May 27, 2020
Little Town on the Prairie
Posted by Laura Ingalls Wilder Garth Williams

The long winter is finally over, and with spring comes a new job for Laura, town parties, and time to spend with Almanzo Wilder Laura also tries to help Pa and Ma save money for Mary to go to college.

  • Title: Little Town on the Prairie
  • Author: Laura Ingalls Wilder Garth Williams
  • ISBN: 9780590404976
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Paperback
  • Little Town on the Prairie The long winter is finally over and with spring comes a new job for Laura town parties and time to spend with Almanzo Wilder Laura also tries to help Pa and Ma save money for Mary to go to college


    About two years ago I started rereading the Little House books. It started as a whim after visiting Minnesota and driving by one of the places where Laura Ingalls used to live. I had read these books with my mother when I was a child, and I grew up with the popular TV show based on the series, so there was a hefty dose of nostalgia whenever I reread one of the books.Now that nostalgia has become even more powerful, because book seven, Little Town on the Prairie, was the first one that I read alo [...]

    Miranda Reads

    How would you like to work in town, Laura?When Mary lost her sight, she lost all hope of continuing her education. A kindly reverend tells the Ingalls family of a college for the blind. It goes without question that Mary will attend the seven years of school.Now, the Ingalls family desperately needs money to cover school costs for Mary. Laura takes up work in town - sewing buttons of all things. While she hates it, she wants Mary to go to college far mor. The Ingalls family's crops are set upon [...]


    I kind of don’t know how to deal with the casual racism in these books. The minstrel show in the chapter “The Madcap Days” appals me as an adult. As a child, living in Jamaica, sharing homes with Jamaican families and running in a pack with Jamaican kids, I actually didn’t know what the “darkies” of this chapter were supposed to be. Clearly they were men making music and singing, their faces disguised with black polish. I neither knew nor would have understood what they were supposed [...]


    Most problematic of the bunch so far.Minstrel show? Lunatic fringe? Half-wit? 23-year old Almanzo slithering around 15-year old Laura?And why is Ma so keen on Laura becoming a teacher? It seems to be a one-year-of-teaching-and-then-get-married sort of enterprise. Why even bother?


    Eleanor and Gwennie are both here, but before we begin, I want to tell MY favorite part and I have to write it quietly because it's not quite appropriate.Laura had just started working in town, when she saw these two men get kicked out of a bar. They were sloshed, and singing an old church hymn. They went through the town punching holes in the screens of local businesses, and Laura thought this was funny.Laura got in trouble when she got home for thinking this was funny, but the last line of the [...]


    I flew through this one, maybe because I was so happy not to be stuck in a blizzard anymore, freezing and starving. Things are really looking up for the Ingalls family--they get a kitten, Mary finally goes off to college, there are parties in town, and by the end of the book, Laura gets her teaching certificate. The most extravagant thing is when Pa allows Laura to buy name cards (they're the latest thing and cost 25 cents!). I actually squealed, "Oh, Pa! Letting Laura buy name cards!", elicitin [...]


    oh, this one is so good. the ingalls family is no longer starving/freezing, so things are starting to look up for them. highlights:-they get a cat!!-mary goes away to college in an extremely pretty dress-almanzo wilder starts sniffing around-they have enough to eat-it does not snow inside the house-they get chickenslow points:-miss wilder being a real jerk. although, as evidenced by laura's own teaching certificate, teachers were only tested on knowledge and not classroom-management skills.-pa p [...]


    I tend to forget how much I love these books (and especially this one) until I re-read them for about the 60th time!! Now it's even nicer because I'm able to read them for the first time to my little sister who is loving them just as much as I did!


    I squeezed one more book into 2012! The characters are the same as in all the books, of course--Pa is the greatest and a hero among men, Ma is uptight and kind of racist, Laura is rebellious but good at heart. Everything is described in such loving detail. I do feel like I should have reread The Long Winter before this one because the relative plenty in LTotP is in such contrast to those poor people starving around the stove. Notes of note:- I liked the conversation when Mary admitted that she w [...]

    Catherine ♡

    I feel like my favorites in this series were Little House on the Prairie and Farmer Boy. I liked the others, but they simply couldn't match up to those two.


    I loved the sense of re-birth. After reading The Long Winter, it felt great to be warm and light-hearted again.


    Love this book just as much as always. Good ol' American heart, ethics, and Christianity <3 So fascinating to see what we were like 100+ years ago.


    Why, why, why did I never read this when I was younger? Well, I missed out! But I'm VERY happy to have read this now. I was enthralled with the classroom drama that happened while Miss Wilder (Almanzo's sister) was teaching school. I sure sympathized with her! Although she brought a lot of her troubles upon herself with her "we will all be happy and friends all the time" style of classroom management.This is just a wonderful continuation of the story told in The Long Winter. And even though it i [...]


    I have read this perhaps for the third time in my life. I needed to read a book in a series and of course it seemed that a Laura Ingalls Wilder book would be perfect. Having not read one in hmm, almost 30 years I wasn't sure if it would be as wonderful as I remembered. It was! In fact it was one of the most enjoyable reading that I have had for a long time. I now want to continue on and see what happens with Laura now being certified as a teacher. Her books will always be a favorite of mine and [...]


    So "The Long Winter" is about 7 months that were very long."Little Town on the Prairie" is about 3 years, most of the winters unworthy of mention. But at the end, Laura is now a teacher and is being courted by Almanzo (even tough she's clueless about that being the case). Also, Mary's at college and hasn't been home in a few Christmases. The school scenes are excruciatingly boring. No wonder Laura hated going so much. And yet.


    When I was younger, I distinctly remember not enjoying the later books in this series as well because Laura grew up and the events weren't as exciting. But now, as I re-read it, I eagerly keep reading and lavish over the events of her young adult years. I love these books, every single one, every age, aspect, and adventure of Laura's life. It's just so exciting.Plus I embarrass myself by my reaction to Almanzo's appearances. What a dreamboat! :)

    Maria Elmvang

    This is one of my favourite LIW books. I'm fascinated by the descriptions of life in town. Two things that struck me in particular were a) how modestly they lived and b) how quickly they had to grow up. Just think of Laura, going off to teach at age 15. I was no where near mature enough for that at that age. And they all seemed so selfless too - always passing on things to each other, because they didn't need them themselves, and thought the other person would like them more.


    Love love love these books!! Absolutely wonderful! What will happen with Almanzo and Laura now that she'll be teaching school 12 miles away? Carrie will be lost without her big sister Laura around! Laura and Pa and Ma are all smart! I love the Literaries the town does! What neat community-building!

    Trish at Between My Lines

    I didn’t love this book quite as much as I’m enjoying my other rereads in the series. I feel a bit frustrated by hard Laura feels she has to study. Even on the 4th of July, she skips the celebrations to stay home with her nose to the grindstone. I admire her determination, but can’t see why she can’t even have that one day off. It’s fun to see her mature and start walking out with Manly though. As with all the other books, the pleasure for me is the simple everyday life descriptions of [...]


    Still one of my favorites


    With this book, the focus of the series shifts from the Ingalls as a family to Laura as a young woman. She is 13 when the book begins and 15 when it ends. This book picks up right where The Long Winter ended, and even though the Ingalls have moved back to their claim for the summer, Laura is walking back into town every morning to sew shirts at a drygoods store to earn money to help send Mary to college. A lot happens in this story. After several books of hoping for it, Mary finally does leave f [...]


    I think this is my favorite book in this series yet. After the long, cold winter, Laura and her family are settling back into life at the homestead. Laura worries about Mary being able to attend college and helps the family save by taking a job sewing, there are "literaries" in the winter evenings that have everything from spelling contents to songs, and Laura is struggling to work toward being a teacher while fighting with her rival Nellie Oleson, who's moved to the same town.The writing in thi [...]


    Laura is growing up, still constrained by her society. Seriously, she's supposed to sleep in her corset? Some of the cultural differences are really striking- f'rinstance, this passage where Grace, who is all of four or five years old, starts to cry when her parents are going away for a week:"'For shame, Grace! For shame! a big girl like you, crying' Laura choked out."Yes, I know, Laura and Carrie are also trying not to cry, but the shaming is so toxic from my modern viewpoint that it skews the [...]

    Jaymie Starr

    I am currently reading this again with our little girls and am so impressed by the foundations of our nation. It takes me back to a time that is rarely seen in our day and age. When people really and truly understood what it meant to be free and the sacrifices made so we have freedom today. When Laura & her Pa and sister Carrie go to a 4th of July celebration for their new little town- they actually recite the Declaration of Independance by heart and everyone knows it by heart including Laur [...]

    Ashley Perham

    This is probably tied for my favorite book in the series! I love how we get to see the normal things the Ingalls do. I have a little bit of a problem with how fast the book moves. I was confused about Laura's age most of the time. But overall, I just love it to pieces! And then when Almanzo just appears!! I also loved the literaries and socials and all the events! I sympathized with Laura both in her being bored of studying and in feeling guilty for not spending enough time studying! It's such a [...]

    Javiera Verdugo Toro

    I read these books a million times when I was a kid. Re-reading them now, as an adult, I realize how Wilder's style changes as she ages in the books. I didn't pick up on this as a kid, and it is such a nice surprise now. Favorite quote (Almanzo Wilder is walking her home for the first time, and there's an awkward silence): "To her complete surprise, she heard her own voice". I took away one star for super rampant racism (blackies, and savages, and inmigrants Oh my!). Totally understandable, give [...]


    A lot happens in this installment! It does cover quite a bit of time in the storyline, and you see how Laura is growing up, ever faster. Almanzo and Laura finally meet, though it was not a formal introduction as it should have been. We see a reappearance of Nellie Oleson, and she's as spiteful as ever! She's a character you love to hate! It's interesting to see Laura's transition to a town girl, and she mostly keeps the characteristics that I enjoyed when she was a younger girl. I'm eager to see [...]


    Earlier in the series, I mentioned that my two favorite of these books were "Plum Creek" and "Long Winter." I actually meant "Plum" and this one. I loved then, and now, the town growing alongside Laura and the interesting amusements. Her descriptions, as always, were wonderful. I joke that all I know of diagramming sentences I learned in this novel, but it's true.I'd forgotten - or not realized - Laura's awkwardness when Almonzo started to court her :)


    My favorite Little House book. And I especially love the full color edition! The illustrations are way prettier and very bright and cheerful with the full color! If you are to buy this, buy it in full color!!!!


    First time read: 2009Second time read: 30-31st of May 2016

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