Mar 30, 2020
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2 year special anniversary cover art for Crush at Smashwords, limited edition no longer available.

  • Title: Crush
  • Author: Laura Susan Johnson
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  • Page: 219
  • Format: ebook
  • Crush year special anniversary cover art for Crush at Smashwords limited edition no longer available

    Trisha Harrington

    A broken person can always be healed. You just need to find the person who will love you wholly and truthfully. This book left me feeling numb, and though that would normally be a bad thing. With this book it was completely a good thing. This is a book that lives with you after you have finished. It can break you and put you back together, only to break you again with a few minutes notice. It is not to be read on a bad day and needs to be read by more and more people until there is no one who ha [...]


    More than anything else Tammy and Jamie’s story is about LOVE. Made for each other kind of love. Soul mates kind of love.There is no one else for Tammy than Jamie and Jamie only ever knew to love Tammy. That is the heart of this book.Their story is a HARD story to read, because the road they have to travel is so riddled with pain and hurt. Evil things are done to these two people. As boys they are hurt. The unthinkable, the unforgivable, the WORST evil is done to them as children. At times it [...]

    ♥Laddie♥ (Lee Lee)

    For the first time since I began reviewing books on I am damn near speechless. Damn near speechless and yet, at the same time, I want to tell every person how much this book moved me and how very much I think that they should read it. I want, with my whole heart, to beg them to read it.How do I explain this love story? It's hard because there are so many things that the author touches on and deals with in this book and a lot of those things are the very opposite of love. Horrific things happen [...]


    Probably this is one of the saddest book I ever read in my life, but I didn't drop neither one tear. Why?I didn't have tears to cry, just pain.I must start saying it's not a book for everyoneMy noncon-dubcon tag is not enough to tell you this story will talk about rape, and the horrible consequences of it. It's worst it's about two boys, that went through the unthinkable child abuse.It's a dark, but a MUST read romance for the follow reasons:*Pretend it's not happening in the real world will not [...]


    This book was just emotionally draining, but underneath the horrific subject matter of this book is a beautiful love story. Be warned that the graphic, horrifying child abuse that is portrayed made the book very hard to read.The story is told in alternating POV's of Jamie and Tammy from the time they are children up until they are in their 30's. While the chapters do not just rehash each other, the same events are often portrayed from each man's perspective. Both are abuse survivors. Jamie is re [...]


    Crush is a difficult book to both read and describe. Two young men, both abused by the people who they were supposed to be safe with, find their way to each other some 30 years after they first met. As they learn to deal with their past, struggle to trust each other, and perhaps find love together, both men find that their suffering has not yet ended. This is definitely not a story for everyone - think of Matthew Shepherd and you'll have some idea of what this book contains. Yet for all the pain [...]


    What an amazing book! I am still sitting here is shock and in love w both Jaime and Tammy. I would love to be able to step into this book and give them a hug and tell them what special people they are.


    She has a baby in her cart. He’s sitting in the baby seat like he’s supposed to be, his curly blonde hair like a halo, his soft baby legs dangling, one chubby little hand holding the railing in front of him, the other clutching a piece of Red Vine licorice. He’s looking at me, his face and hands coated in sweet, sticky licorice residue.(…)I stand on tiptoe again and kiss the baby’s licorice-coated cheek. He smiles, leans down over the safety bar in front of him, and kisses my mouth.Lov [...]


    3.5 starsWow, the blurb doesn’t even begin to cover it.The beginning: Hold on. This is an unbelievably grim, wrenching depiction of two very young boys in extreme, brutal abuse and neglect at the hands of their parents and family. Some people should never have kids. If you can make it past these early years the story opens up into one of sweet yearning and angst when Tam and Jamie finally find each other. They are truly kindred spirits. What I especially liked was their portrayal as high schoo [...]


    Overall, this was a really good book. I was in the mood for a deeper and emotional read and this fit the bill. Tammy and Jamie were soul mates and we are taken through their lives from very young children to adulthood and them finding each other again. They both suffered bad childhoods of abuse,loneliness and violence. Others have written more about the story so I won't go into that.This book did make me feel for and connect with the characters. At times, there were too many unnecessary details [...]


    *saving for when I'm ready to have my heart shredded*ybe one day

    Barb ~rede-2-read~

    This is the story of Jamie and Tammy (pronounced Temmy), a powerful, emotionally-charged gut-wrenching and painful story of their early lives, when each suffered from child sexual abuse, as well as their later years when they experienced hate crimes against gays. It is very dark and explicit in places, covering topics which many people cannot read, including incest and graphic rape and violence. But, it is very well done and necessary to the plot line. The author tore me apart emotionally for th [...]


    This novel surpasses almost every book I have ever read; I'm not entirely sure I could say I 'enjoyed' reading it, as the subject matter is at times very moving and upsetting. However, I have rarely, if ever, come across a book written in such a way that invoked such powerful reactions and emotions within me as a reader.A bold, stunning, hard hitting, harrowing and yet delicate and tender story of two men who had been in love for a very long time, but had denied themselves each other due to fear [...]


    Very sweet love story.One of my favorite parts is when Jamie is petting one of his cats in his lap and Tammy to catch some attention for himself, mumbles: "I wish I could be this cat right know"Who never wanted to be a cat one day?Oh, and this! Lucky cat!!More details about this book, please read this marvelous review, right hereThanks for the rec, Cat-Trisha!

    Kristy Maitz

    I don't know why authors have to write such painful and sad stories. I even asked my sister what she thinks and she answered "because a lot of people are ignorant and have to be informed", and sadly she is right. Story plot was really shocking from my point of view. Both main characters Jamie and Tammy have horrible, horrible childhood and I wouldn't wish that for nobody. I recommend that book to those who are prepared to read a story full of pain, suffering, sadness, hatred. Thank the God we ar [...]

    Madison Parker

    It's difficult to think that this type of abuse actually happens, that such evil exists in the world. This is a painful read, but ultimately, quite a beautiful love story. I'm not sure that I could survive even a fraction of what Jamie suffers. Thank Heaven he finds love in the end and is able to overcome much of the self-loathing that continued to torment him even after the external abuse ended. I hope Jamie and Tam have many happy years ahead of them, and that when it's time for them to leave [...]


    What a terribly heartbreaking all to believable story. Crush will absolutely crush you, wring out all your emotions and stomp on them. Very well written story about love and a very real hate. Sickeningly, shockingly, brutally life altering events that happen all to often, but its also about love that is true, and powerful, lasting and strong, love that is said "will last the test of time ".

    Heather K (dentist in my spare time)

    WOW!!! Free on Smashwords with coupon code AY34Y until 10/26/13!!!

    Debbie McGowan

    Crush is the most traumatic reading experience I've ever endured, and the first time I tried to read it, I had to stop because I couldn't stand the suffering. The blurb does make it clear that there is abuse detailed within, so it's no spoiler to comment on this, but it is worth mentioning that it is graphic. It is also entirely necessary to the story.Once I got past the first couple of chapters, it was the most beautiful journey, getting to know the two main characters. They become real people [...]


    This is probably one of the most challenging books I have ever read. There are some VERY difficult to read passages here but all completely necessary to tell the story. Basically a story of two men in love kept apart through circumstance, bad timing and intolerance of small town America. It's probably not giving too much away to say they do finally get together but the build up, subsequent relationship and final shocking scenario make this book compelling reading.Certainly not for the feint of h [...]

    Laura Susan Johnson

    POSSIBLE SPOILERSCrush has reached 100 reviews as of Sept. 5, 2013 here on GR. I would like to do the 101st review of my novel from my author's POV.I have considered what some readers have said about Crush. "Longpetativedisturbing." Crush is a long read. There are 46 chapters. It is repetative. As human beings, when we've done something wrong, we rehash it in our heads, we feel guilt. Guilt does not magically disappear. Tammy speaks of his dog "Cotton" many many times throughout the book. He rel [...]

    Leigh Jarrett

    I was conflicted as to whether or not I wanted to write a review of this book. Generally speaking, I don't tend to do so, but after waiting a week and allowing myself time to reflect on what I'd read I found myself needing to express my opinion. And it is just that; only my opinion. But I'm giving it because the story moved me and quite honestly, if I could write half as well as this author, I'd be overjoyed.That being said, firstly, I must compliment the author on the choice of storyline. It wa [...]


    From my old review of July 2011. I read a manuscript. I have not read final published book, but I bought it again recently. ***This book is at first glance just another story about gay men struggling with their sexuality and having to come to grips with the reality of hate in a world that isn't ready for them. The themes are pretty familiar, hate, bashing, support and colorful rainbows. Jamie is a character that wears his heart on his sleeve and often goes up on a soapbox to tell you his beliefs [...]


    Beautifully and vividly written - this reader could at times feel the emotions while reading: the pain, the hurt, the heartache, the tears; the humor, the laughs, the ecstasy, the lust, and the joy. This reader loves how the same story is told by both of the main protagonists, each with a different experience and perspective. The story felt a bit like housekeeping towards the end, but this reader feels like it was necessary so the author could close up the story in its entirety. One thing that t [...]

    Cindy Smith

    This book is GREAT but is not for everyone. The subject matter and sexual descriptions make it more of an adult book.I had no idea what this book was about before I started it. I just liked the cover. Well, I was certainly surprised! I always finish any book I start and with this one, I am glad I did!The descriptions of the abuse of Jamie was very hard for me to read. It hurts my heart to know that this is not truly fiction does happen and people do pay to own videos of these perverse acts. Tamm [...]


    That was the most heart-shattering book I've ever read. I think I've really felt my heart broke & I couldn't even cry! The rape scenes left me shaking, But the love of Tammy and Jamie gives you the hope you always need to continue the book.


    Utterly exhausting, too much like real life.

    April Moone

    Simply Beautiful. “Crushed”, crushed my heart with both sorrow and the power of real connection—good or bad—that comes from the imperfect creatures we are. Johnson’s writing style struck me as Palahniuk-ish in that most of her sentences are terse, abrupt with little to no purple prose, and yet so powerful, speaking beyond the words.About the time I got to the part of the book where it seems beyond hope anymore for Jamie and I want to scream and rant right along there with Tam, my husba [...]


    Why is this free? Two damaged you men with enduring spirits spend half a lifetime apart. Even though it was love at first sight when Tammie was four and Jamie was two. Baby Jamie shared that instant infant delight in a grocery store checkout line, with little Tammie, who was charmed by Jamie's baby sweetness. This is a great scene, two adorable little ones who connect instantly, the way small children often do. This scene in their infancy makes their subsequent torture and abuses harder to endur [...]


    I liked this book but not everything worked for me. I really liked the first part, the developing of the two main characters from kids to teenagers to adults. Surprisingly I instead had issues with the second part, the one in which the characters are finally together. I found some of the dialogue between them a little too over the top, too melodramatic, and some things didn't ring believable because too exaggerated. The secondary characters, especially the villains, could have been developed bet [...]

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