Nov 22, 2019
Trust Me
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This is not your typical New Adult Romance and weighs on a darker and erotic side to the New Adult genre This book is intended for Adults 18 and over due to graphic scenes involving sex, language, rape, violence, drinking and drugs Full length novel with an HEA ending.Carrie Beckett knew fear Pain, Anger, Terror she also knew Trust.After escaping a fate that is worsThis is not your typical New Adult Romance and weighs on a darker and erotic side to the New Adult genre This book is intended for Adults 18 and over due to graphic scenes involving sex, language, rape, violence, drinking and drugs Full length novel with an HEA ending.Carrie Beckett knew fear Pain, Anger, Terror she also knew Trust.After escaping a fate that is worse than death Carrie and Noah settle in Gig Harbor with the taste of freedom on the tip of their tongues Years of abuse so severe, left them both wounded, careful but stronger than life gave them credit for They knew to trust one another above all things, promising then and there they would never look backThe summer before her final year at UW Carrie agrees to a date with her long time crush who happens to be her brother Noah s best friend Chad Blake The tattooed and sexy as sin front man for rock band Thick as Thieves and the crowned King of Gig Harbor s bad boys, Chad is a known for a good time, great music, killer tats and a sweet goodbye the morning after as long as the girl knows the score Everything he is, is everything Noah wants her far away from Chad has wanted his best friends sister since she was eighteen but stayed away after Noah warned him that Carrie was off limits Having been burned in the past, Chad focused on his day job as a tattoo artist and his dream of making it big with his band Thick as Thieves keeping his bed warm until he had the chance to get Carrie Beckett there and never let her leave Noah sheltered Carrie as best he could, keeping her as far from his personal life and Chad Blake as he could He wanted nothing but happiness and freedom for the sister he watched suffer day in and day out.But Carrie is innocent and smart, strong willed with a sassy mouth, all the things Chad loves about her and refuses to deny himself of any.Risking it all on a whim, he shows up and asks Carrie to go All In and betray her brother for a chance to be together.Carrie is brought into the world of parties, concerts, fangirls and sex that force her to face the memories of her past in order to move on with Chad as her future.Knowing that love is a reward, trust, a gift, Carrie and Chad fall with a passion so strong, it threatens to break them both They will battle back all the bad things in life for just a second of good and all the insecurities will come to an explosive head that may just destroy them both

  • Title: Trust Me
  • Author: MelanieWalker
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Trust Me This is not your typical New Adult Romance and weighs on a darker and erotic side to the New Adult genre This book is intended for Adults and over due to graphic scenes involving sex language rap


    DNF @70%WÖW! What a disappointment. A total eye roll.I'm surprised I even made it this far.So this story is about.what was her name?you know what I really don't care or give a two shit what it was. And I "quote" Big Sean.Sure what she've been through is a lot andAnd I don't wish it on my enemy butally?I mean Brat/Bran, whatever the hell his name is , kept telling her how beautiful she is and how much he cares about her. You know stuff like"You're mine" and "you're sexy" (Yay fucking rainbows an [...]


    What a roller coaster of unexpected things! From the first to the last page Trust Me is brutal and raw and ubelieveably agonizing story. I wish it could have been more pimped out and edited properly, then it really could’ve been big. I really enjoyed reading it and I have to say it was a nice read between bigger, more absorbing books. Trust Me is about Carrie. Strong young woman who survived childhood from hell. Her story broke my heart and made me think about sexual abuse and how much lucky I [...]

    Michelle ♥ The Romance Vault ♥

    For what promised by the blurb to be a really good read I was sooooo disappointed it fell so far from the apple tree in it's deliverance that how the hell this book is receiving 4 and 5 star reviews is utterly, totally and irrevocably beyond me!So did Melanie think that by doing a little disclaimer at the beginning of the book that there 'may' be some typos left after her and her beta readers had read through it and could we possibly forgive her if we come across some? Well, yes of course I can [...]

    Brandy Dorsch

    I am sitting here with tears on my face and debating on where to start my review. I bought this book and the author, Melanie Walker, is new to me. I opened the book to read the beginning and my heart stopped. Anyone that advocates the prevention of child abuse and protection of those that need our help the most, speaks to the darkness in my heart. I was raised with and around foster children that had faced these demons. I faced them myself and like to think that I am a better person for walking [...]


    I stumbled upon this book by chance and am very glad that I did. I have never read anything written by this author before and had never heard anything about this book. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved this story. I was drawn in to the story from page one and couldn't put it down until I had finished it.The characters had depth and kept my attention throughout the book. The author was also able to create characters that had survived horrendous abuse, without going too far to portray [...]

    Summer Parks

    Let me start by saying I never write reviews. I'm a reader not a writer and nothing I put into words can justify what's in my brain right now. I came upon this book by chance. The book Gods were watching over me as this story popped up in my amazon recommendations. The story was so captivating, I was crying and laughing and trying to hold back my vomit most of the time. This story made me want to hug my babies tight and keep them safe in a bubble ball from the sick bastards in this world. Aside [...]


    4 Hug It Out StarsOhhhh. This book. So angsty. So emotional. But not in the "what will I wear" way. Much more intense. N-tense. Let me just say right off the batMs Walker needs an editor. It would have been a 5 Star read if not for the errors. She needs grammar corrections and deep editing like changing people's name in the middle of the book. She owns it. She tells you right up front she has errors on the book. Just get past it. The read it worth it. I am very distracted by bad editing but I po [...]


    It's a 3.5 STARS for me and this is going to be short and to the point because my "currently reading" shelf is dying with new releases and catch up so I can read said new releases.I enjoyed this story a lot. I will say that especially early on, there was very little conflict to their relationship. The first 75% of the book can be summed up as follows: (view spoiler)[page 1: she's been crushing on him. page 2: he makes it clear he likes her and they are going to get together. page 3: her brother [...]

    ★¸. • * ° * ༺*Blanka*༺*°°*•.¸. ♥★

    The Rockstar and the VI can't recall how many times I digged out tissues to cry reading this story. It was heartbreaking, however towards the end it had me rolling my eyesCarrie just got so annoying Maybe it's just me but towards the end it was just hurried after having such a horrible upbringing she just changes into a nymph overnight? A bit unbelievable


    Ok so this book started off really rocky for me I almost DNF it but I stayed on. To be fair the author does have a disclaimer in the beginning telling you there will be errors and that she is not an editor. That being said hopefully she will get an editor because I think alot of people will be put off and don't finish it. So at around 40% I was hooked a goner. There is alot of stuff in this book that is painful to read like really touchy subjects but I loved it. The characters left an imprint on [...]


    4/2/2013It's been months since I paused this, and haven't been tempted to come back to finish. I'm just going to DNF it.*******12% On pause. It wasn't baaaaad but the h was kind of immature. She did kind of put a damper on the book. Plus, I think I'm just in the mood for something different. May come back and try again at a later time.

    JoJo - JJJ (Jo Anna) Janesko

    This book started off great. I was loving it and thinking it was possibly going to be a higher rating than what I gave it. Then towards the middle and end I started to lose interest. It just felt like same ol story different author. On to the next great book.

    Nicole Naranjo

    oh my goodnessI'm sooo in love with Chad and Noah(please don't judge me!) this book was so unexpected and I'm so glad I read it, it had me before the first pageI mean I love the fact that Melanie let us know that there were grammar errors and owned them as her own. I mean come on people, use your imagination and if you are the type of person that has to have a perfect book free from any errors than shit maybe you should try writing. ughw stepping off my soap box. anyways, the very beginning of t [...]

    Laura Laity

    absolutely loved this book. I found I was at that stage that a lot of people are at, where I have read so many books within the adult romance genre that they were becoming generic and predictable a lot of the time and honestly finding a good book was becoming a chore. This book was a slight departure from my normal reading range but I took a chance and am so glad I did. I honestly have not been so emotionally invested in a story for a long time. The characters are believable and had depth to the [...]

    Lisa N

    This book was beautiful in so many ways The heroines and secondary heros life had been absolutely horrendous. I have heard of some sick shit but this is pretty bad To escape something like that with any normalacy in tact would be a down right miracle. They did though. They had their share of bumps alomg the way but they made it. The hero was unshakable. Until she said her piece he was there fighting. He never gave up. Even when she had the same issue over and over which became a tad annoying. Th [...]


    This book had me tied in knots through most of it. Parts of it were soooo good.Then I get towards the end and was just devastated. Man, did this author put me throughthe ringer. I mostly loved everything about this book. Chad was broken, but so sweet andsteadfast in his love of Carrie. Noah, I just ADORE him. The unconditional love and strength he had for Carrie was just so beautiful. And Carriech a horrible life she had, and yet she wasso strong. I really didn't know what to rate this. It had e [...]


    WowThis is a true in your face, down and dirty, heart and gut wrenching story. The writing & emotions were/are amazing. I definitely could not put this book down. I couldn't wait to see how it ended. Right up to the end, you just didn't know. And way to make us want the next book!

    Tessamari ♥Many Waters...♥ ~ Sweet Spot Book Blog

    3.5 StarsI kissed him because he finds beauty in my ugly, happy in my sad and doesn’t make me say why… I kissed him because he is a tattooed, pierced, foul mouthed, horny, drop dead sexy, guitar playing rockstar with a tattoo gun. I kissed him because he is mine. Surprise, surprise: I picked up yet another Rock Star romance, featuring a sexy tattooed Hero. Is it really that surprising? If you know me, then the answer is immediately Fuck no! I own up to my obsession to these types of books. N [...]


    4.5 sexy stars!Oh Melanie, I feel like I know you, like you crawled into my brain like Plankton does to Spongebob. I COMPLETELY get the way Noah and Carrie talk in songs. I do the same thing and with almost all the same music. Stalker…Gah, this book has the perfect recipe to turn me into a desperate fan girl, no doubt.Sexy boys with tattoosSexy boys who play instrumentsSexy boys who play instruments in a bad ass rock bandSexy boys who have tattoos, do tattoos, play in a band and are absolutely [...]

    MELISSA *Mel Reader*

    This was kind of a tough read for me because of the subject matter. The book deals a lot with rape, incest, & abuse, and I seemed to have trouble enjoying the main characters romance because I kept thinking of the abuse. What the main character Carrie & her brother Noah have to live through growing up is heartbreaking. On a more positive note, I really adored Chad Blake. He is just a sweetheart! Chad is Carrie's brothers best friend & band mate. Carrie has always had a crush on Chad. [...]


    Trust Me is an emotionally charged book. The story was deep and personal. The hero and heroine were passionate about each other. Carrie had so many demons to work through but she did with confidence as much as she could. It was amazing to read about a female character who was strong despite a horrifying childhood. Her trust issues were her biggest enemy and reading her fight through those issues was heartbreaking. Chad said the right things, made the right moves however he was going up against t [...]


    I received an ARC of 'Trust Me' in return for an honest review.WOW Melanie has done it again. Another amazing book!! Are you a fan of Abbie Glines style of writing? If so you'll LOVE Trust Me.Trust Me comes with laughter & tears, heartbreak & happiness, but don't forget the all out raw, filthy mouth sexiness. Chad REALLY can turn a girl on with words alone, Phew some of the things he says & does can really make a girl drop her panties!!Melanie has captured my emotions with the first [...]


    Full review to come but Jesusis book will sit with me for a while. Emotional, heartbreaking, frustrating, sickening, loving, hopeful, powerful, and sexy as all get out. Before each chapter are song lyrics by different bands (a lot of them among my favorites) that tie into each chapter, and it serves as a reminder how powerful music is in life, and how music and words (books) really punch your emotions to a different level. Definitely a fan of Melanie Walker nowloved these characters, felt their [...]


    2.5 - 3 starsIt didnt grab like other books in the same genre have (tattooed rockers etc).Something was missing from it. It might be the no connection between the lead female & lead male. They didnt seem to spark. Yeah there was sex & i love yous but they just seemed to be laking in the spark.I ended up skimming thru most of the book as it wasnt grabbing my attention and seemed to be going over and over the same stuff.Maybe if it was in duel POV the story may of flowed betterI will try a [...]

    Maria Martinez

    I absolutely loved this book! It had me crying, laughing, yelling, and cursing I couldn't put this book down. After reading the prologue I was really questioning if I could actually read this I hadn't even got to the first chapter and tears were falling. I am glad I continued because even with the bad situations these characters experience they survived with a strong bond their trust.


    Chad has just jumped into my top 10 BBF'S!!! WOW so glad I read this, but not gonna lie and say I wasnt waiting for the other shoe to drop. True love prevails all and I'm thankful for having read this and the ending was perfect and I will HIGHLY RECOMMEND this read!

    Jenee -Jenee's Book Blog

    UmWOW! LOVED IT!!! Review coming very soon!


    Well well well. I did NOT expect this book to end up being one of my all-time favourites!I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish and am so looking forward to the rest of this series!!


    Despite the rocky start, and the editing issuesis was rather good.

    Steph Moles Krayeski

    Intensely Gripping and Moving StoryI was captivated by this haunting tale of child abuse. I fell in love with Noah and Carrie Beckett, two young siblings who braved their father's brutality in order to save one another ~ no matter the cost to themselves. The emotional and physical abuse that they endured as children have a profound impact in their adult lives. The dark aftermath has dire consequences in store for: Chad & Carrie, Noah & Candy, and the entire Thick As Thieves (TAT) band. [...]

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