Oct 22, 2019
And Then I Danced: Traveling the Road to LGBT Equality
Posted by Mark Segal

A swiftly written debut memoir Segal vividly describes his firsthand experience as a teenager inside the Stonewall bar during the historic riots, his participation with the Gay Liberation Front, and amusing encounters with Elton John and Patti LaBelle.A jovial yet passionately delivered self portrait inspiring awareness about LGBT history from one of the movement A swiftly written debut memoir Segal vividly describes his firsthand experience as a teenager inside the Stonewall bar during the historic riots, his participation with the Gay Liberation Front, and amusing encounters with Elton John and Patti LaBelle.A jovial yet passionately delivered self portrait inspiring awareness about LGBT history from one of the movement s true pioneers Kirkus Reviews With great verve and spirit, Segal has rendered a lively and dramatic memoir of the early days of the gay rights struggle the infighting over strategies and objectives the long, hard road of progress and a look at the challenges still ahead Booklist The reader can clearly see how Segal s fearless determination, cheerful tenacity, and refusal to attack his opponents made him a power broker in Philadelphia and a leading advocate on the national level Segal fills his book with worthy storiesfunny anecdotes and heart Publishers Weekly The stories are interesting, unexpected, and witty Library Journal Activist Mark Segal who was present at Stonewall and later went on to found the Philadelphia Gay News was a featured judge at Miss d America and the recipient of a lifetime achievement award the night of the pageant In his new Memoir And Then I Danced Traveling the Road to LGBT Equality, he writes about how he was kicked off a television show in the 1970s called Summertime on the Pier because he was dancing with another man, but four decades later, he cut a rug with his husband Jason Villemez while the Marine Corps Band played Barbra Streisand at the White House s first ever Gay Pride reception hosted by President Obama Huffington Post A historic memoir, chronicling Mark s life in the LGBT political scene in Philadelphia.Segal also presents his personal and family life in a warm, engaging matter and this writing extends to his interactions with public figures Huffington Post, Living History Three Books to Find Yourself In Much this book focuses on his work, but the telling pages are filled with love gained and lost, raising other people s children, finding himself, and aging in the gay community A must read The Advocate, 30 Best Books You Missed in 2015 A conversational, nicely constructed combination autobiography and history lesson that recounts Segal s contribution to LGBT activism, from his early days as a member of the Gay Liberation Front in New York to his stewardship of a successful weekly newspaper Philadelphia Inquirer Segal s writing style is engrossing and never ponderous.And Then I Danced is highly recommended for all LGBT history collections and especially for readers with interest in Pennsylvania Philadelphia politics ALA s GLBT Round TableOn December 11, 1973, Mark Segal disrupted a live broadcast of the CBS Evening News when he sat on the desk directly between the camera and news anchor Walter Cronkite, yelling, Gays protest CBS prejudice He was wrestled to the studio floor by the stagehands on live national television, thus ending LGBT invisibility But this one victory left many battles to fight, and creativity was required to find a way to challenge stereotypes surrounding the LGBT community Mark Segal s job, as he saw it, was to show the nation who gay people are our sons, daughters, fathers, and mothers.Because of activists like Mark Segal, whose life work is dramatically detailed in this poignant and important memoir, today there are openly LGBT people working in the White House and throughout corporate America An entire community of gay world citizens is now finding the voice that they need to become visible.

  • Title: And Then I Danced: Traveling the Road to LGBT Equality
  • Author: Mark Segal
  • ISBN: 9781617753992
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Paperback
  • And Then I Danced Traveling the Road to LGBT Equality A swiftly written debut memoir Segal vividly describes his firsthand experience as a teenager inside the Stonewall bar during the historic riots his participation with the Gay Liberation Front and a

    Book Riot Community

    In 1973, Segal interrupted a live broadcast of the CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite, protesting the nation's LGBT inequality and essentially introducing the subject into homes around the country. This is his story of a life lived as an activist, the people he has known, and the work he has done to further the cause of gay rights.Tune in to our weekly podcast dedicated to all things new books, All The Books: bookriot/category/all-the-


    What a ride! Publisher and gay activist Mark Segal brings the past several decades of Philadelphia politics and media to vibrant life in his personal story of coming out, coming of age, and of becoming one of the country's most prominent small press newspaper leaders. From his family life to the radical activism that included the Stonewall rebellion, Segal shares his accounts of historic moments with a personal style; it's alternately touching, moving and hilarious. The mostly color photo sectio [...]

    Bryan D.

    Author Mark Segal is roughly my age, and we've traveled a somewhat parallel path. He has been much more active in the Gay Rights movement, at least on a larger stage. From Stonewall through the Marriage Equality success, Mark was front and center in many, many actions. His depiction of the onset of the AIDS crisis made me cry, and brought back so many memories. Mark echoed my own feeling that those of us, of a certain age, are survivors of a war. Told with humor, pathos, and a great sense of sty [...]

    Kest Schwartzman

    It's an interesting story, but the man REALLY does not know how to tell a story. It might be interesting to note which senators he felt might be closeted- it is not worth noting, in parenthesis, everyone he thought ever had a crush on him.I was hoping for a book about a movement- I got a book about an ego.


    And Then I Danced was an interesting personal account of one person's involvement in the modern glbtq rights movement. I like memoirs, and this one had some wonderful stories, historical snippets, just the right amount of name-dropping, if you call it that, and some perspective taking of where all this fit into glbtq history. I appreciated Mark Segal's relatively balanced approach of being rightfully proud of all he's done, but it didn't seem to be overly so or bragging about it, and he readily [...]


    This August has found me contemplating our gay and lesbian fore-parents - the ones who came before, who fought great fights to get us where we are, the ones who lead the way for us with their vision and visibility, so it was exciting to read Segal's account of being a young man at Stonewall, of starting the Gay Youth support group, chaining himself to various things (including a camera at the CBS Evening News, when he introduced Cronkite to the gay rights movement and garnered his considerable s [...]


    And Then I Danced is the memoir of Mark Segal, an LGBT activist turned lobbyist. The first several chapters focus on the activism work and "zaps" he worked on in the 60s and 70s. It was really interesting to read about the things that LGBT activists had to do in order to give us the (meager) rights that we have today. The last several chapters were (in my opinion) really boring. They consisted of a lot of name dropping and what politicians he supported and all of the famous people he met and got [...]

    Tex Reader

    4.0 of 5 stars – A Fascinating Person I'd Like to Get to Know.There are many early champions of the modern glbtq movement, some with even better "credentials;" but Mark Segal was definitely one of the leaders of the modern movement in the early days and has continued the fight to this day, and his personal account is a fascinating read.I was duly impressed with his long list of his at times just being involved in, but also helping to create and lead initial efforts of what are now commonplace [...]


    And Then I Danced is a wonderful story of both Mark Segal's experiences and LGBT equality movements history. Told almost matter-of-factly, it reads like a casual biography yet encompasses some of the most important and risky early attempts to make this portion of the population seen and heard.Like any memoir this represents the writer's presentation of his actions through his own filters. Segal does a commendable job of supporting his recollections with reference to other biographies and histori [...]

    Petter Kringberg

    While in some places a bit long winded, I find this book a very welcome change to the more "catastrophic" memoirs written by some of the early LGBT advocates. While still describing some of the major setbacks in his life, it is very uplifting to see the focus on achievements of the early LGBT movement, especially as someone who has his own past in the same movement, albeit some 30 years later. All in all, I found it an enjoyable read, that gave me some facts I didn't already have about the early [...]


    This book was pretty interesting. I definitely learned things about queer history that I didn't previously know. One thing that really stood out to me was the difference in language used by older LGBTQ+ people and younger ones.While the author used the term LGBT it was mostly about his experience as a gay man and didn't go in depth into oppression/discrimination that affects other members of the queer community but that's not necessarily a bad thing because why would someone write about somethin [...]

    Sara Habein

    Interesting history, pat on the back writing with only surface-level insight. In other words, standard fare for any Open Lens-published memoir. The book also could have done a better job acknowledging bi and trans activists that spurred the early Pride movements, as most go unmentioned here. That said, Mark Segal has certainly accomplished a lot, and one should admire his tenacity.


    A wonderful memoir about one of the leaders of the LGBT movement. Written with heart and smarts. Just wish that the title of the book was better. Found the title a little to throw away than the true value of the book.


    It was an honor to meet Mark Segal in 2016. I admire his strength, enthusiasm, and storytelling ability that has been integral in telling the LGBTQ story--subsequently changing laws. This sat on my "Currently Reading" shelf for over a year because I return to it any time I feel hopeless. I'm finally moving it over, but I won't stop returning to it.


    An absolutely amazing memoir from an extraordinary man. I live in the Philadelphia area and remember many of the events and people mentioned but everyone should read this to see what a real activist and hero looks like.I received this book as part of a Good reads giveaway but the opinions expressed are solely my own.


    The struggle for LGBT rights, and how journalism helped forge a new future. Excellent historical read, from Mark's perspective. Fascinating that he was at Stonewall, and how those roots reverberate through the last decades.


    Ok and interesting but hard to follow, since it is not always written in linear fashion. It also feels like the author name drops a bit.On the plus side he focuses quite a bit on the needs and concerns of elderly LGBTI people which I think are people who have been usually ignored. This book is also good for a first hand account of LGBTI struggles in northeastern USA, especially PA and NY.


    Very interesting reading of pioneer gay activist. Somewhat of a vanity publication--message to self, don't write your own accomplishments with too many I I I's--emphasize history. Enjoyed the detailing of the political maneuverings in Pennsylvania and specifically in Philly.


    His gee-whiz guess what happened next and this how we did it, was a fun inspiring read.


    Mark Segal was a real game changer for LGBT equality in this country, and I had never heard of him. Very interesting. Worth reading.

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