Jan 28, 2020
Watch Me Go
Posted by Mark Wisniewski

Douglas Deesh Sharp has managed to stay out of trouble living in the Bronx, paying his rent by hauling junk for cash But on the morning Deesh and two pals head upstate to dispose of a sealed oil drum whose contents smell and weigh enough to contain a human corpse, he becomes mixed up in a serious crime When his plans for escape spiral terribly out of control, Deesh quiDouglas Deesh Sharp has managed to stay out of trouble living in the Bronx, paying his rent by hauling junk for cash But on the morning Deesh and two pals head upstate to dispose of a sealed oil drum whose contents smell and weigh enough to contain a human corpse, he becomes mixed up in a serious crime When his plans for escape spiral terribly out of control, Deesh quickly finds himself a victim of betrayal and the prime suspect in the murders of three white men When Jan, a young jockey from the gritty underworld of the Finger Lakes racetrack breaks her silence about gambling and organized crime, Deesh learns how the story of her past might, against all odds, free him from a life behind bars.Interweaving Deesh s and Jan s gripping narratives, Watch Me Go is a wonderfully insightful work that examines how we love, leave, lose, redeem, and strive for justice At once compulsively readable, thought provoking, and complex, it is a suspenseful, compassionate meditation on the power of love and the injustices of hate.

  • Title: Watch Me Go
  • Author: Mark Wisniewski
  • ISBN: 9780399172120
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Watch Me Go Douglas Deesh Sharp has managed to stay out of trouble living in the Bronx paying his rent by hauling junk for cash But on the morning Deesh and two pals head upstate to dispose of a sealed oil drum


    3.5 "horse betting, murdering, loving, Americanah" stars !! I liked this book a lot. This is two stories in one book and how they link together. A poor young white woman moves from Arkansas to the Finger Lakes New York to try and be a horse jockey like her daddy and meets a dreamer and gambler and love of her life. Family secrets are slowly unearthed about her own daddy's suicide and his links to her lover's own family and their dysfunctions. Concurrently a poor black man from the Bronx is strug [...]


    “As you grow older, you'll see white men cheat black men every day of your life, but let me tell you something and don't you forget it - whenever a white man does that to a black man, no matter who he is, how rich he is, or how fine a family he comes from, he is trash.”---- Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird Mark Wisniewski, an award winning American author's new novel, Watch Me Gois a mind-blowing literary thriller and is one hell of an addictive read that brings two unfortunate human beings [...]

    Tim Johnston

    If the following reads like a blurb, it's because it is--but no less genuine and heartfelt for that. I was honored to be one of the earliest readers of this book, and I can't wait to see it again, so beautifully published by Putnam. Booksellers are going to love it, Wisniewski fans are going to be in heaven, and new readers are going to go looking for everything else he's written.Mark Wisniewski's gift for inhabiting his characters, body and soul, is more than impressive—it smacks of the dark [...]

    Marlon Fick

    Watch Me Go, by Mark WisniewskiReview by Marlon L. FickLet the reader of this review find one of already dozens of summaries of this novel—I am not interested in the heresy of paraphrase. Suffice it to say that the reader will probably never encounter two more unlikely characters who tell their stories and whose lives cross—a young black man from New York’s ghetto and a white girl who grows up in the shadowy underworld of horseracing. While the novel never overtly leads the reader to refle [...]

    Kasa Cotugno

    This is more than just a pinewood noir, but an examination of love and redemption set against the background of the racetrack. There is a poignant quality here, with two narratives in two different voices which converge in the prologue, then are told in alternating chapters by our two protagonists. Deesh has never gotten his life together after a promising start in high school, and at 37 finds himself in deep waters beyond his control. Jan, a 20 year old aspiring jockey, finds herself in upstate [...]


    I received an advance galley of this through Penguin's First to Read program. This book seems to be polarizing, and unfortunately, I'm on the side that did not enjoy it. Each chapter is short, only a few pages at a time, so the alternating voices/stories are jarring. Deesh's story of being on the run for a murder he did not commit is invariably more interesting than Jan's quest to become a jockey and love for Tug. The use of the frame story (Deesh and Jan meeting at the beginning, and then circl [...]

    Andy Mozina

    This is a masterfully plotted novel, structured by some bold formal choices (not just the alternating chapters but also where he chooses to end the two strands of the narrative), with all of the big themes (hatred, forgiveness, loss, fate, desire) energized with crisply rendered action. It’s certainly noir-like but the genre it inhabits most fully is the grand-daddy of them all: tragedy. Character brings on predicament and predicament tests character with devastating consequences. The novel wo [...]

    Kelly Chastain

    Almost a year ago, I talked about 3 Tips For Writing White-Knuckle Tension and I used Mark Wisniewski‘s short story “Straightaway” to do the heavy lifting. Well, have I got good news for you! That conflict packed tale has grown into a novel titled Watch Me Go and it’s even more hair raising than the original short story.In “Straightaway” our main character, a young black man from the Bronx, is hauling junk for cash and gets tangled up in the removal of a 55 gallon drum from the crawl [...]


    Watch Me Go by Mark Wisniewski is a wonderfully powerful book about horse racing, love and lives misspent. The use of alternating voices works beautifully and quite differently here because you’re not hearing the same story told in separate voices. Wisniewski opens at the conclusion with Deesh and Jan meeting and then follows with what led up to the meeting. The intense approach to the novel’s end had me setting it aside for a few minutes just to catch my breath. It’s spectacular. While th [...]


    I read an early version of this. Awesome novel that grabs you and keeps gaining speed and surprises you quite a bit at the end. Easy to read yet thought-provoking. Perhaps it'll be controversial? It'll make people think and talk about racism and inequality and the tendency toward argument and bullying in America. Highly recommended; no, mandatory reading for anyone with a pulse and brain activity!


    Great book. Suspenseful, surprising, and very well written. Loved it!

    Dusty Summerford (Reviews by Reds)

    I received this book in a First Reads GiveawayI loved this book!! I thought the writing was excellent and the story was brilliant!! A definite must read!!

    Mark Stevens

    I’m not sure about Salman Rushdie’s claim (“irresistible”) but Mark Wisniewski’s "Watch Me Go" will pull you along. The story flips back and forth between a down-and-out junk hauler with dreams who gets badly ensnared in a major crime (and then crimes, plural) and a young female jockey who is looking for a fresh start after the death of her fatherDouglas "Deesh" Sharp's situation is palpable and relevant, especially given the controversies that are sweeping the country regarding the ra [...]

    Brian Herrick

    Watch Me Go is a book about sadness. When your last lent chips are on the table and your escape plan is only a delaying of consequences. Mark Wisniewski does an incredible job of crafting these characters around a false hope whether it be with Jan who thinks she has it all figured out but is kidding herself and forcing her perspective on the situation, or Deesh, the one who realizes he has no shot but tries anyway. The minor characters have the same delusions about life and what they can achieve [...]

    R. Gretchen

    This novel seems easy to read because of its conversational narrative voices, but there's a lot going on here--and I mean that in the best possible way. Deesh's and Jan's exchange of stories is brilliant--grabs you from the start and then, right when you think you know what's going to happen, surprises the h out of you. And the end--don't want to spoil the end for anyone by being specific about it, but, wow, it's as good and powerful as any. This book is a must-read.

    Jaymie Shook

    I received an ARC of this book through Penguin's First to Read program. The chapters bounce back and forth between the perspectives of two characters, and even though you have some foreshadowing in the first chapter, I was unprepared for the twist at the end. I recommend this book to anyone interested in fiction, race relations, and horse racing.


    I really enjoyed this book. The story was so gripping, and I was also really wrapped up in the characters' willingness to open up to each other. There are several twists that I did not see coming at all, won't mention here! no spoilers! You have to read this book. I guarantee you will be caught off guard in the best possible way.


    Very well told story! You are introduced to two characters at the beginning and then in alternating chapters hear their stories for the rest of the book. And the entire time I found myself trying to figure out when/how their stories would intersect. Really enjoyed it.

    Mary Ann

    Mark Wisniewski's has written a suspenseful book with a noir plot that engages you immediately. On top of that the writing is quite good, aa Wisniewski has a real talent for dialog, and getting inside his character's heads.

    Anna Cofffey

    Great novel. Like no other. A page-turner that makes you think about justice and love and kills you with surprise at the end.


    One of the best novels I've read in a long time. If you like fiction that's both suspenseful and surprising (especially at the end!!) as well as very well-written, this book is for you.

    Lori L (She Treads Softly)

    Watch Me Go by Mark Wisniewski is a highly recommended novel that intertwines the hard facts of a crime novel with literary character studies.Jan Price, comes to visit Douglas "Deesh" Sharp in prison. Deesh is an African-American who has been charged with the murders of three men. Jan says she can provide proof that will exonerate him of the murder of jockey Tom Corcoran, but first she needs to know that he didn't kill the other two men. At this point Wisniewski alternates chapters between the p [...]


    Accused of murdering three people, Deesh is in jail. A surprise, unknown visitor, Jan arrives to talk with Deesh at the jail. Janclaims she knows Deesh is “not guilty.”And thus the story begins.The chapters in the book are very short alternating between thecharacters. The author gets inside the heads of his characterspresenting them to the reader allowing you to understand theinner workings of each character. These chapters weave together the past and present building up to shocking surprise [...]


    This novel started out very strong for me, then started to feel a bit uneven. It is a decent crime story, told by two narrators. The first, a man in prison waiting for a trial on potentially three murder chargers. He claims he is innocent and that he has been betrayed/double crossed by his closest friends. The second narrator is a young woman who asks to meet with the prisoner. She has a connection to one of the murder victims and believes she can shed some light as to what actually happened. So [...]

    Stephen Tesher

    Watch Me Go is a riveting, page-turning Noir-thriller. With every crisply written chapter Wisniewski's two narrator's, Deesh and Jan, reveal layers of their complex and disturbing conflicts that drive the story with the steady, haunting rhythm of a Johnny Cash tune. Wisniewski's carefully paced storytelling takes us deeper into the psychology of damaged and desperate characters. Both Deesh and Jan have good, if not misdirected intentions. Through their eyes Wisniewski honestly examines the world [...]

    Mary Hawley

    The Black Stallion, Born to Trot, National Velvet, and dozens of other horse books I read as a child told stories that mentioned the seedy side of horse-racing-—in order to provide a villain or two-—but mostly focused on the beauty of a fast horse and the grit of a jockey. Watch Me Go by Mark Wisniewski is not that kind of horse book. It is a complex, gripping mystery unfolding in separate narratives that gradually bend toward each other and weave a murderous tale of the dark side—-really [...]

    Susan Krich

    For me there was a big disconnect with this story.After the prologue, the chapters switch between Jan and Deesh continuously through the end. The time frame for the action was not apparent until chapter 41 and the reference to 9/11. The stories themselves were very interesting. I would much have preferred two separate stories whether or not in the same book. The last chapter seemed to leave me wanting to know more. It seemed a bit unfinished. Is it possible a sequel will continue later?


    Wisniewski has given us a well-crafted plot with vividly painted characters we feel connected to. Watch Me Go offers the page-turning excitement of a thriller with the heartfelt sentiment and depth of a literary novel.

    Deb Holden

    It made me nervous just reading it. Well written and an interesting read. Especially interesting given all the press about people of color being wrongly accused.

    Susan Bazzett-Griffith

    This is not the kind of book I'd normally pick up and read, but my father raved about it, so I ordered it from the library- it is a pretty fantastic book. Two completely separate yet interlocked stories and a handful of beautifully drawn characters, Wisniewski tackles themes of love, loss, addiction, depression, racism in this book. The settings of the small town horse racing track world and the Bronx and then the wilderness of Pennsylvania allow for a very broad view of American life, particula [...]

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