May 25, 2020
Posted by Marie Lu Sofia Engelsman

Deel 3 uit de spannende Legend serie June en Day hebben al veel moeten opofferen voor hun land en voor elkaar Nu het vredesverdrag tussen de Republiek en de Koloni n zo goed als gesloten is, is de rust weergekeerd Maar dan breekt er een epidemie uit en de oorlogsdreiging neemt toe June moet uitkomst bieden Om duizenden levens te redden moet ze de jongen van wie ze houDeel 3 uit de spannende Legend serie June en Day hebben al veel moeten opofferen voor hun land en voor elkaar Nu het vredesverdrag tussen de Republiek en de Koloni n zo goed als gesloten is, is de rust weergekeerd Maar dan breekt er een epidemie uit en de oorlogsdreiging neemt toe June moet uitkomst bieden Om duizenden levens te redden moet ze de jongen van wie ze houdt vragen alles op te geven.Met bloedstollende actie en tergende spanning weet Marie Lu haar trilogie tot een verbluffend einde te brengen.

  • Title: Finale
  • Author: Marie Lu Sofia Engelsman
  • ISBN: 9789025751463
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Paperback
  • Finale Deel uit de spannende Legend serie June en Day hebben al veel moeten opofferen voor hun land en voor elkaar Nu het vredesverdrag tussen de Republiek en de Koloni n zo goed als gesloten is is de rus


    If Prodigy made me want to cry and scream and pretty much throw a tantrum like a little girl, Champion made all my troubles go away. I am very well satisfied with the ending of this series, and although I still have lots of questions for what will happen in June's future I can fill those gaps with my own imagination. Marie Lu did a wonderful job with this entire series, and ended it in a bittersweet note. Without giving out too many spoilers, or none at all, Champion will make your eyes water bu [...]

    Emily May

    And it's over.This series has come a long, long way from where it started and has managed to shatter boundaries and exceed expectations where, in my opinion, other series like Divergent and Blood Red Road have failed. It started out like almost every other piece of dystopian fiction released in 2011. Some random political facts thrown about, set in a future United States that was torn apart by war, oppressive government in power and, of course, a nice little side order of romance that could *alm [...]




    5 STARS(WARNING: MILD SPOILERS)"I think I don’t care about you anymore, that things will be easier once you’re far away, and then all of a sudden I’m here again, and you’re" Day pauses to look at me. The anguish in his expression is a knife cutting through my heart. "Why do I do this to myself? I see you and feel such—" He has tears in his eyes now. The sight is more than I can bear. He takes two steps away from me and then turns back like a caged animal. "Do you even love me?"■■ [...]


    FINAL REVIEWJust How did Marie Lu just wrap up this amazing series with an ever more so amazing book?! This book makes we want to do this:This: BECAUSE MY BRAIN ISN'T WORKING AFTER READING THIS, like NO! This: OUT OF SHEER PERFECTIONAnd this all over again: To explain the awesomeness that is the book, I must start when I saw this book at the public library. ^ Yeah that was me. Deal with it. Then came the reading. Big mistake of starting it when I had work to do because guess what I did instead o [...]


    ____________________________________________“Then Day reaches out and touches my hand with his. He encloses it in a handshake. And just like that, I am linked with him again, I feel the pulse of our bond and his- tory and love through our hands, like a wave of magic, the return of a long-lost friend. Of something meant to be. The feeling brings tears to my eyes. Perhaps we can take a step forward together.“Hi,” he says. “I’m Daniel.”“Hi,” I reply. “I’m June.” ______________ [...]

    Melissa ♥ Dog Lover ♥ Martin

    Holy crow! This book had me sad crying and happy crying! I loved this ending to the trilogy. Although, there was a lot of sadness and worry throughout the book I was just hoping and praying it was going to end well. In a sense it did, but it's complicated. They go to war, or I should say are attacked and they are trying to get help from Antarctica and things are all kinds of crazy and scary. Some things are going on with little Eden and with Day. I was so worried. I love little Eden =) June is t [...]


    Edit 4:That cover is beautiful! I want it now!Edit 3:2013 guys! 20-freaking-13! This is amazing! THIS IS SO GREAT! I'm just so excited!Edit 2:*Screams* We've got a placement cover! I'm so so so excited! Can't wait until we get the real deal cover!Edit:So it has a name? Champion I like it! :)Wait 2014?

    Cait • A Page with a View

    Usually when people tell me that a book is super emotional I wind up shrugging at the end instead of crying because I've braced myself for the worst. And SO many people kept telling me I'd be sobbing at the end of this book that I went into it ready for pretty much anything. BUT I WAS NOT READY FOR THAT.Ughhh not ok. But oh wow that was an awesome trilogy. Marie Lu writes the most amazing character-driven & action-packed stories. I am so thankful to everyone who talked me out of my "I'm over [...]


    Eh. Well. The first book is always going to be the best, am I right? I just wish Champion could've denied that statement. But it did not, and now I am here, dejectedly sipping gingerbread tea and morosely eating my cheerios while writing a review that should've been filled with screaming and jumping gifs, yet all it is filled with is a distressed Ariel and a run-on sentence. 2 things: 1. Marie Lu is still an extremely talented writer, and if you think I hate her in any way, shape, or form, I hop [...]

    Kat (Lost in Neverland)

    Cover Reveal: Come to me, darling. After FinishingWARNING: If you like happy endings, you may not want to read this happy ending-bashing reviewAlmost a year has passed since June Iparis was initiated back into the Republic as one of the new Elector's Princeps-Elect and Day Wing became a part of the Republic's army. The country is on the brink of war as a new plague outbreak sweeps through the Colonies. After not speaking or seeing one another since the day they parted ways, June and Day are sche [...]

    Jessica (Goldenfurpro)

    BEFORE READINGNo no no no NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!YOU DO NOT GET TO END LIKE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!Please hurry up and come out!!!Please tell me that the ending was untrue!!!!PLEEEEEEEAAAAAASSSSSSSSSEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!EDIT:HOLY CHEESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THERE'S A COVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Not sure how I feel about it, BUT THERE'S A COVER!!!!!!!WE'RE ONE STEP CLOSER TO THE RELEASE DATE!!!


    This is me after rereading the last chapter over and over again Why the hell do you do that and make everyone wait a year! She should have said " I love you!" That's what i'm waiting for, so that better be like the first line in the book! Not in her head, needs to be said directly to him!Like this:But Day I just wanna


    Perfect books are just perfect! *wiping tears of happiness*This is one of the best conclusions to a series! The very best. Seriously! And it felt so right, you know?Not all butterflies and cheers and happiness, but right and real and beautiful and raw.The action, the suspense, the dramatic romance, the bittersweet ending… every moment and every page, every single word in this book EVERYTHING was perfect. I couldn’t have imagined a better ending for this series, I wouldn’t have it any other [...]

    Dana Kenedy (Dana and the Books)

    Solid book. Solid ending. Solid trilogy.


    I'M A MESS!MY HEART'S A MESS!!I DON'T KNOW HOW TO FEEL!?!?!I'm so incredibly emotional right now I think I need some serious help

    Natalie Monroe

    EDIT 14/3/2015: I MET MARIE LU AND IT WAS FUCKING GLORIOUSGNED COPY, BITCHES.After I finished Champion, I just stared at the wall for several minutes, trying to sort out my feels. For the rest of the night, I was numb, unable to do homework or anything constructive because Marie HAD ripped a hole in my heart that can only be filled by another good book (though it'd most likely tear me a new one, too. Dammit)The Characters:Day: He was my favorite character throughout the series. Nothing to say he [...]


    You have GOT to be kidding me!! 2014?!?!?! After that ending? Oh hell no!

    Jesse (JesseTheReader)

    I am rating this 5 stars even though I had quite a few problems with it, I still thoroughly enjoyed it. There are a few things that I wish were tied up better and the ending was a bit frustrating at first, but I'm leaving this trilogy feeling satisfied.

    Ninoska Goris

    Español - English Daniel "Day" Wing vive ahora como un ciudadano libre, junto a su hermano Eden. Day y June han tenido que renunciar a muchas cosas para facilitar la paz en La República. Tras ocho meses de estar incomunicados, lo llaman para invitarlo a un festín con el Elector pero no es más que una excusa para solicitar su ayuda nuevamente, pero esta vez le pedirán más de lo que está dispuesto a dar.Este libro tiene mucha acción y es muy emotivo, pero ODIO el final.✨✨✨Daniel "Day [...]


    ———beforeTHE FIRST TWO CHAPTERS OF CHAMPION I CAN'T. (x)----THE COVER IS SO BEAUTIFUL! I NEED TO READ THIS BOOK SO BADLY IT HURTS. ACCIO NOVEMBER! Nope? Nothing? *okay*--NOVEMBER 5th? Really?That feels like an eon away.It's weird but ^ this GIF hurts me more than any book release date ever could.


    GENRE: YA/DYSTOPIAN/ROMANCEChampion is the anticipated last book in the Marie Lu's stunning dystopian Legend trilogyd by the end it left me feeling a LOT like thisIf you are thinking this will end 'happily ever after', think again. I mean, why would you even think that since ,like, 99.9% of dystopian books these days end up freaking tragically?I was screaming in my head. This.Cannot.Be.Happening.Again. All i want is a decent, happy ending to a good dystopian trilogy!Am i asking for too much?!May [...]


    Final rating: 5/5 starsYou're gonna suffer, but you are going to be happy about it.- Ron, Harry Potter “You once told me why you chose ‘Day’ as your street name,” she says firmly. She moves her hand so that it’s over mine, hiding the paper clip ring from view. The warmth of her skin against mine makes my breath short. “Every morning, everything’s possible again. Right?” ()Finally, I take a deep breath. “Sometimes, the sun sets earlier. Days don’t last forever, you know. But I [...]

    Eva Rose

    All that drama and feelings! It was really great.Uploaded with ImageShackMarie Lu has done a wonderful job taking June and Day from being two infatuated teens to full blown love. I am so very, very happy with this series ending. Lu outdid herself in the feelings and plot department.Marie Lu has really grown as a writer, she portrays feelings on a much deeper level and her abilities to flesh out the subtle intricacies of June and Day's relationship have grown. Champion no longer hinge on action s [...]


    Book, you deserve to be hit over the head, nothing more, nothing less.(Link: vampirekikiviantart/art)Note: I read the Chinese translation of this book, won't bother to pick up the English text.I would have given this book 2 or even 3 stars, if the warfare and the politic weren't handled in such a clumsy way *and* the ending hadn't turned out as ridiculous as this:(1) The Ending:(view spoiler)[(i) Day lost his memory, after the war he is viewed by all as a hero, he also gets a fresh start togethe [...]

    Simona Bartolotta

    I I need a moment. A night. A day (Daaaay I will never be able to use this word mindlessly again). So I don't know when the review will be ready. Could be in half an hour as well as tomorrow. When my feelings will be fine again, instead, well, that's another story.A few hours later (or whatever. I think this series deprived me of my sense of time):"Our dance around each other always seems like it's doomed to repeat itself over and over again."Marie Lu officially enters the circle of my favourite [...]


    Well I just cried because of this book and that is not an easy thing to do. I think a total of about three books have ever made me cry before. It was just perfect. It was all a person could ask for in a final book. It was all that Allegiant and Mockingjay weren't. Congratulations Marie Lu on your success and for creating a trilogy with three flawless books. It's a really hard thing to do, I have read enough series that loose their amazing before they get the chance to conclude. It most certainly [...]

    Donna Book Passion for Life

    "You drive me insane, June." He murmurs against my hair. "You're the scariest, most clever, bravest person I know, and sometimes I can't catch my breath because I'm trying so hard to keep up. There will never be another like you. You realise that, don't you?" I tilt my face up to see him. His eyes reflect the faint lights from the JumboTrons, a rainbow of evening colours. "Billions of people will come and go in this world," he says softly, "but there will never be another like you." Starting 8 m [...]

    Hailey (HaileyinBookland)

    what a way to end a series, oh man.

    Ecmel Soylu

    Kitabı okuyacağım derken yemek yemeyi unuttum.Epilog boyunca ağladım bir de. :')diyeceklerim bunlar

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