Dec 12, 2019
The Piggy in the Puddle
Posted by Charlotte Pomerantz

See the piggy,See the puddle,See the muddy little puddle.See the piggy in the middleOf the muddy little puddle.And so begins this rollicking story in verse about a determined young pig who absolutely refuses to leave her mud puddle much to the dismay of her family Charlotte Pomerantz s tongue twisting nonsense verse made even exuberantly hilarious by James Marshall sSee the piggy,See the puddle,See the muddy little puddle.See the piggy in the middleOf the muddy little puddle.And so begins this rollicking story in verse about a determined young pig who absolutely refuses to leave her mud puddle much to the dismay of her family Charlotte Pomerantz s tongue twisting nonsense verse made even exuberantly hilarious by James Marshall s illustrations is sure to delight both children and adults.

  • Title: The Piggy in the Puddle
  • Author: Charlotte Pomerantz
  • ISBN: 9780027749007
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Hardcover
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    The Piggy in the Puddle See the piggy See the puddle See the muddy little puddle See the piggy in the middleOf the muddy little puddle And so begins this rollicking story in verse about a determined young pig who absolutely

    Jim Erekson

    Best read-aloud ever! James Marshall was at his best. I loved playing with prosody in this one to help people talk about what the characters were trying to do.


    I think I remember this from my own childhood?


    One of my favorite read alouds both to read and when I was a child, to listen to my father read! The baby pig LOVES the mud and has no desire to get out of the muddy puddle. Each family member attempts to lure her out and tells her why she should get out but each time she definitively says NOPE! The rhymes are fun and sing-songy and the story line is straightforward. This is a great book for teaching rhyming or just practicing rhyming as well as just fun to read.


    A ridiculous rhyming pile of words, à la Seuss.


    A tongue-twisting gigglefest in the spirit of HOP ON POP. Sister Piggy will not get out of the mud puddle to wash even when compelled by her mother, father, and brother.


    This book was amusing. But by far, the best part was my fellow home school mom's reading of it! She gave the different characters different voices and demeanor and had the kids laughing and filling in words as she went. It was clearly a crowd pleaser in their household.The rhythm of the book reminded me of my husband reading Dr. Suess, which is also as much of a performance as a read. However, I personally don't do well with presentation of this style - I guess I'm just not goofy enough. Luckily [...]

    Tayler Bingham

    Pomerantz, Charlotte, and James Marshall. The Piggy in the Puddle. Aladdin Paperbacks, 1989. Print. Poetry. This book explains the tension between a high class family of pigs and the rebellious child who likes to "muddle in the puddle." What will they do? If you can't beat them, join them! This book is written in verse, and some of the phrases in the book don't really make sense to any reader. Luckily, the illustrator ensures that through pictures, every confusing phrase is depicted in an unders [...]

    Beth Dufraine

    This fun story about a disobedient piggy that doesn't want to get out of a muddy puddle, reminds me of the Dr. Seuss books.Charlotte Pomerantz's tongue-twisting silly verses combined with the hilarious illustrations by James Marshall are sure to delight both children and adults.After seeing this book showcased on Reading Rainbow and how much my kids enjoyed it, as well as myself, I had to get it.This silly little piggy became one of my youngest daughter's favorites. She used to ask for it by say [...]

    Kristin Lee

    This is a cute tongue-twisting poem. The little piggy does not want to stop playing in the mud puddle even though his mother, father, and brother want him to stop. In the end, the whole family decides to jump into the mud puddle and play with the little pig. This reminds me of when children are outside playing in the rain even though they are being told to come inside, they still choose to stay outside.


    Tongue-twisting verse about a pig in a mud puddle and how at first her family disapproves, but then lets loose and jumps in to join her!Full color illustrations by Marshall add to the humor with pigs all dressed up in proper clothes while enjoying the mucky mud. Good read aloud, but one that will require lots of practice on account of all the tongue twisters (think Fox in Socks, though not quite as tough).


    My 3 year old absolutly loves this book.I am to read it to her, over and over and over again, which to my pleasure I enjoy doing so.It is extremely cute and sing songy. She loves to say"Oofy Poofy NOPE" luckily she still uses soapThe Piggy in the Puddle

    Wendy Daniel

    The number of rhymes in this story is fascinating. The phonological awareness is evident in how many fun rhymes and clever iterations there are throughout the story. There are many different ways for these kiddos to enjoy making these sounds with adults. I especially like to read this book with children ages 2-4 years old. They particularly love the fact that the piggies love the mud and do everything to avoid the soap!


    This book is all about silly rhymes and rhythms. My kids love this silly piggy! We've read it countless times.I don't much care for the naughty piggy who doesn't listen to her parents, but my kids don't really ask my opinion about stuff like that. A fun book to read with your little ones.

    Crackling with lipsmackingly silly rhyme and hilarious James Marshall illustrations, this book is like read aloud popcorn — I bet you can’t stop after just one page.Listen to our chat about this book on our JustOneMoreBook Children's Book Podcast:justonemorebook/2006/1


    I love this book. I read it in a compilation book, but I think it would be so much better with the full size illustrations. The rhythm is so fun, I find myself saying lines at random times. Here's a great one"See her dawdle, see her diddle/In the muddy, muddy middle/See her waddle, plump and little,/In the very merry middle"


    "See the piggy in the puddle, in the very muddy puddle. See her waddle fat and little in the very, merry middle." This was one of my favorite books as a child and find myself quoting it often to my own children, "Ooshy, Squooshy, Ooshy, Squooshy, what we need is lots of soap!" However, I haven't ever been able to find a copy to actually read to my children.


    Natalie walks into storytime and says "excuse Mrs A, Pig on that book." sadly, she had already read it to we took it home. NOT what i was expecting or I wouldn't have offered it as a bedtime choice - too long and hard for me to read cold upside down. But, read under different circumstances, its fun, repetitous word play.

    Tome Reader

    I read this to my kids over and over. It's a fun sing-song, rhyming book that must be read with expression. It's so much mooshy-squooshy fun to read.The dad needs a dad voice.The uppity mother needs an uppity voicethe brother pig needs a snotty kid voiceand the piggy in the puddle needs her sweet voice.Hasn't anyone watched it on Reading Rainbow?


    This may be the most delightful book I've ever read aloud. It's got such a perfect rhythm and cadence that, once you untwist your tongue and can get through it in only a few breaths, it's like you're chanting a messy, muddy, piggy-full shanty.I used to read it to my younger niece when she was a tiny tyke.


    When I read it the first time I thought it was a bit much- a little too wordy. But I found myself quoting it and I have checked it out from the library a few times. It is so fun to read aloud, especially once you get comfortable with all the words.

    Hannah Vincent

    This is seriously my favorite children's book of all time. I loved it when I was a kid and I love it now. The story is whimsical and easy on the ears (best read aloud) and the illustrations are beautiful.


    Just read this with my nursery school kids (after not having read it in years).They LOVED its silliness and its rhymesd yesterday we had a huge mud puddle and they remembered pohrases from the book and were using them on the playground!

    Sondra Caserio

    This one was actually my moms favorite one to read to us. She checked it out from the children's section again and again. And since I loved being read to by my mom, it became a silly favorite of mine as well!

    Katie Jackson

    The piggy was in the puddle and everyone told her to get out. She was dirty and needed a bath but she refused. She liked being in the puddle. Soon everyone in her family joined in and jumped in the puddle. They all liked it there even when Piggy told them they needed baths.

    Elaine Davis

    This was my daughters favorite book. It is a tongue twister for the adult trying to read the book but the sequence of words kept my daughters attention all the way through, over and over and over again. She loved the piggies in the mud puddle.


    My dad read this to my younger sister back in the day, oh how I loved that each of the characters had their own voice. Now that I am the parent reading to my wee ones, the story is just not right without the voices and everyone yelling together, "Nope!" Love this book!


    I loved, loved, loved this book! So much fun to read aloud:See the piggy,See the puddle,See the muddy little puddle.See the piggy in the middleOf the muddy little puddle.Really cute book. And I liked the message: loosen up and just enjoy the mess every once in awhile.


    Haley's favorite book of all time, and thus, my favorite book of all time too. I used to be able to recite it by memory, and I hope to be able to do that again soon. I never knew a 3-5.5 month old could love books so much!


    I love this book. It is one that my parents would read to my brothers and I when we were young. Then quote it on and off even now! "Squishy Squashy oofy poofy nope!" This is one that kids will enjoy listening to and you will enjoy reading. Lots of fun!

    Emily Augustus --Louisville KY

    This is a cute book for farm theme. My students like the silly pig and the silly rhymes.

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