Nov 18, 2019
Journey to Forever
Posted by Carol Steward

A fun, adventurous story about the cross state journey that Colin Wright and Elizabeth Chapman make to raise funds for a new homeless shelter.

  • Title: Journey to Forever
  • Author: Carol Steward
  • ISBN: 9780373873111
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Paperback
  • Journey to Forever A fun adventurous story about the cross state journey that Colin Wright and Elizabeth Chapman make to raise funds for a new homeless shelter


    I enjoyed this book. It shows what a difference it makes when God is in your life directing your path.In Colin along the way & then Nikki learns to trust again after a bad relationship

    Stephanie Smith

    This book is a sweet romance that ends happy. That isn't a spoiler -- happy endings are why people read romances. I liked the plot and the characters. The plot twists were believable and I found myself reading the book instead of doing other things I needed to do.However, I found the book preachy and that irritated me. It is one thing to write a romance that shows individuals living their faith. It is another to actively proselytize with long sections of dialogue that are more sermon than anythi [...]


    For this quarter, I read Journey to Forever by Carol Steward. In this book what happened was, radio host Colin is challenged to complete a wacky stunt for charity, he ends up agreeing. The charity is doing homeless shelter. This hurts Collin heart because his family was once homeless. But he meets a beautiful girl name Nicole “Nikki”, who’s a journalist who accompanies him during this challenge. What I enjoyed about this book was when they began the trip. Collin and Nikki have to get to Wy [...]


    I thought that this book was cute. I wouldn't call it "super super amazing" though. I don't think it was all that well-written. I think that the author was very steady with her writing until she had the two main characters kiss. After that, everything sort of slowed down until they kissed again. When you got to the end of the book, Carol Steward just piled on the lovey-dovey type stuff. I would recommend this book if you want an easy read, not something that will leave you going "Best. Book. Eve [...]

    Christian Singer

    What are you willing to sacrifice, and how far would you go to help those less fortunate? Ex-baseball player Collin Wright agrees to a crazy stunt to benefit a homeless shelter. From the moment they meet until the end of the story, Collin and his partner, new journalist Nikki Post, give readers an amusing adventure in their journey to forever.Definitely a cute read for those who enjoy light-hearted romances without all the sex.


    Colin Wright is a former baseball player turned Christian radio disc jockey focused on stunts to raise money. Nikki Post is the granddaughter of the newspaper sponsoring Colin's latest stunt. Sweet story, but predictable.

    Christina Reeder

    This was a good heart felt story. I would class this as a Hallmark movie if it would be one. A read anyone can enjoy. In this book God is in it, so if one does not believe then they might want to pass, But I say hey whatcha got to lose. Its a good read.


    A quick read 'Poor Little Rich Girl' wanted to be loved for who she was .t her money. Injured Baseball player wanted to be loved for who he was rather than what he might have been.

    Jan Mcleod

    After reading the first 5 chapters, I trashed this book. Much of the plot is not credible, and the characters are ill-defined and ambiguous.


    Neat story about raising money for a homeless shelter and how they did it. Of course romance was in the air. Good story to accept others and get to know them before judging them.


    Quick read, fun adventure, great story of faith, trust, and love.


    Somewhat confusingly written\nThere were a lot of jumps in the story line


    The story ended the way you wanted it to, of course, but it took a while getting there. I would have enjoyed more instances between the main characters early on in the story.



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