May 31, 2020
The Betrayed
Posted by Heather Graham

eHeatherGrahamSleepy Hollow isn t so sleepy anyOne night, New York FBI agent Aiden Mahoney receives a visitor in a dream an old friend named Richard Highsmith The very next day he s sent to Sleepy Hollow because Richard s gone missing there.Maureen Mo Deauville now lives in the historic town and works with her dog, Rollo, to search for missing people SheHeatherGrahamSleepy Hollow isn t so sleepy anyOne night, New York FBI agent Aiden Mahoney receives a visitor in a dream an old friend named Richard Highsmith The very next day he s sent to Sleepy Hollow because Richard s gone missing there.Maureen Mo Deauville now lives in the historic town and works with her dog, Rollo, to search for missing people She s actually the one to find Richard or precisely his head, stuck on a statue of the legendary Headless Horseman.Mo and Aiden, a new member of the Krewe of Hunters, the FBI s unit of paranormal investigators, explore both past and present events to figure out who betrayed Richard, who killed him and now wants to kill them, too As they work together, they discover that they share an unusual trait the ability to communicate with the dead They also share an attraction that s as intense as it is unexpected if they live long enough to enjoy it

  • Title: The Betrayed
  • Author: Heather Graham
  • ISBN: 9780778316565
  • Page: 238
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Betrayed eHeatherGrahamSleepy Hollow isn t so sleepy anyOne night New York FBI agent Aiden Mahoney receives a visitor in a dream an old friend named Richard Highsmith The very next day he s sent to Sleepy Hol

    ☕ Kimberly

    The mystery aspect was solid, and Graham weaved in ghostly aspirations to assist us. Aiden struggles accepting his abilities, and we see growth in him as his friendship with Maureen “Mo” grows. The romance was very low-key, but you felt the attraction. My only complaint would be I wanted more of a buildup, and a little heat exchanged throughout the plot. Most of the romantic elements took place at the end of the novel. Since, the murders were so captivating it didn’t detract from my overal [...]


    3.5 StarsI liked this story quite a bit, but I do have to admit that they can get a bit predictable.The story begins with the beheading of two people; so its gruesome right from the start. Mo is bright in with her Wolfhound dog Rolo to help search for the bodies, as the heads have already been located (atop Headless Horsemen effigies). Aiden is brought in to assist in finding the killer. He is the newest recruit for the Krewe of Hunters but he doesn't understand why he has been picked by the tea [...]

    Judy Collins

    A special thank you to Harlequin MIRA and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. THE BETRAYED, by Heather Graham (Krewe of Hunters #14) a compelling supernatural mystery thriller, which takes place in the towns of Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow, New York, the site of Washington Irving’s LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW. New York FBI agent Aiden Mahoney dreams (a voice) of an old friend Richard and the next day he reads in The Times, “Highsmith Missing”. Aiden has been working as an FBI [...]

    Mishelle Guess

    I hate that I didn't like this book. I always look forward to the Krewe Series, & preorder. They are always at least four star books to me. I just couldn't get into this one. The hero was so flat. He is part of the Krewe group and was once able to talk to the dead but after a bad experience, he decides to ignore that side of himself. Well then why the heck did he join that group?!?! That's what they are all about!!! He was stand offish with the h until about 60% of the book. He was kind of a [...]


    This book had good mystery elements to it, as well as paranormal ghost aspects. Mo, and her dog Rollo. have a way of finding lost, missing, injured, and sometimes the dead. October is in high swing in Sleepy Hollow, when an important political figure goes missing. His head is found on a headless decoration. Aiden is new to the FBI Paranormal Investigating team, and not comfortable with his ability to see the dead. Mo also has the same ability. The only clue they have is a matchbox cover that has [...]

    Sam Jones

    Really enjoyed this book. It was an easy, enjoyable read with plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing.


    This is my second full length novel by Heather Graham as well as my second in her Krewe Hunters series (the 14th book in the actual series), and I have to say I liked it even more than The Hexed, which I read in August. And what a perfect way to open October, I might add, given the setting of Sleepy Hollow.FBI agent Aiden Mahoney is new to the Krewe Hunter team and is not sure why he was selected for such an elite unit, one that is known for dealing with "weird" cases--or more simply put, the pa [...]


    I requested this title from NetGalley while I was still reading the last book in the Krewe of Hunters series because Sleepy Hollow is a neat little place and I really enjoyed THE HEXED. If this book was anything like that one then I’d probably enjoy it too. It’s a fair enough assumption, I think.Except THE BETRAYED didn’t really live up to the last book’s standards, in my opinion. While Graham’s pretty much mastered setting and Sleepy Hollow and the surrounding area were their own char [...]


    **I was provided a complimentary copy of The Betrayed in exchange for my honest review.**I will start by stating that this is the first novel I have read by Heather Graham. I have no experience with any others in the series, or any of her other work, so this is a first for me, all ways around.It was instantly apparent that Graham’s had mastered her setting and the characters within the her story, as they were all so vivid and clear, but still, I felt that the interactions of the protagonists w [...]


    Another great Krewe of Hunters mystery by one of my favorite authors! Her books never disappoint for a good solid read, and this one was no exception!"They got me, my old friend. They got me." These are the words FBI agent and recent addition to the Krewe of Hunters Aiden Mahoney wakes up to, followed shortly by a phone call sending him to investigate his old friend Richard Highsmith's death. Richard's decapitated head has been found in the town of Sleepy Hollow by Maureen Deauville and her sear [...]

    Harlequin Books

    "Intelligent police work and a crafty killer ramp up the suspense level on this one, keeping readers rapt until the big reveal at the end. The addition of new branch offices in New York helps keep the story fresh and exciting, adding new locales to visit and more historical legends to explore; the elements of Washington Irving’s Sleepy Hollow lend a haunting quality to a string of modern murders. While this couple starts off at odds, their shared ability to see the dead gives them a commonalit [...]


    Book Review originally published here: iheartreading/mini-revAiden and Mo make an interesting pair, but unfortunately it takes a long time for the two of them to connect. Aiden struggles with his abilities, and as thus he makes an intriguing character. The murder mysteries are good too, and as usual, Graham crafts an engaging paranormal mystery. Unfortunately I found it difficult to connect with Aiden and Mo – although interesting, they were also somewhat obnoxious and I doubt I’d like them [...]


    The Krewe books are always a great read. This one however, fell a little flat to me.I had trouble warming up to Aiden. A new twist on an agent who is not admitting to himself he can talk to the dead. I really liked Mo & Rollo though.The mystery was pretty good. I loved the incorporation of the headless horseman and Sleepy Hollow setting.Aiden is a new hire to Logan's krewe. It was nice having Logan, Sloan, Jane, and Will working as a team again.


    Enjoyable paranormal murder mystery! The story blurb caught my interest. The headless horseman! Story takes place in Sleepy Hollow. I couldn't figure out who did it until the end!

    Arlene Morrell

    The author did a great job of putting you right into the book. The mystery kept me guessing and I did enjoy this book.


    I didn't realize this was part of a series before I started it. I will hold it until I read the first books.

    Judy Hall

    FBI Agent Aiden Mahoney has not met even one member of his new unit, known around the Bureau as the Krewe of Hunters, when an old friend appears to him during the night to say "they got me". Once Aiden saw ghosts, but not in a long time. However he knows what the visitation means and learns that his friend, a candidate for Mayor of New York, has disappeared in Sleepy Hollow. As he is traveling there, Maureen Deauville and her Search and Rescue dog find the candidates head. Soon another body is f [...]


    This installment of the Krewe of Hunters was set in Sleepy Hollow/Tarrytown, New York. I really liked this setting. Heather Graham worked in interesting local information, as usual, and I liked the heroine's canine sidekick. The romance in this one is a little more toned down compared to the rest of the series -- while there's definitely sparks between Mo and Aidan, they don't officially get together until practically the end of the book. So, the focus is almost entirely on the mystery itself. ( [...]


    This story tells the tale of the Headless Horseman and Sleepy Hollow. FBI Agent Aiden Mahoney heard his best friend's voice in the middle of the night and knew something had happened to him. When he and his fellow Krewe hunters showed up in Sleepy Hollow close to Halloween they discovered gruesome murders that shook the whole community. Fortunately Maureen Deauville and her dog Rollo helped solve who was behind the killings but not before she lost a few friends. Good storyline.


    Another fun read by Heather Graham, this time featuring the ghost of Washington Irving. Apparently dead authors like to hang out with the living. This was a very typical Graham novel--agent doesn't know if he wants to join the Krewe, he sees ghosts, meets a woman who sees ghosts, they immediately fall in love, and danger ensues. I liked the addition of the rescue dog.


    Another great read by a talented writer.Another great story by a talented writer. Good mystery, lots of twists and turns, great cast of characters. A good read for Halloween. I figured out one connection, same time Aiden did, but never figured out the "who done it".


    This one takes us to Sleepy Hollow near Halloween. There is yet another new member of the Krewes and of course there is a romance. The outline is familiar but the particulars are enough to keep this reader happy. It's a good series.


    I love the Legend of Sleepy Hollow so of course I loved this story. The killers were unexpected and the ghosts were the best!

    Mary Rowe

    Solid Krewe tale. Unexpected villain, good Heather Graham suspense.


    Love this series


    A great October read. Set is Sleepy Hollow, New York FBI, Aiden Mahoney and Mo Deauville and her dog solve this mystery.


    Another fantastic book in this series! I loved these characters, they were so interesting! And that it's set in Sleepy Hollow, yeah, headless horsemen abound!

    Charith Rajapaksha

    A very nice novel. It keeps you speculating and the story has been told very nicely.

    Amanda Steinhoff

    A decent premise and mystery but nothing special. I didn’t love the romance angle and the characters felt a little generic. I would’ve loved more supernatural stuff, but that’s just my taste.

    Tirenia DeSmedt

    LOVED IT!!!

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