmem gerektiğini biliyorum zira! Neden buruk sence, diye soruyor. Öncel [...]


    یکی از بهترین کتاب‌ها در زمینه روان‌شناسی! تجربه‌های روان‌درمانی رو به‌صورت داستانی، مستند کرده و خیلی چیزها درباره زندگی و مرگ و روبرو شدن با مشکلات می‌شه ازش یاد گرفت. تحلیل خواب‌هایی که می‌کنه خیلی جالبن. برای کسایی که علاقه‌مند به روان‌شناسی نیستن هم می‌تونه مفید ب [...]


    "English below"متن شیوایی است و همچو مطالعه یک دوره روان درمانی تجربی از یک معلم بزرگ و مجرب. هر داستان، نکته ای پیرامون تجربه یا مواجهه با مرگ دارد، اما تنوع مسائل و رویکردهای فردی منحصربفرد داستانها را جالب و متفاوت کرده است. به نظرم تفاوتی که طرح داستان وار نکات مهم، با صرفا طرح کل [...]


    اثری متشکل از ده داستان کوتاه از روان درمانی های دکتر یالوم که برگرفته از حوادث واقعی می باشد و همه ی آنها به نوعی با مرگ و فانی بودن انسان مرتبط هستند.

    Marty :} (thecursedbooks)

    “Always reflect that soon you will be no one, and nowhere.”Before I've started reading Irvin Yalom's books, I've never realised just what a big issue death of one must be and what issues the fear of mortality may cause. But I find his way of dealing with his patients very inspiring for me, someone who aspires to be a therapist, I can say that this guy's books really speak to me.


    Sadece kitaba ismini veren son bolum/hikaye icin bile okunsa degecek bir kitap. Irvin Yalom mesleginde basarili oldugu kadar sozcuklerle de arasi iyi olan bir yazar. Bu kitabinda da anladigim kadariyla yazma isine cok ehemmiyet verdigi de asikar. Zira hem kendi meslegini surdurmesi hem de bu kadar guzel kitabi ortaya cikarmasi mumkun olmazdi.Birbirinden farkli nedenlerle Irv'in muayehanesini ziyaret etmis kisilerin ve hayatlarin ilginc hikayelerini okumak guzeldi. Ayrica hastalarin sikayetleri f [...]

    Jason Pettus

    I've recently started seeing a therapist for the first time, and it turns out that she's what's known as an "existential therapist," whose practice is based on the theories of famed analyst Irvin Yalom, which is how it is that I find myself reading a lot of his books myself these days. But while I highly enjoyed the first two titles of his that I read, the older "Every Day Gets a Little Closer" and "Love's Executioner," I was not as enamored with this brand-new one; for while the previous books [...]


    Μου είναι δύσκολο να γράψω την οποιαδήποτε κριτική για ένα non fiction βιβλιο. Τι μπορείς να κρίνεις; Μπορώ όμως να πω ότι μου άρεσε πολύ , είναι προφανές πως ο Γιαλομ είναι ένα εξαίρετος ψυχολόγος και πολύ συμπαθής. Είναι ένα βιβλιο που μπορείς να διαβασεις σιγά σιγά χωρίς να χάσ [...]

    juan carlos

    Que pedazo de libro, mi cabeza esta funcionando al mil por ciento. Ya que este libro es verdadero, no es ficción, donde el doctor Ivrin D. Yalom nos muestra a través de su narración adictiva todo lo que vivió con sus pacientes dentro de su consultorio y las terapias de psicoanálisis y todo lo que concluyó.¿Para qué leer criaturas de un día?1. Para ver de una manera más creíble y vivencial lo que se vive en una terapia psicoanalítica. 2. Nos explica íntegramente el doctor Yalom la re [...]

    Bob Schnell

    Advanced reading copy Due to be published February 2015I read the psychology classic "The Fifty-Minute Hour" by Dr. Robert M. Lindner over 30 years ago and some of the stories within have stayed with me. The chance to read another non-fiction collection of psychotherapy tales led me to pick Irving Yalom's "Creatures of a Day" off the ARC shelf at work.Dr. Yalom has written a number of books dealing with psychotherapy and philosophy, none of which I have read. In this book he is obviously dealing [...]


    O psiquiatra e psicoterapeuta americano Irvin D.Yalom, de 84 anos, escreveu um novo livro, desta vez de não-ficção, onde partilha dez histórias de pacientes que se deitaram no seu divã. Criaturas de um Dia e outras histórias de psicoterapia (Creatures of a Day and Other Tales of Psychotherapy), traduzido para português por Casimiro da Piedade, à semelhança da obra pela qual tornou-se conhecido mundialmente, no final da década de 1980, A Psicologia do Amor (Love's Executioner and Others [...]

    Jean Riescher

    What do you search for in a book? Character, insight, beauty, pain and something that lives on beyond the page. These vignettes, each describing different moments in a therapeutic relationship with varied patients give hope, comfort, insight and also frustrate, agitate and discomfort the reader through the same from Dr. Yalom. This is a book that lives--even as it struggles with death. Truly a gift.


    Her ne kadar bir Bugünü Yaşama Arzusu, Spinoza Problemi veya Güneşe Bakmak Ölümle Yüzleşmek kadar olmasa da Adamın yazdıklarını okumayı seviyorum :)


    انسان موجودی یکروزه داستان بهترین قالب برای یاد گرفتنه و یالوم علاوه بر روان پزشک قصه گوی خوبی هم هست.کتاب شامل ده داستان کوتاه از مکالمات یالوم و بیمارانشه. از ویژگی های نوشته های یالوم مثل کتاب وقتی نیچه گریست یا درمان شوپنهاور تاکیدیه که بر ارتباط و نقشش در درمان داره. ارتب [...]

    Мис Марпъл

    Десет истории по истински случаи през парадигмата на екзистенциалната психотерапия - екзистенциална самота, страх от смъртта, липса на смисъл Наистина - четивен стил, от който може би и самите разкази са изгубили част от дълбочината си - въпреки че Ялом споменава в следгов [...]

    Eylem T

    85 yaşına gelmiş bir psikiyatrist olan Irvin D.Yalom,hayatının bu noktasında bile terapilerine devam etmekte ve deneyimlerini oldukça samimi ve insan hikayeleriyle bütünleştirerek bizlere aktarmakta.Bütün tekniğin ,sadece terapi gören kişiyle kurulacak olan samimi bağ ve iletişimden ibaret olduğunu düşünen Yalom , terapiye gelenleri etiketleyip sınıflamadan ,karşılıklı etkileşime açık ve hayatın ve kişilerin değişim dinamiklerine göre ilerleyen psikanaliz süre [...]

    Yankı Süsen

    30 yaşımın ilk kitabı varoluşsal kaygılarım ve anlam bulma çabamda bana ne iyi geldin Yalom! discendo vivimus!

    Sadjad Abedi

    از دو کتاب دیگری که از یالوم خونده بودم ضعیف تر بود اما خوشبختانه دو داستان آخر بسیار خوب بود. فکر میکنم آنچه من رو به یالوم نزدیک تر میکنه استفاده مستقیم از فلسفه در داستان ها و دیالوگ هاشه. تفاوتی که داستان های این کتاب با مامان و معنای زندگی داشت، کوتاه تر بودنشون بود و خب این [...]

    Skorofido Skorofido

    Ως μοναχικό, φοβικό, αγχωτικό, καταθλιπτικό, ψυχαναγκαστικό, διπολικό και ό,τι έχει σχέση σεικό σκορόφιδο, είναι φυσικό ο Γιάλομ να είναι ένας από τους αγαπημένους μου συγγραφείς. Κάθε του βιβλίο, για μένα, είναι ένα ταξίδι στον απύθμενο βάθος του εαυτού μου… μιλάμε για τέτο [...]


    کتاب متشکل از ده داستانه که یالوم بر اساس قصه‌ی مراجعانش نوشته، یعنی داستانها واقعی هستند تنها اسم شخصیتها عوض شده برای حفظ حریم خصوصی بیماران. موضوع بسیاری از داستانها مرگه، مواجهه با مرگ خود و یا نزدیکان. یالوم هم در حین درمان مراجعانش از تجربیات خودش و از ترسش از مرگ میگه ک [...]

    Mostafa Abdollahi

    از یکی از داستاهای این کتاب این مضمون رو برداشت کردم: زندگی ما فقط مسیری نیست که خودمون داریم جلو میریم بلکه شامل تاثیری که روی زندگی بقیه هم میگذاریم میشه. برای همین نباید فقط دنبال پیشرفت فردی تو زندگی بودنقل قولهای جالبی هم از کتاب تاملات مارکوس اورلیوس تو کتاب وجود داره که [...]

    Melek Yılmaz

    ölüm korkusunun bu kadar farklı duygulara işlemiş olabileceğini düşünemezdim ben. okurken her hastanın bölümünün sonunda oldukça garipsedim Irv'in bu tip duygulara verdiği cevapları. keşke bir kere kendisiyle karşılaşıp kitabımı imzalatabilsem.

    Betsy Robinson

    Renowned existential therapist and one of the most distinguished and popular authors writing about psychotherapy, Irvin D. Yalom took the title of his new book, Creatures of a Day: And Other Tales of Psychotherapy (Basic Books, February 24, 2015) from Meditations, the private scribblings of second-century Stoic philosopher Marcus Aurelius on how best to live:All of us are creatures of a day; the rememberer and the remembered alike. All is ephemeral—both memory and the object of memory. The tim [...]


    Omg, we’ll all be dead soon! No, really we will!Maybe you’re young. Maybe you eat kale. Maybe you’ll live another 100 years, but what’s that? What’s a 100 years compared to the infinity of darkness that bookends your odd flare-up of consciousness? It doesn’t even qualify as the blink of an eye. It doesn’t qualify as the merest fraction of the tiniest portion of the littlest bit of the blink of an eye. With those differences of scale in mind, is a 100 years so different from a 100 d [...]


    اين كتاب رو از دوست عزيزى، بعد از اين كه تشخيص داد من مرگ-هراسى دارم هديه گرفتم. كتاب، به مثابه جلسات روانكاوى رايگان.شرح ساده ى يالوم از جلسات روانكاويش ميخكوب كننده و هيجان انگيزه. پس اگر زياد به مرگ فكر ميكنيد، اگر روانكاوى دوست داريد يا اگر براى دوست عزيزى دنبال هديه ميگردي [...]


    4.5Anyone who has not read Yalom out there: if you want to understand yourselves better, read Yalom.


    Confession: I love Irvin Yalom. I've never met the man and never will. I have no idea if his real-life persona is the same as the one he creates in his books. But the Yalom of his books is one of the kindest, most compassionate, witty, intelligent, and humble people I've encountered. This meditation on mortality, in the form of ten case-studies from his psychiatric practice, is thought-provoking and ultimately hopeful, despite it's focus on the fact that we are, all of us, dying every day. Yalom [...]

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