May 25, 2020
A Bad Bride's Tale
Posted by Polly Williams

This is the second novel from Polly Williams, author of The Rise and Fall of a Yummy Mummy A Bad Bride s Tale is the story of two women who think they re ready to settle down but have they found the right man

  • Title: A Bad Bride's Tale
  • Author: Polly Williams
  • ISBN: 9780751540550
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Bad Bride s Tale This is the second novel from Polly Williams author of The Rise and Fall of a Yummy Mummy A Bad Bride s Tale is the story of two women who think they re ready to settle down but have they found the r


    it was a vacation book. simple (and predictable) as it gets, it's a book about the struggle of thirty-something-girl who wants to get knocked up but is not sure whether the husband is good enough to give his dna to her children. of course in the end she finds her true love, dumps the husband who finds a hot blonde, everyone is satisfied, except of u who has just wasted two hours of your life reading about a grumpy girl who doesn't know what she wants.


    I picked up this book because it was on the bargain table, and because I was looking for a little fluff. I wouldn't even say that fluff covered it. I was just boring, and there were various points throughout that I considered leaving the book unfinished, but that goes against my reading code of conduct. Even the worst books I've ever read - Catcher in the Rye, I'm looking at you! - I've finished just out of principle.The basic premise of the story is that Stevie, on the eve of her wedding begins [...]


    I love the first chick-lit after more serious books. This was a welcome change but it the subject matter was actually quiet sad. Marry someone you love to late to have children or settle for Mr right now and have babies. Women have a rubbish time of it really. Men can have babies till the day they die whereas women only have certain years. Ahh! I'm worried this will happen to me and I'm to young to be worring about this! I liked the female characters in this book. I felt for Stevie and Katy equa [...]


    I found this book rather depressing. The heroine can't figure out if she loves her fiance (Hello! If you have to ask, the answer is, "No."), but marries him anyway. None of her friends or family give her good advice, even though they are all aware of another potential suitor. None of the other characters are likable. The book resolves happily, but it's quite a trudge to get there.Re-read in 2015 and did not recall having read it before.


    Two words to describe this book: absolutely horrendous. I would recommend to no one. It is written like the author has never been to New York, even though part of the story takes place there. It's also like the author has never been married, or even engaged, from the lack of emotion throughout the book. I was never actively engaged in the book, mostly finished it just to finish the book and return it to the library.

    Anastasia Adams

    No, no , no! I liked the concept of the story but i found it so stringy and slow at times. I have to admit I was so bored that i kept skipping few paragraphs :) I was dying to know how the book would end.


    Giuro che stavo per abbandonare questa lettura, poi ha vinto la curiosità di sapere quali altre scenette ridicole mi avrebbe riservato questa storia. Il problema di questa autrice è che vorrebbe raccontare delle storie rosa, ma finisce col scrivere sempre delle gran cavolate. Qui poi non ho visto un pizzico d'amore in tutto il libro, forse solo verso la fine c' è un barlume di romanticismo. Nel complesso direi che regnano sovrane le indecisioni di tutti i protagonisti che formano coppie che n [...]

    Marianne Brodman

    It appears the Brits are a bit more liberal than I'd previously thought. Most of the other characters & couple dynamics are more interesting than the main family. I was disappointed in the very last few paragraphs which seemed to cheapen the purity of the relationship.


    Enjoyable - funny - left me wanting a bit more at the end - let's sum up some of this stuff!


    a chirpy story with a good ending e finds her love in the end


    Book club selection. This started out well, but it lost its sense of humor pretty quickly on, and devolved into an overly detailed melodrama.It irritated me that the author couldn't seem to decide whether she wanted her story to be multi-perspective, or just focusing on Stevie. The result was that majority of the book was from Stevie's perspective, but you'd get stray chapters, paragraphs, or even sentences from other peoples'. It did not work for me at all.On a related note, this was WAY too lo [...]


    I really don't know what kind of review to leave about this book. It wasn't a bad read. I have always found it harder to read and follow stories that are written by authors from the England area. Their way of writing is so much different then ones here in the States. It was a good story, following couples, friends, through difficult relationships. Choices that were made because they seemed like the right ones at the time. I do find however, the lack of descriptions of the area they are in makes [...]


    2.5 StarsSometimes reading books written by English (European) authors take me a chapter to grasp the language and cultural references, this book was no exception.I started off not loving this book as I was completely unsympathetic to the main character, Stevie. I felt like she was a coward throughout the entire book.I feel like I was tricked by the author, in a good and surprising way, when I found myself cheering for the characters that I didn't like in the beginning: Katy and Jez.This story r [...]


    Stevie isn't sure she should be marrying Jez. She has doubts that are compounded when an old friend, a guy wished she had dated, shows up. There are some friends with some issues, but I stopped reading around page 50 and skimmed the last ten pages. She gets married and Jez leaves her for his ex girlfriend and she gets back with Stevie. The characters were boring and stereotypical. AND it turns out I read this book in January 2009 - I only noticed it when I was logging some old books. Wow, so tri [...]


    A fun read, quick, easy. It was nice to see a book written for women and by a woman about failed relationships that didn't point all the fingers at the men in the story, as is usually the case, I've found. It was a nice tale about missed opportunities, settling for less than you deserve simply because you feel you can't do any better, and finding "the one" in the end. Probably wouldn't read it again, but it was nice to check it off my list of "books we own but haven't read".


    Il titolo di questo libro non avrebbe dovuto essere "baby o non baby", ma "baby a qualsiasi costo"! Le donne descritte nel libro sembrano delle invasate con un unico obiettivo nella loro mente! Da donna mi sono sentita molto offesa dall'immagine superficiale che ne esce fuori. Se invece non la si prende troppo sul serio come storia è scorrevole, a tratti carina e con degli intrecci ben riusciti, anche se molto prevedibili.


    Maybe because I had low expectations, I really liked this book. It was light in a way but entertaining and just a fun read. I think a lot of books have to do with where we are in each others lives which can determine if we like a book. I liked this. It was refreshingly real and funny. Wouldn't say rush out and read it but a great break after a heavy novel.

    Shelby (shelberrt_books)

    Firstly, the storyline is pretty weak and predictable -as if all the characters lives would of turned out that way had the story been real life. I didn't feel like you could connect with the main character - she was dull, miserable and lifeless. The book as a whole was actually poorly written, and I don't think I'd recommend, not even for an easy read.


    I enjoyed this story of a bride who struggles with whether she's making the right decision, although the ending of the book was very predictable from the beginning. However, she does have some funny experiences, between her sort of obnoxious, inconsiderate fiance and the superficial, insecure female foil. The book was entertaining but I'd classify it as more of a light beach type read.


    This novel is contemporary British chick lit to savor. It has everything you could ask for – interesting and believable characters, constant complications, delightful settings, a happy ending – in a summer read, except for a biting sense of humor. If there had been a bit more snark, this novel may have been simply perfect.


    I just couldn't get into this book. Maybe it was the London talk, not sure. I'm only assuming the ending and that only took 2 chapters to guess. I had this book for three weeks and gave up the fight to finish. I wanted to like it at best.

    Mary Kay

    I liked this book about several characters whose lives intertwine around the themes of marriage & parenthood. The action takes place in England & in New York with a stop at a luxury resort in Thailand.

    Bridget Bailey

    This was a cute chick lit book. Very predictable as most chick lit books are. But ultimately in the end you feel good after it. I pretty much predicted most of it, except one little side story I didn't get right but I was close. It was a cute book not too mushy and not boring.


    Not sure why I kept reading this never REALLY interested me, but I started to just skim and read the dialogue the 2nd half of the book then it was okay. :) Anyway, I've heard good things about this author, so I'm going to try another book of hers and hopefully it'll be better.


    I really couldn't get into this book at that makes me sad. Is Rise and Fall of a Yummy Mummy, The any better?


    Although not a deep and powerful book, it was a fun book and easy to read! The characters were written really well and I loved the realistic chaos that was in everyone's lives. Very happy with the ending!

    Denise Todd

    don't own


    good beach-y, brain free read.


    I could not get into this book. I tried and tried to no avail. Finally I just gave up, which isn't like me, and move onto another selection.

    Tienn Nguyen

    This is the worst book I've read yet. The lives of all the character's are messed up. I skipped and only skimmed through most of the book, it was THAT bad.

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