Feb 16, 2020
The Blasted Lands
Posted by James A. Moore

The sequel to SEVEN FORGESThe Empire of Fellein is in mourning The Emperor is dead, and the armies of the empire have grown soft Merros Dulver, their newly appointed and somewhat reluctant commander, has been tasked with preparing them to fight the most savage enemy the world has yet seen Meanwhile, a perpetual storm ravages the Blasted Lands, and a new threat isThe sequel to SEVEN FORGESThe Empire of Fellein is in mourning The Emperor is dead, and the armies of the empire have grown soft Merros Dulver, their newly appointed and somewhat reluctant commander, has been tasked with preparing them to fight the most savage enemy the world has yet seen Meanwhile, a perpetual storm ravages the Blasted Lands, and a new threat is about to arise the Broken are coming, and with them only Death.File Under Fantasy

  • Title: The Blasted Lands
  • Author: James A. Moore
  • ISBN: 9780857663924
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Blasted Lands The sequel to SEVEN FORGESThe Empire of Fellein is in mourning The Emperor is dead and the armies of the empire have grown soft Merros Dulver their newly appointed and somewhat reluctant commander

    Melissa ♥ Dog Lover ♥ Martin

    That ending was pretty freaking awesome! For the record; there wasn't enough of Drask in the book and I have already said I am in love with him from the first book. I was thrilled to read about Andover Iron Hands and how much his life changed when he went back to be with the Sa'ba Taalor. He had to go through some trials in order to meet with one of their gods. I just think the whole thing with Andover was freaking awesome, these were my favorite parts of the book! Swech wasn't in the book too m [...]

    ✘✘ Sarah ✘✘ (former Nefarious Breeder of Murderous Crustaceans)

    ● We Want to Know what's Behind the Freaking Veils then Again maybe Not Buddy Read (WWtKwBtFVtAmNBR™) with my Slightly Unhinged Fantasy Comrades (SUFC™) over at BB&B ●Actual rating: 4.5 stars and a half. More or less.Okay, my first resolution for 2017 is to stop writing never-ending, pit-stop requiring reviews (view spoiler)[and the Little Barnacles go:Come on, people! Have a little trust in my supernatural strength and abilities, will you?! I can do this! Of course I can! (view spoi [...]

    Dan Schwent

    While Merros Dulver prepares the Empire of Fellein for the possibility of war with the Sa'ba Taalor, Desh Krohan sends an expedition to the Blasted Lands to find The Mounds, the one place the gods of the Taalor forbid them to goI got this from Angry Robot via NetgalleyThe Blasted Lands picks up where Seven Forges left off. Andover is learning the ways of the Sa'ba Taalor. Merros is in charge of the Imperial Army. And a new empress is crowned. When Tusk invites the Empire to parley, what does he [...]


    The Blasted Lands is the second book in the Seven Forges series and to be honest it is of a similar quality to the first. It shares all the same strengths ad weaknesses. After the happenings at the end of the first book the Empire of Fellein and the Sa'ba Taalor are both readying for war. Merros is tasked with the responsibility of whipping the Fellein army into a force capable of matching the Sa'ba Taalor. The mage Desh Krohan and his apprentices are seeking allies to aid Fellein from various s [...]


    3.5 stars. Ok. I didn't love it but I also couldn't leave it alone. I don't normally like books where characters remain sketchy, but somehow the combination of events, characters and the world building keep me intrigued and wanting to know more. The writing is a little jarring at times but also simple to read which keeps things flowing nicely. Does 'Pretty good' sound Luke warm? I don't mean it to because I liked it.I probably will be curious enough to continue with the series. Afterall, it is n [...]


    *** 4.44 ***A buddy read with the violent Fantasy enthusiasts at BB&B! Let's slaughter some monsters!!!The Empire of Fellein has a new Empress and a very new and unusual enemy - the Sa'ba Taalor, the gray monster riding veiled warriors, who have proven they do not play when it comes to playing for keeps. The Fellein people are disoriented and apprehensive. They have grown comfortable in their rule over the 12 civilized kingdoms and the strength to repel all and every threat to their supremac [...]

    Robin (Bridge Four)

    July 2017 kindle deal of the month for $2.99Read with the crew at at Buddies Books & BaublesThis is really just a so-so read for me fantasy wise.One the one hand some of the world stuff is interesting with the Sa’ba Taalor and the way their gods work. But on the other hand there is a lot of stuff that isn’t as interesting to me and I’m just waiting for something to happen. Maybe I’m used to more epic fantasies and so I’m used to a long wait and then the big pay out. I felt like th [...]


    Simply addicting. The story is the best element of this book, the pace of the telling the second and the cliffhanger technique is mastered. I need to go right away to the third book of the series. One thing I appreciate is that the book are kept to the right size, this book could be particularly bad in case editing was not done properly.


    This review was originally posted on Avid Reviews: avidfantasyreviews.wordpressThe Blasted Lands is the second book in the Seven Forges trilogy. I reviewed the first book in the series, Seven Forges, here: avidfantasyreviews.wordpress.cAs I mentioned in this review, Seven Forges is written in the tone of a prequel, and though I liked it, I was much more excited to read Blasted Lands. The end of Seven Forges really hooks the reader, and it is not until the last few chapters that the conflict of t [...]


    THE BLASTED LANDS picks up exactly where SEVEN FORGES left off.After one of the Sa'ba Taalor murder the Emperor of Fellein, his cousin, Nachia Krous, ascends to the throne. Merros Dulver is promoted to General of the Empress's Army. Andover Lashk continues his journey to the Blasted Lands in order to learn, and thank the Daxar Taalor--in person--for the gift of his new hands.In this second book of a projected trilogy, we learn much more about the ways of the Sa'ab Taalor, and their gods. The rea [...]


    Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths.The Blasted Lands is that dreaded second book in a series. You know, the one that is suppose to build upon all the good things from the first installment while adding just enough new plots and lore to keep the story fresh but without actually revealing the ending that will come in a book or two. Honestly, writing a second installment in a fantasy series is a hard juggling act for any author, but in my opinion, Mr. Moore not only succeeds with The Blasted Lands [...]


    Not saying I am behind in my reviews. But since I have just finished book 3 and book 2 is still not reviewed will probably give you a good indication on just how much I wanted to see what happened next after this book.This series has me hooked, I have really enjoyed the story so far and I can already tell you, it gets even better in book 3. This is a sword and sorcery funfest. Great characters, interesting races, good world building and some hidden plots that has me second guessing on whats goin [...]


    I enjoyed this book a great deal, the first part of The seven forges series I loved and while this is a bit slower read and a bit more focused on the world building (which earns pluses with me) I still ate it up.There is a SERIOUS fight coming the third installment, I so look forward to reading it.This series is a definite beach read, pick it up.


    originally posted at: thebookplank/2015Back in 2013 I read many great books of Angry Robot and one of them was Seven Forges by James A Moore. James A. Moore has written numerous books in the Horror genre and Seven Forges was his first venture into the Epic Fantasy and one that paid off very well. When I read Seven Forges I was amazed with the story, so many elements working together and you could clearly see that James A. Moore wasn't scared to bring in some Horror elements as well. As I said in [...]

    Lynn Williams

    Strong 4 - 4.5. lynnsbooks.wordpress/2014/The Blasted Lands is the second book in the Seven Forges series written by James a Moore. My review of The Seven Forges is here. Now, if you haven't read No.1 in the series you should be warned that this review will undoubtedly contain spoilers for that book! Be warned. The first book in the series got off to a really good start. I had a few niggles and I can't say I was in love with the cliffhanger ending - given the waiting time to find out what was go [...]


    First things first, I got this book from NetGalley, so thank you netgalley and Angry Robots for this opportunity.Lets be honest, I love jumping in the middle of a series (as I did with many series' such as GoT, Harry Potter etc.). I like to delve into a story already in flow, and that fact might have influenced me a bit of my liking this book, although the guest post by James A. Moore did help. But the two warring (or soon to be warring) factions were depicted very nicely in this novel through t [...]

    Daniel Sharp

    I got this book early through First Reads and figured I would write a review as thanks.The Blasted Lands is a solid second book in a series. The book doesn't have as much action as the first one but it focuses on setting up the big conflict that appears to be coming in the next book. Merros continues to be my favorite but Andover seems to be developing into a bigger player and I look forward to seeing more of them both. Overall this book was enjoyable despite the fact that not a whole lot actual [...]


    Second in the ‘Seven Forges’ series, The Blasted Lands by James A. Moore continues where Seven Forges left off. The emperor of Fellein is dead and armies are gathering on both sides. Put in charge of the military aspect of the twelve kingdoms, reluctant general, Merros Dulver, begins to learn the truth about his empire. It’s crumbling at the edges, and at the seams. The middle appears somewhat rotten, too.Crowning a new empress halts the rot for a while, lifting the spirits of the people. [...]

    Amy Young

    This is the continuation of the story which was started in The Seven Forges. The world that has been created for the series is full of variety and diversity, from the characters to the landscape, and becomes more lush and vibrant in the second book. What is intriguing in the series is that each area of power is ambiguous in terms of whether they are inherently good or evil. It's interesting to watch the interplay between them. Their regional belief systems guide (or in some cases don't) how they [...]

    Michael Lazar

    I'm liking this series quite a bit, and The Blasted Lands was a very good read. I really like the Sa'ba Taalor as an antagonist. Neither side can really be portrayed as "good" or "bad". They have their ways and they are nuanced in how they live. This book introduced some new characters who will obviously heavily influence the rest of the series, and opens new plots that could go in a myriad of directions. Now, I just need the next book to be released! Hopefully he can crank one out every 8-10 mo [...]


    ANother 4.5 out of 5.This second novel builds on the first very well indeed.The two nations move closer to war, supposedly on the actions and slights of both the gods and some of the less-scrupulous and/or intelligent members of the Fellein Empire.Great pacing and characters, and less confusing than a lot of the fantasy stuff I've read more direct and honed.Cannot wait for the third, but it seems I have to wait until Angry Robot puts it out.


    It's been a while since I last read a fantasy story where the situation was so bleak for the good guys after 2 whole novels but here is one.The writing has improved a little compared to the previous novel but is still not that stellar in my view but it's good enough to want me to see how the plot will keep moving.

    Grace Weil

    WOW!!!!! What can I say? This was the book after Seven Forges and I could not put that book down either. This is exactly the kind of series I like to read. The Blasted Lands has mystery, action, imagination and plenty of twists. Will there be more to this series? I certainly hope so. The ending hits you like a BOMB. I am insanely crazy for MORE.Dizzycat


    Dear James A. Moore,Because words fail me right now, I think I should employ the old trick "a gif picture is worth a million words."Sincerely, A rabid fan who can't and won't live without your books.


    Amazingthis book just like the first was amazing!!! That's not even the best way of describing it but it suck at describing things!! I had to stop reading it for three days just so I wouldn't get through it that fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Scott Goudsward

    Absolutely can't wait for Book 3 to come out!

    James Cox

    I really liked this. Great characters. Great action.

    Liezl Ruiz

    I got an ARC via netgalley.Tarag Paedori is the King in Iron. He is the Chosen of Truska-Pren. Truska-Pren is the god of formal combat. He charges Tarag Paedori with ruling the armies of the Sa’ba Taalor.In this sequel to Seven Forges, I've finally learned that the Daxar Taalor are Gods of War. I was wrong in my review of Seven Forges of the gods being Gods of Combat Materials. Paedle is rather the God of Silent Deaths and his Chosen the King in Mercury. The Chosen of Whelam is the King in Lea [...]


    I would say 2.5 stars but I rounded up because I like Lashk and Merros and Desh and Nachia and Dretta and Tega, in addition to other characters. The story is mild and not a page turner but still fun overall. The story is used to set up the war coming in the next book. What I found disappointing was the over-the-top fantasy elements introduced. The first book clearly had a stronger story with the magic/fantasy rather mild allowing for a fun story to develop. Right off the bat there are extreme fa [...]


    Really slow. A lot of travelling and people gathering intel. For newcomers to fantasy that might be interesting. For the rest more or less nothing happens. No progress at all. Every plotline started in the first book continues without any surprise.1,5 stars. I won't continue the series.

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