Apr 08, 2020
Pomeriggio d'amore
Posted by Lisa Kleypas

Beatrix Hathaway si trova pi a suo agio in mezzo alla natura che non nelle sale da ballo Nonostante le stagioni trascorse a Londra, non mai stata seriamente corteggiata n conquistata, e si rassegnata a un futuro senza a Quando l amica Prudence le rivela il proprio disappunto per le noiose lettere che riceve dal suo papabile fidanzato, il capitano Christopher PhBeatrix Hathaway si trova pi a suo agio in mezzo alla natura che non nelle sale da ballo Nonostante le stagioni trascorse a Londra, non mai stata seriamente corteggiata n conquistata, e si rassegnata a un futuro senza a Quando l amica Prudence le rivela il proprio disappunto per le noiose lettere che riceve dal suo papabile fidanzato, il capitano Christopher Phelan impegnato nella guerra di Crimea, Beatrix si offre di rispondere al suo posto Ci che inizia come un innocente inganno, tuttavia, si trasforma inaspettatamente in qualcosa di profondo e passionale per entrambi, e Beatrix si scopre innamorata Al suo ritorno, Christopher sar pi che mai determinato a fare sua la donna che attraverso quelle lettere lo ha definitivamente conquistato

  • Title: Pomeriggio d'amore
  • Author: Lisa Kleypas
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 206
  • Format: ebook
  • Pomeriggio d amore Beatrix Hathaway si trova pi a suo agio in mezzo alla natura che non nelle sale da ballo Nonostante le stagioni trascorse a Londra non mai stata seriamente corteggiata n conquistata e si rassegnata


    ON THE FAVORITE SHELF IT GOES!I had things to do this weekend, but instead I mistakenly started this series and spent four days straight sitting on my couch. Laundry? Fuck it. Pets? My fiancé can feed them. Grocery shopping? That would require me to change out of sweatpants. Cleanliness? Who cares? I’ll shower when I’m good and ready, damn it. Up until this point I haven’t even been able to properly review these books. Well, I probably could have BUT I DIDN’T WANT TO BECAUSE THERE WERE [...]


    5+ stars – Historical RomanceThe vivacious, eccentric, loving Hathaways have utterly, irrevocably stolen my heart, and it’s with bittersweet affection that I wish them all a fond farewell as they live out their HEAs. *wipes eyes, blows nose into hanky*What I loved most:--BeatrixShe’s one of the funniest, most spirited, nonconforming, okayculiar, and lovable heroines, ever! --The poignant letter correspondence between emotionally lost, haunted Christopher and compassionate, steadfast Beatri [...]


    I'm stumped. Writing reviews for books you enjoy is soooo much harder than for books that were a disappointment. Phrases like "I loved it" seem so inadequate. So I'm sort of dragging my feet figuring out what to say. I'm also delaying because this was the end of a wonderful series, and I feel like I'm leaving a bunch of good friends behind, and that makes me a little depressed.What sort of surprised me about this book was how much I loved the character of Beatrix. I've always liked her, but in t [...]

    UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish

    Ok, this book has many of the things I love most in the books I read, regardless of the genre. To help keep from rambling on and on, I’m going to lay it out for you like this:What I loved:1. A fantastic start! It was pure writing genius on Lisa Kleypas’ part to let us read the correspondences between Christopher Phelan and Beatrix Hathaway because in just a few short pages we were able to see their relationship grow from one of dislike to one of deep love. Granted, Christopher didn’t know [...]


    “Love forgives all things.”Dearest Christopher,I can’t write to you again.I’m not who you think I am.I didn’t mean to send love letters, but that is what they became. On their way to you, my words turned into heartbeats on the page.Come back, please come home and find me.Finally, I finished this series! Love in the Afternoon is the fifth and the final installment of The Hathaway series. It was an unforgettable love story of Beatrix Hathaway, the youngest of five siblings, and Captain C [...]

    NiCoLeTa E.

    What a lovely conclusion was that???I'm really sad that this series came to an end, but i'm really happy because they ended with a magnificent story!!!For the last time, i will tell you that i love the Hathaways and i enjoyed every single moment of their storiesAnd finally i can inform you that even though i love all of them for different reasons, my favorite couple is this oneBeatrix and ChristopherTheir beginning was odd but lovelyEverything started with a letterBeatrix's friend, Prudence rece [...]

    Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)

    I took a multiple year break between this and the rest of the series. It was intentional. This was the last book before Ms. Kleypas started her hiatus from historical romance. I didn't want to not have one if I needed an LK fix. Even after all those years, I fell back into the world of the Hathaways, like a worn in pair of shoes. They feel like real people to me, just as quirky as real relatives. Beatrix earns a special place in my heart as heroine. She is such a wonderful, sweet person, but has [...]


    2.5 starsIf I could only be like a majority of the other romance readers around, this could have been a 4 or 5 star. Unfortunately, I am very disappointed in the book.Nevertheless, I would like to point out what I loved about Love in Afternoon:--Beatrix. I am a crazy animal lover so Beatrix and her animals were so much fun for me. I want a Medusa! (hedgehog). Beatrix was intelligent, kind, patient, down to earth, fun, witty, faithful and loving. Great character.--Albert. This dog was the best an [...]


    “I didn't mean to send love letters, but that is what they became. On their way to you, my words turned into heartbeats on the page.” What a wonderful book! Magical, charming, endearing, funny, heartwarming and absolutely amazing. Beatrix is the best heroine ever. And Christopher is perfect for her.The book starts with their correspondance and I thought it would be dull - and I couldn't have been more wrong! Christopher is a charming rake before leaving for war. War changes people, and it ch [...]

    Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog)

    I started Love in the Afternoon a few hours ago and couldn’t stop until I turned the last page. As you can probably tell, I’m suffering from the Kleypas Craze again, because I can never get enough of her writing. There is this ease with her writing that I can’t really explain. It’s effortless, but still engaging and highly entertaining.The first part of Love in the Afternoon is written in an epistolary fashion and I can’t rave enough about how much I loved that. I haven’t read many b [...]

    Grecia Robles

    *** 5 Cartas de Amor STARS***Ya se terminaron mis HathawaysCuando leí las sinopsis de todos los libros de esta serie ésta fue la que más me llamó la atención y me moría de ganas de leerlo y debo decir que no me decepcionó, Bea es mi personaje femenino favorito de esta serie y obviamente su libro tenía que ser digno de ella, lindo, sentimental, amoroso y una dulzura.Me encantan todos los libros donde los protagonistas empiezan a interactuar con cartas, mensajes mails etc y así es como co [...]


    Like many readers, I’ve grown very attached to the Hathaways, each book brought me closer and closer to this crazy and loving family, that LK made me part of the family through each word and action from the first book to the last. Am sad to see the Hathaways series ending, but am happy each member found their own Happy Ever After and I was happy to be along for the ride.Through the Hathaways series we get to see Beatrix truly grow into her own, from a shy girl whose loves animals but is dealin [...]


    What a sweet story! Beatrix Hathaway finally gets her own happily ever after. Of all the Hathaways, Bea has always been the most peculiar, in a good way! In tune with nature and all its creatures, she was a compassionate, loyal, patient and loving woman. I loved seeing her fall for someone and desire a future similar to her siblings. Captain Christopher Phelan was a man changed by war. His despair and anguish over all he'd seen and done was palpable. I felt his pain, it was so severe at times an [...]

    Jessica's Totally Over The Top Book Obsession

    4 Mistaken Identity Stars*Spoilers*“From the Times. It’s reported on every day. Don’t you read the papers?” “Not the political section. My parents say it’s ill-bred for a young lady to take an interest in such things.” “My family discusses politics every night at dinner, and my sisters and I all take part.” Beatrix paused deliberately before adding with an impish grin, “We even have opinions.” Prudence’s eyes widened. “My goodness. Well, I shouldn’t be surprised. Ever [...]

    Alienor ✘ French Frowner ✘

    Why in the world would you want to read this book?➸ You have to meet The Hathaways : that's the last book of the series but if you don't already know them I can't stressed how much you're missing : here's an unconventional, hilarious, fun, heartwarming family whose each member has his story to tell. Actually, it reminds me of my slightly crazy family and it made me smile so big. No, mum, I'm not saying we are crazy. Sort of.➸ Beatrix was my favorite from the beginning of the series and she d [...]


    This was great ending to the delicious Hathaways series, but I didn't like the ending. No, don't get me wrong, I was more than pleased with Christopher and Beatrix's HEA. What I didn't like was the somewhat "manipulative" way Ms. Kleypas left some secondary characters' fate hanging, as if she was staging the set for a new series. Other than that, I have no complains. :)


    It all started with a letterFor all intents and purposes, Captain Christopher Phelan was a rake. He liked to drink, party, and he joined the army because he thought it was "cool." Until the day that he was called to active dutyBeatrix Hathaway has always been an animal lover, and that passion carried over to humans. She looked at everyone with compassion, and so, when faced with the rather desperate letter of a lonely military officer, there was choice but to write backIn light of her friend Pru [...]

    Beanbag Love

    I had to think about this one for a day before I could rate it. It's not a full five, but close enough.What was the problem? Well, it's got a lot of amazing stuff. Beatrix, of course, is wonderful. So wise, but also naive and silly. Christopher is seriously tortured. So far, so good.Add to that the deception Beatrix and her 'friend' Prudence (yuk) pulled on him and you've got a recipe for volatility. Perfect. I loved how they ended up together. I loved that there were no more lies once Christoph [...]

    Lisa Kay

    ★★★★ ½ I just love Beatrix! Why wouldn't I, when she is such an animal lover? I listen to a ton of audiobooks when I "re-read" books, and I recently listened to this one this year. The narrator, Rosalyn Landor, did such a wonderful Beatrix, I enjoyed it even more the second time. The voice inflections were spot-on, making the book that much more funny. I just sent in my Top Ten Audiobooks 2011 to a blog where I sometimes guest review, and this audiobook was my #4.Oh! And, and it goes wi [...]

    Jacqueline's Reads

    3.75 StarsI’m continuing my Lisa Kleypas binge! Love in the Afternoon is the 5th book in The Hathaways series. I’m reading the books out of order and you can too. I am still able to understand the books.This is Bea and Phelan’s story.This book was very angsty, at least the first half of the book was.Bea’s friend is writing letters to Phelan, but somehow Bea ends up writing to Phelan under her friend’s name. Oh my, you can see there will be a lot of drama. I was powering through the fir [...]

    Juliana Philippa

    Absolutely delightful and (to my surprise) my favorite Hathaway bookLisa Kleypas' latest novel is absolutely delightful; she has woven a wonderful and rich tale of love, and has done so with a great deal of skill and depth. I've been a great fan of the Hathaway clan and their stories, but for some reason was never very interested in Beatrix's. The sneak preview at the end of Married by Morning completely changed my opinion and I was ecstatic to only have to wait a month as well as a little nerv [...]


    Medusa is excellent! Now I need a hedgie to wander around my halls and take on picnics. Tho my cats will NOT approve. This book was worth the wait and worth the build up from the previous four books. Hector the flower mule, Penelope and of course Albert were all the greatest. I am a total pushover for animals.However LK really surprised me with the whole letter situation resolution. In any other book that would be good for at least five chapters of huge misunderstandings. I really, really liked [...]


    This book was everything I was waiting for and more.I loved it. Maybe not my fav from this author but definitely the best in the series. I kept reading and reading until I was done with it.This book was a bit darker than her usual books, but it still had many light and funny moments. So many things were different in this book from all her historical novels. I loved the fact that Christian was back from war and recovering. I have a thing for wounded heroes and to see how Bea was able to help him [...]


    4.5 starsWhat's not to love? Love letters exchanged between Beatrix and Christopher, a good amount of tension and chemistry after they meet for real, Leo with a few of his most witty sayings, a satisfying end to a wonderful series, one of the best, rounded up HR-series out there. But what I love most of all in this one is the fact that the "I love you"s are laid out quite early for a HR, and the love that blossomed between Bea and Christopher in the letters doesn't stop for them, it's still ther [...]

    Jess the Romanceaholic

    *contented sigh*It's not often that the last book in a series is equal to or better than the earlier installments, but that's certainly the case with the fifth book in the Hathaway series.I admit, I was never too interested in Beatrix as a character. Her kleptomania and odd affinity towards animals really didn't appeal to me all throughout the earlier novels in the series. However, the idea of accidentally falling in love through letters penned under another's name, now THAT caught my attention. [...]

    Marisa Sauco

    Esta historia es tan bonita y tan original como lo es el personaje de Beatrix, la menor de los hermanos Hathaway. «Mi intención no era la de enviarte cartas de amor, pero en eso se han convertido. De camino hacia ti, mis palabras escritas se transforman en los latidos de mi corazón». Pasé una semana maravillosa conociendo a la familia Hathaway. Me enamoré de cada uno de sus protagonistas; aprendí a quererlos en forma individual, y a adorarlos en la dinámica familiar; me emocioné y me di [...]


    Rating: 4 1/2 stars-Wow. Can't believe I read the whole thing.Pride and Prejudice meets Cyrano de Bergerac meets Dr. Doolittle etc etcYou get the picture. The big picture is that I loved this story. Wow.Captain Christopher Phelan is divine, damaged and dangerous. Beatrix Hathaway is unconventional, compassionate and refreshing. The way this couple is brought together through letters and Fate appealed to the romance lover in me. I enjoyed how Christoper unraveled the threads and clues, stumbling [...]


    For a female character and the last sister of the series, I had not expected much from Beatrix Hathaway. In fact with he lukewarm start of the series, it was unimaginable that anything good would have come out of it. That is, until I read the preview for this book. I was won over pretty quickly, especially considering the outstandingly unconventional heroine who has a affinity with nature and that she had been described previously more akin to a child. It took Beatrix only 2 meetings to figure o [...]

    Kimberly Carrington-Fox

    Nuestra reseña en A la cama con un libro Delicioso final de serie. Ay, qué penita despedirme de los Hathaway!!!! :'(

    Joanna Loves Reading

    I love this book so much. I plan to write an actual review or just share some favorite quotes.

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