May 25, 2020
Fair Play
Posted by Samantha Wayland

Savannah Morrison is the new athletic trainer for the Moncton Ice Cats, a professional hockey team in the wilds of New Brunswick It s a good thing she s got plenty of knowledge and grit, because as the only female trainer in the league, she has to work twice as hard to win the players respect The last thing on earth she would do is date one of them Twelve year hockey vSavannah Morrison is the new athletic trainer for the Moncton Ice Cats, a professional hockey team in the wilds of New Brunswick It s a good thing she s got plenty of knowledge and grit, because as the only female trainer in the league, she has to work twice as hard to win the players respect The last thing on earth she would do is date one of them Twelve year hockey veteran Garrick LeBlanc isn t ready to hang up his skates, particularly since he hasn t figured out what the hell he s planning to do next He needs the new trainer to keep him fit to play, and she s got the skills to do it Too bad he lost his mind and hit on her the day they met Now she hates his guts and he s made an art of ignoring her When the team is put up for sale, Garrick and Savannah have to work together to save their jobs and their team Somewhere along the way, they discover Garrick isn t just a hockey player, Savannah isn t only passionate about her work, and just maybe they ve got in common than they thought.

  • Title: Fair Play
  • Author: Samantha Wayland
  • ISBN: 9781940839004
  • Page: 438
  • Format: ebook
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    Fair Play Savannah Morrison is the new athletic trainer for the Moncton Ice Cats a professional hockey team in the wilds of New Brunswick It s a good thing she s got plenty of knowledge and grit because as th

    R * A Reader Obsessed *

    3.5 almost 4 Stars???It takes a lot for me to read M/F. A lot. And because I've come to really like Samantha Wayland's hockey universe (that includes a myriad of books not advertised to be linked together) and all of its characters, I was definitely curious about this despite the presence of a female MC. Have no fear. Garrick is one fine specimen of a man. No complaints here. Though Savannah had some commonly seen bouts of female insecurity and resistance, she overall was a strong character who [...]

    Michelle [Helen Geek]

    01/20/2014 --Overall Rating = 2 StarsBook Cover / Book Blurb / Book Title = 5 / 3 / 5 = 4.5 StarsWriter’s Voice = 2 StarsCharacter Development = 2 StarsStory Appreciation = 1 StarsWorth the Chili = 5 Stars -- [$Free on ]Smexy [HEAT] Rating = Moderate284 pagesLove the cover and the title. LOVE a sports romance. I didn't really like this one. I'm disappointed.I read it feeling very disconnected. I'm not sure why, but had to make myself read it. I kept thinking it would grab me, but it didn't. I' [...]


    ok - I read this one but obviously I forgot reviewingl in all, it was quite good but not spectacular but a nice read


    pretty sure i needed a bucket of ice water dumped over my head at one stage to cool my down


    3.75 Stars!

    Ivy Deluca

    The PremiseSavannah Morrison is the new athletic trainer for the Moncton Ice Cats, a professional hockey team in the wilds of New Brunswick. She’s doing everything to establish herself in a male-dominated field, and has to deal with being the only straight female under sixty, so she gets hit on working for the Ice Cats. Alot. Matter of fact, the first person to hit on her is Garrick LeBlanc, a twelve year veteran of the EHL. He isn’t ready to retire but he is depending on Savannah to keep hi [...]


    When I heard Samantha had written another book, I stopped what I was reading and 1-clicked Fair Play earlier this afternoon. Now it's 2am and I could not put it down. At first, I thought it was starting out a bit slow, but then I got completely sucked into the characters and the life with the Ice Cats, a pro hockey team in New Brunswick. I feel a book hangover coming on. Now that I've seen the trailers for the next two books in the series, I understand a little of the extra dialogue and backgrou [...]


    Loved it, easy read, well writtenGarrick LeBlanc must surely be a woman's dream man smoking hot, sexy, a beast in bed, dependable and he has the right tool for the job!!!!Savannah Morrison love her gutsy can do attitude and her open mindedness to explore the wild side with the right person and she's sexy to boot!!!


    3.5 stars


    Demorei mais do que eu gostaria para terminar esse livro, espero que consiga ler os outros dois mais rápido. :/Deixando isso de lado, gostei bastante de Fair Play! Adorei as cenas de sexo, achei muito bem escritas, e adorei o casal. Tanto a Savannah quanto o Garrick são sensatos, educados e cuidam muito um do outro, achei a dinâmica deles ótima.O enredo é interessante, apesar de o foco ser bem mais no romance e no sexo - e quando eu digo "bem mais", é "beeeeem mais". Confesso que chegou um [...]


    Ice hockey, fit blokes, strong woman battling against the patriarchy to be taken seriously at her job, 2 m/c's thrown together in the face of adversity, hot sex, nasty bad guys, love ensues. I enjoyed it, it was fun, but it's not going in my special pile. Bonus points awarded for our heroine NOT have her man sort out all her problems. Double bonus points for her skills with gaffer tape.


    It was okay not too bad, a little unrealistic when it came to the running off the team and the mob/bad guys but the romance that developed was good Garrison and Savanna were very kinkyCan't wait to see how their love live gets kinkier in the next book.


    3.5/4*Fiesty female lead. Hidden depths male lead. Ice hockey. Fun frolics with Savannah and Garrick trying - not very hard - to resist each other whilst trying to save their hockey team from nasty people who become more nasty and horrid as the book develops.Once they join forces, there's no stopping them - sex all the time! Even when Garrick has a concussion - they build them hockey players strong. A fast paced, fun sexy read.

    Christi Snow

    My Review:First thought when I finished: When are books #2 and #3 coming out??? I really, really enjoyed this book!! I truly do love sports themed books and this is a great one centered around hockey.Savannah is the new female trainer for a professional hockey team. As the only female in the league doing this job, she has to work extra hard to maintain her professionalism in the face of the rough and rowdy hockey players. Being asked out first thing on the job by the team's 12 year veteran and r [...]


    I love watching hockey live at a game. There is nothing else like the mixture of excitement, sweat and aggression that comes together in a great game so needless to say when I see a hockey themed book, I tend to get excited. Its even better when it is free for kindle!So I have my hopes up for this story even before I click on the screen.Savannah Morrison is the new athletic trainer for the Moncton Ice Cats Hockey team so she is new in town and instead of making friends with the natives and her [...]


    Savannah is in a difficult positione loves her job as a trainer for a hockey team but as a female she has a hard time getting everyone on the team to take her seriously. The first day on the job, Garrick hits on her and lives up to his reputation. Now several weeks later when drama happens with one of the guys on the team, Savannah begins to see Garrick in a different light and she finds herself fighting his pull.When they finally give in to their passions and truths are exposed things get even [...]


    Not a bad read at all. If you're looking for a little kink in your contemporary this is a good one. I liked that the characters weren't hiding or trying to get past tortured pasts as a lot of books are. Garrick isn't a rich gazillionaire and Samantha isn't the stumbling bumbling meek character either so that was great. I didn't expect Garrick's bisexuality at all, that was a surprise. Not sure I'll read the others in this series as they delve into Garrick taking a friend lover upon Samantha's su [...]


    I LOVED this.Just absolutely loved it.I liked Garrick.I liked Savannah.I understood both their motivations for all their actions.I liked the suspense element, which I thought was very well done and blended nicely.I loved the Hockey element.(view spoiler)[ I REALLY loved that Garrick was bi. Part of me was screaming for both Savannah and Garrick to have a night with Reece and was disappointed that the book was being well straight. However, reading the blurbs for the next books in the series I am [...]

    Rina Borough - Ireadwhatiwant2

    Full review available at ireadwhatiwant2.wordpressSnippet Review: This book was a great start to the Hat Trick series. Savannah and Garrick were great characters with amazing chemistry. The plot was interesting and suspenseful (if a bit over-the-top), and the sex scenes were very hot, creative, and kinkier than your average romance without going too deep into the kink pool. While this book does have a satisfying end for the characters, I’m very interested to read the next book in this series, [...]

    Kimberley Humphrey

    4.5 stars from me. I loved it & now I'm addicted to another series & can't wait to read the other books.Absolutely loved Garrick - right from the very start. What a guy (& holy hotness). I really liked Savannah too. Smart, career focused, & repressing a sex kitten side. She was great but together they were even better.I really liked the secondary characters & hope they reappear in the next 2 books.Well written, not too much angst or far fetched :)

    Cyndi Hackett

    It was a good read with great characters and great hot sex with a little suspense to add to the excitement. But after Garett confess to savannah his other sex side and savannah was excited, let's just say my interest went away after that. I liked the story but it's safe to say I will end at this 1st installment. To each there own but it's just not for me.

    Erin Chicosky

    This book was a little better than I anticipated. I figured it would just be a mindless romance novel with no other qualities, but was proven that even mindless romance novels can have a bit of a plot. I like secret agent guys and hockey players so even if parts of it were dull I still had a sexy hockey player in there somewhere. I will say I am glad I got this book for free.

    Jackie Ziegler

    Holy cow ! What a storyline. I completely forgot Garrick plays hockey. Garrick plays for the Moncton Ice Cats Savannah is the new trainer. She knows its a bad idea to get involved with a player but how bad? Story does kind of just stop as there is other books to the series and they will be read


    first read 11-1 2013Hot, sexy, and Hockey! I was a fan of Samantha Wayland and when I saw she had a new book I 1-clicked. After my re-read I looked at some of the review's. I really liked this book, and I see where other wanted it to move along faster but this book set's up for the next books and I love the over all series.


    I liked this one so much I bought the followup almost right away. The plot didn't go quite the way I thought it would; it was nice to be surprised. I was delighted that the heroine didn't compromise her career goals for the hero. I was not delighted by spoilers for the next two books in the series being in the end matter, but obviously that didn't dissuade me from continuing.


    Not what I expected, I liked it ok and then I found out the two books that followed is a continuing of their relationship changing it from a M/F to a M/F/M, and a love triangle to boot and I am not into right now, I may later but as of now I have no plans to read anymore, it left me disappointed. I liked the characters and the plotline but the end left a lot to be desired.


    Not rating because it's not my cuppa. I got it for free, but a warning about the huge content about anal sex would have been fair. I picked up this book thinking about a hot sport romance, instead is a manual about butts :@ too much to skip.


    3.5 starsIt's weird because I fell in love with characters and felt the intimacy, but the back stories weren't complete. That's why I couldn't give a 4 star. But I'm going to buy the next book!


    This was a free book on kindle and I thought, great someone who is an athlete, it would fit into one of my challenges. It did have a little, no a lot of, TMI in the romance scenes for my taste - might have given it more stars without all the that.


    Loved it. Only a 4 because there were some twists that went off the book topic to much.

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