Apr 05, 2020
All Days Are Night
Posted by Peter Stamm Michael Hofmann

Gillian seems to have it all she is beautiful, successful, and securely married But one night, after an argument with her husband, their car crashes on a wet road, and everything is lost When she wakes in the hospital, she is a widow with a ruined face and no way back to the person she thought she was It is only when she begins to piece together the painful shards ofGillian seems to have it all she is beautiful, successful, and securely married But one night, after an argument with her husband, their car crashes on a wet road, and everything is lost When she wakes in the hospital, she is a widow with a ruined face and no way back to the person she thought she was It is only when she begins to piece together the painful shards of her present existence and revisit a relationship from her past that she is able to glimpse the freedom that might come with her loss From the master of unadorned storytelling, All Days are Night is a quietly disquieting exploration of identity, inside and out.

  • Title: All Days Are Night
  • Author: Peter Stamm Michael Hofmann
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  • Page: 112
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • All Days Are Night Gillian seems to have it all she is beautiful successful and securely married But one night after an argument with her husband their car crashes on a wet road and everything is lost When she wake


    What is it that I like about Peter Stamm? This is a question I have to ask myself, as I’m getting to be something of a habitué of his work: Seven Years, the excellent We're Flying, and now All Days Are Night. Stamm’s schtick is bleached-out, toneless Swiss-German anomie, rendered in an elegant, minimalist prose style. “Warm,” “loveable,” “larger than life,” “life-affirming,” “a caper”—these are not things I would predict you will ever find yourself saying of a characte [...]


    This short novel left me with a lot of ambivalent feelings: on the one hand, it is quite spare and unflinching. The unadorned prose seeps melancholia. On the other hand, there is quite a distance between the reader and the text. This produces a curious lack of affect, with the novel ultimately being underwhelming.Of course, that could be precisely the impact the author was aiming for. I did find myself mulling this book after I had finished it. Somehow it crept into my brain space, as certain bo [...]


    The range of emotions that the author conveys in this short novel is astonishing. Gillian feels guilt, pain, remorse and finally happiness. Hubert feels stifled, jealous and confused. This book brings to light the contrast between what we are on the outside and who we actually are behind the façade. Can Gillian and Hubert reconnect and get beyond their past? Can Hubert fully disconnect from his wife and move on? ALL DAYS ARE NIGHT is a short read, yet it is full of dialogue that will make you c [...]

    Michael Bohli

    Peter Stamm kann schreiben, das ist unbestritten. Auch sein Roman "Nacht ist der Tag" ist somit eine gut ausgeführte und schön formulierte Geschichte über Verlust, Liebe und Neuanfang. Doch leider fühlte sich das Buch immer wieder etwas zu stark nach einem eher billigen Schundroman an. Dies liegt weder an der Sprache noch an der eigentlichen Struktur, sondern eher an der etwas flachen Zeichnung der Charaktere und ihrer Probleme. Wenn eine bekannte TV-Moderatorin in einem Unfall ihr Ehemann u [...]

    Katia N

    3.5 starsCertainly a writer to follow. I like his understated prose and the ethos of this book -you always can start a new life. But I cannot quite put my finger on something which is missing. Maybe, his main female character is slightly cartoonish. I will try to read the one of his other novels to understand better what i think.The translation is superb.


    Un 3,5


    “All Days are Night” (“Nacht ist der Tag”), Swiss-German novelist Peter Stamm’s latest work, initially feels more like a late-90s Miramax cinematic import than a work of literature. In its first half, it’s easy to imagine its stainless steel Swiss upper-middle class world filmed in saturated blue-greys, with terse and elegantly subtitled dialogue evoking, but never quite fully exploring, de rigeur continental themes: art, beauty and the proximity of death.The story begins with a time [...]


    I approached this book with some trepidation, and the first few pages just increased my concern. I had been looking for a book that would draw me in, and this one seemed to be the kind that would require a great deal of work on my part--something I don't mind, but generally I take my time approaching that kind of literature, and I needed to return this book to a friend and soon.A few pages in, the circumstances changed, allowing the narration to become more standard, more clear, and more engagin [...]


    Einfach sehr gut. Ich liebe den Stil, der wunderschön ist in seiner Eleganz und Schlichtheit. Less is more.Die Handlung konnte mich auch fesseln. Die Interaktion zwischen Leben und Kunst, zwischen Sein und Aussehen, zwischen "Sein" und Körper, zwischen Leben und Umgebung, zwischen "Ich" und Anderen Stamm nimmt all diese Elemente und kombiniert sie kompetent in dieser einen Geschichte.(Außerdem fand ich die Gegend interessant: die Schweizer Berge, das Hotelwesen - Ich weiß nicht, was es ist, [...]


    A popular television reporter, Gillian, wakes up in the hospital to a disfigured face and a dead husband. Matthias, her husband, drove the car drunk, hit a deer and caused the couple to crash.  She lost her beautiful visage and through numerous surgeries she’ll get a face back that was never hers. “It’s relatively straightforward to put an ear back, said the doctor, but a nose has a great many delicate blood vessels. We are going to have to build you a new one,” the doctor, hand mirror [...]


    a "typical" stamm story, laconic, detailed in daily mundanity, low slow burn of crumbling interpersonal relationships, but also definitely a new twist by him in that the character(s) transcend their 'lots' and go beyond what stamm's folks usually do, that is, just leave. here, gillian, our protag, cannnot leave, becuase she already has been transformed in ways that she is not she anymore. or is she? ach, i can't make this clear, but for stamm fans everywhere.


    from kalireads:Peter Stamm’s All Days Are Night opens with TV host Gillian in the hospital, disfigured after a car crash. Her husband, the drunk behind the wheel, was killed. But really, this book isn’t as depressing as it sounds.Unlike other blockbuster books which feature a character with a disfigured face, John Darnielle’s Wolf in White Van or Invisible Monsters by Chuck Pahalniuk, this isn’t a book about looking different. This is a book about how life goes on, about how the clock ti [...]


    Great simple, precise language with fresh images, metaphors and a subtle irony that portray, sad to say, cliché life dilemmas with cliché situations and offer cliché answers. Astounding gap between the author's brilliance to capture inner states in words and his analytic failure to come up with surprising events. The whole 'action' of the book circles around the emotions and expectations of the protagonists, most of them pretty predictable. The last pages fake a happy end that gets unmasked b [...]

    Sharon Lee

    The title alone deserves 5 stars!! (Thank you Shakespeare). The first half of this book took my breath away as the pain and loss and suffering of Gillian was recounted. The landscape and cityscape were beautifully described in the whole book. I was disappointed with the second half - the focus on Hubert who was a spoilt pain in the butt needy artist and then the ending was disappointingly "soft". So 5 stars for the first half and 3 for the second half.

    Heather Colacurcio

    When a TV personality becomes horribly injured in a car crash that killed her husband, she begins to piece her life back together in a completely new way. While this novel has it's good moments, the characters are ultimately annoyingly unlikable. Stamm has a few standout passages, but most of the pages are full of dull prose and stale plot, all of which lead to a trivial end. Skip it.


    Een beetje zeurderig relaas van gebroken levens, zo onderkoeld verteld dat je als lezer wel eens afhaakt en de les ietwat misloopt. Knap geschreven, dat wel: benieuwd naar het boek waarmee Stamm genomineerd was voor de Man Booker


    From the beginning of this book I knew it was going to be a challenge to get through it. I never fully connected with the characters and was never invested in their future. I guess it just wasn't for me.


    Almost ran out of pen underlining in this. Beautiful.


    I don't usually like to be harsh with reviews but this one isn't worth even poolside time.


    **2.5**If anything, Peter Stamm is apt at capturing melancholy. Its the only thing I've taken away from reading Agnes and now All Days Are Night. He effectively captures the emotion and releases it into his short stories. The story is good enough for me to want to read on, but I do not feel for the characters. They are just there, in the background. What I do feel, is the sadness.


    Wenige Worte, leicht zu lesen. Mir fehlt die sprachliche Finesse, der Tiefgang in der Geschichte / den Charakteren. Und das Ende?


    Gillian, a popular TV host, has been terribly scarred due to a serious car accident. This novel follows her recovery, and her relationship with the depressed artist, Hubert. This novel is written in a simple prose style, which describes the actions of the characters, but doesn't give us any insight into what really drives them or is going on in their heads. As this novel is primarily character based, this style doesn't work for me, as I didn't feel like I understood Gillian or Hubert at all. I w [...]

    Pedro Casserly

    Después de discutir con su esposo, Gillian sufre un accidente que la desfigura; debiera hacerse varias cirugías para reconstruir su cara. Por su parte Hubert siente que se le escapa su intuición del arte. El epígrafe de la última parte ilustra el tema: "La última voluntad es la de estar presente en la realidad, de modo que el instante vivido nos pertenezca y le pertenezcamos". A veces las personas se esconden, eligen volverse invisibles, aunque tal vez nadie los esté buscando, o ni siquie [...]

    Roger Brunyate

    The UnravelingStamm's 2001 novel, Unformed Landscape, arguably his best work, opens with a woman in the arctic north of Norway who breaks her routine to travel south to France, and then returns. His latest work, All Days Are Night, begins with a woman in a similarly featureless environment:Half wake up then drift away, alternately surfacing and lapsing back into weightlessness. Gillian is lying in water with a blue luminescence. Within it her body looks yellowish, but wherever it breaks the surf [...]

    Prinzessin von der Poebel

    Ein unaufregendes Buch das werder mitreißend noch langweilig ist.


    Matthias hatte Alkohol getrunken, bevor er den Unfall verursachte, der ihn das Leben kosten sollte. Seine Frau Gillian überlebt und erwacht schwer verletzt in einer fremden Umgebung, die durch den Rufknopf für die Krankenschwester begrenzt ist. Gillian muss aus den Satz- und Informationsfetzen um sie herum erst wieder eine Wirklichkeit zusammensetzen. Sie hat Schmerzen und als Folge ihrer Bewusstlosigkeit verwirrende Gedanken. Das Ausmaß ihrer Verletzungen und Matthias Tod erfasst sie zunäch [...]


    I am a big fan of Stamm. I loved On a Day Like This, and Unformed Landscape. But I am feeling a little less dedicated with All Days are Night. So I question: Did it not live up to my Stamm standards? Or am I starting to find his books too similar? Stamm writes about the internal flux of being human. His protagonists, as the NYT puts it, are "never entirely sure of their position, his characters engage in a constant effort to establish their equilibrium." All Days are Night follows Gillian as she [...]


    2.5 This book caught my eye on the library shelf because of the intriguing premise: a popular TV journalist is in a terrible accident that kills her husband and disfigures her face. She must then move on and put her life back together. Once I began reading, I immediately realized that the book was not going to be as exciting to me as the book jacket made it seem. The novel is written in a very sparse, mundane style. Perhaps in an attempt to be artsy or just European. I haven't read enough contem [...]

    Selina Reimer

    Gillian, eine junge, gut aussehende, erfolgreiche Fernsehjournalistin wird bei einem tragischen Autounfall entstellt - ihr Freund Matthias stirbt. Kurz vor dem Unfall enttarnte der Aktmaler Hubert Gillians künstlich konstruierte Fernsehidentität, deren Fassade so stark ist, dass ihr wahres Gesicht dahinter verborgen bleiben muss. In der langen Rekonvaleszenszeit beginnt sie ihr in Scherben liegendes Leben aufzuarbeiten.Peter Stamm zieht den Leser mit seiner knappen schnörkellosen Sprache wie [...]

    Dustyn Gobler

    "For six years she had hidden herself up here and not even noticed that no one was looking for her." This is the protagonist's major insight in this slow moving portrait of TV star recovering from a car accident that leaves her disfigured and widowed. I read this book slowly over the course of year, in between other books & magazines. Therefore it was interesting to me that when I first started reading this book the first sentence I highlighted was: "She was capable of staying hidden for hou [...]

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