May 30, 2020
Easy to Love You
Posted by Megan Smith

A USA TODAY BEST SELLING NOVEL Hunter finally has MacKenzie Cahill, the girl of his dreams A horrible accident finds those dreams threatened As their lives change, secrets begin to surface These revelations could prove to be either the downfall of Hunter and MacKenzie or the catalyst that strengthens their bond.Hunter has painful choices to make Will he realize what A USA TODAY BEST SELLING NOVEL Hunter finally has MacKenzie Cahill, the girl of his dreams A horrible accident finds those dreams threatened As their lives change, secrets begin to surface These revelations could prove to be either the downfall of Hunter and MacKenzie or the catalyst that strengthens their bond.Hunter has painful choices to make Will he realize what he has before it s gone He knows what he must do to save his future, but will he be leaving everyone else in his past Will the bond between the two families be strong enough to keep them together

  • Title: Easy to Love You
  • Author: Megan Smith
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Easy to Love You A USA TODAY BEST SELLING NOVEL Hunter finally has MacKenzie Cahill the girl of his dreams A horrible accident finds those dreams threatened As their lives change secrets begin to surface These revel

    Jenni Fields-Hatfield

    Dear Megan, Pretty Pretty Pretty Please give "both" Hunter and Kenzie a happily ever after. I am ok with a little bit of crazy Brittany, I just really need them to have a happy endinggether! I am also eager to know if Mason/Haily & Copper/Jaylinn will have their own books?Please & Thank You - Jenni


    So happy with this one. Finally I know what happens to CC! Was not disappointed! Hunter was still sexy then ever even though I don't think he needed to keep his secrets from her as much as he did. But I can understand he wanted to protect her from all and any harm/danger. Think it ended kind of sudden with no real good explanation as far as Jason was concerned. But I also still loved the whole story. Can't wait for Mason and Hails story!!


    Absolutely loved this book. Megan hasn't failed in making me fall in love with these characters. I highly recommend the love series.


    O.M.G!!!I need this book!! Seriously can't wait!I need to know The suspense is killing me :(


    Does anyone know if shes going to survive?! An in the book they should put " Britt " in a mental hospital for what she did shes crazy! I cant wait for this book i am so upset about the ending i wish she would of gone in to more at first during the book i thought she was going to end it in a happy ever after an move on the coop and jay's story or mase and hailey's story so they can get a happy ever after too but i really like the ending even though im upset cuz i want "CC" to live!


    I am sure I will love this book, I related to the characters and I love the relationship between Kenzie "CC" and Hunter! I read the first book twice in one day and I am not sure I can wait until fall for the second book!!!!! I am already a nervous wreck!


    I was so disappointed in this book. The first book was ok Focussing more on their relationship which led me to assume that the second book would be more along the same lines but expanding on their story. The second book does expand on their story however it became dramatic and ridiculous. Soooo many dramas which seemed to go no where and only seemed to try and top the previous unbelievable drama. CC/Kenzie was so unbelievably immature and naive, I kept reading to see what the big drama/secret wa [...]


    Tropes: 19To sum up:MacKenzie and Hunter believe a baby's bodily functions are more interesting and more important that mentioning to anyone that a girl with serious problems - that requires a therapist- tried to kill MacKenzie. Because they both think karma will do the job and get that woman out of the way. I'm glad they are not my parents.And on another note: if your story is 70% nonsense about babies' bodily functions, don't write it (unless it's non fiction, of course).

    Kim Person

    Okay ladies did you read Trying Not To Love You? Do you recall how that ended? If you did then you had to be totallyI know I was. Well, Easy To Love You picks up right where TNTLY ended. I sat back and watched Hunter and waited for him to realize what happened and I was sort ofWhen he finds out what happens, actually first hand sees it, and when he first gets to his CC I was totallyd I totally wanted donut to go along with my Starbucks. My heart was breaking for him. I hated that he blamed himse [...]

    Erin Bonilla

    I wish we didn't have to wait til fall!! :)


    This book has the potential to be so much better had it focused on:1. Self placed blame dealing with the accident2. Grief for the accident and pains of almost losing two loved ones.3. The accident and the affects it left on Mackenzie when she wakes up and how she deals with it and her new baby.4. Hunter and Mackenzie coping to their new life with a baby and her injuries and needing constant help.5. Mackenzie never breastfeeding her baby and maybe how that could affect her.Instead we get unnecess [...]


    I just knew that book two was going to unravel the fragile thread that was holding me to reading this series:/Not only does book two continue to drag, drag, drag this story out with entirely too much mundane filler of eating, sleeping, and shopping, it also asks you to turn off 90% of your brain for the suspense elements. Yes, there are spoilers, but you won't be missing a fucking thing since you'd have to be a moron to actually believe any of it. Switch Your Brain Off & Jump Across The Miss [...]

    Victoria meyer

    omg I cried like a baby at the end of trying not to love you. I really hope kenzie aka CC makes it. I don't think the next book will be worth reading if she dose not. I also hope that there are more books with the others pov. I hate to say this but I hope Dominic get his on book and happily ever after.ok so I have read this book and I can not wait for the next. I have a feeling it will be about mason. it just has to be with the way this book ended. I would also like to see the wedding.


    Omg I almost cried in the ending of the first book please let Kenzie survive it will suck if she doesn't .Brittany need to get arrested and charged with attempt murder and if Kenzie does die she should also be charged with murder ugh I wish the brothers beat the fuck out of Brittany that crazy dumb hoe . I'm so upset now.


    Well after the cliffhanger we were left with at the end of Trying Not to Love You, I knew that Megan was going to come out guns a blazingHunter vows to protect this fiance and child from anything that may cause them danger. We already know how protective MacKenzie's brothers are. For years, MacKenzie's family has been keeping a few secrets from her. One pertaining to her family directly and one concerning Hunter's family. Will MacKenzie understand why they kept these secrets from her? Will she s [...]


    This second book in the Love series picks up right where Trying Not To Love Youleaves off. A horrible accident has put everything Hunter cares about in jeopardy and everyone is left waiting to see whether their lives will be changed forever. Hunter and MacKenzie have finally overcome the initial obstacles involved in their getting together, but now we see several other challenges thrown their way and they will continue to be tested to see if their relationship can withstand a variety of revelati [...]


    Cuando termine de leer Trying Not To Love You juré que no volveria a leer ningun libro mas de la saga escrita por Megan Smith, pero como ya ven, no cumpli mi promesa y me lei la continuacion porque a pesar de que el libro anterior me saco de quicio ( y su odiosa protagonista ), no pude evitar caer en la tentacion y comprobar si el segundo libro era igual de penoso que su antecesor.Reconozco que este libro no me parecio tan simple como el anterior pero aun aun asi no creo que lea las historias d [...]


    I cannot get over how disappointed I was in this book.I bought the first one awhile ago, and after reading the reviews, decided to wait for Book 2's release to read them because of the cliffhanger. I wasn't totally impressed with the first book, but since I had already purchased Book 2, I figured I'd give it a try.Needless to say, I will not be continuing this series. This book was so out of reality and weird that I actually scoffed halfway through. Between the FBI, bank robber dad, and psychoti [...]


    I read this book! All i can say is AWESOME!!!! I love the story esp. "Chaos" thing And cant help but laugh most of the time But i want to ask Megan Smith (author) if she's going to have next book?! Cause im dying to know if its hailey and mason story next or cc and hunter?!! Thanks!


    Looking forward to book 3! Will it continue Hunter and CC's story or will it follow Mason and Hailey? Either way, I am hoping it comes out soon:)


    When is this book going to be out?

    Jennifer Wolfel

    I think a more apt title for this book is Easy to love Hunter. I have to say after the first book I was pretty smitten with Hunter and well after the 2nd let's just say head over heels didn't quite cut it. So when we left off in book one with a pretty BIG cliffy, MacKenzie better knows as CC to her family and friends, was apparently loosing her life. After a horrific car accident she is fighting for her life. Not only was she fighting for her life but for the life of her unborn child. I wasn't s [...]

    Reading is my Time Out

    Oh my goodness!!! If you thought Trying Not to Love You was awesome. just wait until you read Easy To Love You!!! Megan Smith seriously is an evil genius when it comes to writing stories that suck the reader into her fictional world and will not release you until you are 100% finished with the book!! I laughed, cried, yelled, and wanted to punch someone AKA Brittany in her throat!Easy To Love You picks right up where TNTLY left off. We are allowed deeper into Hunter and Kenzie's life, but with s [...]


    3.5 what was that about stars Story picked up from where it left off. and Hunter steps up for Mackenzie, never leaving her side, taking care of her and their newborn. Then his past comes backs to haunt him.I love the first book, but this one got me all confused! What's up with all the lies?Mackenzie's family is keeping things from her to protect her, now Hunter's keeping things from her for all the same reason and it all just piled up, I don't understand why and it's just irritating! And the sto [...]

    Heather andrews

    In "Trying Not to Love You" we were left with a cliffhanger, we finally get to see what went down, in Hunter's point of view and it clears up a lot of what happened in the incident, which I might say I'm grateful for because I'm the type of person that likes details. So the first few chapters are a rough read. You could tell how much Kenzie means to Hunter, "what the eff is happening in there?" He's also a determined man when it comes to his son and girl, "yeah, I'm not leaving unless they're bo [...]

    Sharilyn Dickerson

    "Easy To Love You" is the second book in the Love Series. It picks up right where "Trying Not To Love You" left off. What a cliffhanger that one was!! After reading TNTLY I didn't think I could fall any more in love with Hunter than I already had. Wrong!! In ETLY you get to read from a few of the characters' points-of-view and I loved that. Megan Smith did an amazing job writing and really got into the characters' heads. While reading this book, you really feel like you are there with the gang w [...]


    ok so the first book wasn't bad and this one is ok good story line but good lord this girl is selfish and immature. " boo hoo my family kept a secret to protect me and my fiancée didn't want to tell me about his shitty dad but when he did I didn't talk to him for 3 weeks even though we're getting married in a month. or how about I know who tried to kill me but didn't want to tell anyone and put the crazy girl in jail ill just let her run around and cause more problems. " this series is immature [...]

    MELISSA *Mel Reader*

    I really love this close group of friends & still adore the sweet, sexy Hunter!!! I hope we get more of CC & Hunter in the next book to complete their story.-"I could conquer the world with one hand as long as you are holding the other."


    La realidad es que no iba a leer el segundo libro pero la curiosidad ganó y ojalá no hubiera ganado realmente fue muy malo, la protagonista siguió siendo odiosa y el protagonista ni se diga. Y las situaciones ¿es en serio? oh realmente no lo recomiendo.


    Can wait for August 2nd

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