Apr 08, 2020
Tiger Shrimp Tango
Posted by Tim Dorsey

All just another day in Serge Storms s sun splashed paradise Thanks to the growth of the Internet, America finds itself plagued by a noxious epidemic of ruthless scam artists Where do they all come from If you guessed 110 percent of them are spawned in Florida, you win the cigar When a new digital scheme goes horribly awry causing innocents to die and a young womaAll just another day in Serge Storms s sun splashed paradise Thanks to the growth of the Internet, America finds itself plagued by a noxious epidemic of ruthless scam artists Where do they all come from If you guessed 110 percent of them are spawned in Florida, you win the cigar When a new digital scheme goes horribly awry causing innocents to die and a young woman to go missing only one person can set things right obsessive Florida trivia buff and reluctant serial killer Serge Storms.Aided by his perpetually addled sidekick, Coleman, and latter day noir private eye Mahoney, Serge launches a crusade to rid his beloved state of predators and save the girl.But Serge s mission is hampered by one pesky little detail he s being tracked by a hit man dis patched from his murky past And all bets are off when Serge learns the same assassin is responsible for killing the love of his life years ago It s not long before the two begin tracking each other around Florida in a frenzied M bius loop.It s a dance only one can survive it s the Tiger Shrimp Tango

  • Title: Tiger Shrimp Tango
  • Author: Tim Dorsey
  • ISBN: 9780062092816
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Tiger Shrimp Tango All just another day in Serge Storms s sun splashed paradise Thanks to the growth of the Internet America finds itself plagued by a noxious epidemic of ruthless scam artists Where do they all come fr

    Fred Forbes

    I admit it. I'm trapped. Tim Dorsey must be one of the hardest working guys in the book business and he lives just up the street in Tampa. I met him many years ago at a book signing when his first work appeared and with a signed first edition of a book I enjoyed, naturally I had to get the second in the same fashion all the way through this one. But I would not have remained in the cycle if I did not enjoy his work. Since I often cover a lot of Florida while working and have an appreciation for [...]


    What's not to love about another Serge and Coleman adventure? Some laugh out loud moments, but not as funny nor good as some others in the series. Just middle of the line -- 5 out of 10.


    Once again, Serge Storms and his intoxicated pal Coleman ride around Florida in a not-quite-vintage muscle car creatively extermination evildoers. In this case it is scam artists. There are no surprises in this book. Tim Dorsey writes these books on cruise control and what plot there is never changes from book to book. But there is a lot to like in this series. Dorsey is a good writer and the book never bogs down. His commentary on current events and society, usually delivered by Serge, is witty [...]

    Elly Wendy

    5* omg, this is hilarious!!! Crazy and silly.Still reading I actually have to stop listening so I can recover my breath and go on with my chores or whatever. I have not laughed this hard at a novel since a friend and I started reading Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series. Also, the performance of this particular audiobook is absolutely one of the best. I'd probably enjoy reading it too, but these reader-performers are great.It's full of scathing commentary on things in Florida, and Canada is [...]

    Sam Reader

    Okay, so the rundown is as follows: This is a good book. Good, but not great. It's hilarious, twisted, and a lot of fun to read. It moves quick, the dialogue is fast, and the descriptions are lavish. If you have a weekend free and want to try some Dorsey, this is a pretty good one to start with.         But those returning to the world of Serge Storms will find little here they didn't find elsewhere. Serge is still Serge, Mahoney is portrayed as little more than a joke at this point, and if [...]


    This book is so great! There are hilarious situations and great dialogue at every point in the story. Serge is my new favorite character when it comes to lovable serial killers! If you are looking for a fun, suspenseful read, that makes fun of both political parties and involves homages to both tupperware and the tv show 'Glee', I recommend this book!

    Rachel Holierhoek

    dark, absurd humor that's a little too. Just too. Sometimes hilarious but so distorted it's distracting. Suspension of disbelief is impossible. Mildly amusing, light read.

    Jennifer Collins

    Honestly, I'd meant to try out Tim Dorsey for ages, so I was thrilled when the First Readers program awarded me a copy of his latest book, and thought it would be the perfect chance to try him out. Unfortunately, I'm now just thrilled that I didn't spend money on this oneIn the beginning, I felt like I was getting whiplash every time I picked up this bookter on in the reading, I'm afraid I just felt a bit bored. The book was packed with interesting scenes and interesting characters, but there w [...]


    I won this copy in a give away. It was a regular hardback edition, not an ARC.First of all, I had never read this author before. I entered the giveaway for a couple of reasons, but the main one was the comparisons to Carl Hiaasen. I have read some Hiaasen books and enjoyed them. Also, Dorsey has a big following and I really expected to like this book.I did not enjoy this book at all. I was put off at the get-go by a crude scene with cops standing around laughing at a crime scene, by a too long [...]


    Serge is a little less whacky, a lot of confused and dealing in a part of Florida history that is very esoteric in the latest entry in Tim Dorsey's ongoing saga. This novel has Serge working with Mahoney trying to track down some of Florida's finest con artists. Lunacy ensues, people die in bizarre manner - though most are not the "over the top" murders that Dorsey fans may be expecting - and new friendships are made. Serge seems a little older, wiser, and not quite as off the rails as usual; Co [...]


    At least a couple of times a year I really need a shot of Tim Dorsey. Between he and Carl Hiaasen, South Florida is made the laugh capital of the country. If anything, Tiger Shrimp Tango exceeds his usual high standard for zaniness. The scary part is, I found myself agreeing with Serge several times in this one. A good way to spend an evening.


    Still great but this one is written based on left overs from previous ideas. Still great and imaginative ways of disposing of scumbags but no real story behind it this time.It looks like Serge is going to get a female side kick for the next book so I am impatiently waiting for the next episode!Come on Tim, I love the series!

    Gary Marshall

    If you're not already aboard the Tim Dorsey train I suspect you'll find this incomprehensible, but if you've read the others in the series you'll be delighted that the return of Serge and Coleman, the daftest double act in hyperactive crime fiction, also includes occasional supports Johnny Vegas and Detective Mahoney. I laughed like a drain.

    Mary Rose Pizzuto

    Dorsey's dynamic duo, Serge and Coleman, are up to their ususal shenanigans in pursuit of saving Florida history for future generations and "righting" the wrongs in their classic, serial-killer fashion. A fun read!


    Who scams the scammers? And murders some because there really are some people worth murdering. Pretend I didn't write that. Serge made me do it. He's crazy charming that way.

    Forrest Link

    I like the madcap Serge Storm books, but this one feels phoned in.


    Another fun read with Serge A Storms.


    Yet another zany adventure for our hero Serge Storms and his half-baked side-kick Coleman. Dorsey also brings back Mahoney, the 1940's speaking private eye, and Vinnie, the accidental virgin to spice up the plot. Journey with Serge and Colman in their vintage black Firebird as they cause havoc and mayhem up and down the south Florida panhandle. Read how Serge uses incredibly complicated but effective methods to get even with internet scammers and hit-men. Dorsey fans will this novel and reading [...]

    Barbara Nutting

    Mile after mile I'm still traveling Florida (locked in the trunk with duct tape over my mouth) with Serge and Coleman. From Hemingway House to the Eden Roc and then a trip down memory lane at the Tupperware headquarters - what more can you ask for?? Loved the inclusion of Wesley Chapel - I always think of it as a person, which it's not, just a Toyota dealer named after a church!!

    Timothy Kenny

    I loved the utter absurdity of this book. Unfortunately, it's the first Serge Storms book I've read. I say 'unfortunate' since it's the 17th book in the series. But if they're all as off the wall, funny as all hell, batshit crazy as this one, I really don't care what order I read them in.

    Crystal Celentano

    Love Serge! Tracking down the rest of the series, these are a great summer read if you appreciate dark humor!

    Sarah S

    Not my kind of humour. I have no sympathy for any of the characters. Everyone is a douche. I couldn't finish the last 3 chapters. The author is clever with the words though.


    Sophomoric humor at best with a very thin plot. I'm done reading Dorsey.


    (nb: I received an Advance Review Copy of this title from the publisher via Edelweiss)No person—alive or fictional—loves Florida more than Serge Storms. His latest car is a 1978 Pontiac Trans-Am, with the eagle wings framing the hood scoop converted into Florida shapes. As much as Serge loves Florida, though, he hates those who prey on the state’s innocent, and Serge is the last person you want as your enemy. Despite his presence, there are plenty of evil-doers out there, taking advantage [...]


    Serge is going after the con men & women in Florida! A little more violent than I like, but still funny.

    Jim Corbiere

    Finished reading " Tiger Shrimp Tango " by Tim Dorsey. This is the 17th book in the Serge A. Storms series and jut like the others I loved it. I love the characters and the setting. The craziness of Florida and its people just make you laugh through the whole thing. One of my favorite book series and it never gets old.Once again down in the Sunshine state Serge is on the loose with his druggie/alcoholic companion Coleman. This time Serge A. Storms has decided that scammers have to pay. He doesn' [...]


    Hilarious! As it turns out this is book #17 and I dove right in. Of course there's a back story, but it's not necessary to get the gist of it.

    Ron Arden

    Even though Tim Dorsey's books are formulaic, to a point, this one was a bit different. It's amazing how I can sympathize with a serial killer, although he's nice and only harms people who really deserve it.It's another adventure with Serge and Coleman as they drive their way through Florida. This story has them helping to end the scourge of scan artists throughout the state. They pray on both tourists and locals, which means they don't discriminate. They are equal opportunity scumbags.The twist [...]

    ✰☽♥✰Unsolved Mystery ✰♥☾✰

    - My Description -Paradise. That one word makes one think of all kinds of words: palm trees, sand, water, waves, fruity drinks, etc, etc but not scams. No way. The last think you want to think about or have happen to you in paradise are scams or being a victim. That's exactly what is happening in the state of Florida or at least in this book. In Tiger Shrimp Tango, Serge Storms is a vigilante. He just really doesn't like bad people, like scam artists. Who can blame him, right?Serge's friend is C [...]


    For anyone who may not yet have experienced the writing of Tim Dorsey, Tiger Shrimp Tango is an experience you will likely treasure if you have a sense of humor and a pulse. This new Dorsey offering is his classic mashup of murder, mayhem, and masterfully twisted characters. The book's plot draws heavily upon the very special class of scammers who always seem to land in Florida, and who have now adopted competitive intelligence and data mining into their nefarious scheming behavior. For tried an [...]

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