May 27, 2020
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Braxton and I were enjoying ourselves Everything felt better than it had in years That all changed when I saw the MMA contract It was a life I didn t want to be a part of Would I be able to deal with it

  • Title: Committed
  • Author: Alycia Taylor
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  • Page: 230
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Committed Braxton and I were enjoying ourselves Everything felt better than it had in years That all changed when I saw the MMA contract It was a life I didn t want to be a part of Would I be able to deal with

    Linda Sims

    I'm loving this series about Braxton and Emmi, they've had some hiccups in their relationship, Emmi finds it hard to trust after her disastrous relationship with her ex Trent. Braxton's reputation as a player didn't help matters. It was nice to see the two of them totally on the same page as to where they're relationship is heading.I really loved Braxton in this book he's turned into a real romantic guy. There's plenty of hot sex as well. It was great to see Emmi's best friend Zoe more toned dow [...]


    Braxton is definitely getting better and better with every book in this series and this one I thought he was really sweet. I'm actually finding myself a little annoyed with Emmi and the way she was treating Braxton. This guy obviously absolutely adores Emmi, I just hope she can give him a decent chance before she might actually lose him forever.

    Brandie Rausch

    BetterThis was a lot better then book #4. Thank god Zoe came around. I still think Emmi needs grow up.


    Right off the bat, this series reminded me of "Beautiful Disaster" by Jamie McGuire and I LOVED ALL OF ITBraxton and Emmi surprised me in so many ways, their personalities, and the way they were together.Love, LOVE, LOVED IT If you're looking for an easy read, that won't make your heart suffer. This is it. 4 STARS FOR THIS EASY SWEET NOVELLA SERIES

    Mishelle Smith

    Intriguing! More!Intriguing! More!I like how it kept me wanting to know what was happening next. Also, that they didn't break up and make up every other chapter.

    Donna ~ The Romance Cover

    Enjoyable read, is part of a serial but I read them all at once. I had to buy the set because I wanted to know how it all panned out in the end.

    Jessica Vargas

    Ahhh Braxton es tan bello como ayudo a su chica cuando sufria un problema de ansiedad. Esta historia me encanta porque es real; no es nada fantasioso. Zoe bueno se porto bien en este libro. Omg el que viene es el ultimo _:(


    Emmi and Braxton seem to finally be in sync. She is photographing more and more for the school paper and he is preparing for his final fights. All is well, until Emmi finds a signed contract that will make the man she loves a professional MMA fighter. But he told her that professional fighting wasn’t what he wanted to do with his life. He had his computer business to pursue, right? The thought that another man she loved, took her for a fool has Emmi reeling. She never meant to fall for Braxton [...]

    Sandy Knox

    I'M IN LOVE WITH THIS SERIES After the last book I said I wouldn't read anymore because each book is so short and ends so abruptly but I went back and started rereading them and couldn't stop. I am in love with Braxton and Emmi. With each book I found myself falling a little more in love with them. Their relation ship starts out badly but then gets a little better then they fall back a few steps and then things start going straight ahead then they find what one of them never knew he wanted and t [...]

    Mary Fazzi

    Braxton still saying I love you to Emmi and Emmi playing it off or ignoring it. Until the elephant in the room is address. Emmi finally explains why it's so hard for her. And Braxton explains what she would miss out on. Another fight and an MMA contract that can change so much for the better and the worse. Choices need to be made and a secret that could crush Emmi could spin her into a world of pain. Great book. Loved it and the series. Can't wait for the next one.

    Rachel Webb

    I love these two, Emmi and Braxton! The first date was great all the way down to the goodnight kiss at the door. I can't wait for the last book to see what happens with what Emmi found in Braxton's jean pocket. I loved their story and the way they have grown with each other.


    Braxton & Emmi are back on track. Braxton is offered the opportunity of a life time but will he risk losing Emmi again? Braxton has one more fight until his big pay out. Some hot steamy juicy sex. Cliffhanger ending.

    Dawn Barber

    writing has gotten progressively better On to the next one


    way to shortThese books have been good but are way to short should have been made into one long book would babe been more enjoyable


    Short readThis book is about truth, and trust. Together they have to overcome so much to have a relationship and they are finally setting priorities.


    CommittedThis book is one of the many in this series. The short books are really good and have a great story plot. Just wish the author would have maybe done 2 longer books.


    Well things are looking good for them, then a touch more drama. Overall they are an adorable couple. He is still cocky and full of himself but it is kinda cute too. He is not a jerk about it.

    Jeanette Book-Reviews

    3.5 stars


    I think i liked this book the best in the series so far, thus i will give it a rating of 2.5 stars.


    umm she had a panic attack over that?

    J. Nathan

    A good continuationbut it's still not over. At least I only have to wait until the 31st.

    Kate Medina (alittlereader1)

    Cuanta incertidumbre.Emmi metiéndose siempre donde no debe ahq.Oh Yisus, se le va a proponer *pega grititos como loca*.


    Like it enough to read the whole seriesa solid 4 stars for the series as a whole.


    Good but short!

    Meckesha Booher

    good read.

    Tashia Iluvbeinarattler

    awww. I hope it's for her. But Emmi you're too nosey. you'd save yourself a lot of anxiety if you'd stahhhhp snooping.


    CRAP!!!! I'm dying here. Must finish series NOW!!!!

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