Dec 11, 2019
Rock Hard And Wet
Posted by JenniferJames

Poseidon, god of the sea, proclaims that any nymph from his harem who wishes to search out a mate may do so However, she only has three days to find someone he deems worthy.Welcome to the world of the Nymphs of New York.She s a nymph on a mission.Callianira, curvy, vivacious, and the life of the party at every orgy, has fallen prey to a depression no amount of hot lovin Poseidon, god of the sea, proclaims that any nymph from his harem who wishes to search out a mate may do so However, she only has three days to find someone he deems worthy.Welcome to the world of the Nymphs of New York.She s a nymph on a mission.Callianira, curvy, vivacious, and the life of the party at every orgy, has fallen prey to a depression no amount of hot lovin can shake Her best friend Petra has a plan a trip to New York City to find mates who can handle a couple of horny nymphs for a lifetime of hot sex and soul deep love.Callie s not buying the sales pitch Petra is hawking, but goes along for the ride She figures she can find a male or two who won t mind acting as multiple orgasm donors.He s sexy, rock hard, and has just been released from a five hundred year prison sentence.Outcast from the Aerie of New York, grotesque Theo s focused on guarding the humans of Brooklyn and keeping his twin Logan out of trouble When gorgeous females who smell like salt water and sex invade his territory, his careful plan for regaining entrance to the secular aerie gets ripped out to sea They re completely wrong for each other Callie s magic is tied to the ocean Theo can t swim Callie is carefree, sweet, and finds joy in bending the rules Theo toes the line and is ever vigilant He ll sink to the bottom of the ocean, and she ll fly above it to claim their happily ever after.

  • Title: Rock Hard And Wet
  • Author: JenniferJames
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  • Page: 213
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  • Rock Hard And Wet Poseidon god of the sea proclaims that any nymph from his harem who wishes to search out a mate may do so However she only has three days to find someone he deems worthy Welcome to the world of the


    Love this new series!! I am a Mythology fan from way back, it tickles me pink to read the about the characters in a new way!! This is such a fun and refreshing spin on a world I adore!!Callie is totally awesome, fun and flirty in all the right ways! She is just what Theo needs to lighten him up!! He is uber serious, but that is what happens when you spend 500 years as a statue. They have such a fun dynamic, it is really easy to love them!! There is a touch of drama in the relationship but that i [...]


    Jennifer does it again. This woman never ceases to amaze me with her skills in writing. It seems she has the ability to take any subject matter and mold it into a fantastic storyline. Not your typical one either - one filled with magic and laughter and lots of steamy sex. I haven't read too many books about gargoyles, but damn, Jennifer made this a fantastic read. This book is filled with wonderful creatures; gargoyles, a dragon and nymphs. There is also the background of the Greek Gods behind e [...]


    I was fortunate enough to be given an ARC of this wonderful book from Jennifer James in return for an honest review. Unfortunately I’ve been so busy I never got round to it until now, though I did read I the instant I received it.‘Rock Hard and Wet’ is the first instalment in the nymphs of New York series, it’s a sizzling paranormal romance by author Jennifer James. Here’s an excerpt from the book:Poseidon, god of the sea, proclaims that any nymph from his harem who wishes to search ou [...]


    4.5 out of 5 starsI received a copy of this story for an honest review for Amber's Reading Room.Looking for a thermonuclear read with unique leads, a smidge of angst, and splashes of humor? Let me introduce you to “Rock Hard and Wet,” part of Jennifer James’s new series “Nymphs of New York.” This story hooked me quickly and turned out to be one of the hottest and most fun books that I’ve checked out this year. This is my second read by James and it’s solidified me as a big-time fan [...]

    Desiree Putaski

    **I received this book in exchange for an honest review**Well, I love Jennifer James! Her characters crack me up! Whether or not the story is "real" or if the sequence of events is "believable" it doesn't matter it's fiction! We have Callie and Petra who are Water Nymphs as it turns out. And Poseidon has sent them out into the world to find their soul mates. And what better place to find a soul mate than New York City!! The catch, they only have 3 days to accomplish this feat. But who knew that [...]


    This was my 1st book by Jennifer. I was intrigued with the idea of Gargoyles and of course a Nymph. They aren't overly done species in the paranormal world and that is hard to find. We've got Callie, a spunky Nymph who's with her fellow sister Nymph. They are exploring and generally being nymph-likeductive, mysterious, causing a wee bit of trouble. Two Gargoyles come after them and one of them is very cranky and gets right under Callie's skin. She does enjoy mettling him a bit and trying to get [...]

    Buffy Kennedy

    Hold on to your undies, cause this one starts off with a bang. I began to fear that this story would focus too much on sex, and a lot of it, but I needn’t have worried. Sure there’s plenty of sex, but there’s so much more. The menagerie of creatures that popped up and the mythology were so interesting that I was completely enthralled.The plot itself was riveting. The conflict was so sad, there’s a horrific attack, a gratifying climax, and a very adorable ending that I can’t tell you ab [...]

    Christine Stanley

    I was lucky enough to receive a free arc of this book in return for an honest review. Jennifer has done an amazing job at sucking you into this fantasy world and leaving you craving more. From the nymphs to the gargoyles she has covered it all in more detail and depth then I ever could have imagined. What starts off as a wild nympth running away to have some fun turns into a heart stopping love story that leaves you feeling for the characters hearts and praying that they can make it work just so [...]

    Jessica Parsons

    A hot steamy read with a unusual couple, that makes you laugh and feel flushed from there sex scenes.Callie at first seems really flirty and flighty but as the book went on we see diiferent side to Callie and the mischief she causes well it was hard not to laugh or cheer her on.Theo is hiding some pain and Callie's fun loving side seems to slowly bring out a less brooding Theo.There were some interesting developments between the characters, some nail biting moments and some interesting sex scene [...]

    Romance Novel Giveaways Lauren Seiberling

    AMAZING!!! I LOVE this book, and I CANNOT WAIT to read more in this series!HOT love scenes. Need I say more?! But I will.The hero is tortured (and DEFINITELY an alpha), but he secretly just wants to find someone who will love him. The heroine is fun (but not obnoxiously so), and I'm hoping the next book further explores the other characters in this one.Jennifer definitely puts a new spin on gargoyle mythology. It's a PNR topic not widely discussed, and it was refreshing to read about it.Did I me [...]

    Arianna K

    Nymphs, Gargoyles, New York, three days. Callie goes to New York with her friend for fun, frolics and possibly another f word, and comes face to face with gargoyle Theo who looks like he has been created from her dreams and chiseled from rock.From the awesome imagination of Jennifer James comes another amazing story filled with humour, hot loving, great characters and a story line that you don't always see coming.

    Heather MacNaughton

    I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of this book and I don't know what I expected but I loved this book! It's a fun,sexy,flirty romp that keeps you turning the pages. The characters have depth and are interesting. The story has little twists and turns as well as some incredibly steamy sex scenes. I am anxiously awaiting the next book so I can read more about the great characters that peppered this book. Definately recommend this book as a fun,sexy read!!


    An HEA is always satisfying.

    Neyra ♦

    Actual Rating: 3.5 Stars"For a thousand years, I was one among many. A jewel that sparkled only because of the light reflected from diamonds around it. But when you look at me, I feel like the brightest star in the heavens."My first Jennifer James book and it was delicious, intriguing and downright interesting! I've never read a gargoyle book before, so this was a new experience for me. But I loved the world JJames has created, her grotesques may be hard as stone, but therein lies a soft heart y [...]


    Callie is a nymph who is dragged to NYC by her best friend Petra, who wants them to find mates.Theo is a gargoyle who has recently been freed from a 500 year prison sentence. The last thing he is looking for is a mate.A chance encounter between Callie, Petra, Theo and his brother Logan changed everything. Callie and Theo head off together and sparks fly, lots of sparks. Hot, steamy, full of sex sparks. But he starts to worry. He’s been warned not to take up with someone outside his race, that [...]


    The premise was very interesting. The execution of said premise was not. The romance felt stilted and rushed and the background was not much better. I didn't really understand their connection, couldn't see their love for each other much less believe it. It was all very serious very fast without actually having real feelings behind it all. Ultimately it felt fake, contrived and handy. The world-building and the support characters, like I said, not much better. The other characters were all cardb [...]


    Jennifer's best book yet! This book is worth way more than 5 stars. it made me cry twice!The interactions between characters are so well written that I can see and hear them in my mind. I can feel the pain Theo struggles with between what he feels for Calli and what he sees as his duty along with the pain of his past. The despair felt by characters will make you cry. The beauty of people finding the courage to love and realizing what the really want as well as who they really are is heartbreakin [...]


    When your sister nymph wants you to go earth side so that she can find a mate perhaps she isn't always telling the truth.Love strikes people at the strangest times. True love will conquer all, or so they say.Will true love be able to help Callie and Theo see that they are meant for each other or will all the outside "stuff" keep them apart?Can't wait for the next installment!

    Tonya Boutwell Hauser

    The Nymphs are funny and sexy. The Grotesque are smoking hot. I laughed, I cried and I couldn't put this book down. I just loved Callie and Theo. It is a must read.

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